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Hanna and Him - chapter 18

Tatsuya and Hanna, my childhood friend were kissing while hugging each other.

They were mixing their salvia with each other.

At that time I had lost sense of time, I didn’t know how much time had passed since they started kissing.

They wouldn’t just separate from each other.

[ [ chu schu Uaah ] ]

They separated their lips and started staring at each other. A string of salvia was connected to both of them in a sign of their long kiss.

Both were blushing and panting from the long kiss.

After that Tatsuya lifted Hanna up and laid her over a desk. Hana let him do whatever he wanted with her like it was a normal thing for him to do.

He started spreading her legs and said.

[ Those are some cute panties ] ( Tatsuya )

[ Don’t say such e embarrassing thing!! ] ( Hanna )

She said while covering her face.

He started touching her pussy over her panties.

[ Hmah... ] ( Hanna )

She let out a moan the moment he touched her.

Tatsuya continued rubbing her precious part as he was staring at it.

[ Hm, see? You’re already getting wet! ] ( Tatsuya )

[ Haa...Haa...haa... ] ( Hanna )

My breath started getting harder. It was like something massive was placed against my chest.

I couldn’t move.

I wanted to scream out Hanna’s name to stop her!

That Hanna... my childhood friend being taken by someone else...

He started taking of Hanna’s panties and threw them into the ground.

They were pink.

It wasn’t that clear but I noticed that Hanna’s face was getting redder from embarrassment.

He started taking off his pants as well and showed his dick to Hanna.

[ W wuah I-it’s big!! ] ( Hanna )

Hanna said nervously.

[ Thanks! But are you sure about this? ] ( Tatsuya )

He asked.

Hanna nodded in agreement and said nothing more.

No Hanna!



[ Alright then!! here I g... Ooooit’sts so tight!!!! ] ( Tatsuya )

After he slid his dick inside her, blood started dripping out from the place they were connected.

That was the sign of being deflowered.

A sign where Hanna was no longer the same.

[ a Aaaaaaaaah hah hah hah ] ( Hanna )


Why did this happen?

Where did the “I will protect you” go?

I could do nothing, I just was staring at them through the keyhole while crouching.

Suddenly I could feel hot water dripping ln my hands.



More kept coming without noticing.

They wouldn’t just stop.

Am I crying?

Tatsuya realized the pained Hanna and started kissing in that position while being inside her.


He started thrusting slowly and grabbed one of her breasts.

Stop it...

Hanna locked her legs around Tatsuya, not letting him pull out.

They stopped kissing and a string of Salvia could be seen from each other’s mouth again after separating their mouths.

[ I am fine now! You can move more ] ( Hanna )

She showed him a sweet smile.

I have seen her smile a lot before, but I have never seen Hanna smile like that...

She never smiled at me like that!

[ Got it!! *smooch* ha chu ] ( Tatsuya )

He replied and started having a passionate kiss again with her.

I can’t bear to watch this anymore!!

I got up from there and headed back again to the rooftop.


Why would she do this?

While running I kept repeating the same question.

I couldn’t understand it!!!

It was like everything we did together was all a lie.

After reaching the rooftop I noticed the beauty of the sun was no longer there.

Everything was different...

It had become night.

But I didn’t mind that, I just stood there waiting for myself to wake up from this nightmare.

I wanted to believe it’s a nightmare.

I kept screaming in my head to wake up!

I couldn’t think straight.

I still didn’t want to believe what just happened.


After some time had passed I finally accepted reality.

[ Haaah ] ( Hatsuko )

I let out a sigh

Why didn’t I think this before?

The answer is so fucking simple!!

[ Hahahahaha... ] ( Hatsuko )

I put the palm of my hand over my forehead.

It’s so fucking obvious why she would do that!

I just never realized.

I always thought that Hanna was close to me.

Someone, I would spend time with.

Someone I could cherish.

But I was wrong!

She never thought of me that way.

She never did...

And I asked why this happened?

It’s because I’m weak!

Very weak!

The weakest!!

[ No, I’m not sad anymore... Me coming here has become a habit every time I have had enough of my life... ] ( Hatsuko )


* * *

Some hours had passed and Hatsuko was still at the rooftop of the school.

It was a quiet night.

His bracelets kept making notifications sounds.

He didn’t bother checking it.

Or more exactly he couldn’t react to those sounds.

He was lost in his own mind.

Even his eyes were red from all that crying.

He had given up.

There was nothing left for him to do.

At that time the door of the rooftop opened and someone entered.

[ Hatsuko, so you were here?... ]

That was Hanna.

But Hatsuko didn’t respond.

[ H-Hatsuko? Why aren’t you responding? Are you feeling okay? ] ( Hanna )

Hanna with a worried face asked.

Hatsuko still didn’t respond.

Hanna got a bit concerned about Hatsuko. He wasn’t even turning around to talk to her.

It was like her words weren’t reaching him anymore.

He stood there staring at the endless dark sky.

[ Hatsuko? Talk to me! what’s wrong?!] ( Hanna )

Hatsuko turned around and started walking towards the door.

But he was stopped by Hanna.

She had grabbed his sleeve.

At that moment Hatsuko turned his head and looked at Hanna.

[ H-huh? H-Hatsuko you... ] ( Hanna )

What Hanna saw were his eyes.

His eyes were the ones who had no life.

Lifeless eyes who had lost its purpose.

The eyes who had experienced despair.

Hatsuko was released from his sleeve.

He started walking towards the door again until he left.

[ Hatsuko... ] ( Hanna )

On the rooftop was no one else except Hanna who was still confused about what just had happened.

* * *

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