Lightning Seeker

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Scrambling to the side, she saw Sky silently scream as his body cracked with light. She had to get him out of the water. Why isn’t the skymaran lighting up? Why aren’t I? Running to his pack, she wrapped a rope around her waist and tied the other end to the rail on the opposite side. She remembered how the sparks hadn’t affected her arm. She didn’t have time to question why as she leaned out, trying to reach Sky who continued to silently scream, in the water below.

She took a final breath, and slammed her metal hand into the water, imagining absorbing all of the electricity into her arm. She waited for her body to be wracked with pain, but the metal soaked up the electricity and the ocean dimmed. Sky fell face-first into the water, passing out.

She imagined her arm turning into a hook and wrapped it around his body, yanking him through the water towards the skymaran. Reaching down, she wrapped both arms around his arms and yanked up, using all the strength she had left, she pulled him over the side. Her injured leg flared and she dropped him on the ground, hitting the ground next to him.

She forced herself up onto her elbows to examine him and bit back a sob when she realized he wasn’t breathing. Tilting his head back, she placed her mouth over his and breathed. Then she moved to his chest, pressing her palms above his heart, attempting to get him to breath, to move, to live. She moved her mouth over his again, taking on a determined, yet panicked rhythm.

“Don’t you dare die!” she said as she moved to his chest again. “I’m not doing this alone! You hear me!” She continued, hating each moment that ticked by without a change. “Sky! Come on. You just got free. Don’t change your mind and go back to the dark!” She ignored the tears that began to fill her eyes and continued, refusing to stop.

Stubborn mechanic! WAKE UP! As if responding to her angry cry, he shot up to a sitting position coughing up water, taking in a large breath of air. She hardly gave him a moment to breath before she threw herself into his arms crushing him tightly. “What the hell! Why did you take so long to come back!” she shouted as if he had any control over it. He leaned back his eyes wide at her accusation before giving her a soft smile.

He winced, his face losing color. “Sky?” she asked leaning back, panic chording her voice. He motioned for her to bring him his bag. His eyes grew heavy as he looked through and pulled out a small gadget. He hit a few buttons and motioned for her to hold the item. It instantly scanned his chest, and a moment later, a set of text scrawled across the screen, with the result of the scan. Damaged coronary artery.

He looked up at her in question, waiting for her to read the result. She tried to hide the panic from her face. The electricity had damaged his heart. “Show me how to work this thing,” Vale said moving to the control panel. Sky watched her, waiting for her to explain. Her hands shook. I need a map, where’s the closest hospital? The closet town? “We need to find you a doctor.”

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