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Chapter 9

Arbaaz drove past the crowd who were cheering fanatically. He was both proud but worried at the same time as he could not see his friends. From the dark windows he scanned the crowd until he saw Maroof waving at him. The Subaru parked right by Maroof. Arbaaz came out of the car and was welcomed by Imraan.

"Way to go my man," cheered Imraan.

"Thanks bro," acknowledged Arbaaz, "Where is Uzair? He didn't see that?"

"About that..." said Rufaro.

"Way to go champ!" a voice interrupted Rufaro.

They all turned around and to their surprise Ridwan was standing with both his hands behind his back. They stood still as he approached Arbaaz.

"That was quite a show you put up there," said Ridwan.

"Thanks Mister.." Arbaaz replied.

"Ridwan, Ridwan master."

They both shook hands.

"My name is Arbaaz," introduced Arbaaz, " By the look of things you must be the one who runs the show."

"Yes, that's me, although I had designed this track so that no one could finish the race but it seems you have both the speed and wits to finish the race."

"Well driving isn't about the skill, its about the will to win."

"And you have that," said Ridwan, "Cause the fastest time on this track was seven minutes fifteen seconds and you took seven minutes seventeen seconds, meaning that you were two seconds away from breaking that record."

"Well I would like to meet that person who set that record," said Arbaaz.

"You are looking at him," stated Ridwan.

Arbaaz looked at him closely. It was as if he was standing in front of a mirror. Ridwan was exactly like him, from the will of being a winner and to never give up. However, he looked much more focused and serious than him. It seemed that Arbaaz had met his match.

"Well I hope to race you one day Ridwan," said Arbaaz, "However I am running late at the moment."

"It was nice meeting you," said Ridwan.

Arbaaz nodded in agreement and signaled the others to leave. They all sat in the Subaru so that Arbaaz could drop them at the car park. Ridwan smirked as he left for his office. All of a sudden his phone rang. He answered the call.

"Yes, What!" he was shocked as he quickly ran towards the car park. When he arrived he saw Dino and Rahim leaning over a badly injured Josh. Ridwan clenched his fist.

"What the hell happened here," he asked furiously.

"We don't know but he is unconscious." replied Rahim.

"Quickly take him to the hospital now!" ordered Ridwan.

Josh and Rahim carried him and loaded him into a car. They quickly drove of to the hospital.

"Find out who did this now," Ridwan ordered the security guard.

"What!" Arbaaz scream out, "You guys beat a guy up to death."

"No we just broke of his bones," explained Uzair, "My cover was blown so me and AJ had to improvise."

"So that's why you broke his bones," said Maroof.

"Cause that would indirectly decapacitate them," said AJ.

"Okay you broke his bones so he cannot drive, but what is stopping him from telling them about you?" asked Rufaro.

"We told Antonio about this, he said he wont let Josh gain consciousness so that we can execute our plan."

"You guys weren't there but this Ridwan dude gives me the chills," said Imraan.

"Yeah man," said Rufaro, "Even if that guy is twice shorter than me I am still afraid of him."

"Listen guys," said AJ, " If Antonio does part of his job correctly then all we have to hope is that they approach Arbaaz for this."

"Fine if that's what's left then lets finish what we started." said Arbaaz.

"Okay guys today has been a very rough night lets go sleep and we see to this matter tomorrow," said Maroof.

"You guys can sleep if I don't call Yarona I am going to suffer for the rest of eternity." said Imraan

They all laughed as they went to their rooms and went to bed.

"Shit!" cursed Rahim, " When we are only few days away from our plan this had to happen."

"How are we going to the last job without Josh?" asked Dino.

"We continue with our plan," said Ridwan.

"Are you out of your mind," said Rahim, "Aren't you going to find out who did this to Josh."

Ridwan slapped Rahim on the face with the back of his hand.

"What did I tell you the last time, talk to me with respect or you will not live to see the sun again."

"Sorry!" apologized Rahim.

"But still how do we do this without Josh?" asked Dino.

"We will hire someone."

"But where will we get a new driver this fast?" asked Rahim.

"I have someone in mind and whereas Josh we will find out who did that to him later, what matters is the job at hand." said Ridwan.

They all nodded with agreement and left Ridwan alone. He pulled out his phone and dialed a number.

"Josh has been injured should I proceed with the plan?" asked Ridwan.

He waited for a reply and then cut the line. Arbaaz time to see your will to win! thought Ridwan.

Ring! Ring! Arbaaz's phone rang loud and woke him up from his deep sleep. He wearingly answered the phone.

"Hello!" he said.

"How's it champ?" asked the voice on the phone, "Hope I am not disturbing you."

Immediately Arbaaz stood up from his bed. It was Ridwan's call.

"No its fine," said Arbaaz, " How did you find my number?"

"That's not important," replied Ridwan, "What's important is that I have an offer for you."

"What offer?" inquired Arbaaz.

"One million pula."

"Okay I am interested," said Arbaaz, who was happy the plan had worked.

"Why don't we meet and discuss, come over to Block 9 industrial, there is an abandoned factory, we can come to terms there."

"Fine what time should I come?" asked Arbaaz.

"The sooner the better," replied Ridwan.

"I am on my way."

"See you then champ," with that Ridwan cut the phone.

Arbaaz immediately went to the shower getting ready to meet his greater adversary yet. Infiltrating the gang was the easy part. The hard part only started now.

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