Green Life

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Chapter 6 - First day (part 2)

Go out with her?!

Is she serious? No no no no, I gotta think this straight!!

Why would she want to go out with me?

She barely knows me in the first place and she is one of the top beauties of the class! So why would she ask me out of nowhere? It doesn’t make sense...

Is this a prank to make fun of me? I’d rather stay alone than stand out!

Firstly I need to ask her the reason why would she ask me out.

[ Um... ] ( Hatsuko )

I wanted to ask her but I couldn’t even look at her straight into her face from my embarrassment. My whole body was trembling like crazy. I couldn’t think straight!

While I was trying to speak I heard the voices of the other students.

[ Hey hey, did Lauren just confess? ]

[ No, it must be a misunderstanding... ]

[ Seriously? She asked out that plain-looking guy? ]

[ Who is he anyway? ]

[ I think he is a first-year ]

[ Oh that’s the guy from our class, he is a mixer ]

[ A mixer? ]

[ Are you fucking serious? ]

[ She asked that loser ]

Just leave me alone!!

I looked up and saw that Lauren was smiling.

As I tried to calm down myself I asked Lauren.

[ W-wh-why a-are you ask-ing me o-out? ] ( Hatsuko )

Lauren replied to me smoothly

[ Why am I? Hmmm... ] (Lauren)

The blonde-haired girl Lauren put her hand under her chin and started thinking for a second.

[ I got interested in you... ] (Lauren)

Interested in me? What’s so interesting about me?

I could feel the gazes of other students full of hate towards me after they heard Laurens’s words.

[ Please s-stop m-m-making fun of me! ] ( Hatsuko )

[ I’m not though Ha-Tsu-ko! ] ( Lauren )

Well, I wouldn’t mind having a girlfriend but something bothers me... The fact that she keeps smiling. Isn’t she embarrassed at all, or is she just trying to hide her embarrassment with that uneasy smile?

I was staring at her breasts as I was left speechless from her confession.

It was too much for me.

I never knew that the day where a girl would confess to me would come.

And in this kind of way.

I was happy and scared at the same time!

While trying to give her an answer, my bracelet on my left hands reacted. A blue screen popped up saying.

{ Lauren contact request }

{ Yes / No }

I kind of noticed her doing something on her phone but I tried to ignore that since I was staring at her chest.

I wondered how her chest would feel like...

When I tried to ask why she sent me that invitation, she responded to me with a smile on her face. She also put on her index finger near her mouth.

[ I’m giving you my contact information, I hope you’ll accept it! You don’t need to give me an immediate answer so, for now, I’m leaving.

I’ll see you later! ] ( Lauren )

Lauren went and sat down on some table where her friends were sitting.

I accepted her contact request by saying “Yes”

My stomach was hurting from all this stress.

With that, I left the cafeteria without eating anything because of my stomach ache. Also, the gazes of everyone else was hurting me. They were looking at me like I’m nothing more than a piece of trash.

Why are they looking at me like that?

While trying to find the bathroom I noticed a leg in front of me, I tried to avoid it but it was useless because I was walking a bit fast. I tripped and fell down.


[ UGH ] ( Hatsuko )

It seems someone tripped me on purpose.

I looked up to find the one who tripped me while trying to get up.

[ Well well, Look who we have here, its the LOser ]

A boy with black hair said while looking at me with disgust.

[ W-what do you want from me? ] ( Hatsuko )

His expression changed into an angry smile. He grabbed my shirt with one hand and punched my face with the other one.


[ AGH! ] ( Hatsuko )

The only thing I could do was close my eyes.

[ A lowly piece of shit like you tries to get in contact with Lauren! ]

He punched me again in the face.

It doesn’t make sense!

Why is he punching me!


I couldn’t even fight back.

All the other students were watching or just passing by... ignoring me.

Why do I have to go through this?


He punched me again without mercy.

I don’t even know how many times I have received his punch, all I could hear was his panting sounds.

[ Huf Huf Huf... DONT you dare approach again Lauren!! YOU HEAR ME YOU TRASH MIXER! ]

I lost consciousness...






Huh, I smell something really good.

What’s this smell?

It’s the smell of flowers... A nostalgic smell, that makes me feel really warm.

[ Seikatsu ]

Uhh, that name again... Who is she trying to call? And that girl... have I seen her before?

[ Seikatsu wake up ]

[ S?ika??? wa?@ u! ]

[ Hatsuko!! Oi wake up ]

Huh, it’s calling me? No, wait this voice...

I know this voice! Its Rei.

I opened my eyes and see Rei holding up her glowing hands towards me.

[ Uh Rei? ] ( Hatsuko )

[ Ah thank goodness, you’re finally awake ] (Rei)

I got up and saw Rei with a worried face.

[ What happened to you? ] ( Rei )

[ Someone tripped and beat me... ] ( Hatsuko )

It hurts to say to a girl, that I was beaten this badly by someone else.

Rei still had her glowing hands towards me.

[ Please try not to move too much while I finish healing you ] ( Rei )

[ Oh th-thanks... ] ( Hatsuko )

The white glowing thingy on her hands disappeared.

[ You can move now. ] ( Rei )

Said Rei while putting a cute smile on her face.

AH her smile is healing my heart!

She really is cute...

[ I found you lying on the floor unconscious and your face was beaten up really badly ] ( Rei )

[ What time is it? ] ( Hatsuko )

As I try looking at the clock on my phone Rei answered me.

[ 3rd period is about to begin ] ( Rei )

I don’t feel like going to class anymore after all of this happened, but still, I want to get stronger.

[ I... I see... I need to go to now, I have ability practice. I’m really sorry you had to help out someone like me and wasting your time. ] ( Hatsuko )

[ No no it wasn’t a waste of time at all, I’m glad I could help you! ] ( Rei )

Rei is such a nice girl, she has helped me a lot since I came here! I don’t know how to repay her back.

While leaving I said to Rei

[ Thank you very much........Rei ] ( Hatsuko )

* * * *

Currently, I’m running while having the map out from my bracelet.

I need to hurry!

And I hope everyone has gotten over it the fact that I’m a mixer. Is a mixer really that weak?

[ Huh Huh Huf Huh, this.. must be.. huh.. the ability practice field... ] ( Hatsuko )

I lined up with the other students, trying not to get noticed but the moment I approached them, everyone started talking.

[ Hey that’s him ]

[ He’s a mixer, right? ]

[ That mixer got asked out by Lauren ]

[ Don’t joke like that! Our Lauren asked out a Mixer? ]

[ He shouldn’t even be here ]

I tried to ignore the words that are killing me and lined out in the last row.

The teacher that was waiting for everyone spoke up.

[ Seems like everyone is here! Let’s get immediately started!

Firstly you need to activate your abilities! ]

It got quiet and the only voice that could be heard was the teachers one.

[ ...So to activate your power, you need to concentrate on your inner energy! ]

Concentrate on my inner energy? How do I do that?

[ Try breathing in and feel the flow of your energy ]

I deeply breathe in...

Nothing is happening!

[ And most importantly is to imagine the power the power that you have, since all of you got informed from ability measurement class about your power, it’s going to be easier ]

Ability measurement? But I didn’t get anything?

I hear everyone’s else voice in excitement.

[ Ooooooh it worked ]

[ My power, I have ice on my hand, and I’m not even freezing! ]

[ so amazing ]

What about Lauren?

As I was trying to find her I notice a huge fire explosion.

[ OOOOOOh Lauren your power is so amazing!! ]

[ As expected of Lauren ]

[ She never betrays my expectations ]

Lauren is so powerful. I wish I had her power.

While everyone was showing off their powers to each-other I was just staring at my hands.

I don’t even know what to imagine cause I don’t know what my ability is...

Do I have an ability in the first place?

As I let a sigh out someone noticed me.

[ Oi check out that mixer, he can’t even activate his own ability ]


[ There were other mixers before but they could activate their ability at lease, but look at him hahaha ]

[ What a loser hahaha ]

Among their voices, I heard Laurens’s voice saying.

[ Hahaha guys try not to pick on him too much, I asked him out after all ] ( Lauren )

What the hell is she talking about? Is she also making fun of me?

Was she making fun of me this whole time?

I don’t even want to hear anyone anymore. Just leave me alone.

I went and sat near the corner of the field while watching everyone else enjoy their powers.

Just because I’m a mixer they make fun of me. Can’t they just leave me alone!?

And Lauren... was she trying to stop everyone from making fun of me or is she as well making fun of me?

I don’t know...

At this point, nothing makes sense to me...

I can’t tell... Am I that pitiful?

Does everyone despise me for being a mixer? What did I do to deserve this kind of treatment?

Just as I was staying there, a 1-meter rock comes towards me.


I dodged the rock the moment I noticed it.

That was really close.

That might have killed me!

Is that even allowed here?

[ Hahahahah What’s wrong loser, cant active your ability? ]

[ Hahahaha ]

[ Hahahahha ]

[ Hahahaha ]

I rush out of the field while trying to dodge the attacks that were aimed at me.

All that I was feeling right now was fear of losing my life.

I finally managed to get out of there somehow.

I decided to go to my room and stay there for the rest of my day.

* * * *



I’ve been laying on my bed for more than 6 hours. I couldn’t even manage to eat anything all day but I ignored that since my stomach has been hurting like hell from all of the stress and fear.

I didn’t want to do anything that includes interacting with everyone else. I needed something to calm me down!


My mind was filled with today’s events.

"He is just a Mixer"

"What’s wrong loser, cant you activate your ability?"

"Hahaha guys try not to pick on him too much, I asked him out after all"

"Asked him out after all"

Does Lauren really like me?

Logically that would be impossible but still, some part of my heart wants to have hope that she likes me.

At that moment the smiling face of Rei came to my mind.

Even though Rei isn’t here the memory of her smiling is healing all of my stress.


My bracelet vibrates on my hand and a blue transparent screen popped up

{ A message from Lauren}

--Hatsuko are you there?


--I’m sorry for everything that has happened to you!

Why do you care anyway--

--It’s because I really love you!! <3


--Yes, then to prove my love to you can you come to my room? I have a surprise just for you!

She wants me to go over to her room? When a girl invites a boy to her room that means th-that?!?

Am I finally going to do it with a girl?

What if she makes a prank on me?!

Maybe I shouldn’t go...

But what if she is serious about her confession?

My heart was beating really fast and I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Wait I need to reply to her.

Where is your room?--

--In room 140, I will be waiting for you!!

Oh shit, I need to get ready, get nice clothes, brush my teeth, and take a shower.

It’s my first time going into a girl’s room. Do I bring any flowers or anything?

After I finished getting ready I went to look for room 140.

I can’t believe I’m about to have alone time with a girl. Of course, I’m not expecting to have my way with her right away but still, I’m really happy I could die at any moment.

I could even feel my face burning from embarrassment.

As I tried to find room 140, I checked all of the other doors with the numbers on them.

[ Room 120... room 137... and here it is room 140 ] ( Hatsuko )

After I reached near the room I heard moaning and smashing sounds.

Is she watching porn? She knew I was coming, so why is she watching porn?

Did I take too long to get ready, so she decided to watch porn until I arrived?


[ Ah, ah, so good, so deep! ] ( Lauren )

Wait that’s Laurens’s voice.

I tried to knock on the door but noticed that it was open.

I decided to walk in towards the noises and I saw...

[ Oh, ah, mmmm, Hatsuko... you’re finally here aaaahhh ] ( Lauren )

My eyes couldn’t believe what I was seeing before my eyes!

Lauren was being fucked by 1 guy in doggy style while having 2 dicks in both of her hands.

The guy from behind her was thrusting his hips really fast.

The noises of him clapping her from behind were loud. He had an athletic figure.

Lauren’s chest was swinging as the guy from behind her was fucking her.

My mind went completely blank...

One of the guys started talking.

[ Oh so you’re that Hatsuko guy, you’re her boyfriend right? ]

[ ... ] ( Hatsuko )

[ Oi what’s wrong, or did you get excited by watching your girlfriend getting fucked by 3 guys? ]

[ huf huf aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh cummminggggggg.... ] ( Lauren )

The guy that was pounding her finished inside her.

[ Ahhh Your pussy is the best Lauren! ]

He finished thrusting his hips and took out his dick. A string of cum could be seen connected between his dick and her pussy.

Lauren laid down as she was covered with cum everywhere.

[ w.. why? ] ( Hatusko )

I asked as I was about to cry from what my eyes were seeing.

[ Lauren you said you loved me? ] ( Hatsuko )

[ I did say I love you...


[ You really thought, you had a chance with her? ]

[ Look at his face hahaha ]

This isn’t happening...

[ You see I had these 3rd years to help me out a little, so stay a little longer won’t you... H.A.T.S.U.K.O ] ( Lauren )

I don’t want to believe this...

[ ... ] ( Hatsuko )

[ Oh let’s tie him up so he won’t get away ]

After hearing this I run out of the room.

Even though I knew it was impossible to be loved by someone... but still I had a little hope...

I didn’t want this to happen to me anymore.

I noticed that someone was chasing me.

It must be one of the 3 guys.

Just leave me alone!! What else do you want from me!!

I rush out of the dormitory.


Why does this have to happen to me?

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