Lightning Seeker

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Wide Awake and Confused

Fuzzy. Cold. Buzzing. Those were the first three thoughts Vale had as she came into consciousness. Her head felt like it was covered in a blanket she couldn’t crawl out of. Her leg was ice cold. A strange contrast to the warmth that wrapped around the rest of her. A rhythmic buzzing sound filled her head.

After several failed attempts Vale finally managed to get her eyes open. She was lying on a bed, the soft sheets felt like home, threatening to pull her back to sleep. But Vale forced herself to focus. She was back in the room with the green door. How did I get here?

Sitting up, she found it impossible to move her lower half. The moments before her surgery rushed back to her. She had to find Sky. Dash knew him and something about that didn’t sit well with her. Why did Dash act like he didn’t know who he was when we got here?

Yanking the blanket off, she found the source of the buzzing. A large metal structure sat where her broken leg used to be. A cylinder far thicker than her thigh had been and taller in length made up of crimson metal, wires and gears replaced her leg. Her heart dropped at the new addition. It was nothing like her arm. Cold, unbendable, and from the looks of it, far too heavy.

“No,” she whispered in disbelief. Ice filled her veins, as shock crushed her lungs, making it difficult to breath. “He...” Her eyes snapped to the door.

“DASH!” Vale shouted, rage making the word sound like poison in her mouth. “WHAT DID YOU DO!” She scanned the room, trying to decide the best way to get to the door. She spotted the wooden crutch next to her bed, leaned for it and slowly stood to her feet.

The metal structure was heavy, making it a challenge to lift off the bed. “Who made this!?” she growled with irritation as she dragged her new metal leg to the door, scraping the ground as she went.

Reaching the door, she threw it open, causing it to hit the opposite wall with a smack. She glanced both ways down the hall. It was empty. Why haven’t I seen anyone since I’ve gotten here? Turning, she made her way towards the elevator, feeling angry and betrayed. Each step sending her into a deeper rage. I’m gonna find Sky, and get the hell out of here.

Sweat beaded across her face as she finally reached the elevator. Taking uneasy breaths, she hovered her hand over the door and the elevator door opened with a cheery chime. Of course it works, she thought making no move to hide her anger. “Stupid lying flying doctor,” she muttered, shuffling into the elevator.

Tapping the button for the fifteenth floor, the elevator shot up, hurling Vale to the ground. After finding a small lip in the elevator wall, Vale pulled herself to her feet, and dragged her leg from the elevator when the door opened. She scanned the identical white walls around her. Three hallways. One straight ahead, one to the left and one to the right. Which way?

“Need help?” Vale turned awkwardly, startled by the sudden voice. Dash stood next to her, arms crossed, head tilted to the side as he watched her with a curious expression.

Vale rolled her hands into fists. “Where’s my companion?” She avoided Sky’s name. She didn’t want Dash to know what she knew. That he was lying. He had taken her leg, and hidden Sky somewhere on the ship. But even with her determination to keep him unaware, she couldn’t keep the anger from her voice.

“He’s safe,” Dash said, glancing down at her, his bright green eyes glinting with amusement, straight ink-black hair falling across his forehead, framing his face. Dash took a step towards her, forcing Vale to tilt her head up to glare at him, since he was several inches taller.

Vale narrowed her eyes. “That wasn’t my question.”

“That’s still my answer,” he said with a shrug, a smirk crossing his lips as he glanced down at the metal structure that stood where her leg used to be. “You shouldn’t be out of bed.” Dash reached for her, most likely to pick her up and take her back downstairs. But Vale was ready this time, smacking his arm away with her crutch.

Dash’s eyes went wide, a laugh of surprise filled the hallway while he rubbed his hand. “Woah! Easy! I don’t bite!”

“That isn’t my concern,” Vale said waddling back a step.

“Biting doesn’t bother you?” Dash’s brow rose. “Interesting.”

Vale scoffed, crossing her arms. “That’s not what I meant!”

Dash moved towards her again. “You really shouldn’t be walking around on that.”

“IT’S YOUR FAULT THAT I AM IN THIS THING!” Vale shouted, poking her crutch into his chest.

Dash’s eyes dimmed, amusement gone. “What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb!“She poked him again, forcing him back a step. “Just tell me where he is!”

Dash knocked her crutch away, irritation clear in his voice. “He’s resting. He just had surgery. You can’t just go barge in because-.”

Vale dropped her crutch and brought up her metal arm, turning it into a sword, pointing it at his neck. “I’m done asking nicely. Where is he?”

Dash froze, staring at her with wide eyes. “What are you doing?”

Vale swallowed, not fully sure what her plan was. She had never threatened anyone before and now she had held a sword to his neck twice since they met. She was tempted to lower her blade, but as she thought of her leg, gone, removed when it was supposed to be saved, her anger grew. “You don’t seem to understand that this isn’t a negotiation, so I thought I would make it clear. I want to know where he is, now.”

Dash was suddenly gone. She felt Dash’s breath on her neck. “And you don’t seem to understand...” Vale felt a sharp item poke into her back. “...that you should really get back to bed.”

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