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In a world where people with special abilities exist. Hatsuko is a normal high school boy with no abilities and no friends. He always wished to have a special ability like everyone else that lived in the biggest country called Sakuru which has a giant crater on it. While he gets the chance to enroll in the Sakuru school, he discovers that he actually doesn't have an ability like everyone else. After most of the students of that school hear the news about Hatsuko, they start bullying him for being the weakest. He tries to endure all the beating and humiliations from the other students every single day. But for how long will this go on? Hatsuko soon notices some weird changes in his body that will change his life...

Action / Adventure
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The beginning - Chapter 1

A black empty space

Everything around me is dark, I can’t see anything, I try to move but I notice that I don’t have a body! It’s cold and I can’t feel anything around me.

What the hell is this!?!??

Am I dead?

Well whatever, it’s not that have any regrets in my life...
I closed my eyes





Suddenly a big foggy figure appears in front of me. It seems like there is someone inside it.
Its a girl....,
I couldn’t see her face clearly but I know that she must be a beautiful girl.
who is she calling for?

[I’m sorry that I couldn’t be with you any longer]??

I realized that she was crying.
Warm tears were sliding on her face.

What is this doing here? And why is she crying?
I was so confused about everything that was happening around me.

[I’m sorry and goodbye]??

Huh, my voice!!! I can’t speak!! Why?!?
The vision of my eyes was darkening...


I slowly opened my eyes and saw the ceiling of my room.

What the hell was that?

After confirming that it was all a dream, I tried to recall what the dream was all about.
What was that?!
I couldn’t remember the dream at all but I still couldn’t get out of my head that feeling I had during my dream...

I really need to stop playing games all night!

I got up and noticed something warm on my cheeks.
Is it water? , no wait it’s tears!

Am I crying?

I got out of my bed I go to the bathroom to wash my face. All of my body was heavier than usual and I could hear some of my bones cracking from sleeping in the same position all night.

I looked at myself in the mirror after washing my face and notice that I have eye bags and red veins in my eyes.

[I look terrible...]
I let out a sigh.

I dried my face with a towel and got dressed in my school’s uniform.

[Hatsuko breakfast is ready!]

The voice calling me was my mother.

[Coming!] (Hatsuko)

I went downstairs and noticed the smell of fried eggs. I love this smell.

I sat on the chair and started eating.

[Did you stay up late again yesterday?]

I tried to swallow the food fast as i was eating and replied to my mother.

[Eh... not really...] Hatsuko

[Don’t lie to me, you have eyebags and you woke up late again today!
You better hurry or you’re gonna be late for school again, I don’t want receive again calls from your homeroom teacher for being again late for scho-- ]

[-O-okay I get, I’ll try to wake up earlier next time] (Hatsuko)
I replied to her before she could finish.
Currently, the Tv is on, my mom always leaves it on the news channel for some reason.

{The borders of the largest country on earth are finally done with hight security for the safety of the student’s with special abilities--}

Sakuru is the largest country on earth also known as the crater.
If you view the earth from outer space you can see that 1/4 of the planet has a massive crater.
Scientists say that it was created from an immeasurable explosion long ago but it’s still unknown the real reason.
Humanity still managed to create life and live normally there without problems, even though usually there only live people with abilities.

[It must be cool to have a special ability] (Hatsuko)

I wish i had one.
Actually, I always have been a fan of those superheroes on movies.
Their cool entrance!
The way they beat their opponents and how they always smiling after saving everyone.
In this society, heroes don’t exist!
There isn’t any actual fool who would save someone for free!
I always wondered why the superheroes would save the world and gain nothing of it?
They could have become a successful police force where they could catch all the criminals.
They could even get good pay from that job!

I finished breakfast, I put on my shoes and got out of my house.
I heard my mom saying:

[Don’t be late! ]

I immediately replied.

[I won’t!] Hatsuko

I’m a 17 years old boy around 177 centimeters with brown hair, brown eyes, and a bit skinny body. I live in a quiet neighborhood, not a very special place.
My hobbies are gaming and drawing simple stuff. I’m what you could say a mob character.
I don’t have any friends cause I’m really awkward and can’t manage to have a conversation, this is also the reason why i usually stay alone at school.


I’m currently running so I won’t be late again for school. I really hate this but I have no other choice.

I noticed a boy around my age I could say, getting cornered by 2 adult males.
Is he getting bullied?

I slowed down and see some sparks of electricity around the boy.

Oi oi are they electroshocking him with some taser?

No wait they don’t have a taser, the sparks aren’t coming from them.
But from that boy?!
What’s going on with him?

The next second the 2 adult males collapsed down unconscious.
What happened?!

I stared at the boy and at that moment our eyes met. I immediately tried to go my way to school calmly.

FUCK did he notice me?
I don’t wanna mess with him...

I noticed that he was following me!

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