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Op status - chapter 13

Is that Raiden?

His hair color is different, but that face I’m sure it’s him!

Did he dye his hair white?

[ Alright, you can introduce yourself! Also, you can show your Status if you want to give a good impression! ]

The teacher said.

[Huh! O-okay, I’ll start first then. ] ( Hanna )

Hanna said nervously.

I’m, sure she wants to give a good impression to her classmates.

I hope she does well!

[ My name is Hanna Lun! I’m not good at anything special but I hope we’ll be friends and train hard together!

Also here is my status ] ( Hanna )

The way Hanna was acting was kind of cute.

She was doing her best to not mess up.

Well, I’m glad the class didn’t react badly to her.

After saying “Status” a screen popped up from her bracelet. The teacher connected it to the screen board so that everyone in the class could see it.



Name: Hanna Lun

Age: 16

Ability: 4 Elements

STR: 69

MC (mental capacity): 360

AGI: 60

VIT: 46

DEF: 50

Condition: Healthy

Skills: (Fireball), (Sand bind), (Wind blade), (Water blade)



Her status improved!!

[ Woah her stats are amazing! ]

[ Check out her MC ]

[ 300? How smart is she? ]

[ She has 4 elements that she can manipulate, so its no wonder her MC is so high ]

[ Yeah I agree, I can only control ice and it takes me a lot of concentration to visualize and materialize it! Also, it gives me a headache if I use it without a break! ]

[ Damn she is so lucky to manipulate 4 elements]

The class seems really impressed by Hanna’s status.

Well, I’m surprised as well.

She improved a lot in just one day!

Her mental capacity increased by 60, and her defense increased by 1.

Did the teachers train her to find out what her ability was like?

Hanna makes eye contact with me and waves her hand while putting a lovely smile on her face.

I smiled wryly.

Everyone else turned their head behind and looked at the person Hanna was waving her hand to.

Which was me...

[ Huh? What’s going on? How does Hanna know that Mixer? ]

[ Seriously? ]

[ She must have mistaken him for someone else ]

[ It has to be a mistake ]

Crap now everyone knows me and Hanna are acquaintances.

Everyone was murmuring with each other.

Raiden made eye contact with me.

Oh, he noticed me!?

Does he recognize me?

He started smirking.


Somehow he gives me the chills.

I couldn’t look at him straight into his eyes.

I looked down trying to ignore him.

Now that I think about it, the last time I saw Raiden was before the incident.

And of course, I was attacked because of a stupid reason “acquaintanced with Raiden”

That was fucked up!

Also, did the authorities find the one who attacked me?

There hasn’t been any news on that either.

I hope Raiden stays away from me.

I don’t want to get involved with him and I know that he is bad news.

[ Alright class! Quiet down!! ]

The teacher raised her voice so everyone in the class could hear it.

Everyone now was paying attention to what the teacher was about to say next.

[ Okay the next new student, you may introduce yourself! ]

Raiden took a step forward.

He changed his expression to a friendly one and started introducing himself.

[ Hi everyone! My name is Raiden! Due to some reasons, I don’t have a last name, but I hope this won’t bother anyone. ] ( Raiden )

Wait huh?

[ Let’s get along!! ] ( Raiden )

He said while putting a smile on his face.

That was the smile of someone friendly who would always be there for you.


I don’t understand!!

What happened to his twisted smile?

Or the way he was looking at me...

[ oh right! Here are my stats ] ( Raiden )



Name: Raiden

Age: 18

Ability: Lightning

STR: 200

MC (mental capacity): 109

AGI: 600

VIT: 90

DEF: 100

Condition: Healthy

Skills: (Hand Taser ), (speed increase ), (Bolt shoot), etc.



What the fuck?!

Is his bracelet broken or something?

There is no way someone with this kind of status exists.

Is this even considered human anymore?

Strength 200? Agility 600?

Is this for real?


[ Not only handsome but super strong as well ]

[ I think I’m already in love ]

The girls started reacting.

[ That’s really amazing ]

[ He has to be one of the strongest in our school ]

Even the boys were amazed.

And Raiden was just standing there giving a cool smile.

Everyone here started off with overpowered status.

Meanwhile me...I suck!!

My status hasn’t changed at all!

I mean don’t even know what ability I have.

Do I even have one in the first place?

[ You may sit on those free seats over there ]

The teacher said.

While Raiden was sitting he stared at me again.

Does he have a problem with me?



Raiden POV


I was invited to Sakuru high school, a place for those with powers like me.

Money isn’t a problem for me.

I was really interested in that school since I get to find other people with similar powers.

Maybe I could have some fun with the other students there.


Today is the first day I am attending classes at this school.

I need to give a good impression.

Not that I’m planning on getting too friendly with weaklings.

But after that girl named Hanna introduced herself I noticed someone familiar...

If I’m correct that guy’s name was Hatsuko.

So that bastard is still alive huh...

Since that day I decide to follow him I found out he was weak.

Very weak!

I really despise those who are weak.

That’s why I sent someone to kill him.

I didn’t expect him to survive though.

Those useless bastards! I gave them one simple order and they didn’t finish the job!

[ You may sit on those free seats over there ]

While going to my seat I turned my head towards Hatsuko again.

Well, I’m limited here so I can’t do anything to him.


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