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Hanna's true feelings - chapter 17

After the 1st period ended I was about to leave the classroom but I was stopped by a sudden voice that called out my name.

[ H-Hatsuko! ] ( Hanna )

That voice was Hanna.

Everyone else started murmuring from this.

Hanna started to approach me.

I wanted to turn around and run away but I couldn’t. My whole body was frozen by fear.

I know that Hanna is going to say something about me being the weakest.

The fact that Hanna might say, to never approach her ever again, makes my heart ache.

Hanna stood in front of me.

[ Hatsuko could I talk to you for a bit? ] ( Hanna )

She said.

I didn’t have the courage to look Hanna straight into her eyes.

[ W what is it?... ] ( Hatsuko )

I said while clenching my fists.

I didn’t want to hear anything.

I wanted to run away!

I’m scared...

[ Why are you avoiding me? Did I do something to offend you? ] ( Hanna )

She said nervously.


[ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ Huh? ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

The words that came out of Hanna’s mouth surprised not only me but the whole classmates who were still in the classroom.

She wanted to know why I was avoiding her?

I don’t want Hanna to say to me the words I don’t want to hear so...

And I don’t want to lie to her anymore.

I going to tell her first!

[ B-because I’m the weakest Mixer of this school... I k know that you don’t want to hang around with a loser like m me ] ( Hatsuko )

I said while forcefully shutting my eyes.

I felt like shit when I called myself “loser” in front of her. I didn’t know what to say anymore.

My heart was racing so fast when I finished saying that.

Will she hate me? Or is she going to make fun of me like everyone else?

No, I don’t want to think about that!

But what if my worst nightmare becomes true?!

I haven’t known Hanna for too long, but she was the very first person to spend time with me! Even though it was 10 years ago...

[ Hatsuko... ] ( Hanna )

She said with a low voice.

So this is it huh...

I was trembling a little as I was waiting for her words to come out of her mouth!

I wanted to scream “HANNA DON’T LEAVE ME!” But if I do that, I’m sure everyone will treat Hanna badly.

I didn’t want that to happen.

[ Weakest Mixer? What are you talking about? I wouldn’t ignore someone just because they are weak! ] ( Hanna )

She angrily said.


So she doesn’t hate me or anything? Or is she making fun of me right now, is she?

She looked serious at me.


My heart started beating faster.

A feeling of happiness was flowing through my entire body.


But I don’t want any misunderstanding so I want to confirm this again!

[ S so you d don’t hate me or anything? ] ( Hatsuko )

[ Of course, I don’t hate you! You big idiot! ] ( Hanna )

She said to me while pouting.


I’m so happy!

I can’t believe this!

Hanna doesn’t hate me for being weak.

[ Even if you are weak, I will protect you until you get stronger! ] ( Hanna )

She said while putting a big smile on her face.

I could feel my cheeks slightly blushing.

I hope it’s not noticeable to the others.

Meanwhile, the classmates who were waiting for Hanna weren’t happy about the things that were happening.

They were just staring at me with an annoyed and disgusted look.

I even could hear some of them clicking their tounges.

[ That’s all I had to say! I’ll see you later Hatsuko! ] ( Hanna )

She said while waving her hand.

The other classmates started going after her.

Some of them even bumped to me on purpose.

But I didn’t mind them.

I was too happy by the fact that Hanna didn’t hate me like everyone else at this school.










Some days had passed since that day.

Hanna and I kept talking to each other after class periods were over.

Sometimes we would secretly meet on the rooftop of the school and sometimes we would just talk using the chatting apps in our bracelets.

It was really fun.

Since that day, it felt like I had finally found a reason to go to classes every day.

A reason to get stronger.

--Are you there?


This must be a message from Hanna.

A message popped up from my bracelet.



--I’m really happy!! ( ^ ^ )

Did something good happen?--

--I will tell you tomorrow!



--Goodnight and don’t let the cockroaches bully you hehe

Hey, I’m not that weak!! Besides I’ve been practicing my ability and doing push-ups every day!--

--Then you need a good night sleep to grow stronger ( ° ~ ° ) good night!!


It’s like this every night.

Chatting like this has become a daily routine for both of us.

But what was it that she wanted to talk to me about...

She seemed really excited about it.

Well, I’ll find out tomorrow.










The first thing I did after I woke up in the morning was getting ready and eating breakfast as fast as I could.

I couldn’t wait to meet Hanna.

I was really excited as well.

My heart was beating faster than usual.

After I finished getting ready I headed out early.

This is the first time I’m going to school this early.

It’s about 06: 50

Classes start at 8, basically, I have to wait in the classroom for about 70 mins.

Well, I don’t mind though.

Since after school Hanna wanted to tell me something.

I wonder what it is.

Maybe a confession...


I know she wouldn’t confess to someone like me.

But the fact that might happen putted a big smile on my face.

While still walking towards to my classroom I heard a voice.

[ Hey! Tatsuya, you don’t need to escort to my classroom every morning you know! ] ( Hanna )

That was Hanna’s voice.

With her was walking, a tall and handsome man.


What’s going on?

Escorting her?

Every day!!!


Who is that?


Where have I heard that name before...

Oh right!

The top 10 strongest students of this school.

Why is Hanna with him?

What is her relationship with him?

I don’t want to misunderstand anything.

There has to be some kind of explanation about his!

There has to be!!

Maybe he is her brother or a relative!

[ Does walking beside me bother you? ] ( Tatsuya )

[ I-it’s not that... ] ( Hanna )

She slightly blushed.



[ Hey, hey don’t embarrass her man! ]

A voice from behind them said.

That was also a good looking guy.

And beside him was...


[ Ah sorry sorry Tanaka! ] ( Tatsuya )

Tatsuya replied.

Tanaka isn’t that person on the top 10 strongest of this school!

And Rei is walking beside him.

Are they dating?

My heart started aching in pain.

I couldn’t bear this anymore.

I ran with all of my might towards the rooftop.










As hours had passed, I kept sitting at the corner of the rooftop.

I still couldn’t believe, what had happened this morning.

Sound notifications came up constantly from Hanna on my bracelet each time the period ended.

I ignored her messages.

I didn’t want to know the truth.

Maybe I was wrong...

But still, I’m too scared to hear the truth!

After school was finally over I decided to head towards my classroom to get my phone charger under my desk.

I had forgotten it since yesterday I was playing with my phone during class periods and had to charge it.

By this time no one should be around the classroom or hallways.

That’s what I thought while walking towards my classroom.

After reaching the classroom a voice was heard.

[ What’s with that Hatsuko, he hasn’t responded to me at all since this morning! ] ( Hanna )

That was Hanna’s voice!

She was worried about me?

I tried peeping through the keyhole of the closed door.

[ Heeh, that’s too bad that you couldn’t tell him about our relationship! ] ( Tatsuya )

The other voice was Tatsuya.

He is here as well?!

Their relationship!!?

[ We’ve been going out and wanted to tell him about us! Since Hatsuko is always alone, I didn’t want to leave him left out. ] ( Hanna)

Hanna said with a pained look.

Going out!!

Hanna is dating that guy?

Is this for real?

This has to be a dream right?

Hanna wouldn’t date a guy like him!

Hanna, you wouldn’t do that!


[ Well don’t worry too much about him, anyway I know that you care about him, but you should worry about yourself as well! ] ( Tatsuya )

He casually said while approaching Hanna.

I put his arms around her and looked straight into her eyes.

That bastard.

How dare he act that close to Hanna.

After he closed his distance with Hanna he placed his lips against Hanna’s lips.

Hanna accepted him without resistance.

She started blushing and hugged him real tight like a true lover. She squished her chest against him as she was kissing him.

I could feel my tears coming out from both of my eyes.

A painful feeling came into my stomach.

I couldn’t bear watching it!

Hanna why?

Why are you doing this?!

Even after everything... you gave your heart to some other guy...

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