The wolf and the mafia

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Alexander left his old life as the future alpha of his pack to look for his true mate. What he found on the other end of the road surprise him. Maia is the first lady of a mafia organisation. She is the wife of the bigest mafia leader from Sicily Italia in America. Will they cross path?

Action / Erotica
Neena Darrens
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The severe bond

Alexander POV

Knok. Knok.
Two knok means omega. And omega means a summon from my father and alpha. So I ignore it, for I've been aware the sole purpose of the summoning. I put a pillow over my head. For the last two months my parents a.k.a my alpha and luna has been pressuring me to choose any girl I want to be my future luna because until this very second I haven't met my mate. And I am turning 27 in the next few days.
No, I'm not a saint. I've been sleeping around. But marking a girl that is not my mate? No fucking way! I save my mark for my mate only. I believe the moon goddes won't be that cruel as to not bless me with a mate. I am the future alpha of Rain Forest Pack after all.
Came my alpha command booming in my head. Fuck!!! My head feels like it got hit by tons of bricks.
Damn, he's angry. He's calling me by my full name means I'm in trouble. And an alpha command? No one in this pack can't deny that. Not even me. The future alpha.
Yes Alpha!! Is the only smart response I could do. I scrambled down from my bed and put my clothes on. I was trying to sleep after chasing out a few roughs that lurking outside our border with my pack warriors at 2 in the morning. My body is screaming sleep right now.
I got out of my room and walking briskly toy father's office. I knock twice before entering.
Whoa! Trouble is in the house. There, sit in my father's office ; my mother, my cockroach of a step brother Ashton and a beautiful girl next to him. You must be wondering why I called him a cockroach. Because, he's been arrousing trouble after trouble just to replace me as the future alpha. But all those senanigans he puled only got him thrown to dungeon and dungeon and again. The last time is he got exiled. And besides, he has no alpha blood in him. My father married his mother before he met my mother. His true mate.
His mother tried to poison my mother but accidentally drink tho poison herself. Apparently stupidity running in their blood thickly.
Now, that he's here, I'm sure he got a good way around the exile. See? Cockroach. No matter how many times you get rid of them, they just coming back again and again to spread trouble.
" You want to see, dad?" after regaining my composure I asked my father. It's just formality for you to addres an alpha summoning. Of course he wants to see me
" Yes. Sit down " my father answered trought his gritted teeth.
" Okay... So, why's the cockroach's here?" I jabbed my thumb to ashton's direction. He stood up immediatly. I smirk at him. If he's here for trouble, he will surely get it from me. I've been in so much frustation these past few days. Sexual frustation. But I decide not to fuck any shewolf offering. Because no matter how hard I fuck them the tension only go away a few minutes. I want to fuck and mark my mate. I have a feeling I'm about to find her. What makes the frustation ticker is the fact that I don't a have a fucking clue how.
" Shut it you two" my father's booming around the room.
" So, what's up dad?" I cocked an eyebrow
" I've been telling you, if you're not going to mark any shewolf of your choosing before your birthday then it would be my choosing. Or you can say good bye to your alpha potition. I got older and older avery damn day" Fuck! He's serious. Being an alpha is not that attempting for me. I would be happy to be a pack warrior just like now, but I am the only child of the alpha, and to think the cockroach as my alpha? Over my dead body.
" So, is that why the cockroach here? To take over the alpha potition? Be real dad, he has no damn alpha blood. This pack would burn down within months" I replied calmly
" Not with me as his councelor" he answered smugly
" You said, you're going to travel the world after you're retire" I shot back
" That was if you're going to step up. You've been training all of your life to be an alpha. Ashton didn't" his answer is his way to provoke, I know my father like the back of my hand. I won't back down.
" Alex baby, please consider this seriously. This is, Annalyne Lockwood, daughter of Alpha Lockwood. Their pack has been our ally for centuries. His brother Maxime is your classmate if I'm not wrong?" my mother chime in after her long silence.
Shit, so this girl is my parents' choosing, not ashton's girl.
" Don't you have a mate? Don't you want to meet your true mate? Or are you just the obedient, daddy's little girl" I shot her a look
" Just like you, I haven't met my mate yet. Yes, I want to meet my true mate. But, not like you I don't have that much of a choise" shit she's a spitfire. She's just the type I like before. Always hot in bed. Makes my blood boil. I can see why my father choose her. He just know me really well. But not this time. I want my mate, not some spitfire drop on my lap.
" No dad, It's not fair. Not for me nor for her. Hell, event not for our mate that maybe out there looking for us" I look back to my father
" Stop your bulshit right now. The moon goddes don't bless you with a mate. Get your head out of the sand" My mother gasp loudly. That's it. He's my father, but he's crossing the line. What father would say something like that. I saw regret on my father's eyes, but all I can see is red.
I stood up. I grab a pensil on my father desk and slash it across my pack mark on my chest. My mother screaming her heart out.
" There. I severe the bond with this pack. You're still my parents, and I love you both. But you can announce me as a rough from now on. You can gave the alpha potition to anyone or burn the pack down for all I care. Give me a few minutes to pack" with that I spun around and flank the door open. I can see the smug on the cockroach face on my way out.

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