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Chapter 4 - Sakuru High School

I was really confused about the email I had received.

At first, I thought that the email was some kind of prank or maybe a virus to steal all of my personal information such as my ID card and debit card.

But gladly I was relieved after I had my mother contact the official number of admission office “Sakuru High School”.

They said that my blood sample which they had received from the hospital has great potential on me having an ability. Both I and my mother were shocked but at the same time happy with this news. Of course, my mother gave permission on me enrolling that school. Money wouldn’t be a problem since my father works as a manager at a big gaming company. Even though he is never home we get a considerable amount of money every month from him.

As I was getting all of my clothes and stuff ready I said to myself.

[But wait they took and send my blood sample without my consent? Do they do this to every patient?] (Hatsuko)

Or did my mother give permission?

No, she was as shocked as me when she heard the news.

As I was thinking, I decided not to worry about it that much.

Sakuru is quite far from my home so my mother purchased one airline ticket for me online.

Since it’s late I should get some sleep.

* * * *

It’s already morning and my whole body hurts from sleeping on weird postures.

I decided on doing some stretching to relived my body from the pain.

[uuuuuhhh] Hatsuko

This feels much better!

As I thought that I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face.

After finishing I went to the kitchen to eat breakfast.

[ This smell is the best, first thing in the morning! ] Hatsuko

I sat on the chair and started eating my breakfast. It was delicious!

[ The flight sets of around 09:00 so you need to hurry so you don’t miss it! ]

My mother says so even though the time is 07:00. I can’t blame her since she doesn’t want me to miss this big chance on enrolling Sakuru High School.

[ Ah yes I got all of my things ready, clothes, my personal laptop, etc. ] Hatsuko

I replied to my mother as I was about to finish eating my food.

[ What about your ID card? You know that you can’t go anywhere without that! ]

[ yes I already double-checked everything, I have them on my wallet. ] Hatsuko

I answer while trying to swallow the food. To be honest I’m excited about this because it’s my first time going somewhere else alone with a plane.

* * * *

I checked my stuff for the last time to make sure I didn’t leave anything at home. At the moment my mother is driving me to the airport in her car, and I, as always am playing games on my phone.

I better save some battery for later during the flight.

I thought while putting my phone in my pocket.


Some time has passed and we finally have reached the airport.

I depart from my mother after saying goodbyes and go straight to the airplane that has the same number as the registered one from the ticket. I had to ask some of the staff for directions cause this place is really big and there are a lot of people around. You can get lost easily here if you don’t pay attention to the surroundings!

* * * *

I spend most of the time on the airplane sleeping and playing games on my phone. By the time I woke up, I could clearly see where the airplane is going to land. Sakuru Country has only 10 entrances around the whole place where can enter through airlines or through seaports etc.


After getting off the plane I call a taxi to send me straight to the school.

As I was trying to sleep in the car the taxi driver spoke to me.

[ Is this your first time in Sakuru? ] TD (Taxi Driver)

(Authors note: I will call the taxi driver “TD”)

And I who wanted to avoid a conversation at all costs replied.

[ Ah y-yes it is! ] (Hatsuko)

[ By your looks you must be a student, right? ] TD

[ Yes I got invited to enroll in that school ] (Hatsuko)

I’m so nervous----- can’t he just do his job and drive the car?

I replied to him as I thought that.

[ Is that so... What kind of ability do you have? ] TD

[ I don’t know? ] Hatsuko

After that, the driver didn’t talk to me until the end of the destination.

It was really awkward...

Why did he want to know anyway?



[ Here is the entrance of the Sakuru High School ] TD

The taxi driver said as he stopped the car.

[ Yes thank you! ] Hatsuko

I got off the car after paying with my debit card. I didn’t have enough physical money to pay him so I used my debit card.

My debit card is loaded with money from my mother since I’m going to live on my own.

She said that she was going to send me money monthly.

After the taxi left, I went through the entrance of the School. The place was surrounded by walls and security cameras in specific places. Near the entrance, there was a big screen where the map of the whole School was shown.

But even with this, I don’t think I can find my way to the principal.

[ Well fuck! ] Hatsuko

I started wandering around, hoping to find my way.


It’s been like 15 minutes and still can’t find another sign to lead me the way...

I became really nervous by the fact that I was completely lost.

[ What am I supposed to do? ] (Hatsuko)

As I said that I kept looking around.

I hear some footsteps. But I didn’t pay any mind since I was lost in thoughts.

Something crashes in front of me, making me fall down.

[ ouch! ]

I hear a voice and realize that someone was on top of me. From the voice, realized it belongs to a girl.

Huh, what’s this soft feeling on my chest?

Is this what I think it is?

( Authors note: Hmm...(¬‿¬) )

Following my instincts, I groped her breasts with my hands. Her big and tender breasts changed shape under my hands and she released a feverish breath. I could feel my blood going to my crotch.

This isn’t good!

[ Aah ]

Oh crap, she is starting to notice me underneath her.

[Uuuu... are you ok?] (Hatsuko)

she slowly tried to get up and answered me.

[ Ah yes I’m sorry for bumping into yo... ]

She immediately stopped talking after seeing my face. Well, I can’t blame her, since I’m not the most handsome guy who any girl would want to fall over to. She seems surprised though, did she notice my half-erect penis? Some seconds passed by and I decided to break the silence.

[It’s okay,.. it is also my fault cause I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going ] (Hatsuko)

[ Ah r right ]

She starts grabbing the fallen books.

Until now, I couldn’t see her completely but now that I take a closer look my eyes widened. She has brown eyes with a sweet look at it which could make me want to stare at them forever. Her face was like a true goddess to me.
Her slender long limbs, her attractive narrow waist. She also smelt really good!

How can someone be as pretty as her?

Since I was also part of the fault I decided to help her pick up her books.

[ Thanks ]

I immediately replied.

[ I don’t mind...

By the way I’m Hatsuko ] (Hatsuko)

I also introduced myself.

It’s been awhile since I have introduced myself to someone my age.

I hope I didn’t sound weird for suddenly introducing myself.

[ Oh my name is Rei ] (Rei)

[ Nice to meet you Rei! ] (Hatsuko)

While we were picking up the books Rei noticed that I was staring at her.

[ Um is something wrong? ] ( Rei)

[ ah n no nothing! ] (Hatsuko)

I was lost in thoughts while staring at her but came back to reality after she spoke to me.

That was really close!

I don’t want her to think I’m a creep for staring at her like that!

[ the bags you have there, you must be a new student here? ]( Rei)

[ Yes, I was actually lost trying to find my way to the principal ] Hatsuko

[ This place is really big, how about I help you? I know where the place you want to go to is. ] (Rei)

Really she is going to help me?

[ I’ll take up your offer then ] (Hatsuko)

My voice sounded calm but on the inside, I was really happy!

I never thought I would get the chance to talk to a girl like this!

A smile appeared on her face the moment she heard my answer. On our way, I decided to hold some of the books with one hand and the other one my bags.

This is the first time I have ever had a conversation this long with a girl. I was really nervous!

* * * *

[ Here is the door to the principal ] (Rei)

My reaction was a little slow because I was focusing my gaze so intently on her.
For an instant there, I truly didn’t understand what she was saying.
Then I realized she was speaking to me so I began to speak in a hurry.

[ Oh right, thank you very much for helping me! ] (Hatsuko)

I answered her nervously as I hand over her books which I was holding for her.

[ Well I need to go take these books somewhere so, I’ll see you around... Hatsuko ] (Rei)

As she said my name a smile appeared on her face.

No matter how you look at her, she really is pretty, but one thing worries me. The fact that she had a sad look on her eyes...

I can’t get it out of my mind.

As she was walking away I knocked on the door.

*knock* *knock*

[ Enter! ]

I entered inside.

The principal was a man in his middle thirties, wearing a dark blue smoker suit.

[ I am Hatsuko Gee, I got an invitation to enroll in this school ] (Hatsuko)

[ Ah yes, we’ve been expecting you! ] Principal

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