Green Life

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Chapter 5 - First day (part 1)

After I finished the registration, I was given some kind of thin bracelet on my left wrist. That confirms that I’m officially a student of this school, it’s also used as a key to my room which was given to me from the school dormitory. The room was enough big for a single person to live here, it has a bathroom, bedroom, and a kitchen. After taking out my clothes and things from my bag, I tidied up my clothes in the closet which is located in my bedroom, and shelved all of my personal belongings. I tried to finish really fast since I was really tired from the trip.

I laid down on my bed. It was the best feeling ever, all of the stress inside of me ever since I arrived here, was gone in an instant. I stretched out my arms and legs making cracking noises and reliving my muscles. As I was about to fall asleep, the principal came up in my mind.

"We were expecting you!"

Seriously, it’s like they knew that I was coming even though I never applied to enroll in the school, nor gave any confirmation for accepting the invitation through the email.

Well, I shouldn’t let this bother me too much, but still, I don’t even know if I have an ability.

As I kept thinking that, I covered myself with a blanket and decided to sleep.

* * * *

It’s finally morning and I was woken up from my phone. I got up and noticed that I still was wearing yesterday’s clothes. I was too tired to change my clothes.

I need to take a shower...

I got up as I thought that.

I took off my clothes and headed to the bathroom. The bathroom wasn’t that big, but I didn’t let that bother me.

After I finished taking a warm shower I started wearing my casual clothes I had prepared before taking a shower.

I put the bracelet on my left wrist and 2 seconds after, a blue transparent screen appears from it.

[ Oh this must be the schedule for today’s class periods ] ( Hatsuko )

1st period: History class 08:00 - 09:00

2nd period: Ability measurement 09:10 - 11:10

Long break 11:10 - 11:50

3rd period: Practice 11:50 - 13:00

This is all I got for today from that screen.

Well, I better hurry to the classroom cause I don’t want to leave a bad impression on my first day at this school.

The bracelet also has a map option of the whole school and directions to the classes I wanted to go.

This bracelet helps me actually a lot since I don’t want to ask anyone to guide me. It would be really awkward for me...

* * * *

[ Class...1-D, This must be my class for the first period ] ( Hatsuko )

I said while entering the class.

I tried avoiding eye contact with everyone since I didn’t want to get attention from anyone or getting picked by bullies.

The class walls are completely white and instead of a blackboard, there is a white one with a projector screen.

Most of my classmates are standing chatting with each other and laughing.

Some girls were hugging each other like they had been glued together. Their breasts were smashing each other. Some of the boys had noticed that.

Must be fun...

That’s what I thought while looking at them. I saw that the last seat from the back was empty so I decided to sit there.

Beside my seat was a blonde-haired girl with brown eyes. She is wearing a short red skirt, showing her bare legs to everyone. On the top, she is wearing a white pure shirt and the shape of her breasts were visible. She had a gentle smile on her face.

Around her were 4 other girls chatting with her. She must be popular since she is really cute. Some of the boys wanted to approach her but it seemed they couldn’t.

As I kept staring at her, she turned on my way and waved her hand to me while giving a cute smile.

Crap she noticed me!

I turned my head to the other way as I thought that.

I felt my face burning from embarrassment. Also, my heart is beating really fast.


That must be the bell for the beginning of the 1st period.

After some seconds the teacher entered the classroom while saying.

[ Goodmorning Class! I will be giving lessons for the first period, so everyone please take your seats and pay attention ]

Everyone quietly went to their seats.

Since most of the topics for the lessons are about abilities they shouldn’t be that boring...

Or so I hope.

The teacher began talking about how these abilities were born.

100.000 years ago the god and his army of angels were in a war with Lucifer and the demos. Their main objective is exterminating the existence of each other, devouring and making them more powerful. Humans at that time didn’t have any special abilities. They were treated like unwanted insects or just as food to the demons. The humans couldn’t do anything against them. The only thing they could do was pray to Gods for protection but humans were ignored and left at the mercy of fate.

Both Devils and God gathered an insanely amount of energy directed at each other. No one won the war. Both God and Lucifer died after releasing that amount of power trying to kill each other. The warzone which was located on the surface of the earth was turned from a destroyed land to a land filled with the fruits of miracles. Humans managed to cure their illnesses and became stronger after eating those fruits. Of course, not everyone was able to obtain the fruit since it is believed that the fruit disappeared 1 year after the massive crater was created on the surface of the land.

100 years passed and humans managed to use and evolve their inner energy into different abilities. There were only a few people who manage to use their ability. Most of them were used in wars between humans.

It is also believed that one day the God and Lucifer will revive and start the war again.


[ Okay that’s for today’s lesson of history ]

As the teacher said, she left the classroom.

Well, I gotta go into the next class as well.

I got out of the class as fast as I could without getting noticed by anyone.

* * * *

Somehow I managed to find the next class using the bracelet.

I enter the class and as always sat in the last seat of the classroom. I still have no idea what the ability measurement but I’ll find out soon after the class period begins.


The bell rings and a guy with a black suit entered with a big notebook, that must be the teacher I thought.

[ In this class we will be taking the measurement of your power ]

the teacher said.

A girl in the front seats raises her hand and asks the teacher.

[ Does that device have a capacity on measuring abilities? ]

The teacher replies with a serious face.

[ The device has a bit of manufacturing when measuring a mixer! It also tells what kind of ability you posses!]

[ What are Mixers ]

Said another girl which was also on the front seats.

[ Mixers as the name says, are not pure powers. All of us have abilities from light and dark abilities that come from angels and devils. Mixers are a combination of both dark and light making the user weak and difficult on using their ability freely! That is caused because light and dark can’t be mixed together with each other since they are both opposites.

Do any of you have any other questions?]

The class fell silent, no one made a sound until the teacher said again.

[ Alright I will call your names and you will come here and place your hand on this screen. ]

As the teacher said that, he showed us some kind of tablet that was on the teacher’s desk.


One after another my classmates got their ability measured. Some of them got dark and light power for combat, some for non-combat or support. Until now, no one got a mixer.

While I was wondering what kind of ability I would have, I noticed that cute blonde haired girl was sitting next to my seat.

[ Okay next up is Lauren ]

The blonde girl got up and went to measure her ability.

So her name is Lauren...

Not gonna lie, that’s a pretty cute name.

She put her hand on the tablet and the screen next to it turned red with some text I couldn’t read from here.

[ You have a positive, combat class to manipulate fire freely. Not bad Lauren! ]

[ As expected of Lauren ]

[ Yeah I know ]

[ She is amazing ]

The classmates reacted.

But is her ability that great?

I hope I get a great one as well!

Lauren went to her seat and sat down while having a sweet smile on her face.

[ And the last one, Hatsuko! ]

I went to the measurement device after hearing the teachers call.

While praying I wouldn’t do anything wrong I put my hand on the tablet.

Some words appeared on the screen really fast like







The words on the screen turned green and started glitching without rest.

The teacher shocked said.

[ This is the first time the device has reacted like this... ]

Wait what does it mean?

Does this prove that I don’t have an ability?

In the end, the screen showed a word in a bigger size.

{ Mixer }

[ I see, you must be a mixer...]

Everyone else in the class started laughing.

And I, still confused was standing there like an idiot.

My hands were trembling, I wanted to sit on my seat.

I can’t bear this!!

Why are they laughing at me?!

[ What the hell, the class got intense atmosphere just for “that” ]

Someone in the classroom said while pointing at me and treating me as “that”.

[ Seriously, we have a weak one in our classroom ]

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ Hahahaha ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

They kept laughing at me and the teacher wasn’t even trying to stop them from keeping quiet!

I turn my head again to the screen and notice something.

The word “Mixer” turned to “Unknown” for 0,5 seconds.

Are my eyes making up stuff or did that word change for a second??

No one seems to have noticed though since they kept laughing at me.


The 2nd period finally ended and now was the long break.

I decided to go to the cafeteria to buy something to eat but noticed someone I recognize, approaching me.

It’s the blond-haired girl Lauren.

I tried ignoring her but she calls out to me.

[ You’re Hatsuko right? ] ( Lauren )

I replied to her while looking down.

[ Y-yes! ] ( Hatsuko )

What does she want from me? Is she going to make fun of me as well?

[ I see... Then will you go out with me? ]

[ Haaa???? ] ( Hatsuko )

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