Lightning Seeker

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That You Did

Dash’s hands shook as he pulled out a wrench. “Normally I’d sanitize your wound and stitch you up first-.”

“Just do it Dash,” Vale said ripping off her sleeve to give him better access. “That can wait.”

He stared at her arm and his face grew grim. “This is going to hurt.” Vale shut her eyes, bracing herself. As he began to bolt her arm back into place, she felt each screw tighten, sending spasms of pain through her body. “Dash we have about a minute left!”

She kept her arm as still as possible, her mind focused on Sky. “If you are going to do a repeat of last time, I am going to need to get my hands on some electricity,” Vale said through clenched teeth. “I’m fresh out after my last stunt.”

“Geo! I need you to wheel that generator over here.” The pain continued to climb and even after her arm was reattached, the pain burned into her skin, making her want to rip her arm clean off. She kept her mind on Sky, pushing away her other thoughts. “Twenty seconds!” Ace shouted.

Geo wheeled over a small generator and before Dash could give her instructions, Vale slammed her fist into its center, screaming as the lightning shot up her arm and through her body. She yanked her hand free and collapsed back into the char. “You’re gonna have to carry me,” she said, her breathing shallow.

Dash lifted her up and carried her over to Sky. Ace jumped back so she could move into place, “five seconds,” he offered, sending Vale’s heart into a panic.

Dash spoke quickly. “Just like last time. That one there.” Dash motioned towards the center gear. Vale reached in.

“Three seconds.”

Her finger let a spark loose, jolting the mechanism to life just as Ace finished counting. Sky’s heart remained silent, unmoving.

Vale reached in again but Dash grabbed her arm. “It’s too late-.”

“No!” Vale yanked her hand free. She reached back in and gave Sky another spark, far larger this time. Dash pulled her back. The entire room fell into silence as Sky’s heart suddenly stuttered to life. His heartbeat filled the room, the rhythm steady and strong.

Vale fell to her knees and began to cry, tears streaming down her face as she listened to his heartbeat. Proof that he would live another day. Proof that she had found a way back to him. She looked up at Dash. “I kept him safe.”

Dash smiled widely down at her, tears in his own eyes. He blinked, forcing the tears back. “That you did.”

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