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Humans fate - chapter 20

{ Unknow creatures have appeared in different places all around the world.

And most of the animals have undergone some major changes.

Bears, wolves, chickens, snakes, etc have grown thicker and taller and have become more violent against other humans who are struggling to survive.}

*channel switch*...

{ More than 3 billion people have died in a single moment, because of the earthquake!

And the remaining people ended up with their home destroyed.

Most of them have lost their families.

And some of them have died from starvation!

But humans aren’t the only ones starving!

1 billion people have died because of the monsters.}

*channel switch*...

{ Humanity has lost a great amount of resources--}

*Channel switch*...

{ Sakuru army is rescuing the remaining survivors- }

*Tv switch off*

I turned the tv off.

What the hell is going on?

Is this an apocalypse?

+4 billion people dead?

Monsters appearances?


It’s been 2 days since Angels and demons appeared.

It seems like the legend about them was true.

But that doesn’t matter right now!

What will happen with humanity?

Will we be okay?

And my parents are they okay?

From what the teacher said at the first lections, was that demons and angels were in a war with each other. I’m not sure why they were fighting but they would always cause disasters.

He also mentioned that humans would usually die because of that war.

But at this length?

Rei mentioned that Sakuru is surrounded by a powerful barrier. I’m still surprised that this country managed to survive the earthquake.

From what I saw on TV, all of the other buildings were totally destroyed!

Well, that explains why Sakuru is the only standing country. Most of the people here are ability users.

But how did she know that Sakuru was surrounded by a barrier? Did she learn this from somewhere?

Or maybe I was the only one that didn’t know that fact...

The school also notified every student on their bracelet to go to classes today, and to do not skip the class periods.

Well, that was probably directed to me...

I don’t really want to attend any class periods because Hanna would also be there.

I don’t want to remember that scene.

Every time I think about that my chest hurts.

But I have no choice I have to know, what is going to happen to us.






After getting ready I went straight into my classroom and sat on my seat. Walls and the floor were cracked everywhere. If I hadn’t been careful, I would have tripped somewhere. Some lightbulbs weren’t even working and the elevator was out of function.

All of the other students were also here in the classroom.

Different from usual they were talking with each other but some of them were crying and some were trembling.

It was a heavy atmosphere.


After the bell rang the teacher entered the classroom and said.

[ Firstly, I’m sorry to everyone who have lost their families during this disaster!

I know this is hard for you but please keep living for the sake of those who died.]

Some girls in the class started crying.

It was like they didn’t want to accept the fact of what had happened.

The teacher continued talking.

[ Also from today on we’re continuing on combat training for your abilities.

This school’s students are the priority for this country!

They are our last chance of us humans!

I know this is sudden and hard to tell you, but also 70% of this country’s army have been killed by monsters! ]


One of the guys started complaining.

[ Yeah, that’s right! ]

[ Why do we have to fight? ]

[ I am scared of blood, I can’t fight...]

[ wah wah wah wah w-we have to fight? ]

Everyone started panicking. All of my classmates weren’t calm at all. Some of them had already given up and weren’t complaining about anything but most of them were yelling at the teacher.

[ Everyone please calm down!

This is necessary for everyone’s sake.

I know that you don’t want to fight.

But think about it, don’t you want to avenge your family’s death?

Don’t you still have hope they might still be alive?

Even for those whose families live in this country, don’t you think the monsters will break through this country’s defense and kill everyone in their sight?

I... No, this country is begging you to help us!

Also, you won’t be fighting alone!

You will have our support and receive a crazy amount of money for this! ]

A crazy amount of money huh?

That’s not so bad, is it!

But to have us go and fight monsters...

No... Others might do it cause they have a crazy amount of strength.

But what about me?

I’m the weakest!

Do they really expect me to fight as well?

It’s been quite a while and there hasn’t been any improvement in my ability.

[ Well, your first 2 weeks are going to be real combat supervised by this school top 10 strongest students!

They also are the strongest humans in this country! So you don’t have to worry! ]

The mood changed after the teacher said about this school’s strongest students.

Somehow they became more motivated.


Real combat?

What about practice comba...

Oh, right I became a shut-in for more than a month.

They probably did that while I wasn’t there.

I have no knowledge of fighting at all.

What am I going to do? I don’t want to take part in this!

[ Everyone in this class are the first students that will go on real combat fighting! ]

The teacher said.

[ If we are with the top 10 strongest we don’t have to worry]

[ yeah, I agree but still, I’m a little nervous about this! ]

[ because we’re gonna fight monsters? ]

[ No because I heard that the “top 10” not only are strong but also attractive]

[ you never change, do you... ]


[ i will destroy all of the monsters and I will take revenge for all of those who have died! ]

He wiped his tears as he said that.

[ I wonder what kind of monsters we’re gonna fight. ]

[ ... We’re gonna get a lot of money from this ]

[ [ [ we sure are hahaha ] ] ]

[ You bastards don’t have a heart at all do you, most of us here lost their families, how dare you act that happy for getting some money?! ]

[ ah... Sorry... ]

Everyone in the class started talking with each other.

But what the teacher said...

Everyone in this class is fighting?




No no no no

There has to be a joke here!

I can’t fight!

I slowly raised my hand.

[ What is it?... Hatsuko ]

The teacher said.

He definitely almost forgot my name.

The other classmates turned their heads towards me, the moment the teacher said my name.

[ D-do I have to go to real combat as well? ] ( Hatsuko )

The stare of everyone is killing me.

It’s too much pressure.

But the moment I said that.


Everyone started laughing.

What did I say? How did the gloomy mood change into this?

[ He is done for! ]

[ Yeah, there is no way for that shit head to fight! ]

[ They’re sending him to kill himself ]

[ An honored way to die! Like a loser hahaha ]

[ Arent you happy! ]

They don’t care at all about me, do they?

But I’m already used to this...

[ T-teacher, Hatsuko isn’t strong enough to fight so is he going as well? ] ( Hanna )

Hanna worried aksed the teacher.

So she still pretends to care about me?

Please leave me alone...

[ Don’t worry! No student will die from this! This country has prepared a high defense system for your survival during real combat. ]

The teacher replied.

Even if they guarantee my safety, I still am scared.

What’s the point of everyone going there?

More like...What’s the point of me going there?!

[ Tomorrow you will have to prepare your necessary equipment’s,

Also, you don’t need to worry about food.

The school has covered for it.

The first place we’re going to is the closest city called Nikemoro.

Even though the city is destroyed, we have information that there are still survivors.

And we hope to rescue them!

This is also going to be a great experience for you! ]

The teacher said.


Afterward, everyone went to their rooms to prepare for tomorrow.

But still, things are happening so fast!

It’s like someone flipped the switch to survival mode.

(Authors note: More like Hardcore mode in Minecraft)

In every second people are dying from monsters! What was the cause of their changes from a normal animal?

Also, the news has confirmed that demons and angels have appeared again.

Some people that tried to make direct contact with them died and never came back.

Their bodies were never found.

Not in one piece.

Most of the websites online have been shut down.

And the only tech and cultures that have remained are in Sakuru.

The teacher was right.

Humans need every power they have to survive this.

Even if it meant fighting angles, demons, or monsters.

But still... am I going to be okay?


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