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Rank system update - chapter 16

While still thinking about what just happened I decided to head to my room.

My body was feeling uneasy. I felt like I was about to puke anytime now.

Even though some minutes have already passed, I was still trembling.

My chest was heavy like something was put on top of me. I could barely breathe.

It’s really painful.

It made my walking unbalanced.

[ Hey bro, check that out! ]

[ Oho is that rumored Mixer? ]

Some guys said while approaching me.

Huh, are they coming for me?

I need to get out of this situation ASAP!

I can barely stand, I don’t want to deal with them!

But before I could get away, one of them grabbed me by my clothes and said.

[ Not so fast! ]

[ I’m sorry, but I’m in a hurry so... ]

I tried again to get my way out of there but that was pointless.

[ Come on don’t be like that ]

[Let’s have some fun Hahahaha, with you that is! ]

I knew it, they wouldn’t let me go so fast, would they...

Suddenly one of them grabbed me by my hair and put my head to the ground.

[ Oi, what’s wrong? You like the floor this much? ]

[ Hahahahha he loves it! ]

The other one laughed while stepping on my hand.

Ouch, it hurts!

Why does this keep happening to me?

Is it really that fun watching me grovel?

They look at me like I was some kind of stress relief.

A punching bag!

[ Please... L Let me go! ] ( Hatsuko )

I begged.

[ Huh? What was that? ]

[ We can’t hear you from up here you know? ]

[ [ Hahahahhahahaha ] ]

But they didn’t care at all.

[ oh I dirted my shoes with this trash ]

One of them said like he just stepped on shit.

[ Lick them clean!! ]

He said.


Is he serious?

Does he expect to clean his shoes with my tongue?

No no no no

I absolutely don’t want to do that!.

That’s disgusting!

[ Oi! What are you waiting for? Lick them!! ]

He demanded.

[ N no... ] ( Hatsuko )

I refused.

[ What did you say? You trash! ]

He started smashing my head to the floor constantly without mercy. I couldn’t get away from him, he had grabbed my hair really hard and he was using them to smash my head into the floor like that.

I can’t bear this anymore...

* * *

[ Tsk, he lost consciousness. ]

[ Let’s leave before anyone comes here! ]

They left the unconscious Hatsuko alone and left without a care.

[ What should we make him do next time? ]

[ How about we test out our new skills on him? ]

[ Ooh, that’s a nice idea bro! ]

[ [ Hahahaha ] ]

Their voices started to fade as they were leaving the place where Hatsuko was.

Even after the bell rang, no one came and helped him.

No one even bothered looking at him.

They just left him there.

* * *


I slowly open my eyes and see a familiar ceiling.

This is...

My room?

How did I get here?

And those guys...

Was that all a dream?

I got out of the bed and checked the time.

“15: 09”

I was sleeping for some hours.

The last thing I remembered was those guys who wanted me to lick their shoes.

And then...

Oh, right they smashed my head to the ground.

I got up from the bed and head towards the mirror.


No scars?

I’m sure they smashed my head...

I have no scars or swollen parts.

Was it all a dream?








The next day I woke up a little late than usual.

Unlike the previous school, no one really cares if I attend classes or not.

Even the teachers ignore my existence.


As usual, I got myself ready and head straight into my classroom.

I could see everyone doing their stuff.

Hanna and Raiden were again surrounded by other classmates.

At that moment a flashback from yesterday came into my mind.

Is Hanna gonna ignore me?

But I didn’t want to know...

I am too scared to know!

So I quietly decided to head into my seat.

Please don’t notice me!

Don’t notice me!

Don’t notice me!

I kept thinking this until Hanna looked my way.

[ Hatsuko... ] ( Hanna )

A faded voice came from Hanna’s mouth.

I didn’t want to hear her so I kept walking to my seat.

I looked again at Hanna but she was just cheerfully talking to her friends.


After the bell rang, everyone else sat on their seats and the teacher entered the class.

[ Alright class, today we have updated the bracelets! ]

The teacher said.

[ What’s the update about? ]

One of the students raised her hand and asked.

[ We have added a new Ranking system. Every student will be ranked depending on their power! The total number of students in this school is 315. Everyone check your bracelet to see what rank you’re at! ]

The teacher happily replied.

A ranking system huh...

Everyone started checking the new update on their bracelets.

They seemed really hyped about this.

Well not for me since I’m not strong...

[ Ooh I’m ranked 200th Damn it! ]

[ Haha I’m 189th ]

[ 250th I need to improve my abilities! ]

[ What about you Lauren? ]

[ Me? I’m 70th ] ( Lauren )

70th seriously?

She really looked proud of herself.

Everyone was ranked differently.

[ Hey, check out Raiden and Hanna rank!! ]

One of my classmates surprised said.

[ What’s your rank Hanna, Raiden? ]

The teacher asked.

[ I’m 8th ] ( Hanna )

[ 6th ] ( Raiden )

They casually said like it was no big deal.

They are on the top 10 list.

Every one started murmuring.

[ What the hell, they are that strong? ] ( Lauren )

Lauren started complaining.

Oh, right Lauren wasn’t present the day when they transferred to this school.

Did she want to be the strongest in our class?

Well, I don’t really care what she wants anyway.


Oh, right I haven’t checked my rank yet...

After I said “Status” the first thing that showed up was “Rank check”.

I clicked that option and...


Hatsuko Gee

Rank: #315


As I expected.

I am the last ranked.

Well, at least no one has looked at my rank yet.

[ Also you can check all the other ranks of the other students on your list. ]

The teacher said.


Does god hate or something?

The teacher opened the screen board and showed the list of the top 10 ranked.


#1 Tatsuya Gale

#2 Koiji Ino

#3 Kogane Ju

#4 Jue kuso

#5 Tanaka Nuno

#6 Raiden

#7 Dai suli

#8 Hanna Lun

#9 Shun kuso

#10 Yoshi Haye


So they are the top 10 strongest of our school...

Compared to them I’m...

I lay my face on the desk.

They sure are amazing.

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