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Chapter 5

Outside Bronze avenue, wharehouse number thirteen, Antonio stood by his car with a can of Coke. "Bloody heat." He swore as he was sweating drastically. The temperature was almost forty-two degrees celsius and he was getting impatient. He looked at his Casio G-shock watch for the time and decided to wait a little longer. Why would they come, he started to wonder, its not like they really want to help me and I don't know why I am wasting time. He stood there about five minutes and then opened his car door preparing to leave.Vroom! Vroom! The sound of cars filled the empty air of Bronze avenue. Antonio turned around when he saw six cars entering the gates of bronze avenue; a blue Nissan GTR driven by Arbaaz, a Toyota Supra by Uzair, A purple Dodge by Rufaro, a Mitsubishi evolution by Imraan and lastly the Mazda Rx-7. All of the cars parked by Antonios car. All of them came out and walked towards Antonio.

"So you guys came," said Antonio with a pinch of surprise in his voice.

"It looks like you had given up on us," said Uzair.

"Maybe," Antonio admitted, "Come on lets go in."

They all followed him into the wharehouse. The wharehouse was dead empty. It looked like a old ruin which was not maintained for many years.

"Monna what are we doing here again?" Imraan asked whilst looking around.

"How are we supposed to work in here?" Maroof inquired.

"What you thought this was a movie where I was going to provide you with tech and all of that crap," said Antonio, "Atleast cars will fit here and I can organise any car parts if you need."

"Well we run a garage and the car parts are not a issue," said Rufaro.

"Although we don't even know if our cars are fast enough," Uzair pointed out.

"That's why we have to wait for them to attack," Antonio spoke out, "And that's why I brought you all here,"

"Uhh! What?" asked Arbaaz.

"You see the building over there," Antonio pointed his hand towards the door. A five-storey building stood on the side of the road.

"Exactly what are we looking at?" Arbaaz asked.

"The First National Bank money vault." The crew looked at each other.

"Its not a coincidence you brought us here is it?" asked Imraan.

"No it isnt," said Antonio coldly, "You see two days ago the bank manager received a threat that they bank is going to be robbed and this is the same pattern of the last three thefts, the robber sends a warning and then they rob. Its like they are challenging us that they can steal right under our noses and we cant catch them."
"So why don't you increase the security?" Maroof suggested.

"We do that but it seems like they just know every move we are going to make."

"Maybe they have a spy inside," said Arbaaz, " Who shares the security detail with them,"

"A snitch," said Rufaro, "I thought I had saw the last of them at school."

"Maybe," Antonio responded, "But the only way we will find out is if we catch them, because what they are outside we don't know, they could be anyone.a teacher. A student. Even a godamn police officer." "That's why we need to catch them while they are on the run," said Arbaaz.

"Exactly," said Antonio who noticed someone was missing, " Where is AJ?"

"Well," Arbaaz began, "He didn't agree like the rest of us."

"He is like that," continued Uzair, "AJ only believes in conning not helping."

Antonio nodded in disappointent. When he read AJs dossier he really thought he would help in apprehending the team.A perfect sly fox.

"Anyways," Antonio continued, "Prepare yoursekves because the robbery can happen any time today."

"Today!" all of them shout out, "But we aren't ready."

"I know time is less but I trust you guys will be prepared."

"Okay guys!" Uzair shout out, "Lets get ready quickly."

"Doc check the cars first, make sure everything is fine," said Imraan

Then all of the were back to work, checking and preparing for whats coming. But little did they know. They were about to go on one of the most dangerous race of their lives.

A few miles away from the bank the four Honda Civics were parked in a line next to each other. Four men stood outside looking towards the bank, One was holding a binoculars. The man from the cottage. His hair was now tied into a ponytail. Next to him was a short man wearing glasses and has short hair. He was busy holding a mini Laptop, which he was using for hacking the bank system. The othe two men looked similar as if they were twins but the only thing that distinguished them was the colour of their eyes. One had brown eyes whereas the other green.

"How long?" he asked the man with the computer.

"Done!" he replied, " Lets roll."

They all sat in their cars and drove towards the bank.

The bank was full with security guards with automatic weapons. All guarding the entrance and exit. Inside the bank where the money was kept was secured by a large safe. Which required an finherprint and a sixteen digit passcode to open. The whole place was in complete silence. The guards were focused and the uns were loaded and ready. All they needed was to see the thief and then they will die. Boom! A large noise broke the silence of the whole bank. All the guards broke formation and started to look around fanatically where the blast occurred. The bank manager who was in his office quickly ran to the safe. He pressed on the fingerprint scanner and the entered the passcode. The Lock opened. The manager froze in shock. The money was gone. All was left was a giant hole and inside the hole was a the sewage system. Vroom! The sounds of the Honda was heard by the guards which passed swiftly through them leaving nothing but dust.

The demeaning sound of the blast was a signal for the crew. The all quickly sat in their respective cars and sped rapidly out of the warehouse. Arbaaz who was in front of them looked around for where the Honda's were going. They were driving towards the main road.

"Okay guys," Arbaaz spoke from the walkie-talkie, "They are going through the city we have to chase them and stop them from escaping."

"Roger that!" said Imraan, "Over and out."

"What?" asked Rufaro.

"Isn't that's what they say in movies?" Imraan asked.

"This is not an bloody movie!" Rufaro reprimanded.

"Sorry my bad

"Guys Concentrate ," interrupted Maroof.

Vroom! The cars sound filled the atmosphere. The crew entered the main road. They all were on a look out for the black Honda. It was when Maroof spotted them.

"Okay guys," Uzair spoke out, "We are 5 they are 4, so we outnumber them, lets give them hell."

"Stop stealing my line," said Arbaaz.

They all pressed their accelerator down and started to chase them. Rufaro overtook Arbaaz and went forward. He could see the cars ahead of him. Clutch in! Shift gear to 4! Press accelerator! Rufaro then rammed his Hellcat into the Honda at the back. The black Honda jolted. The driver in the third car saw what was happening behind him. He quickly picked up his walkie-talkie.

"We have got company," he announced.

The driver in the first Honda, who seemed to be the leader, looked behind. He saw the five cars chasing them

"Lets break them." he said.

The first car and the second car left their lane and went on the next lane. The third car pressed his brakes till he was in line with Maroof's Mazda.

"Maroof watch out!" scream Arbaaz.

But it was too late. The Honda slammed the Mazda hard on the side of the road. It send Maroof to crash into a wall. Wham! The front bumpers and wind screen broke.

"Shit!" swore Maroof, " Guys I am down."

"Okay no problem we will come get you back afterwards," said Arbaaz.

Rufaro continued to bump into Honda in front of him. Whilst Arbaaz, Uzair and Imraan were busy chasing the first one. Few meters ahead the police had set spikes for the thieves. The first Honda saw it and immediately took a drift avoiding it and drove into another street. Arbaaz and Uzair did the same. However, the Honda in front of Rufaro had blocked his view. That's when that Honda took a drift and Rufaro didn't have the time to turn. Crash! The spikes tore Rufaro's tyre apart making him lose control and crashing into the police car who were at standby. The chase continued with Uzair, Imraan and Arbaaz. Imraan who was at the back increased his speed and went to the side of the Honda in front. Driving side by side, he bumped into the side of the Honda.

"Take that you bastard!" he scream out.

The window of the Honda opened. The man in the car threw a circular metal object which stoke onto Imraan's bonnet.

"What the hell!" Imraan scream. All of the sudden Imraan's engine died and his car slowed. Ratata! the engine died.

"Bloody hell!" Imraan cursed.

Arbaaz looked at his rear mirror and saw another Honda fit was following them.

"Uzair take care of the guy at back," said Arbaaz.

"Got it." replied Uzair.

Uzair slowed down till he was behind the Honda. The Honda kept on trying to bump into Uzair but Uzair would dodge him. Meanwhile, Arbaaz was following the leaders car, who was looking at Arbaaz at the rear mirror. He took a sharp turn onto an empty road. Arbaaz followed him. He was on his tail as if he was a hunter and this was his prey. Then he devised a plan which he used on the last heist. He pulled his handbrake to turn then car around. However, Arbaaz saw that and quickly pressed his brakes and turned around the Honda till he was in face to face with him. The drivers eyes narrowed. He pressed his accelerator and sped away. Arbaaz followed him. From the leaders walkie-talkie a voice echoed.

"This guy is on me I need help!" he scream.

The leader took out his cellphone and called an unknown number.

"We need help," he said.

A BMW K1300r bike drove on the same road where Arbaaz was chasing the Honda. He was wearing a leather jacket and his face was covered by a helmet. Arbaaz saw the bike coming towards him. The man on the bike took out a silver pistol and fired a shot at Arbaaz's wheel.Bang! This forced Arbaaz's car to flip over onto its side.

"No!" Arbaaz cried who was still conscious.

the man in the bike continued. He was looking at GPS which was fitted on the bike. Up ahead Uzair was still behind the Honda.

"Okay times up." he said

Uzair then bumped the back of the car which mad the Honda turn sideways and then slammed the side till the car flipped over. Press brakes! Uzair slowed to avoid collision with the car. He stepped out of his Supra and walked to the broken car. Thud! A man fell from the car crawled out of the car. Uzair quickly kicked the man in his stomach.

"Where do you think you are going?"he said

Vroom! Uzair heard the sound of the bike as it quickly stopped by Uzair and kicked him forcing him to lose his balance and fall on the ground. The injured driver quickly jumped at the back of the bike and the man sped of. Uzair tried to chase the bike although was slowed by the pain in his abdomen.

"No!" he shouted out as the Bike left him alone on the empty road. This was a total disappointment.

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