Green Life

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My eyes - Chapter 8

I arrived at my room after running nonstop. I was still covered with mud, rain, and sweat. The event that happened a few minutes ago was still on my mind. I didn’t know what to do...

I wanted to take a shower but I lost consciousness and fall down on the floor the moment I closed the door.

[ ... ] ( Hatsuko )




I regained consciousness and slowly opened my eyes.

[ ugh... ] ( Hatsuko )

It seems like I was sleeping on my stomach this entire time.

I tried to get up from there.

I wonder how much time has passed since then...

My bones were cracking and my ribs were hurting like crazy from sleeping on the floor.

I opened up my phone and check the time.

| 05 : 30 am |

It seems like I was out for more than 12 hours, no wonder that my body hurts.

For now, I decided to take a shower and get rid of my dirty clothes. They were a mess, mixed with mud and blood.

I took off my clothes and put them on the washing machine and add toothpaste mixed with detergent to remove the bloodstains.

After turning on the washing machine I headed to the shower and turned it on the warm side.

The moment the warm water ran down on my body, all of the pain disappeared like it was a bad dream. I could feel all of the dirt on my body getting washed away.

[ This is the best... ] ( Hatsuko )

I said while closing my eyes and letting my body relax from the warm shower.



After I finished taking a shower, I dried myself and wore some new clothes. I laid down on my bed, letting loose all of my limbs.

[ I feel refreshed ] ( Hatsuko )

I checked once again the clock on my phone.

| 06 : 01 |

I have 2 more hours before the 1st class period starts.

All the things that had happened on my first day at this school made me want to stop going out of my room.

I don’t want to experience that again!

And last night...

Someone died right in front of me!!

As I was thinking about the things that happened yesterday my head started hurting again.

[ Funny isn’t it... even my own body wants to see me suffer in pain like everyone else... ] ( Hatsuko )

I said while smiling wryly.



Some times had passed since I was lying on my bed.

Time on my phone showed | 07 : 30 |

I still was having a headache since awhile ago.

This must be from all the stress that my body is receiving.

I got up and went to the mirror that was as a sliding door for my wardrobe.

I got close to the mirror and the first thing I noticed was my right eye which was glowing green.

Not only that but all of my bruises and scratches on my face were gone.

[ Huh?! ] ( Hatsuko )

I started panicking, not knowing what was going on.

My heart was beating really fast and my body started trembling.

At that moment the scene where that boy with the green glowing eyes, came up in my mind.

I still could hear his emotionless voice calling up my name like it was trying to devour my soul.

And he sliced off that guys head...


But right now my problem is my right eye!

What am I gonna do about this?

My green glowing eye is definitely gonna stand out if I don’t do something about this.

What if I wear dark sunglasses?

No no, I’m gonna look like a fucking idiot wearing sunglasses during class periods.

I can cover it with an eyepatch but that would cause me trouble since I can’t see from my left anymore...

While thinking about the problem of my glowing eye I checked the time on my phone

| 07 : 45 |

I’m going to be late if I don’t do something about this really fast!

I went in front of the mirror again while staring at my own eye.

Firstly I need to relax and concentrate.

I close my eyes and took a big deep breath.

My body stops trembling and my headache was gone.

I opened my eyes and saw the reflection on the mirror, the green glowing eye was slowly turning back to normal.

[ *sigh* Finally ] ( Hatsuko )

I said while letting out a sigh.

A blue screen with a message popped up from my bracelet.

Ah, this must be the lesson that I have to take today.

I quickly wear my shoes and head out.




Since this school is managed with advanced computers, students don’t need to carry their bags with books and school stuff. All you need is the bracelet and you have everything digitalized there including your ID and personal information.

While walking away from the dorm, yesterday’s incident came up on my mind.

[ I wonder what happened to his dead body...

...Has anyone found his body yet? ] ( Hatsuko )

No one has seen us yesterday and there were no cameras to that side of the building so I don’t think anyone will suspect me of being a witness to a murder.

If someone asks me about that I’m just gonna say that I was staying in my room the whole time.

I don’t want to spend time answering questions at the police station.

As I was walking I noticed someone coming towards me.

A boy almost the same height as me with black hair and brown eyes.

[ Yo Hatskuko! ]

That boy said while smiling.

I tried to ignore him and walk past him but he stops me by grabbing me on my shoulder.

Not again...

[ That’s not nice, ignoring me like that ]

He puts his arm around the back of my neck, not letting me get away from him.

What does he want from me? Who is he in the first place?

[ What do you want from me? ] ( Hatsuko )

I said while looking down.

[ You know, you’ve become quite the celebrity around the school,

hmmm, what was it... right!

The weakest Mixer! ]

So everyone knows that I’m the weakest now...

Can’t they just leave me alone?

I say to him while still looking down.

[ Just leave me alone ] ( Hatsuko )

I wanted to hit him on the face and start running but my body froze.

[ You know, you need to start to respect those who are above you! ]


I can’t move my body at all! What’s going on?

[ Come with me for a bit ]

My body started moving on its own after he said that while still holding me on my shoulder.

Is this his ability?

As I thought... you can’t have a safe life here if you aren’t strong enough.

For now, I need to find a way to escape from him.




We arrived behind a dorm building in a blind spot where no one could see us.

What does he plan to do to me?

The moment I turned my face towards him I received a punch on the cheek.

[ UGH... ] ( Hatsuko )

While holding my cheek with my hand I tried to get away from him but it was pointless.

My body froze again.

[ Someone like you, has no right to stare me directly! ]

He said while smirking.

He is making fun of me.

Again, just because I’m weak.

Just because I’m a Mixer.

Why does this have to happen to me?




He threatened me while making a fist sign.

[ FUCK YOU, FUCK ALL OF YOU!! ] ( Hatsuko )

* * *

Hatsuko’s right eye started glowing green with an angry look on his face.

He pushes away the black-haired boy with his hands and started running away without looking back.

Hatsuko didn’t realize what he did. The black-haired boy was pushed some meters away until he was crushed to the wall of the dorm building. Cracks were showing around the wall where the boy was crushed and blood had started to come out from his body.


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