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Friends have a twisted smile - chapter 22

* * *

At the base was everyone who had retreated to the base.

The supervisors were writing down if anyone was badly injured or not.

At the middle of the attention was Tatsuya who was looking around.

[ Is everyone here? ] ( Tatsuya )

He asked, confirming everyone’s presence.

Everyone had managed to head back to the tents.

No one, in particular, had any major injuries but from all the fighting and running, everyone was exhausted.

[ You don’t seem tired at all! ] ( Hanna )

Hanna asked while looking at Tatsuya with an amazed look.

[ Well, of course, I have a lot of stamina! ] ( Tatsuya )

He responded while lifting Hanna’s chin.

Hanna looked at Tatsuya straight in his eyes.

Her face started blushing.

“I hope my face is not red right now”

that’s what Hanna thought.

Tatsuya came closer to Hanna and gave her a light kiss.

Hanna relived, closed her eyes while making sounds like.

[ hmm ] ( Hanna )

All the other girls became gloomy by the fact that their idol Tatsuya was kissing another girl.

And the boys were screaming inside their heads from jealousy.

One of the top 10 noticed them. She approached them and with an unpleasant tone said.

[ Find the right place to do those things, you two! ] ( Kogane )

She had an annoyed look on her face.

[ Ah, sorry sorry! ] ( Tatsuya )

[ Hehehehe ] ( Hanna )

Their response made the mood worse for the others.

But at that moment some noises could be heard near the bushes.

[ Everyone please be quiet! ]

One of the supervisors asked everyone while pointing his gun in the direction where that noise was coming from.

From there a boy came out.

[ ah, I’m finally here! ]

That was Raiden.

[ Phew, don’t scare us like that Raiden! ]

One of the students said.

[ Wait, where were you? ]

The supervisor asked.

[ While everyone else was retreating, that monster bear started chasing me. I tried paralyzing him with my ability but I couldn’t transmit it through its fur, so I went into a different place to distract him.

I somehow managed to fool that monster into falling of some cliff ] ( Raiden )

Raiden explained his story.

[ So you managed to kill that monster!!? ]

[ Amazing! ]

[ That’s expected from one of the top 10 list ]

[ Good job Raiden ] ( Kogane )

Everyone else was amazed as well by what Raiden did.

[ Well it wasn’t that easy because some nuisance was also being chased by that monster, so I killed that as well! ] ( Raiden )

He also added.

Everyone’s reaction was the same as before.

[ I’m also surprised, that you managed to kill that monster! We were all five together and barely managed to deliver any fatal injury to that monster. ] ( Tatsuya )

[ Well, you know I also have tricks up my sleeves. ] ( Raiden )

He responded with a smirk on his face.

That kind of thing annoyed Tatsuya.

[ Wait, where is Hatsuko? I haven’t seen him since the monster bear attacked! ] ( Hanna )

She asked while looking around for Hatsuko.

But he was nowhere in sight.

[ Hatsuko? ]

[ Oh, she means that mixer ]

[ That weakling trash ]

[ Who cares about him ]

[ He must be in one of those tents hiding ]

[ Hahahaha, that’s his specialty ]

That was everyone’s reaction.

[ Everyone, please stop!!! ] ( Hanna )

She demanded.

[ She is right, Hatsuko if you’re here please talk! ]

One of the supervisors said.

But there was no response.

All the other students were looking around for that person.

[ Did every single one of the students actually retreat? ] ( Koiji )

Koiji asked with a serious tone directed at everyone.

No one responded.

[ I did see him fall into the ground when everyone pushed him in hurry to retreat... ]

One of the girls said.

[ W-wait don’t tell me he actually... ]

[ Seriously ]

[ Well he was weak after all... ]

[ There is no way for him to survive from that bear... ]

Every one started murmuring.

The fact that a student died is a big deal.

The fault is put on the supervisors and those who were supposed to protect the students.

[ No, I can’t believe this... H-hatsuko he, he- ] ( Hanna )

Tatsuya hugged Hanna that was on the verge of crying.

A faint thought came through everyone’s mind.

“what if I were to die next?”

Is what everyone thought.

That very thought made everyone’s confidence to fade away.

[ Well that trash got what he deserved! We can’t compare ourselves with him! ] ( Lauren )

Lauren said while putting her hands on her waist.

[ Well said, Lauren ]

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ Hahahahhahahaha ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

Most of the students started laughing like something of their chest was relieved.

The mood got a little better thanks to her.

Even Raiden was looking at her with a smile on his face.

Meanwhile, Tatsuya was taking Hanna to her tent to calm her down.

The supervisors were actually troubled by the fact that one of the students had died since it was their responsibility for their safety.

After Tatsuya left Hanna in her tent, he went outside at the back of the tent where a big tree was located. It was a bit far from the base where everyone else was.

From there no one could see or hear him.

While he was looking around.

[ So is he dead? ] ( Tatsuya )

He asked.

[ yeah, I pushed him off the cliff! ]

A voice came out from behind that tree.

The voice that replied was Raiden.

[ With this our deal is done, right? ] ( Raiden )

[ Yeah, that memory where the student named Raiden, taking Ilegal pills to boost his ability is already gone! Don’t worry! ] ( Tatsuya )

[ Then we have no more business with each other! ] ( Raiden )

Raiden said while leaving from there.

Now what was left was Tatsuya with a smirk on his face.

“Finally that bug is gone! Hanna was always talking about him, in front of her boyfriend. ME!

It was getting really annoying. But now that he is finally gone, I now can enjoy every last bit of her now. ”

Is what Tatsuya thought.





Hatsuko pov


[ O-ouch, my head! ] ( Hatsuko )

Where am I?

When I tried to see around me, everything was dark.

I couldn’t see clearly.

I noticed a soft feeling from below me.

That was the fur of the bear monster.

At that moment the scene where I was falling off came through my mind.

Oh right!

That motherfucker pushed me off!


Did I do something to him?

But still, he actually tried to kill me!

I looked around and noticed a dark ceiling.

Where am I?

I’m sure I was falling into an abyss so how did I end up here?

I couldn’t see the sky anymore.

Firstly I need to think of a way to get back to everyone.

I don’t know how much time has passed since I was out but I need to hurry.

But the moment I started moving.

[ geeerrrrr ]

The monster under me started moving.

[ He, this monster hasn’t died yet? ] ( Hatsuko )

I said while trying to get away from that monster.

[ Roaaaaaar!! ]

That monster started crawling towards me with its intention to eat me. Its voice and body was weak. It did everything it took to reach me. I started running away from it.

[ N-No! Stay away from me! ] ( Hatsuko )

But I didn’t have that much strength left to run. My head was hurting so bad that I could have fainted at any moment.

The monster was coming closer.

I need to do something!


What can I do?

Come on think, think, think!

There has to be something!

But at those moments I trip over a rock while trying to get away from that monster.

The monster was crawling even faster to grab its meal.

Which was me.

It’s pointless!

Everything I do is pointless!

Since the day I met Raiden and got invited to that School,

I curse that day!

I curse every single one that lives on this planet.


It’s not my fault!

It’s theirs!

This would never have happened if they didn’t exist!

If I had the chance I will get my revenge!

I will kill all those fucking bastards.

But no matter what I regretted or thought the bear came even closer.

He used his pows to jump with its remaining strength.

It’s planning on stopping me from moving with its body, so it can eat me easily.

But at that moment.

{ Skill acquired “Materialised dagger” }

Some words appeared in my head.

The next moment, the bear fell over to me.

It didn’t move anymore.

Through the back of its neck could be seen the tip of a blade.

I started struggling to get out of the massive body. The body was actually really soft and it didn’t injure me.

What the hell was that?

{ Skill acquired “Air slash” }

{ Skill unlocked “Status” }

[ Huh?, status? ] ( Hatsuko )



Name: Hatsuki Gee

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Health: 3/10 -> 3/20

STR: 10 -> 20

MC (mental capacity): 3 -> 10

AGI: 6 -> 16

VIT: 4 -> 20

DEF: 14 -> 30

Soul collected: 1/10.000

Condition: Injured

Skills: ( Materialised dagger ), ( Air slash )



This is a... Status?

I could see it inside my mind.


Is this my ability?

Until now I couldn’t use it but now...

Did me killing that monster trigger it?

[ Huhu... HahaHAHAHAHAHHHAHA!] ( Hatsuko )

This is so fucking stupid.

I’ve been waiting for this for so long!

And now finally...

* * *

A smile appeared on Hatsukos face as he thought that.

He was excited about this but he didn’t notice that a lot of other dangerous monsters were coming towards him.

The place around was dark and barely anything could be seen.

And there stood Hatsuko that within inside him, something was being changed.

* * *

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