Massacre of the Silver Skull

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Chapter 9

While Detective Wydock was at the Undercroft Asylum looking for Dr. Lazarus, Detective Asbell was busy tracking down the gun store that sold the tranquillizer rifle. There are four gun stores in the city as Asbell tried to narrow his search to only one. He searched and searched online for that exact same rifle until at last he found what he was looking for. There was only one store that sold tranquillizer rifles in the city. Of course the tranquillizer rifles sold were meant for bear attacks and hunting purposes, not for hunting humans. The gun store that sold them was at ‘Rangers Avenue’. Asbell grabbed his jacket and put on his snake skin hat. Asbell hopped into his car which was a 2006 Tesla Roadster painted black. It was an electric car which meant that it didn’t produce any pollution.

It was a six mile drive to Rangers Avenue. He turned a corner onto the street. A few cafe’s and other shops were lined up on either side of the street and sandwiched between them was the gun store called ‘Target Practice’ which was a family owned business. The manager of the store was named Jim Walker, a fifty-two year old man with balding black hair. He loved guns ever since his father took him to a gun show when he was seventeen. Asbell walked into the shop, opening the door and ringing the bell. It was a pretty small shop with racks and cabinets full of guns and ammunition ranging from revolvers to AK-47′s. Assault rifles and shotguns. Asbell walked up to the counter and rang the bell to get the owners attention. He came out of the back room and faced Detective Asbell.

“Welcome to Target Practice, how may I help you?” He said politely. Tim pulled out his badge from his jacket and showed it off to Jim.

“Detective Timothy Asbell of the P.C.P.D. I’ve got a few questions to ask you if you’ve got the time.” He puts it back into his pocket.

“Am I in trouble or something?”

“It depends. A few days ago you sold a fifty caliber tranquilizer rifle to someone. Who was the buyer?”

“What’s this about detective?”

“Whoever bought it used it to shoot a dart at one of our prisoners. Luckily the dart didn’t kill him.”

“I told him that it was meant for sport and animal control only but he didn’t listen to me.”

“Obviously. So who was it?”

“I don’t know, the guy never told me his name. But I defiantly remember what he looked like. He was wearing a purple suit and some sort of mask. I told him to take off the mask but he said that it was a surgical mask, saying that he had a hunting accident.”

“That man in the purple suit was in no accident. He’s an assassin, a bullet for hire.” Jim put his hands on his head.

“Oh god, I helped an assassin attempt a murder. I swear officer, I didn’t know.”

“Calm down Mr. Walker. Like I said, nobody got hurt. I just need to know if you saw where he went after he visited your shop.”

“Yeah, sure thing. I saw him hanging out around the old auto body shop that the Dragon Skullz took over.”

“Thank you for your time.”

“So you’re not going to arrest me?”

“No, I’ll let you off with a warning. Have a nice day.” Detective Asbell left his shop. Jim Walker was always a nice approachable guy. He never lied in his life, always faithful and honest. He was extremely helpful to Detective Asbell. He hopped back into his car and drove off. He radioed for backup to meet him at the Dragon Skullz hideout. He drove five miles before pulling up to the hideout. At least two cop cars carrying four officers arrived at the scene waiting for him. Asbell got out of his car and ordered two of them to enter from the side. He took cover behind a wall and readied his pistol with one other officer at his back. He kick the door opened as they had the Dragon Skullz surrounded.

“HANDS IN THE AIR!” The gang had their mouths taped shut as their hands were bond and sitting in chairs in a perfect circle.

“What the hell?” Asbell put his gun away as one of the officers approached them slowly. The gang tried to warn the officer of danger but their voices were muffled. Asbell looked down and noticed that the gang was surrounded by trip wires.

“STOP!” But the officer tripped the wire and a timer counted down to three seconds. Asbell took cover quickly as the bomb exploded. The whole building was quickly engulfed in flames. The Shadow stood and watched his handy work from a safe distance as the flames went up into the sky before turning back. He knew that Asbell was coming for him and wanted to prepare a booming welcome party. Who knows if there were any survivors.

The monster called me friend. But what did that mean, who was he? Did he used to be human, someone that I knew? I went back downstairs and the monster was waiting for me. He tilted his head. I think he wants me to follow him. Maybe he’s trying to lead me to Dr. Lazarus. As I was following him, I was piecing together who this monster was. And then it clicked. Back in that town I met someone that matches the monsters stature. After his untimely death, Dr. Lazarus must’ve reanimated my dead friend. This monster had to be the reanimated remains of Reginald ‘Stone’ Thompson.

“Stone?” He turned to me and respond the best he could.

“....Detective dude...” There was only one person from that town who called me that. And now I know that this is defiantly him. I wonder if he remembers how he died too. I hope not. He pushes the button to open the elevator doors. We both walked in as the doors close shut behind us as the elevator took us down. As the elevator was moving, I look up at Stone who towered over me and was twice the size he was when he was alive.

“What happened to you?” He looks down at me. But he doesn’t say anything. He and I look back toward the doors.

“I’m.... Sorry.” I whisper. He looks at me as he puts his hand on my shoulder. No matter if he remembers or not, I can tell he forgives me. I pull out my gun just as the elevator stops. The doors open as we both got out and entered the dark room. The basement of the asylum was like an undercroft, hence the name of the building itself complete with columns and metal floors. Pipe lines were visible across the ceiling and walls. There were giant furnace’s in the back corner which kept the place nice and warm. A pair of double doors were on the far end of the corridor. Stone and I open the doors and there he was. Dr. Victor Lazarus standing there with his back turned and standing in front of giant bombs. I cocked my gun and pointed it straight at his head.

“You know that’s not going to work on me detective.”

“Dr. Victor Lazarus. Not how I pictured our reunion.” He chuckled.

“Funny. This is how I imagined it.” He finally turns to me. He see’s his handy work next to me, the reanimated Stone.

“Such a touching reunion the three of us here. Almost puts a tear to my eye.” He says sarcastically.

“Cut the poetics doctor! You made the drug that creates the illusion of death. I want to know how you did it.” He chuckles again and waves his finger at me.

“A magician never reveals his secrets.”

“Fine! What are the bombs for then?”

“Now that detective is the right question. Silver Skull knew that the Dragon Skullz were too soft so he had me make his bombs instead. As of what they are for? Well you better go back to school and pay attention.” Go back to school? That was a hint wasn’t it? Silver Skull wants to use his bombs to blow up King Darkoss High. Hundreds will die if I don’t hurry.

“Oh no, Koruka.” I turned but my path was blocked by Stone.

“What’s the rush detective?”

“Stone, step aside.” But he didn’t move. He just stood there with his arms crossed looking down at me. I tried to get past him, but he grabbed me by the neck and tossed me onto the floor. Dr. Lazarus stood there with his cane looking down at me.

“I may have reanimated your friend detective but he is still under my control. So sorry to break it to you but you’re not going anywhere.”

“You don’t wanna do this doctor.” I said getting up.

“Oh I’m pretty sure I do. Don’t worry, the fireworks won’t go off without you. That means that we’ve still got some time to play.” The crazed doctor swung his cane left and right as I avoided it forcing me to back up into Stone’s muscular arms. The monstrous Stone had me in a giant bear hug as the doctor then pulled out a syringe as he sank the needle into my neck. Stone let go of me as I stumble trying to keep my balance. Everything was going blurry.

“What.... Did you do..... To me...?” I collapse onto the floor.

“Don’t worry detective. I didn’t kill you. I don’t want you dead. Not yet anyway. I’ve got other plans for you.” I close my eyes and passed out.

I awoke ten minutes later in some sort of a fighters pit. It was raining hard as the ground was cold and wet, full of mud and puddles of water. I look up as I saw a crowd of the asylums inmates screaming and cheering. Luckily they were fenced off. Dr. Lazarus was up there with the crowd standing there with his cane. I don’t even remember seeing any of these inmates. I thought the asylum was abandoned. Oh maybe this was outside in the courtyard of the asylum and the inmates were located somewhere else. The doctor spoke into the loud speaker.

“Welcome detective to the Undercroft Arena! Silver Skull sends his regards. You’ll have to fight for your life! Anything goes in this arena! Survive and you’ll be that much closer to his final test. However if you don’t survive, then he will detonate the bombs sending King Darkoss High.... Well, sky high!” He laughed.

“This is insanity!”

“Now now detective, you best play along! Now, let’s see who you’ll be fighting today!” There was a gate that opened up across from me as the monstrous Stone came out ready for a fight and flexing his arms.

“Looks like you’ll be fighting your old friend detective! Stone or as he’s known as Double X.X! This is truly the fight of the century! Who will come out on top!?” Stone and I fought before back in that town. And now the doctor expects us to fight once more? I don’t want to but it looks like I had no choice. All of my guns were stripped off of me so I had to relay on my fists. Stone came charging toward me like a bull. I move as I try to talk some sense into him.

“I don’t wanna fight you Stone!” But he didn’t listen. Instead he swung left and right hooks at me as I kept dodging his attacks. I know that my friend was still in there somewhere. I just have to keep trying.

“I know you’re still in there Stone! You just have to fight it!” He back handed me hard as I was sent flying into a back wall. A loose lead pipe fell off of the wall next to me. I picked it up as Stone came charging toward me. He lifted me up by the vest and tossed me aside like some ragdoll. I landed on my feet.

“Don’t make me do this Stone!” He came toward me again. I step aside and hit him in the tendons forcing him onto his knees. I hit him in the face with the pipe a few times as he bled and the crowd was cheering. Stone then caught the pipe as he bent it before yanking it out of my hands. He tossed it aside as he grabbed me by the neck. He stood up as he lifted me into the air. I struggled to break free of his grasp. I took a pen from my pocket and used to stab him in the shoulder. He looked at it and then back at me. He pile drive me onto the ground. He was about to stomp on my face but I rolled on the ground. I stood up as he took the pen out of his shoulder. I go to punch him a few times in the stomach but he didn’t flinch, not even once. It was like punching actual stone. As he went in with a right hook, I ducked and got behind him. I jump up onto his back and held him tight.

He tried swinging me off but I kept holding on. He then grabbed me by the leg and tossed me onto the ground. He kicked me in the face hard making me bled. I tried to crawl away but he grabbed me by the leg and tossed me again. As I hit the ground, I noticed loose electrical wires hanging off. As he came charging toward me, I used my psychic powers to set one of the wires loose. Just as Stone walked over a puddle of water, the electrical wire came down and shocked him. It didn’t kill him though thank god, I didn’t want that. I just wanted to slow him down. He fell down onto his knees as I punched him in the face as hard as I could a few times. I then took a hold of his head and kneed him in the face knocking the poor bastard out. He fell back as his body splashed in the puddle. I stood there bleeding out my nose and out of breath.

“Bravo detective, well done.” Said the doctor as he was slow clapping. I looked up at him as he looks at me.

“Finish him off!” Finish him off? I may have killed him once before by accident but I wasn’t going to again.

“No. I won’t do it! I beat him, I survived! Now get me the hell out of here!” The doctor sighed.

“Very well then.” Dr. Lazarus jumped down into the fighters pit as he pulled out a thin blade from his cane.

“Then I’ll have to finish you!” The crazed doctor came at me swinging his blade as the crowd above cheered and yelled. I grabbed another rusty lead pipe I found as I deflected his blade swings. He then went for an over head strike as I blocked it and was forced on one knee. I redirected his blade as he tumbles. I hit him in the gut with the end of my pipe forcing him to back up. I stood up as I walked over to him and tripped him. As he was about to get up, I smacked him in the face hard and broke half of his mask. He looked up at me with the most horrid face I have ever seen. All scratched up and wrinkled, almost skeletal with blood shot eyes. He put his hand over his face as if he was horrified that his true face was revealed. I gasped at the sight of it.

“MY FACE!” He stood up as he swung at me again. I dodged his swings as I kicked him hard in the chest sending him flying as the impact of his body opened the gates of the arena. Dr. Lazarus was knocked out cold giving me the chance to escape the arena. Stone finally woke up. The inmates saw me escape as they tried to stop me from leaving but I was way ahead of them. The inmates along with the monstrous Stone chased me out of the courtyard. Stone towered over them all as he was shoving them out of his way. I managed to get into my car quickly and drive away. I put the pedal to the metal as I drove out of there as fast as the road runner. Stone and the other inmates just stood there as they watched me leave a trail of dust behind me.

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