Lightning Seeker

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The Doctor

Vale followed Dash through a set of hallways that were strangely pristine. The lighting had a pleasant glow, the ground covered in a thick plush black carpet that matched the black walls trimmed in gold foiled designs, sparking light across the ground as they moved. The air was filtered, causing Vale to relax involuntarily, removing her fear of claustrophobia.

The ship was immaculate, proving Dash’s point that from the outside no one would bother to try and hijack the ship, but one look on the inside had Vale ready to mug the kid herself. They reached a set of doors and after Dash placed his hand on a scanner, the doors parted letting them inside.

They stood inside of a white room. Medical supplies filled the space, covering every wall except for a small space where a door sat. Walking through it, Vale spotted Sky instantly. He lay on an operation table, his shirt missing from his body. Giving her a better view of the tattoo that she had seen glimpses of. Long black lines that moved into points around his collar bone. The illusion of bird claws wrapped around his throat.

A man stood over Sky, wearing a white lab coat, and blue gloves. A glass wall stood between Vale and the man. Vale scanned the glass for a door but there was none. “This is the observation room,” Dash explained watching the man through the glass as he stood next to her.

“Where’s the door,” Vale asked, glancing at Dash.

“You can’t go in. The room has been sterilized.” Dash looked her up and down. “You are far from clean.”

Ignoring his jab, she turned to look back at Sky. “Can he save him?”

“Not sure. We don’t know what he-.”

“Damaged coronary artery,” Vale said, not bothering to wait for him to finish. She placed her hands on the glass.

“That is a problem,” she heard the sudden change in Dash’s tone. Far less calm, less controlled than she expected.

Vale suddenly remembered Sky’s request. Pulling several pieces of paper out of her pocket, she held them out to Dash. He gave her a confused look. “Take these. They’ll help save him.”

Dash reached out and unfolded the pages. Scanning the instructions, an irritated smile crossed his lips. “He always had an answer for everything.” Shoving the papers into his pocket, he shook his head and left the room. “I’ll be right back.”

Vale was confused by his words. Do they know each other? She turned to stare back into the glass. “Hold on Sky.” The man suddenly walked out of view, leaving Sky alone. Vale rolled her hands into fists, feeling completely helpless. She couldn’t do anything to help.

She looked down at her arm. She had found a way to keep most of it intact while creating a cane to walk with, or she wouldn’t have been able to have moved this far. She kept her hand wrapped around her cane to keep up the illusion that she just happened to have a cane and wasn’t someone capable of creating something with a mere thought.

Static above her head caused her to jump. “He Raven. We may have a way to save him. But I’ll need to use that nifty arm of yours.”

Vale found herself standing in the operation room, having been forced to scrub down three times when the first two weren’t up to Dash’s standards. If she hadn’t been in such a hurry to help Sky, she would have enjoyed the hot water that washed over her body. He was right though, on the third shower, the water finally turned clear as it snaked down the drain.

In a nearby changing room, she tucked Sky’s notebook away for safekeeping as they put her in a pair of scrubs. Dash handed her a small chord and she pulled her hair back out of her face. Then after getting on a glove for her right hand and a mask for her face, they walked into the operating room.

Dash stared down at Sky with a tender, yet somehow irked expression. “What good did it do?” he muttered. Then before Vale could ask what he meant, Dash began to walk her through the process.

“Your friend has the right idea. We are going to open him up, make a few adjustments by replacing a few parts with man-made items, and then sew him back up. Nice and simple.” Vale highly doubted it was a simple as he made it sound, but appreciated his positivity.

“What I am going to need you to do, is add in the final piece. We are going to have to stop his heart to get this to work. We have seven minutes to make the adjustment and turn it back on before we have a real problem on our hands.”

“Seven,” Vale managed to whisper.

Dash’s cocky demeanor softened slightly. “It’s okay. I know what I’m doing. I promise.”

Vale looked around for the older man, who seemed far more capable of such a daunting task. “Where’s the other guy?!?”

“He’s our prep guy. I’m the doctor.”

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