Massacre of the Silver Skull

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A year is set after the events in the now destroyed Pinesberry. Detective Wydock with his new partner, Junior Detective Asbell patrol the streets of Paradise City. However, a new threat is emerging, threatening to destroy Paradise City. But who is he? Who is 'The Silver Skull'...?

Action / Thriller
The Dragon Tamer
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Chapter 1

It had been eleven whole years since my last case in Pinesberry. No Red Goddess was going to destroy Paradise City, not on my watch. And I made sure of that. Poor Leann Simmons sacrificed herself to seal away the Red Goddess within herself, using her own body as a prison. I will never forget that day, and I will never forget her. Me and my partner, Detective Asbell who was assigned to me one month ago, were chasing down a motorcyclist going too fast through the streets. My partner who had long blonde hair and a goatee, always wore that snake skin hat and black leather jacket.

“This little punk is going to get what's coming to him!” Said he.

“Calm down rookie! We’ll get him!” I was still driving around in my replica of the 1971 Phantasm Cuda. The crazed motorcyclist we were chasing down was Johnny Scales, leader of a gang known as ‘The Dragon Skullz’. His friends call him ‘Flame’ because his hair was dyed to make it look like fire. He wore a black leather jacket with ‘The Dragon Skullz’ symbol sewed onto the back of it. A seven-teen year old punk who thinks he’s hot stuff.

A dragons skull facing forward with two swords crossed behind it and a third right through the skull. The words ‘The Dragon’ was on the top in a silver banner while the word ‘Skullz’ could be seen on the bottom with the same silver banner. Johnny broke the law, smuggling drugs into my city. He had to be caught and thrown behind bars. He pulled out an Uzi from his jacket and started firing rapid shots at us. I swerved left and right, avoiding the bullets.

“JESUS!” Shouted out Asbell.

“That little bastard!”

“Asbell, aim for the tires!” But just as he was about to return fire, a truck with the Dragon Skullz logo on it crashed into the back end of my car as Asbell missed the shot.

“Shit! Looks like his friends showed up. You go after Johnny, I’ve got these guys!” Asbell said. Sounded like he had a plan.

“Just keep driving!” As I sped up trying to catch up with him, Asbell opened his door and jumped out. He tucked and rolled onto the pavement. As soon as the truck passed him, he carefully aimed his gun and shot the trucks back tire. The truck swerved and lost control as I turned the corner, pursuing Johnny. The truck was flipped on it’s side. The driver of the truck stepped out of the wreck as other members of the gang got out as well. The gang members, about five of them plus the driver, surrounded Detective Asbell pounding their fists.

“That was a huge mistake cop!” They said to him.

“Now you’re gonna get yours!” Asbell was never one to back down from a fight and neither was I. I taught him a few tricks....But then again, I’m the one with the psychic powers. As one of them pulled out a gun from behind him, Asbell jolted to the side as the man shot and hit his partners shoulder. He then punched him in the face and elbowed the shooter in the face, dropping his gun and breaking his nose. He then kicked the third guy down and sweep kicked the fourth. Asbell was on one knee as the fifth man pointed a gun straight at his head.

Asbell grabbed the gun, taking the loaded bullet out of the chamber. As he rose back up, he karate chopped his throat and knocked him out. As the sixth guy came at him swinging a lead pipe, Asbell stepped aside and kicked him right in the back as the man crashed into the wrecked truck. The man turned around as he and Asbell faced off. He was a bulky man, much larger and muscular then the others. But he was nothing that Asbell couldn’t handle.

The man rushed toward him with the lead pipe as Asbell grabbed a hold. He managed to push Asbell into the side of a building as they struggled for who gets the pipe. Asbell kicked the man in the shin as he dropped his guard for a moment. Asbell took the pipe from him as the man went in for a punch. Asbell ducked as the man punched a few bricks and cracked them. Asbell hit the man in the tendons with the pipe, forcing the man to fall on his knees.

“Now batting for the Paradise City Force is Timothy Asbell!” He jokingly said as Asbell swung the pipe like a baseball bat and knocked the man clean out.

“OH, and he got knocked the fuck out!”

Johnny was getting away. I finally had a clear shot. I pulled out my gun and shot Johnny’s tire. His motorcycle lost control as he hit the upcoming curb and flew off the bike. I stopped the car and stepped out. As I ran over to him to arrest him, he pulled out his Uzi on me. But before he could pull the trigger, I used my mind powers to disassemble his gun. There was a surprised look that came across his face.

“What the hell?” I approached him and he shoved me away.

“Get the fuck away from me freak!” Johnny stood up and pulled out a knife. He took a couple swings at me with the sharpen blade but kept missing me as I was dodging every swing. He finally swung for my head as I caught his hand. I managed to twist his arm just enough for him to drop the knife before I punched and kicked him away. I sent him flying into a wooden fence as his body broke through it. I approached him and slapped the cuffs on him. With his hands bonded, I picked him up off the ground and walked him to my car.

“Get your fucking hands off of me!” I put him into the backseat of my cuda and slammed the door in his face. Junior Detective Asbell caught up with me.

“You caught him!” He said as he was trying to catch his breath. But I could tell that even he was impressed.

“Damn Asbell, sounds like you’re out of shape.” I joked with him.

“I had to run like a whole mile to get here. Well that and I had to knock some fools out, heehee.”

“Right, well let’s get him and the others to P.C.P.D.” I got into my car as Asbell got into the passenger seat.

“Sorry about that! Carry on!” I shouted before I pulled away. Johnny and I accidentally interrupted a teens birthday party in their backyard with our fight. They all just stood there with their jaws dropped as if they were shocked at what they just witnessed.

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