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Chapter 7

Everyone stood in shock. AJ's revelation had put them to wonder, how on earth did AJ find out about them.

"How did you find them?" asked Uzair.

Before AJ could answer Maroof, who was resting in his room came.

"What happened?" he asked looking at the intensity built in the room, "Why are you all so tensed.?"

"I found out who the thieves are," AJ began, "You see I went to an underground street race which was taking place outside of town, the street race is organized by a gang called The Sleepers."

"Okay and how exactly did you find out who the thieves were there?" asked Arbaaz.

"You see the Sleepers is run by a gang and very few people are given entry to this race," continued AJ ,"But I managed to win a game of poker against some spoilt rich kid who gave me this car," AJ removed a purple card with a barcode in it, "which gives you access to the Whilst I was there was this short dude with curly hair who seemed to be the organizer of this race."

"And then?" Imraan asked.

"He was on his mobile and I managed to eavesdrop his conversation."

"What was he saying?" asked Uzair.

"That he is planning to move the forty-five million pula to a secured location and is waiting for the address for the next target."

"Well the money could be for something else isn't it," said Rufaro.

"Yes but forty-five million is the total amount of money stolen over the past few days," said AJ, "And I don't believe in coincidences."

"Now it makes sense," said Imraan, "The only reason we got our ass kicked is because these guys are street racers just like us."

"That's why their driving skills are so good," said Arbaaz, "But now that we know who they are we will kick their ass than."

"That's my boy!" said Imraan.

Arbaaz stood up from his chair and walked towards AJ.

"Today without you we were handicapped, if you are with us then there is no corner those bastards can run," said Arbaaz putting his hand forward, "If not for anything then do it for us."

Arbaaz looked at AJ's face. It was very hard to predict what he was thinking. However he knew he needed help from AJ in capturing the thieves. AJ shook his hand. The whole crew got happy. Now it was time for action.

"Okay lemme call Antonio and tell him about this," offered Uzair.

"Wait!" stopped Imraan, "Tell him tomorrow or else he will make us go hunting for them now."

They all laughed and agreed and decided to sleep.

The next morning a Bronze avenue, the crew were busy telling Antonio about AJ'S discovery.

"So what you guys are basically saying that the robbers are actually street racers who organize races and they go by the name Sleepers," said Antonio.

"Exactly," AJ replied.

Antonio thought carefully, "Knowing the thieves are not enough, we need evidence or either we catch them in an act."

"Then we collect evidence against them," suggested Arbaaz.

"And how do you suggest we do that?" asked Maroof.

"We infiltrate their gang," said Arbaaz.

"We infiltrate them?" Antonio narrowed his eyes at Arbaaz, "And how do you infiltrate them."

"I might have a plan for that," said AJ.

"You do?" asked Arbaaz.

"Yes I do," he replied.

"Ayt then lets do this," said Rufaro.

Antonio nodded in agreement, "But before that let me show you something."

He went to his car and removed a file. The file had a picture a short man who hat a thin moustache and was skinny as stick. The man was wearing an expensive black suit and razor shades.

"Who is he?" asked Uzair.

"Mr. Domino, a rich classy but dirty business man," Antonio explained, " After a thorough investigation, I traced back where the money robbed came from and surprisingly he has a stake in each of the place robbed."

"Damn," said Rufaro, "he must be very rich?"

"Like I said," said Antonio, "He is a dirty businessman, however he is very shrewd."

"So what you are saying is that the robbers are targeting his money," said Maroof.

"Exactly!" Antonio continued, "Now it is quite easy to determine where the next robbery will take place because after last robbery I doubt they will send us a location before stealing, so lets hear your plan AJ

"Okay," AJ began, "now that we know who the group is all we have to do is identify a weak spot,"

"What do you mean a weak spot?" Uzair asked.

"Someone who is very vulnerable so that we can remove him from the team," said AJ.

"And how exactly that helps us?" asked Imraan.

"First this will decapacitate their team and second we can put our men in there."

'How do we find out their weak spot?" asked Imraan, "We don't know shit about them."

All eyes fell on Rufaro.

"What?" Rufaro looked confused.

"Know one has better street information more than you," said Uzair.

"True, let me ask my boys to find out." said Rufaro as he dialed a number on his phone and went the side.

"Next," AJ continued, "We need to know their strengths and weakness's and especially how their car runs," AJ looked at Maroof, "Doc?"

Maroof nodded, "I will take a look at that car we crashed thanks to Uzair."

Uzair bowed down, "Yours truly."

"And the last thing, who is going to infiltrate the gang?"

Uzair stood up straight, "Of course its me right I am the best driver here aren't I."

Arbaaz let out a fake cough, "Did you forget I beat you three times in a row."

"Oh come on!" argued Uzair, "Wanna race now?"

"Chill boys," said Imraan, "Arbaaz is right, he has been beating you."

"Yeah he doesn't have a car at the moment, does he," [Uzair pointed out.

"Here," AJ tossed his car keys at Arbaaz, "Don't think of it as a car, its my love. You better take care of it nicely."

Uzair was shocked, AJ never let anyone drive his car. A Subaru wrx. It was as if it was his life. He had upgraded the car over five times. He had put turbo tuning, a racing clutch along with three cylinder of nitrous.

"Any doubt," said Arbaaz.

"Bro you supposed to be with me in this," complained Uzair.

"Next time mate," said AJ

Antonio was watching them the whole time. Unbelievable he thought, I have never seen such perfect co ordination anywhere. After a while, Rufaro had come back with some pictures in his hand.

"Guys I found out who our sleepers are," Rufaro announced.

"You managed to find all that information in an hour," said Antonio who was extremely surprised.

"That's Risky for you," praised Uzair.

"So what have we got?" asked Imraan.

Rufaro placed the pictures on the table separately, "Are these the guys you saw?" Rufaro asked AJ.

"Yes," AJ replied.

"Well this is who they are," he began pointing at Josh's photo," This is Josh, a very cooled but a very big pervert, he spends most of his money on girls."

"We might be able to honey trap him," said Imraan.

"I don't see any girls here," replied Maroof, "Whose next?"

"Dino, a hacker and extremely good with electronics and engines," Rufaro continued, "He is a match for Doc,"

"Well we will see about that," said Maroof.

"Then we have Rahim, extremely short tempered and very unpredictable. He is like an atom bomb, always ready to explode, one thing nice about him is he drives with rage. That is why he has that scar on the side of his head."

"Who is this?" said Antonio pointing on Ridwan's picture.

"I couldn't find much bout him, the only thing we know he is sharp and extremely deadly according to my sources. However we managed to find out he has a girlfriend."

Rufaro put another on the table. AJ looked carefully at it.

"Jenny!" AJ said out loud.

"You know her?" asked Arbaaz.

"Yeah," he replied, "I conned her on Sunday night by stealing her friends car."

"Shucks!" Uzair uttered, "That's bad, I mean you stole from such a sexy girl."

"Guys lets concentrate," Antonio interrupted, " You know that means AJ cannot come there or else your cover will be blown up."

"Don't worry we will figure out something," AJ assured.

"Anyways who is our wild card?" asked Antonio.

"Him," Arbaaz pointed at Rahim's photo, "His anger will lead to his own downfall."

"What do you mean?" asked Antonio.

"Leave that to us Antonio we will do something." said Arbaaz.

"Well whatever you don't get your self killed," said Antonio.

"Trust me," said Arbaaz, "Very soon the crew will be in your jail."

Back at the basement, Ridwan was busy fixing his Honda when suddenly his phone rang. He answered the call.

"Hello...yes...yes...everything is in order, okay I will let the others know." he cut the call and went to the room where Dino, Josh and Rahim were working. They all looked at him.

"Operation Blue bird is a GO."

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