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Student Council meeting - chapter 15

Today was a special meeting for the student council.

All the members had gathered, including all representatives of each special class.

[ This year a lot of new students have transferred to our school with a lot of potential in their abilities! ]

The vice president started speaking.

[ Especially today! 2 new students have finally made their presentation of their abilities in Class 1-B ]

The representative of Class 1-B happily said.

[ Their names were, Hanna and Raiden. With their status I’m sure they will be ranked in the top 10 or 20 ]

One of the members said.

[ I agree! But the ranking system hasn’t been approved yet on the student’s bracelets... ]

The vice president responded while turning her head towards the president.

The president who was quietly listening with his hands clenched together started speaking.

[ The new ranking system will be updated tomorrow on every student’s bracelets! I’m sure most of the students will be happy. It’ll also encourage those who want to be stronger than others! ]

Every one started murmuring with each other.

The members of the students were really excited about this news.

In the room could be heard things like.

[ I’m sure our class will have the strongest students ]

[ well we can’t deny that! Haha ]

[ Even you have the ability to deflect other abilities, I’m sure you’ll be high ranked ]

[ Hehe of course I will! The great me will be the strongest in the school ]

[ Hahaha don’t get carried away though ]

[ I won’t, I won’t *smile* ]

[ Class 1-B sure is amazing though, they have students stronger than 3rd years! ]

[ They are that amazing? ]

[ Of course!! My class is the best after all! ]

[ i don’t think your class is that amazing though...

Isn’t one of the students there a Mixer? ]

The atmosphere in the room turned gloomy after the word “Mixer” was heard.

[ Yes I also heard about this student, his name was... Hatsuko Gee ]

The president said.

[ A lot of problems had happened since that student transferred. He always is a target for everyone, causing a commotion! ]

The vice president responded to the president with an irritated voice. She always seemed the serious type of person, but when Hatsuko was mentioned, a lot of thoughts came through her mind.

[ oh right he is in the class 1-B as well.

He recently transferred, It hasn’t even been 2 weeks yet. ]

The representative of class 1-B annoyingly responded.

[ That kid is always being bullied by others. ]

[ I once saw him unconscious in the middle of the hallways school! ]

[ He is quite famous, isn’t he? ]

[ This school has had Mixers before, sure they were weak but they weren’t bullied to this extent! Why is this happening to him? ]

The president got into the conversation as well.

[ Mixers before have had problems using their abilities but they had power which they could get stronger enough to protect themselves but Hatsuko on the other hand can’t use his ability at all! Even his status is below compared to a normal human. He can even be considered an ordinary human! ]

The representative of class 1-B explains.

Meanwhile, the other members started complaining.

[ Yeah I wonder why he hasn’t been expelled yet! ]

[ You should correct that sentence to “Why did he get invited to this school?” ]

[ I agree, he is the weakest, even in the ranking system he would be the last ]

[ I’m sure of it ]

[ Guys! Guys! ]

The vice presidents tried to calm everyone down.

[ I know most have complains about this matter! We also will consider expelling him from this school! ]

She also added.

[ The vice president is right! We will see for a bit longer how Hatsuko will improve his ability! But if he remains the same, he will get expelled! I, myself will send a letter to the principal. After all, we don’t need useless trash here at our school! ]

The president said while staring at everyone. From what the president said, the mood slightly changed in the room.

With this, the meeting of the student council meeting ended.

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