Green Life

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chapter 2 - The encounter

I decided on taking a different way to go to school but I didn’t have time for that.
I need to hurry for now.
At these hours the streets are packed with people.

That was an advantage for me!

If I blend with other people, maybe he will lose sight of me!

Or I hope so.....

The time currently is 7:45

I’m going to be late for school, I don’t want to have another argument with the teachers for being late again. It’s a pain in the ass to spend my energy trying to find an excuse.

I finally arrived 1 minute late at school but luckily the teacher hadn’t entered the class yet.

In the classroom, I sat at the last seat by the window.

I enjoy it here because no one can bother me.
I barely get noticed in the first place!
The teacher was also included in those who don’t or just ignore my existence, making it easier for me to sleep during class periods.


1st period is over and I, as always managed to get a couple of minutes to sleep.
Not that I have anything better to do. I don’t understand a single thing, the teachers explain during class periods.
At some point, I have given up on studying...
It’s pointless!
Maybe I should drop out and find I job instead?

During the 5 min break, everyone spends those to their fullest with their classmates.
It’s always like this!
Every time the teachers leave the classroom, everyone would start doing their things with their friends.

My classmates are separated into different groups:
Bullies, popular girls, unpopular girls, otakus, and those guys who just enjoy having a conversation with each other.
Sometimes everyone would just stick together and have a conversation as a class.
They always seem to have fun and laugh with each other.
At those kinds of moments, I would just pretend to sleep since I couldn’t manage to join their conversations.
It was impossible for me!
Even their jokes were unfunny to me.
Once, one of my classmates complained to me for not laughing at his joke.
He said that maybe I was too dumb to get it.
Since then I would just look the other way from them or pretend to sleep like usual.

The teacher decides where everyone sits. Not that I’m complaining but the teacher always lets me sit here on the last seat beside the window.
Actually, I’m kind of thankful for that since I don’t like being in a weird situation.

In front of my seat, there’s one girl who sits there alone, her name is Hina and she always seemed to be alone during breaks.
Maybe I should talk to her?

Who am I kidding...
I don’t have the balls to talk to anyone in the first place but that doesn’t stop me from having an imaginary conversation with her. Sometimes I imagine myself as her boyfriend and how we would spend time together.
Sometimes I ask myself why I do that?

Two girls entered our class. They had both brown hairs. One had green eyes and the other one had blue eyes. Both had a special aspect of their appearances. Even their bodies were really erotic. They could be called total beauties.
I wonder if they have been taken.
I’m so jealous of those boys who have such beautiful girlfriends like them!
I’m sure they must have had a chance to kiss them or to fuck all they want.
From their appearances, they seem like innocent maidens, but when they get fucked a new kind of immortal expression appears on their face.
Or that’s what I think...

They’re not from our class, what are they doing here?!
I was staring at them as I was thinking that.

Are they looking for someone?
Well, it doesn’t matter to me anyway.

Those girls approached Hina. She seems happy to see them. Some moments ago she was kind of gloomy but now she has a cheerful smile on her face that would make someone want to protect her!

Maybe they are her friends from another class?
So she also had friends...

I continued to sleep without getting bothered by anyone for some hours.

I notice the clock which is located on the upper side of the blackboard.

Time is 13:15

5 more minutes until the last period for today is over.

I looked outside of the window.

I hope that weird guy from this morning didn’t follow me to school...


The bell finally rang!!

I’m so tired of this daily routine...

I grabbed my bag and went out of the school.

As I was leaving the outer door of school I noticed a familiar face. It was that guy from this morning!

Oh shit, How the fuck did he find me?? Did he follow me the entire time? I thought I managed to get him to lose sight of me?

As I was walking past him while trying to ignore him I heard.

[Hey can I have a moment of your time ?]

I ignored him.

He clearly is speaking to me!!

[Oi, you know it’s rude to ignore someone like that!]

He stopped me by grabbing on my shoulder.

[W-what is it? I’m kind of late so I need to go...] (Hatsuko)
I said that as I was trying to get away from him.

[Oh I see, let’s talk while walking so you won’t be late]
He started walking beside me.
This is so weird!
My body was releasing cold sweat like crazy!

What the hell does he want from me?
Is it because of what I saw this morning?!

I started walking slowly with that guy beside me.

[Hmm Well it’s about this morning...]
He started speaking while putting his hand on his chin.

I don’t want to get involved in anything.
I have to find a way to get away from him!
I can clearly feel that he is bad news!

[I-i saw you using some teaser to those guys who were b-bullying you r-right? Don’t w-worry I understand, I won’t tell anyone about that so--] (Hatsuko)
I tried to play it off while trying to get away from him but he cut off my words before I could finish.

[Stop lying, I know that you saw me trying to sell some “goodies” using my ability in public without a permit]

Goodies? Ability? Permit?!
Wait! What’s he saying?!
Was he selling drugs? I didn’t see anything like that?

Abilities are considered as “body weapons” or for helping on their legal job. To apply for a permit to use your ability, it needed to be at least 20 years old and have a diploma from “Sakuru School” since like any other job you apply, you need to know how to use them and the right knowledge!
Using them on the streets can be considered a crime.

[Look I don’t want any trouble so I’ll forget everything I saw or heard so...] (Hatsuko)

[I would appreciate that since “this” is my only way to earn some money for the day...]

Earn money? Is he poor?

[Im sorry to hear your family is having difficulties with the economy...] (Hatsuko)

[Family? Hahaha, it’s been a while since the last time I heard that word.]
I so confused right now.
What does he want from me?
Will he steal my wallet?!
Or ask me to steal money from my parents?!
No, I don’t want to do such things!

[....] Hatsuko

[I don’t have a so-called Family, I was raised in an orphanage and ran away from there when I was 13 years old]

He explained to me that people with abilities are valuable and the warden of the orphanage wanted to take advantage of using him as a way to earn money. One night, while he was trying to go to the bathroom, he noticed the warden and someone else talking about having a deal to sell his blood for a large amount of money. He immediately got his personal belongings and ran away without making a sound. He didn’t have anywhere to go and no money. He saw a guy pointing a gun at someone holding some money and a small bag with some white stuff. He knocked the guy out with his ability in hoping the other guy would give him some money for saving him. That guy instead welcomed him in his small organization that sells various drugs.

Why is he telling me all of this?

[You may wonder why I’m telling you this,

It’s because I don’t want to hurt anyone innocent and I’m hoping for you to understand my situation!]

Ah I see, it seems like he’s been through a lot.
But that still doesn’t explain why he is telling me.
Is he going to ask me to join his organization instead of killing me for hearing those things?!
I have heard of this kind of situation in movies where the main characters had no choice but to join a band.

[I-i understand, I promise I won’t tell anyone] (Hatsuko)
I promised to him while looking down.

Besides my parents, I have no one else to share this kind of information and the police wouldn’t believe some brat.

[Thanks I appreciate that,

By the way, my name is Raiden!] (Raiden)

[My name is Hatsuko Gee] (Hatsuko)
I accidentally said my full name to him.
Fuck, not only I didn’t say to him a fake name, but I said to him full name!!
Why did I do that?

[Oh it seems I’m a bit late, I really need to go now, it was nice meeting you Hatsuko!] (Raiden)
He said as he took out his phone.
He was typing something.

As Raiden left I noticed that I was trembling

I am on my way home.

On the streets where I usually walk home, it was empty as always, the sun also was setting and it was getting dark.

Time was passing by really fast as I was lost in thoughts about the Raidens story.
That was really crazy.
I have never felt like that before...

As I was walking I felt like someone was watching me. I stopped and looked around.


What the hell is this feeling? Is Raiden still following me?

I noticed a person’s shadow behind a tree that I already had passed.

[I k-know you’re there!! What do you want from m-me?] (Hatsuko)

My voice was trembling.
I could even feel all of my instincts going crazy alert from that.

A big guy dressed in black with a hoodie came out. I couldn’t see his face clearly.

[We saw you with that boy called Raiden, we couldn’t find him so I’m giving you my thanks instead of him for hurting my people!!]
He said so while getting out a knife in his hand.

[W-w-wait I have no connections to him] (Hatsuko)

As I was trying to explain he threw a knife at me aimed at my head.

I try to block it with my hand but the knife pierced right through it.
It hurts so much.
Blood started coming out of my hand.
I could feel my hand going numb from the pain and the amount of blood going out.

Just how strong is he to throw a knife and pierce through my hand?!

As I was trying to run away I noticed that my left eye was stinging.
Huh? Why is my eye stinging like that?
I thought something must have got inside my eyes so I tried wiping it with my other hand.


Why does my eye hurt this bad?

I removed my hand and noticed blood on my other hand. Why is there blood on my other hand?
My hand doesn’t seem to be injured so why is there blood.
I noticed warm tears running down my left eye.
Why am I crying?
I tried wiping my tear from my left eye.
I looked at my hand and noticed more blood on it.
What’s going on?
I felt more warm stuff coming out of my left eye.
My right eye was fine so why is this happening to my left one.
Suddenly the warm liquid fell on my uninjured hand.
It was blood again!
No, way...

An intense pain suddenly ran through my left eye as I noticed blood coming out of it.

Why does this have to happen to me?

What did I to deserve this?!?

The tip of the knife had managed to reach my eyeball.

I have t-t-to .......

s-someone help

[ Someone help me please! ] Hatsuko

I didn’t know what I was doing anymore. I just kept on walking unconsciously. I didn’t know whether that guy was still following me or not.

I just kept on running while holding my eye closed.
The knife was still in my hand.
I forgot to pull it out from the pain.

Oh no..., my field vision is darkening...

I fell down...

[UGHh] (Hatsuko)

I noticed a familiar voice.


That’s my mom!

My consciousness is fading...

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