Lightning Seeker

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Better Not Die

Dash slowly pushed the door open to Sky’s room. “Try not to make too much noise. He’s still pretty weak.” Vale nodded and moved into the room. She was nervous. Why am I so nervous? She wiped her clammy hand on her shirt and pushed her hair out of her face.

Sky was lying in a bed in the corner of the room. His skin was pale, glistening with sweat. His blond hair was plastered to his face. His chest rose and fell slowly, his eyes closed, blanket tucked up to his chin. Vale moved across the room as fast as she could and dropped into a chair that was placed next to the bed.

Vale reached out to touch Sky’s face but didn’t want to wake him up. She let her hand drop into her lap. “How’s he doing?” she whispered, all the fight leaving her body.

Dash stood behind her. “He’s okay. Stronger than his current appearance makes him look. The surgery went well.” Dashed walked past her and reached down, checking Sky’s pulse. “His heartbeat is strong.”

“He looks so pale.”

Dash took a step back and nodded. “He should get his color back in the next few days.”

Sky’s eyebrows furrowed as he moved slightly. Dash glanced at Vale. “We should go.”

“I’d like to stay.” Dash gave her a skeptical look.

“I promise to stay quiet.”

Dash nodded and walked towards the door. “I’ll check on you both later.”

Vale heard the door click behind her. “Hey, Sky. I did what you said. I gave them the instructions. It saved your life. You’re alive.” Tears filled her eyes and she wiped them wildly, embarrassed.

“I will be by your side while you recover. I’ll be your lookout. Your muscle. Your protector until you get better.” She ran her fingers through his damp hair tenderly, her heart squeezing at the sight of his vulnerable state.

She brought up her good leg and placed her chin on her knee. “We are on their list now, and there’s no coming back from that. And if they hunt us down, I will do everything in my power to keep you safe until you wake up. Just like you would do for me.”

She thought of their time under the control bridge when the entire place was filled with chaos and lightning. Of how he had held her close when she was terrified, his warmth a comfort against her cold body. His fingers swirling comforting words into her skin. She had missed him, having grown used to his strong quiet presence.

“You better not die Sky,” Vale said looking away, pulling herself from memories that caused her face to grow warm. “You can’t leave me alone on this crazy ship.” She wished he was awake. She wished she could tell him about the strange ship where she had met no one besides the strange boy doctor who somehow knew Sky. Or tell him about the strange contraption that was now her leg. It is more of a stump than a leg. Why did Dash change his mind and why is he pretending not to know Sky?

She leaned her head against the wall, drained after her fight with Dash in the hall. Her eyelids grew heavy, suddenly exhausted. She closed her eyes, trying to keep her tears inside. “Please be okay.”

She fell asleep, dreaming of a boy with golden hair with hands that spoke words that made her heart flutter.

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