Green Life

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First fight - chapter 21

The next morning came really quick.

I still couldn’t believe everything that had happened. It was like something unbelievable to be real that my brain wasn’t even processing it that well.

Everyone had gathered near the entrance’s gate of the school.

Seems like everyone is ready for 2 weeks of real combat.

I also have my backpack and my stuff in it.

I got some spare clothes, a toothbrush, my phone, and some snacks.

This kind of feels like a school trip.

But it’s not!

At the moment we are waiting for our supervisors.

I wonder how we’re going to that place the teacher mentioned.

He said that it was close to this country and it was not that dangerous.

Even if that place is not that dangerous for my classmates, for me it’s different.

I could die at any moment.

I don’t even know what kind of monster we will be fighting!

Maybe I should sneak back into my room. Everyone isn’t paying any attention to me right now, maybe I should go back!

This is crazy! I don’t think I will do anything in real combat at all. Now it’s my chance!

I’m sure that no one will notice my absence!

But before I could do so the teachers arrived here.

Fuck I missed my chance.

[ Seems like everyone is here! ]

The teacher said after counting us.

In total, we were 38 students.

Our class has 35 students like every other class.

And as the teacher said yesterday the top 10 strongest will be with us in case a dangerous monster appears.

Including Raiden and Hanna which are part of our classroom, there are 5 from the “strongest list”

#1 Tatsuya Gale

#2 Koiji Ino

#3 Kogane Ju

#6 Raiden

#7 Hanna Lun

I somehow already know, how strong Raiden and Hanna are but I don’t know anything about the top 3.

Are they really strong?

And the teacher said, “Seems like everyone is here! “.

What about the other 5 from the top 10 list?

Aren’t, they also coming with us?

Or is it just these five?

After some moments of the teacher confirming the presence of everyone, a loud *chuf**chuf**chuf* noises could be heard.

From the distance, 2 objects were coming from the sky. As the objects were coming closer, I could clearly see them.

Those were 2 big helicopters.

After the helicopter landed some soldiers came out.

They must be our supervisors.


One of the supervisors said in a loud voice so it could be heard through the *chuf**chuf**chuf* noises which were coming from the helicopters.

Luckily I didn’t get on the same helicopter as Hanna.

But Raiden was in the same group as me!

Since the first day of school, he never talked to me or looked at me.

Maybe he really doesn’t remember me!

I don’t know if it was my mind doing tricks to me, but sometimes I could feel gazes coming from him to me.


19 students were on the same helicopter as me.

As usual, they started talking with each other about how excited or anxious they were.

And me, I was in the corner, trying to erase my existence.

But somehow I could feel again some gazes directed to me.

That made me shiver.

Was it my imagination?


After the helicopter took off, the supervisors told us to not remove the seat belts.

The view of Sakuru from up here was the same as usual except there more people around. A lot of them, mostly workers.

New buildings were being constructed for the survivors.

But after the helicopter reached the border of the country the view from up here was...

A disaster!

The roads, houses, cars were completely destroyed.

But the further the helicopter went the weirder the situation became.

The ruins in which cities were, plants, and trees had grown. It was really weird for this to happen. There was barely any healthy land, only ruins, so how come that a forest was growing? Could this be the work of the demons and angels too?

For this to happen it needs at least some years, but after 3 days a new forest was being created.

Is this the after-effects from the light energy which was being released from demons and angels?

Is their goal to destroy humans and regrow the life of nature on earth?

No, that can’t be the case since, from the legends, Angels and Demons were in a war with each other.

100.000 years ago the god and his army of angels were in a war with Lucifer and the demos. Their main objective was exterminating the existence of each other, devouring and making them more powerful. Humans at that time didn’t have any special abilities. They were treated like unwanted insects or just as food to the demons. The humans couldn’t do anything against them. The only thing they could do was pray to Gods for protection but humans were ignored and left at the mercy of fate.

So they both continued with the war without a care what happens to humans.

Both Devils and Gods gathered an insanely amount of energy directed at each other. No one won the war. Both God and Lucifer died after releasing that amount of power trying to kill each other. The warzone which was located on the surface of the earth was turned from a destroyed land to a land filled with the fruits of miracles. Humans managed to cure their illnesses and became stronger after eating those fruits. Of course, not everyone was able to obtain the fruit since it is believed that the fruit disappeared 1 year after a massive crater was created on the surface of the land. On that crater, humans managed to build a country which now is called Sakuru.

This is one of the legends written in history books.

I can see from the legends that trees were growing from the energy released from both sides, but that place being destroyed is still unknown. Why was that land destroyed afterward?

Did angels and demons do that as well?

No, at that time they already were dead and never showed after 100.000 years.

Well, I shouldn’t overthink this.

One of the supervisors was recording with the camera the trees that were growing.

Will they show that to the news as well?

After the helicopters landed, normal room-sized tents were being set up.

The once beautiful city called Nikemoro was nowhere in sight.

A big forest had already taken over the city. There were no roads, no destroyed cars, and no sign of any buildings.

That really is sad.

Nothing had remained from this place.

Even the dead bodies are no longer here.

Did the monsters eat them?

No no no, I shouldn’t think of something that terrifying.

After one hour break, everyone gathered to begin the real combat.

I was really nervous.

The supervisors and the 5 students from the top 10 list were in front of us.

[ Alright, firstly we of the top 10 list will confirm our status to you, so you won’t have to worry. We will be there to protect you! ] ( Tatsuya )

Tatsuya said with confidence. He had a smile on his face as he said that. That was the sign of someone who wasn’t scared or nervous.

Hanna was also beside him.

She was smiling and slightly blushing.

I can see that she is very happy with him.

Happy with him...


A strong pain runs through my chest.

This happens every time when I think about Hanna and Tatsuya.

I didn’t want to remember that again!

Maybe I should have ditched this ” real combat”

I’m just going to drag everyone anyway.

I’m useless!

And I don’t want to be at the same place as those two.

[ [ [ [ [ Status! ] ] ] ] ]

After they said status a screen pops out of their bracelets.



Name: Tatsuya

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Ability: Fast calculating

STR: 700

MC (mental capacity): 300

AGI: 1400

VIT: 700

DEF: 609

Condition: Healthy

Skills: (Fast thinking), (Fast movements), (Strategist)


They’re so high!!!

His ability is...

Fast calculation?

What the heck is that?

His Agility was the highest, and from his skills, I could see why he had “fast movements”.

" Fast thinking” and “Strategist” must be from his ability “Fast calculation”.

I see now why he is on the top...

He is overpowered and has a leader type status.



Name: Koiji Ino

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Ability: Mirror

STR: 30

MC (mental capacity): 100

AGI: 20

VIT: 30

DEF: 10

Condition: Healthy

Skills: (status copy) (duration 20 min)


The fuck?

Except for MC, his status is almost the same as mine!

How can he be the 2nd strongest?

Is this some kind of joke?

Even everyone else started murmuring from this.

[ I have the ability to copy 80% of any other status for 20 minutes ] ( Koiji )

He casually said.

I can see now why he is considered so strong.



Name: Kogane Ju

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Ability: Water manipulation

STR: 50

MC (mental capacity): 1600

AGI: 58

VIT: 46

DEF: 89

Condition: Healthy

Skills: (Water spear), (Water manipulation), (Water blade)


Next up is Kogane.

I don’t know her, but she is super cute.

She has a slender waist, blonde long hair, and blue eyes.

Even the other guys are staring at her.

Her status is low except for her mental capacity.


She can manipulate water into any other weapon she desires.



Name: Raiden

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Ability: Lightning

STR: 300

MC (mental capacity): 109

AGI: 700

VIT: 90

DEF: 100

Condition: Healthy

Skills: (Hand Taser ), (speed increase ), (Bolt shoot), etc.


It seems like that Raiden’s status hasn’t changed at all.



Name: Hanna Lun

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Ability: 4 Elements

STR: 99

MC (mental capacity): 444

AGI: 99

VIT: 99

DEF: 99

Condition: Healthy

Skills: (Fireball), (Sand bind), (Wind blade), (Water blade)


And the last one...


Since the last time, she has become stronger.

Well good for her...

Even if she wasn’t strong, her so “cool” boyfriend could protect her.

Unlike me...

After they showed their status no one complained. More like, they were amazed by their status.

“Truly fitted for the top 10”

Is what they kept saying.

With our supervisors, our class began hunting.

The first monsters we encountered were chickens.

A lot of them!

They were faster than normal ones and they used their claws to attack.

Their eyes were red and their body was slightly bigger than normal chickens.

The supervisors selected 10 of us to attack the little monster.

They were easily beaten by the students.

Well, that’s to be expected.

Those monsters were chickens after all.

But more chicken monsters came attacking.

Was this area some kind of chicken factory for this many chickens to be here?






After defeating a lot of chickens we took a break. Everyone was tired. Most of them were arguing about who had the most kills.

In the end, I never did anything.

They never expected anything from me!

[ Hatsuko! ] ( Hanna )

A voice from behind me called out my name. That was of course my childhood friend Hanna.

What does she want from me?


First I have to calm down...

Even though I thought that my breath became harder and my body started trembling.

I couldn’t respond!!

Go away from me!

Leave me alone!

I wanted to say to her but I couldn’t speak. It was like my mouth was sealed by something.

[ i don’t know what’s wrong but... Please be safe during these 2 weeks!! ] ( Hanna )

She left after saying that.

[ Hanna... ] ( Hatsuko )

I don’t know how to talk to her anymore...

I clenched my fists as I turned around and saw her leaving






After the break, my classmates continued hunting stronger monsters.

Those monsters had special skills like “wind blade” “Poison bite” and “paralyzes”

That’s what the supervisors were saying to us.

But those attacks were pointless since our group’s defense was high.

Birds, rats, even snakes were no longer a match for them.

Everyone was getting a lot of experience and confidence in killing monsters.

[ Hahahaha check out this power!! ] ( Lauren )

Lauren started boasting about her power while shooting fireballs.

[ Take this monster!!! ]

[ My ability is everything ]

[ I am one with my power ]

Some of the classmates started saying weird shit before killing the monsters.

They’re having fun, aren’t they?

[ Please pay attention to your surroundings, stop saying nonsense! ]

One of the supervisors said to them.

[ Hey! Check out this shiny red rock! Is that a diamond? Rubin? ]

One of the classmates said that while trying to pull out that diamond from a bush.


A loud roar was heard and a giant bear with a red rock on its chest got up behind that bush.

Its eyes were red.

It seems like it was woken up from him trying to pull the red rock.

[ W wHOAAH! ]

He let go of that rock from the bear’s chest and ran immediately back where everyone else was.

[ What the hell is that? ]

[ That’s a monster bear, right? ]

[ You fucking idiot! You woke him up! ]

Some of the students started panicking.

[ Don’t worry guys we can beat that monster like every other monster ]

All the students started attacking it with different abilities like ” wind blade” “water blade” “Thunder” ” icy shoot” etc.

But that was pointless.

[ I-impossible! ]

[ No scratch? ]

[ M-monster! ]

Everyone started backing off.

The bear smashed his hands on the ground.

A shock wave was created by that.

Most of the students including me fell on our butts into the ground.

[ Everyone we will try to keep it busy! Start retreating!!! ] ( Tatsuya )

Tatsuya said.

Beside him were Hanna, Koijin, Raiden, and Kogane.

Everyone else started running with panic back to base.

Some of them were pushing each other.

And before I could react to their fast movements.

[ Out the way trash! ]

[ Stop blocking my way! ]

They started pushing me out of the way.

I couldn’t get out of that.

I fell off.

But they still kept running.

Some of them even walked over to me.

I started holding my head with my arms from other students who were running over me

[ Ouch!!! ]

One of them trips on my body and falls over.


That was Lauren, the blonde bitch.

She got up quickly and kicked my head mercilessly.

[ Aaaaaagh ] ( Hatsuko )

What the hell is wrong with her?

I slowly got up as well.

Those guys were still fighting that bear.

Tatsuya at an incredible speed punched and kicked the monster in its vitals.

He was so fast! I couldn’t even see his movements! All I could see were the blurred movements of his body.

Kogane is attacking its feet using “water blade” and “water manipulation”

The bear wasn’t moving its feet at all.

Hanna is supporting everyone in defense and Koiji had copied Hanna’s status.

Koiji is shooting fireballs into its monster’s eyes.

Scratches and blood were appearing on the monster’s skin and fur.

Crap I need to get out of here!

[ Guys lets retreat as well! ] ( Tatsuya )

[ [ [ [ Alright! ] ] ] ]

They are retreating as well!

They started running back and without noticing I lost sight of them.


Which way do I go?

I got up and started running somewhere away from the monster. I tried my best to remember the way back to the base. I looked for anything like footprints and stuff.

I couldn’t find any...

Where is everyone else?

Where did they retreat to?

While running in the forest I had lost my way.

And behind me, a roaring sound was heard.


Loud footsteps were also coming my way.


Is it following me?

The sound was coming closer until the wounded bear monster was in my sight.

Shit! Fuck!

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

How did it found me?

I started running faster.

I didn’t look where I was running to.

But luck still wasn’t on my side...

[ A-a dead end? ] ( Hatsuko )

In front of me was an abyss. I couldn’t see the end of it. All I could see was a pitched dark shadow that had covered that place.

No, the end of it was so deep that it couldn’t be reached by the lights of the sun.

There was no escape for me!

I’m going to die!

[ H-help! S-s-some help! ] ( Hatsuko )

I called out for help. My whole body was screaming for me to run.

The monster was coming closer. I was near the edge of the abyss. If I move any further than this, I will fall down!

But before the bear reached me, a familiar voice...

[ Oh I’ll help you! ] ( Raiden )

That voice belonged to Raiden.

Is he here to help me?

[ I-I’m HERE!!! ] ( Hatsuko )

I screamed so Raiden could see my exact position.

Raiden shoots out a long raged electricity which shocked the monster. It wasn’t enough to kill it but, the electric shock was enough to push the monster onto the abyss.

Am I saved?

My heart was beating so fast!! I was overjoyed by the fact that I was saved.

[ T-thank you Rai- ] ( Hatsuko )

But before I could finish thanking Raiden my body stopped moving.


An electric current ran through my body and before noticing it, I found myself in the air.

I could see Raiden smirking from the edge of the abyss.

Am I falling off?

I’m not saved?

My body started feeling lighter from falling. The figure of Raiden was becoming smaller and smaller.

I’m going to die?

This is... a dream, right?


That... that fucking bastard!!!

He pushed me off.


* * *

From what Raiden could see was Hatsuko and the monster falling off the abyss.

No sound was made.

Both Hatsuko and the monster disappeared into the endless darkness of the abyss.

[ Haaaa... Now that he’s gone, I feel much better!!! ] ( Raiden )

He said while stretching out his hands.

[ Well for now I should head back...] ( Raiden )

Raiden always was thinking of a way to get rid of Hatsuko but he never got the chance since he was limited by cameras and other students.

But here, no one would notice his death.

As Raiden thought that, he returned to where everyone else was.

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