Massacre of the Silver Skull

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Chapter 10

“This is Detective Wydock. Get a bomb squad.....” I said over the radio but all I got was interference. As if someone else was trying to radio in on me.

“That won’t be necessary detective.” It was him, Silver Skull talking to me through the radio. I don’t know how he keeps getting these channels though.

“You don’t need a squad to defuse the bomb. I’ve planted the bomb on a specific floor of the school and I’ve taken hostages. Each hostage has a letter of a twenty letter phrase that will deactivate the bomb for that specific floor. Five letters for each of the four floors of the school. You have to crack the code, deactivate the bomb and save the hostages. But don’t think it would be that easy.” He chuckled.

“It’s game on detective.” He cut off communication as I hung up the radio. I slammed my foot down on the pedal as I zoomed past the bridge and drifted onto the street that the school was on. I drifted my car into park, got out and the chase was on to find that bomb and hostages. I rushed inside of the school with my quad barrel shotgun and wouldn’t you know it? A ‘welcome party’ was here to greet me. There was only three of them. Three monstrous goons covered head to toe in body armor and knives out. No doubt that Dr. Lazarus created these goons for Silver Skull so there’s no need to hold back. I can go all out on these douchbags. One came up to me swinging but I avoided the swing and bashed him with the end of my gun. I knocked him down onto the floor and put a round of lead into his skull to finish him off. As the second one was coming to me, I took out my knife and stabbed it into him as I drove the blade up to his chin. With the knife still in him, I spun around him holding onto the knife as I held out my shotgun and blasted the third one’s head off. I yanked my knife out of the other one as he fell to the floor.

As I entered the hallway of the school, I heard heavy boots. As I turn my head to get a good look at who was coming, on the other end of the hall was a huge guy holding a mini gun. As he pulled the trigger, I quickly jumped to cover as the many bullets were flying. I gotta get in close and take him out, but he has me pinned down. What was I to do? But then, the bullets stopped flying. I think his gun got jammed. Now was my chance. As I was running towards him, his back was turned as if someone distracted him. I threw my knife at him as it burrowed deep into the back of his thick skull. He turned towards me as he swung his gun at me. I slide onto my knees as I avoided being hit by that mini gun. I pointed my shotgun directly under his chin and pulled the trigger as his brain was splattered. His lifeless body fell back as I saw Drake standing behind him.

“Drake? What the hell are you doing? You could’ve gotten yourself killed!”

“Um, a thank you would’ve been nice Michael.”

“This is not the time....” I paused and took a deep breath.

“Get out of here now!” I walk past him as he spoke up.

“No, I want to help.” I turn back to him.

“That’s out of the question! These guys, they will kill you on sight. I can not risk your life too! Go home and let me handle this!”

“Don’t treat me like some useless kid Michael! I can help, I know how to defend myself! I’ve taken martial art classes, I can take them on.” I march toward him.

“This isn’t a game Drake! I promised your mother that I would look after you and protect you and I intend to keep that promise!”

“I know. But you need all the help you can get right now and I’m your best option.” I sighed. I then pulled out a spare walkie talkie from my pocket and gave it to him.

“You wanna help? Take this then. Call me if you see any other hostages. But do not engage in combat, do you understand?” Drake nods his head ‘yes’ as I turn the corner. Drake’s a good kid and his heart is in the right place. But he can be a little stubborn at times. I just hope he doesn’t do anything stupid. I fear that he’s going to end up dead and I’m afraid for his life. But maybe I’m just worrying too much but still. I’ll go to the basement of the school first and I’ll work my way up. I headed downstairs into the boiler room of the school. To my right was a pair of double doors next to two huge boilers. The doors had a padlock on it connected by chains. Looks like I need to find the key. I’ll find the hostages first and worry about the key later. I continue down the corridor of the basement and on the other end of it was five of the hostages tied together and blind folded. But they were sandwiched between two more huge boilers. I couldn’t get to them though. We were separated by a thick wall of glass. My walkie talkie went off as I answered the call but it was not Drake.

“Well done detective. You’ve found the first set of hostages. But you can’t seem to get to them. Such a shame. Each of them holds one letter of the code. To set them free, you’ll have to redirect the stream of fire to the correct boiler before the timer runs out or they will burn alive. X marks the spot of the correct boiler you’ll need to fire up. But hurry detective, they don’t have much time left.” Communication was cut and the timer starts. I only have five minutes to figure this puzzle out. There were four valves that connect the pipes but no handwheels. Each valve looks as if they turn a pipe. I need to find those handwheels, turn the pipes and make a path for the fire to go into the correct boiler. In the middle of the room was the giant boiler with a huge red X painted on it. Now I just needed to find those handwheels.

The schools basement was huge, industrial sized so the handwheels could be anywhere. But I had five whole minutes to find all four so it shouldn’t be that hard to find them. I don’t want to waste any time. Going through this basement was like going through a mini maze. I came across a four way junction and went west first. I came across the Janitor’s office and carefully opened the door thinking that there was another trap. And indeed there was. I kicked the door opened but did not go in. A shotgun that hung from the door frame went off. The sound of the shotgun blast echoed throughout the basement. Something down here must’ve heard the blast go off and tried bursting through the chained up doors that was on the opposite end of me. I ignored it for now and went into the office.

I opened the draws of the Janitor’s desk and found one of the handwheels. Three more to find. The wheels were big so I have to put them back on the valves one at a time. I ran and made it back to where the valves were as I put the one I found back on. The thing that was trapped in the chained up room became louder. I don’t think I want to know what’s behind those doors. But than again, there could be one of the missing handwheels behind there. I returned to the junction and turned north. I went down the corridor and there was another handwheel behind what looks like a small hole big enough to fit my arm through. This was another one of his traps, it had to be. But I had to get that handwheel. I stuck my arm through the hole but then my arm got stuck. It was locked in place. A siren and flashing red lights came on. I looked up and there was a pendulum that was coming down. The sharpened blade swaying left to right was coming down pretty fast. There was a red laser eye on the pendulum. I thought quickly and pulled out my pistol. I aimed carefully for the red eye and pulled the trigger once in sight. The impact of the bullet broke the red eye and stopped the pendulum before it could chop off my arm.

The pendulum retracted back as I was free. I grabbed the handwheel and rushed back to where the valves were. I placed the handwheel onto the valve. Two down, two to go. But time was running out. I only had three minutes left now. The third handwheel I could see in plain sight at the end of a narrow corridor. That one seemed too easy to get, there had to be another trap. I headed to the end of the narrow passage and grabbed the handwheel. As soon as I grabbed it, that thing that was trapped in the chained up room finally broke through the doors. He was a tall and muscular brute covered head to toe in body armor and wielding what looked like an old plane propeller for a shield attached to his arm. He pulled a cord on the back of his arm as it started the propeller. He had weights attached to his ankles as they slowed him down. But I was trapped like a rat as he slowly marched toward me with the rotating propeller.

The spinning sharpened blades came closer and closer to me. I thought quickly and shot him in the legs where he wasn’t protected to try and slow him down even more. I shot his legs until they broke as he collasped. His arm flexed upward as he fell back and his propeller shield came down onto him slicing him up. He was blended up by his own propeller shield like a human smoothie. The propeller stopped as I could now get out of the corridor. I hopped over the dead corpse as I could see the forth and final handwheel lying on top of an oil drum in that room. But that was not all that was in that room. I also found Silver Skull’s giant bomb. It would be foolish to try and guess the code. He said the code to deactivate it was a twenty letter phrase. But I wouldn’t risk that chance to guess it. I only had one minute left on the timer. I rushed and put the last two handwheels onto the valves. I turned the valves and lined up the pipes so the fire should go into the correct boiler. A few seconds more and the fire was set. The fire went through the pipes and into the X marked boiler saving the five hostages.

The room that the hostages were in had unlocked. I opened the door and rushed to rescue them. I have taken their blind folds off and untied them by cutting the ropes.

“You’re safe now.” I said to them. But they couldn’t speak. Instead, they signed me. The were mutes. I had no idea how to sign back but I could tell that they were grateful. They had letters attached to their chests in bright red paint. Or was it blood? I hope it was paint. I took a pen and a notepad to write down the letters. The letters were E, T, Y, R and B. I now had five letters of the code. I got up and signaled them to follow me to safety. I can only assume that Silver Skull’s little tests are going to get harder from here on out.

I lead the five mute students through the main hall of the school until we came across the main entrance. But the doors were blocked from the outside. We had been locked in. A television set had been placed in the corner on a bench as it turned on. Silver Skull himself popped up on screen.

“Not that way detective.” He said to me. I approached the T.V.

“Why are you doing this? Why target them? I’m the one you want! These students shouldn’t have to be involved in your sick games! They’re innocent!”

“Innocent you say? You speak that word like it means something. Is anyone truly innocent detective? Take the Dragon Skullz gang for example. They’re just punk ass kids that also went to high school here. Are they innocent?”

“Kids make mistakes all the time. It’s up to the parents to set them on the right path.” Silver Skull just sat there and laughed.

“Detective Wydock, always a little boy scout. But these are MY games, MY rules!”

“Show mercy on them please.”

“Mercy? You dare ask me to show mercy? I don’t even know the meaning of the word! There is only chaos and order! And I am an agent of chaos!”

“And I am the agent of order!” Silver Skull let out a chuckle.

“Very good detective, you’re learning. But order can not exist without chaos! And I am simply providing it. It doesn’t matter who it affects as long as chaos reigns supreme. So unless you want to play the role of the judge, allow me to play the executioner!” The T.V. shuts off as anger has taken a hold of me. I picked up the T.V. enraged as I threw it down as hard as I could into the other corner breaking the damned thing. I yelled at the top of my lungs in anger. The students all looked at me confused. I looked back into their faces to calm myself. Just then, Drake came running down the hall.

“Michael!” He called out to me as he ran up to me.

“Drake? Why didn’t you radio me?”

“I couldn’t. Interference. Anyway I found some hostages over by the cafeteria area.”

“Great, where’s that?” Drake pointed me in the direction.

“Turn right down the hall and then left. It’s over on the other side of the lockers.”

“Alright, I’m going alone. Stay here with the others.” I ordered him. I ran with the speed of Hermes. As I ran, there was really only one person on my mind and that was Koruka. I hope to god that she is alright. I ran down the corridors until I saw a sign that pointed me to the cafeteria. I came into an opened courtyard before entering the cafeteria area itself. I could see the hostages tied up in the kitchen. I ran to them until a huge bulking man shoulder rushed me. I crashed into a cart filled with dirty plates as the man came to me. I looked up at him as he towered over me. He was a tall man, he must’ve been easily seven feet tall. Wearing a black suit and red tie, this guy wasn’t a monster like the others were. Although I couldn’t see his eyes thanks to those shades. He grabbed me by the collar and picked me up. He punched me hard in the face as I stumbled back and tripped over a crate.

As he came to me, I kicked the crate and tripped him. I got up as I held out my pistol. But he slapped the gun right out of my hand and tackled me. He had me against a burning grill as I elbowed him on the back to get him to let go. I then took a hold of him and shoved his face onto the grill burning the side of his face. He screamed as he elbowed me in the gut as I stepped back. He stood up and turned to me with grill marks on his cheek. I punched him in the face as hard as I could, but he just stood there and took it like a champ. I punched him again but still he did not react. He kicked me back as he took a meat clever and tried to make chopped lever out of me. I avoided the swings as I jumped up grabbing the edge of a ceiling fan. I swooped around and kicked him in the chest as he fell back. I reached for my shotgun as I blasted him. But he somehow dodged my shells as he grabbed the barrels of my gun. He used his incredible strength to crush the barrels as I was shocked.

He yanked the shotgun out of my hand and tossed it aside. He grabbed a hold of my neck as he lifted me and pounded me onto the table. I grabbed his arm trying to pull it off my neck but his grip was too strong. I thought quickly using what I could reach and grabbed a pot of boiling soup. I took the pot and smashed it onto his head as the boiling soup burned him even more. He let go of my neck as I got up from the table. I kicked him in the face breaking his shades. I went in for a punch but he caught my fist and stood up as he punched me harder. I crashed into a commercial sized dishwasher as he grabbed another meat cleaver from the table and swung at me. I swooped around him as he missed me completely. I grabbed a hold of his tie as I tried choking him with it. He headbutted me as he turned around and kicked me.

He came closer to me as I jumped up and drop kicked him into the machine. He fell onto it as his tie get caught on one of the pegs. The belt of the dishwasher did it’s job as it began choking him with his own tie. He struggled as the belt carried him into the machine where he would receive a pressed wash. He was boiled alive by the hot steam and was dead. That being the case, I ran back for the hostages and set them free.

“Are you all okay?”

“We are now thanks to you.” A lady said as she was crying. I held her close as I was there to comfort her.

“It’s okay, you’re safe now.”

“These letters on our chests, what do they mean?”

“They’re a code.” I grabbed my pen and notepad as I wrote down the letters W, L, O, N and P. The codes coming together, just ten more letters to go. Two more floors to check. I helped the hostages in the cafeteria to safety. I picked up my pistol and shotgun. Although my shotgun barrels got crushed so it’s useless now. But maybe I can get it fixed or scrapped. That huge guy put up quite the fight. What exciting challenges await me this time...?

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