Massacre of the Silver Skull

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Chapter 11

I’ve climbed the stairs to the 2nd floor of the school. I would’ve taken the elevator but I’ve had some bad luck with elevator’s in the past. Since my shotgun was no longer useful, all I had left to defend myself was my pistol and my psychic powers. I entered the 2nd floor hall with caution. I stood upon the balcony with a nice view of the 1st floor as I looked over the railing. Everything seemed quiet, too quiet. Where were all of Silver Skull’s goons? They were probably hiding out somewhere setting a trap for me. I turned a corner and it was like I stepped into a nightmare. Some bad dream. My eyes widen at the horrific sight. Dead bodies scattered everywhere. Blood all over the floor and walls, splattered on the lockers. Who could have done this? This was a massacre. I turned another corner and then I saw.... ‘Him’. Were my eyes playing tricks on me? This had to be a hallucinations.

Standing tall in a red trench coat with black trims and a fedora. His long jet black mane going down his back. He turns around slowly as I can still see that haunting gas mask. I gasped at the sight of him. His machete all bloody as he grips it tight. I point my gun straight at him as he faces me. He marches toward me as I opened fire. My bullets just phased right through him as if a ghost. He lifts up his machete as I braced. But he disappeared before me as I was left to my thoughts. What the hell was that all about? Why am I still seeing ‘him’? Something tells me that this wasn’t part of Silver Skull’s plan, but something else entirely. The lights then blew out one by one and I was left in the dark. The only source of light was through the windows.

I continued down the darkened corridor until I heard a heart beat monitor. A heart beat monitor inside of a school? This isn’t a damn hospital. I saw a vision of someone lying on a hospital bed hooked up to the machine. It was my partner detective Asbell. But why am I seeing this? Could this be telling me the future or was my partner really in the hospital? Whatever these visions are, they’re trying to distract me from my mission, but it won’t work. I need to focus. I turn to walk away and then, I saw another vision blocking my path. It was my mom. I try to look away but I couldn’t. I try not to shed tears but it’s hard. I can not unsee these visions.

She reaches out to me as she places her hand on my cheek. I look at her as she smiles. But then a blade came out from behind her, impaling her right in front of me. I try to scream but I can’t. Her cold lifeless body fell as ‘he’ stood there. My sadness turned into rage as I raised up my gun and shot. But of course the vision of ‘him’ disappears. I stood there wondering where it went. The vision of ‘him’ reappears at the side of my partners bed looking down at him. He ringed my partner’s neck and lifts him up with one strong grip. My partner struggling to break free from his grip. He stabs the machete into him as blood splattered on the back wall.

He drops the body and then turns his head to me. I try to shoot ‘him’ again but the visions finally stopped. The lights of the school came back on as I was surrounded by Silver Skull’s goons with their guns pointed at me.

“Sir, we’ve got him surrounded.” One of them said. I could only assume he was talking to Silver Skull via an ear piece.

“Understood. Alright men. If he moves, shoot!” I fell to my knees and lowered my head. Could this be it? Was I going to fail? No, I’ve come too far to fail now. I picked myself up one foot at a time.

“Don’t move Wydock!” I took a step forward.

“I said don’t move!” I step forward again. He fired his gun at me but the bullet had stopped. I used my psychi to stop the bullet. I flicked it back at him with full force as the bullet went straight through his head. The others opened fire as I dashed out of the way. I grabbed one of the goons and threw him into the other. Another one came at me with a knife as I grabbed him by the wrist, twisting it. I broke his wrist as I punched his lights out. I then took the knife he dropped and tossed it at the last one standing as the blade went through his face. One of them got up and leaped onto me trying to choke hold me. I struggled to get him off. I headbutted him but he still held on. I bite his arm as he loosened his grip on me. I then took a hold of him and flipped him over the railing. He fell to the 1st floor. While he was down, I used my psychi to cause a locker to fall on his face squashing it like a melon.

Once the deed was done I dashed down the hall and found the next set of hostages with letters painted onto their chests. Sitting in a perfect circle tied up to chairs. I don’t like this, it had to be another trap. They tried to warn me of danger but their mouths were taped shut. An iron frame surrounded them with sprinklers. The sprinkles were connected to tubes filled with hydrochloric acid. A trip wire was placed as the trip wire was connected to those tubes. One wrong move and they could be melted. I had to disable it somehow without harming the hostages. As I was trying to disable the machine, I heard the sound of heavy boots. I turned quickly as the huge man ringed my neck and lifted me up. It was that guy with the flamethrower I fought when P.C.P.D. was burning down.

“You? But how...?” He said nothing. He stared me down through that broken gas mask. I could see that half of his face was burnt and scarred. I struggled to break free but his grip was too tight. I took a knife and stabbed him in the eye. The blade went through the glass of his mask before it sank into his other eye. He tossed me aside like a ragdoll as he was groaning in pain. Like peeling off a band-aid, he ripped the knife right out of his eye as he tossed it onto the floor next to the hostages. One of them picked up the knife with his feet as he was able to get it into his hands as he begins to cut his bonds. I was busy fighting the man with the flamethrower as he was charging me like some quarterback.

He took his flamethrower in hands as he tries to burn me with the jet stream of fire. This guy doesn’t talk much does he? Luckily there’s no gasoline this time so I took my gun and pulled the trigger. But my gun was empty, I was out of ammo. Stupid me, I wasted all my shots fighting those damn hallucinations. The man smacked the gun out of my hand as he back slapped me across the room. I was sent flying in the air until I hit the floor. Damn this guy was strong. It looked as if the hostages had set themselves free. As the flamethrower man towered over me about to burn me to a crisp, one of the hostages came up from behind and shanked him in the back with the knife.

It gained his attention as he turns to face him. The hostage ran as the flamethrower man chased him. The hostage jumped over the trip wire but the man with the flamethrower didn’t. The sprinklers turned on as hydrochloric acid rained down on the flamethrower man. The man screamed in agonizing pain as he began to melt to death. Not even his jumpsuit could protect him from the acid. Poor melted bastard.

“You saved me.” I said as the hostage helped me up. I stood up as I pulled the tape off of her mouth.

“Thank you so, so much.” She said as she hugged me tight and sobbed.

“We were so scared.” She stopped hugging me as I was free to remove the tape from the other hostages mouths.

“You’re safe now.”

“Why do we have these stupid letters on our chests?” I took my pen and notepad out and wrote down the letters, I, E, S, M and R. Great, only five more letters to go and then I’ll have the entire code.

“They’re letters to a code. Now you all get to the entrance, you’ll be safer there.” The five students acknowledged me and raced downstairs to join up with Drake and the others. I climbed the stairs to the 3rd floor of the school. The last set of hostages should be here somewhere. And there they were. Tied to ropes dangling from the ceiling, and it was a long way down to the bottom. They looked over at me yelling ‘Help us!’ They were far from my reach. I looked down and there were pikes in the courtyard right underneath the hostages. A large man came out of the shadows on the balcony across from me holding a rope.

“No no no detective.” He said to me.

“Try to get close to me and I’ll release this rope, dropping these students to their deaths. Their blood will be on your hands.” He laughed. Damn, I just had to waste all my ammo too. And then I sparked an idea. I turned on my radio but left it in my pocket. Hopefully Drake would hear it. I threw my hands up in surrender as I tried talking to him.

“It seems we are at an impasse then. You’re so far away from me on the other 3rd floor balcony and I’m just standing here with no ammo.”

“It seems that way detective. I can kill them now.”

“No, let’s just talk about this.”

“What is there to talk about? You can do nothing to me and you’re killing them.”

“Well that maybe. But don’t they deserve a last request?” The hostages face the man.

“Last Request? Like what?” He questioned.

“Oh, oh, can we get pizza?” One of them joked. As the man was distracted, a shadow crept up behind him. It seemed that my plan worked. Drake swept the man’s leg as the man let go of the rope. I used my psychic powers to stop the rope from dropping the hostages. The man got up as he tries to punch Drake in the face. He dodges the punch as Drake kicked the man in the face. He then kicks him again and again until the man flipped over the railing. He fell until he was impaled onto the pikes below.

“Hurry Drake, I can’t hold the rope much longer!”

“How are you doing that?” He questioned.

“Not now. Just grab the rope!” Drake did as he was told and held the rope. I then used my powers to lift the hostages up and put them down onto the floor safely. But Drake was having a hard time holding the rope in place. The weight of the remaining hostages added to the rope.

“I’m slipping Michael, hurry!” I had secured four out of five hostages. Drake couldn’t hold on much longer and let go dropping the last hostage. I ran and leaped off trying to catch him. But he slipped through my grasp and he fell onto the pikes below.

“NO!” I yelled out. I looked over the railing at the dead body. I was so close, I could’ve saved him. But there was no time to mourn now. I had a bomb to defuse. I looked at the letters on the students chests and jotted them down. The remaining letters being E, C, O, and M. But I was missing one last letter. I could figure it out. I had all the letters now, I just had to put them all together. I reassembles the letters. The first word I got was ‘Welcome’. The second word was ‘To’. But what was the third one? I scrambled the last word together and it had said ‘Pinesberry’. So the entire code was ‘Welcome To Pinesberry’. And then it dawned on me. Silver Skull wants me to go back to Pinesberry but why? I had no time to wonder, I had the code.

I dash downstairs as fast as I could to defuse the bomb. In the basement of the school where the bomb was located. I inputted the code into the computer. ‘Welcome To Pinesberry’. But there was that one missing letter. What could it be? Then it hit me. The last letter of the code could be ‘M’ referring to my name. But looking at the words ‘Pinesberry’ just brings back so many painful memories. I must’ve blacked out for a moment and hit the wrong key be accident. The bombs timer went off showing three seconds.

“Oh shit.” I said. The timer reached zero and the bomb exploded. I flew back as the blast sent me flying out of the room.

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