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Chapter 8

The Sleepers. A gang formed by Ridwan and his friends. The races that took place were not any normal street races. But were ones which would test the drivers limit. To avoid getting caught by the police, the would change their venue every week and only invite members only. To recognize their members they would give an access card which would only allow their members to enter the races. In order to ensure that, they had hired a criminal security organization to scan and allow only the card holders. However, these cards could be sold and obtained through any person holding it. Meaning, whoever has the card can give it to someone as a gift or payment. Which is how AJ had obtained it. And the bonus was the card holder could invite up to nine people to come along. Hence the crew had a way to enter the race. Vroom! The crew hammered the roads of Gaborone with their cars. Rufaro had bought another car. A white Lexus LFA, a car with 552 horse power with a striking triple exhaust. Maroof was travelling in Imraans car as he was unable to drive because of his broken arm. Arbaaz was sitting with AJ and Uzair drove his Supra alone. They were heading to the sleepers race which apparently was taking place in a large brewery factory which was converted into a race track.

"What do you think?" Imraan asked Maroof, "Is it possible to make a race track in a factory?"

"Well some wise man said nothing is impossible," replied Maroof.

When they arrived by the gates of the factory, they was a large queue of cars parked outside waiting to enter the arena. After half an hour AJ had arrived at the scanning point. AJ pulled out the card then the guard scanned it with his barcode scanner.

"The next three cars are with me," said AJ.

The guard nodded and put a green sticker on AJ's car. The same was done for the rest of them.

As they entered the gate they all got shocked. Incredible. The whole place was crowded with people and cars of every model and make. The place was more livelier and colorful compared to Westworld races. They were street fights which took place. Drinks were served. Cars were burning out. And the race track. Completely out of the world. It did not look like any race track, but rather a road full with dangerous and live taking obstacles.

"Amazing," praised Imraan.

"Its like living a dream man," said Rufaro, "How come we haven't been here before?"

"I don't know about us but look whose here?" pointed Uzair.

It was Zanna along with Manny. This time he had a blue Mazda Altezza. Rufaro stared at Zanna. She was wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt and black high heeled boots.

"Looks like the night is very hot today," teased Uzair.

"Guys lets focus," said AJ.

However it was his turn to lose focus when his eyes fell on Jenny. He could not stop staring at her eyes. It was like he had drowned in them.

"Ughmmm," Arbaaz interrupted, "We were supposed to focus right?"

"Yeah," said AJ while forcing his eyes to leave hers.

After driving in circles, they at last found parking. They all left their car and observed this heavenly place.

"So what should we do now?" asked Maroof.

"Lets split, Uzair goes with Rufaro, Imraan with AJ and I go with Maroof, I will need him to prepare for the race," said Arbaaz.

"Okay, everybody knows what to do right?" asked AJ.

"Uhh!," Imraan was confused, "Can you go over it again?"

"Come on Naarrmi live up to your name," said Uzair.

"Okay chill guys!"

"Let me just go over the plan," said AJ, "Firstly we have to observe our wild card and find a way to create conflict between him and his friends,."

"We will do that," suggested Rufaro.

"Fine," continued AJ, " Then Arbaaz needs to prove his skills tonight and come in the notice of Ridwan and Maroof will help you with that."

"Easy peasy lemon squeezy," boasted Arbaaz.

"Careful Arbaaz," warned Rufaro, "From what I have heard he is extremely dangerous."

"Don't worry guys I will be fine," assured Arbaaz.

All of a sudden the crowd grew wild. They all gathered in one place and started to cheer.

"What's happening there?" asked Uzair.

"Lets go find out," replied Maroof.

They all went to check out what was happening. To their surprise they was a fight. On one hand was a tall muscular man who had removed his shirt. And on the other hand was Ridwan.

"Isnt that..?" said Imraan.

"Ridwan," said Rufaro.

Ridwan was wearing a black muscle t-shirt and black pants. His opponent was two times bigger than him. However he did not have even on ounce of fear in his heart. The man through a punch. Ridwan dodged it. He punched again, Ridwan blocked it with his right hand, then using his left hand, Ridwan pushed the man back. The man attacked again. But this time Ridwan had a plan. Ridwan kicked him in his stomach which made him bend. then using his right hand, he punched hard on a pressure point behind the ear. This made the man to spit blood out of his mouth on to the ground. Now for the knock out. Ridwan ran and kicked the man on the face, making the man unconscious. The crowd roared, cheering for Ridwan's win.

"Now do you believe me when I say, dangerous," said Rufaro.

Arbaaz looked carefully at Ridwan. No remorse. No feelings. It was as if he was a machine.

"Okay guys lets get to work," said AJ.

Then they all dispersed into the crowd. Uzair and Rufaro were searching for Rahim. But then it was like finding a needle in a haystack.

"So why don't you tell Zanna what you feel?" Uzair asked Rufaro.

"Are you mad!," said Rufaro, " She is dating Manny,"

"Trust me if there is anything I know is Manny is a dick, I am sure she is just with him till she finds someone else."

"Yeah and why do you think that some one else is me?"

"Cause any chic will fall for you, you just have to try."

Just as they were talking they came across Manny and Zanna.

"Uzzi!" Manny said aloud, "I didn't know I would be seeing you here."

"You know where there is racing, the legend presents himself," bragged Uzair, "However I didn't know I would be racing losers here."

That offended Manny. He clenched his first and stepped forward to punch Uzair. Although, Rufaro then stepped in the way and pushed Manny back.

"Stay out of this Rufaro," warned Manny, "You don't want to risk a fight."

"Man!" replied Rufaro, "Risky is my middle name!"

Manny threw a punch but Rufaro caught it. He then punched Manny into the stomach hard knocking the breath out of his body as he fell onto the ground.

"Manny!" Zanna scream out as she went for his aid. The whole crowd looked at what happened.

"I will get you for this later!" threatened Manny as he walked away.

"Smooth mate!" praised Uzair patting Rufaro on the back.

But Rufaro was busy looking at Zanna who was carrying Manny with her. She looked back at him. Abd then his heart skipped a beat.

"Rufaro!" Uzair snapped him out of his dream, "There is our guy."

Uzair pointed towards a Rahim, who was busy holding two girls around their waist.

"I think I know what we can use to bait him," said Uzair.

"You do?" asked Rufaro.


"Then lets go tell everyone."

Whilst Rufaro and Uzair were looking for Rahim, Arbaaz and Maroof was busy fixing checking AJ's Subaru.

"So who do you think I am racing?" Arbaaz asked Maroof.

"I don't know, they have a rule saying you cant know who your opponent is before a race," replied Maroof.

"Well I will definitely win the race," said Arbaaz.

The announcer started to speak.

"Good evening racers," he said, " Welcome to todays race, Today's race is going to write history. Lemme tell you how. Today's track has been designed with these obstacles. First obstacle is the driving to a watery pipe. Second obstacle, is driving through a five hundred meter pathway with a thousand gallons of water gushing through the sides."

The crowd started to cheer wildly.

"And the final decides the winner. A pathway which allows only one car to enter it as it is covered by two walls. Therefore any one who goes through that pathway, will be decided as a winner, so let the race begin!"

Arbaaz was now tensed. He had driven through traffic but these obsatacles were new and difficult for him.

"So you ready?" Maroof asked.

"Do I have a choice."

And then Arbaaz sat in the Subaru and drove it to the starting line.

"Bro the races are about to begin," said Imraan.

"You continue I have some work to do," said AJ.

"Okay sure bro," said Imraan.

Imraan walked towards the race and saw the crowd cheer. There were three cars at the race. One of them was Arbaaz. The other cars against him was an Audi A3 and a VW golf 6. Vroom! Vroom! The cars revved. The sign board in front of them highlighted the countdown. As soon as the countdown said go. Arbaaz stepped on the accelerator and sped. The cars were behind him. Arbaaz tried to maintain the lead but was foolish doing so. In front of him was the watery pipes. He quickly pressed brakes to avoid skidding the car. Then suddenly The Audi and the VW overtook him.

"Shit!" Arbaaz swore.

He then entered the pipe but was very difficult to control the car from scratching on the sides. The Audi came out first and continued driving. He arrived at the second obstacle. Without thinking he sped across the road. However, water started splashing on the sides of the car thrusting the car of road as he crashed into a pole. The VW was second. Although his luck was much better, he drove past the pathway without crashing however his car started to stall as the engine was filled with water. Vroom! Arbaaz entered the second obstacle and drove through the pathway fighting the water splashing on the car.

Ridwan and Josh were busy watching the race for higher ground. Josh was looking at the crowd when suddenly his eyes fell upon a man. He squinted his eyes and tried to see him closer.

"What happened Josh?" asked Ridwan.

"Nothing I thought I saw someone," replied Josh, "I will be coming now."

"Okay do it quick," said Ridwan.

Meanwhile, Uzair and Rufaro had caught up with Imraan.

"Where is AJ?" asked Uzair, " I got to tell him something,"

"I don't know he said he had some work," replied Uzair.

Uzair turned around to look for AJ when he saw Josh coming his way.

"Shit!," said Uzair.

"What happened?" asked Rufaro.

"I think that's the thieve I beat up last time,"

"Are you sure?" asked Imraan.

"Yeah, no wonder he is coming this way," They all looked at Josh, "You guys stay here, let me run away."

Without waiting for a reply Uzair ran off towards the parking lot. He tried to look for a safe hiding spot in the basement. Josh continued to follow him. As he continued to walk he had arrived to a spot where there was no one. However, he could not see Uzair anywhere. Hence he removed his gun.

On the other hand Arbaaz was driving alongside the VW. They took a turn into a straight road which lead to the final obstacle. Press clutch! Change to gear 5! press accelerator! Arbaaz then sped. Both were next to each other trying to get in front. However Arbaaz pushed forward, and a few meters away from the narrow path, pushed in front of the VW taking the lead.

"Yes!" he scream as he entered the narrow path successfully. Whereas the VW crashed into the wall.

"Amazing driver, find out who he is?" said Ridwan to one of the security guards.

Meanwhile, Uzair had hidden behind the cars as Josh was busy looking for him. He was trying to avoid Josh and reach his car. He looked and saw his car parked. Swiftly he ran towards the car but Josh blocked his way. Josh pointed the gun at him.

"Gotcha!" said Josh.

Thud! Josh heard a sound from behind him. He turned around and saw AJ. AJ grabbed the Josh's hand which ad the gun and twisted it, then pulled Josh by the neck and banged his head into a car. Josh fell unconscious immediately. Uzair sighed of relief. He was panting heavily.

"Thanks bro," said Uzair.

"No problem."

They both looked at Josh. Now they had a big problem.

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