Lightning Seeker

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We Go Back

They were back on the deck a moment later, Dash moving faster than she felt was humanly possible. “Our best course of action is to run. It will buy us time until we can get the transports ready. We have submarines built to transport passengers to shore.”

“But what about your crew? Resistere Futilis is fast! And they won’t keep anyone alive.”

Dash yanked a door disguised as a large grate open and they rushed into the ship. “One problem at a time.” Dash’s boots bolted him forward and Vale had to sprint to keep up. Dash swore and picked her up in his arms.

“What are you-?”

“You can’t be running around on your leg,” Dash said as he raced them to an elevator. Vale would have laughed at his constant single-minded determination to keep her from destroying herself if they weren’t in the process of running for their lives.

Dropping her to her feet, he placed his hand on a scanner and hit two separate floors. “You need to get Sky and take him to the fourth floor. I want you both on the next submarine out of here.”

Vale glared back. “No. I am staying. I am going to help protect this ship. You said the others aren’t built for fighting but I am. So I am staying.”

Dash ran his fingers through his hair. “I figured getting you out of here was a long shot, but get Sky off the ship first. I don’t want him dying.” He took Vale’s human hand and squeezed it. “Please do this for me. Don’t let him die.”

Vale stared back. “And if he refuses.”

Dash gave her a mischievous smile. “From what I’ve observed you may have enough influence to convince him to go.”

The elevator opened on Sky’s floor. Vale walked out of the elevator and turned to look at Dash, trying to keep a blush from her cheeks at the mention of Sky. “He could help.”

“Not if he’s dead. He’s too valuable for that. Promise me that you will get him to safety.”

Vale nodded. “I promise,” she said as the doors closed between them.

A large alarm blared to life as Vale turned and sprinted down the hallway. She threw the door open to Sky’s room to find him scrambling into his boots. Yanking the laces tight, he hopped to his feet.

“We have a problem,” Vale said throwing Sky his jacket. He pulled it on as Vale continued. “The Resistere Futilis. It’s here.”

Sky’s face turned grim. Reaching for his bag he slung it over one shoulder. He wants me on a submarine, doesn’t he. It wasn’t a question.

“He wants you safe,” Vale said.

And what about him? Sky signed in frustration.

“Dash is staying behind.”

Sky ran his fingers through his hair and shook his head. Crazy, boy. And you?

“I’m going to stay and fight,” Vale said shoving her hands into her pockets.

Then I’m staying too.

“No. I promised your cousin I would get you to safety.”

Then you either have to come with me, or we both stay and you watch my back.

Vale huffed, irritated. Both options involved people she cared about getting hurt. She thought of Kip up in the medical bay. Geo. Sky. Dash. “I don’t like either option,” she admitted.

Then we go with the third option.

“Which is?” Vale said rubbing the back of her neck.

We go back to the Resistere Futilis.

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