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Natural disaster? - chapter 19

When I opened my eyes I found myself in my room.

This has happened to me before, going to my room without being conscious.

The first time was when my head was smashed into the floor, and the next thing I knew, I found myself in my room.

But why am I here?

I think I saw a weird dream but I can’t seem to remember it...

But it felt so real!

A nightmare...

No, that was all real!

I actually wished that it was all a dream.

I was trying to escape from something...

Something that I didn’t want to accept!

What was it?

The last thing I remember is...


I remember now...

I ran up to the rooftop of the school after I found out Hanna, my childhood friend was in a relationship with the strongest student.

I couldn’t bear watching Hanna and Tatsuya having sex in the classroom. They were loving each other.

That’s right...

Hanna and Tatsuya are going out together.

Also, Rei was with another guy.

I’m sure they’ve done the same things as Hanna and Tatsuya.

This is none of my concern.

So why does it hurt this much?

Why does the fact that Rei and Hanna being in a relationship makes me feel pain in my heart?

It hurts!

I never wanted this to happen!

I held the left side of my chest with my hand. It was painful!

Hanna is my childhood friend, we even had a great time together.

We had...

And Rei isn’t even someone who was considered as a friend to me.

Why does it bother me?

Is it because she was kind to me?

Or because she was worried about me and helped me a few times?


I kept thinking the same things over and over again.









Some days had passed.

I never got out of my room

I didn’t attend any classes.

It was pointless for me to get out of my room and go to the classroom since my ability never improved.

I don’t even know what kind of ability I have!

Also, I didn’t want to remember the things Hanna and Tatsuya did there.

The place where they were connected with each other.

Even though Hanna came and knocked a few times on my room door I never responded to them.

She even sent me messages on my bracelet but I ignored it

Food wasn’t a problem since I could order online.

I had my pc and phone games.

I had become a complete shut-in.

At that point, I had considered going back to my country, at my home.

Where my daily normal life would continue.

My peaceful school, where everyone would ignore me instead of getting bullied for being weak.

Yes, I miss that kind of life.


* * * *

Another month had passed since I became a shut-in.

No one bothered checking on me anymore.

Even when my parents contacted me, I would just reply with “I’m doing great, don’t worry about me!“.

I could see that they were worried about me since I was living in another country.

Even the money they sent me was a waste since I never achieved anything here.


But before I could make up my mind to go back to my country the whole room started shaking.


W-w what is it?


I thought this country was protected against natural disasters?!

While the earthquake continued, everything in my room started falling off of my desk, the walls started cracking. I couldn’t keep my balance I so fell on my butt.

I decided to hide under the bed.

The wardrobe also fell over from that.

If I were near the wardrobe, I would have been injured badly.

But the earthquake didn’t stop there.

It continued and became even stronger.

I was really scared!

When will it stop?

Now even the floor started cracking from it.

Outside my room, I could hear the students screaming and running.

They were in total panic!

If this continues any longer, the whole school will be destroyed!

The state of the school was becoming worse!

The magnitude of the earthquake increased even more. At this point, I was waiting for the school to collapse.

At the fear of the earthquake, I had lost the sense of time.

To me, it looked like the shake continued for hours.

After some moments, the earthquake stopped.

My room was a mess.

Cracks on the walls were everywhere, all of my personal objects were on the ground.

I finally got out of where I was hiding.

I still could feel myself shaking from the feeling of the earthquake.

What the hell was that?

I’ve had earthquake experiences before, but this one was abnormal!!

While trembling I immediately opened the ” live news” on my bracelet.

On the screen appeared a man.

And behind him was...

A disaster!

Everything was destroyed. There was no sign of a standing building. Everything was collapsed. A few injured people were in sight of the video. Some of them had lost one or two of their limbs. Some were screaming from the pain and some were still looking for their loved ones. Some kids were crying over the dead bodies of their parents.

What the hell is going on?

{ Hello people from around the world! I hope that those who are still alive to hear this!

A d-disaster has occurred on the earth, and more than we could imagine have lost their lives!

M-Many of you who are still alive, I want to tell you... *inhale*

This earthquake was not caused by a natural disaster! }

The man in the video said while his voice was trembling. It was obvious that he was on the verge of crying even though he was an adult.

After he said that a video appeared.

In the video was shown the city how it was normally.

The quality and the way this was recorded, was by a phone camera.

Someone who had survived had this phone.

From the sky, a light appeared and some...

things were flying from there.

They were shining and going around the sky like some kind of stars.

The camera zoomed in and now it could be seen a little bit more clearly.

Those flying things were...


And from their backs, they had white wings.

Don’t tell me...

Is that real?

Those are angels!

I thought they were only a legend!?

On the other side were angels with black wings and horns on their heads.


From both sides, a shining light appeared from the angel’s side and a dark one from the demons. Those were aimed at each other. The beams were becoming bigger until...

Those clashed straight into each other. And at the moment of the impact, the earthquake began. People started running around. Cars started to crash.

Explosions occurred from the earthquake.

A Gas station which was a bit far from the camera exploded.





S-stay away from me!!

Someone help!! }

Some kind of weird animals started attacking people who were trying to run away.

That’s where the video ended.

What were those animals?!

They looked so different!!


In the news showed up that man again from before.

{ I’m sorry for your losses to everyone around the world.

To those who are alive, You MUST live strong for those who died today! }

T-this happened to the whole world?

M-mom, dad please be safe!!!!!!

I don’t know what to do if I lose you too!

{ ...but everyone don’t worry! Humanity hasn’t lost yet!

There is still one city that hasn’t collapsed yet!

That is Sakuru!

Sakuru is opening its gates for all the remaining survivors around the world!

So if you are still alive...and you are watching this... Go to Sakuru! }

The video ended.

I immediately found my phone and started calling my parents.

Please be fine!

Please be fine!

Please be fine!

That’s what I was repeating while I was trying to connect to my parent’s phone.


The sound the phone made.

[ H-hello? Mom, dad? Are you... ] ( Hatsuko )

{ The person you are trying to call is not reachable or may have shut down their phone.

Please try again later! }

*beep* *beep* *beep* *beep*

No no

I don’t want to believe this!

Maybe their phone was damaged, but my parents must have survived.

I’m sure they are fine!

They have to be!!

Or I hope so...


With struggle, I opened the door of the room and headed outside.

Cracks were everywhere.

I went outside the dorm.

Surprisingly no collapsed building was insight.

This is so crazy!

People were preparing for the rescue mission of the remaining survivors.

[ How is Sakuru the only city that was not destroyed? ] ( Hatsuko )

I thought out loud.

[ That’s because of the special barrier it surrounds the country ]

A girl’s voice responded to me.

That was Rei.

I didn’t reply to her.

I simply left and headed again to my room to fix my stuff there.

Me being around Rei makes me remember all the stuff that had happened before...

I didn’t want to remember that.


But still, is everyone going to be okay after all this?

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