Massacre of the Silver Skull

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Chapter 13

On our way to the hospital, I was trying to explain to my baby cousin about the time paradox that was in Pinesberry. That as long as she was in that town, she had been there for many years, not months or days. Eleven years really is a long time. She didn’t believe me at first, she thought that I was nuts. But then I showed her today’s date, March 7, 2006. She was just as shocked as I was the first time I heard that. She was at a loss for words, her face says it all. I can’t imagine all of the nightmarish horrors she experienced there. We made it to the hospital as I pulled into the parking lot and put my car in park. I got out and looked back at her.

“You coming?” She looked at me.

“No, I’m just going to stay here. I just need to process this. He’s your partner, you should see him alone.” I closed the car door as I headed into the hospital. Poor girl, she must’ve been through so much in that town. This whole time paradox thing must have her so confused. I walked over to the front desk and spoke to the receptionist.

“May I help you?” She asked so politely.

“I’m here to see Asbell.”

“Oh yes, he’s on the 2nd floor, room 207.”

“Thanks.” I smiled. I was feeling confident now that Eric Graves is behind bars that I decided to take the elevator up. I push the button and called the elevator car. It took me to the 2nd floor, now I just needed to find room 207. I opened the door and there was my partner laying in bed with a couple of scorch marks on him and bandaged up.

“Hey Asbell.” I said. He looked over at me as I pulled up a chair to his bedside.

“Glad to see you could make it boss.”

“Great news. The Shadow is dead and Silver Skull has been put behind bars.” Asbell laid back on the pillow still looking at me.

“I know, I saw the news. You accomplished what I could not. But at least it’s finally over. You did good boss.” I smiled.

“Well I couldn’t have done it without you. But on a side note, I am getting married to Koruka. I purposed and she said ‘yes’.”

“That’s great news, I’m so happy for you! Congratulations!” I smiled again.

“Thanks. The wedding isn’t for a couple of weeks from now. And when you’re out of this hospital, I want you to be my best man.” The look on Asbell’s face was in awe.

“It would be my honor boss.” Asbell and I chatted for a while until it was time for me to go, get everything set up for me and Koruka’s wedding. Upon exiting the hospital, I walked back to my car.... But my cousin Amber was no longer in the passengers seat. She had walked off while I was in the hospital. But where did she go...?

Weeks had passed and it was the day of the wedding. Asbell had made a full recovery and as I promised, made him my best man. My cousin however couldn’t make it. Maybe she had other business to take care of. But everybody from the P.C.P.D. was there including the chief. I stood there at the alter sharply dressed in a black and white suit. And there she was, walking down the isle. White off the shoulder dress and a bouquet of roses in her hand. She seemed so happy and I also had a huge smile on my face. It was the happiest moment of my life. I got to marry the woman of my dreams. I felt like the luckiest man of Paradise City.

We looked deep into one anothers eyes as we stood there at the alter holding hands. We made our vows as I slipped the ring on her finger. We both had said the ‘I do’s’ as we sealed it off with a kiss. A kiss that would lead to many more in our future. After the wedding, a reception was in order to complete this wonderful ceremony, the union of two people if you will. A stacked wedding cake was placed on the table. I believe it was vanilla flavored. Koruka and I held the knife as we cut the cake straight down the middle.

Everybody had a slice of cake. Everyone was eating, drinking, dancing and above all having a wonderful time. The chief and a few of my fellow officers congratulated me on my big day. The ring I gave to Koruka once belonged to my mother. She had given it to me a long time ago before she moved to that retirement home. Saying that someday I will find that special someone in my life and when I did to give it to her. I had it engraved saying ‘Our love is forever’. A phone rang as the chief picked it up. I put down my glass as I went over to him saying that the call was for me. I took the phone from him.


“I believe congratulations are in order detective.” My eyes widen at the sound of the voice on the other line. It was Eric Graves.

“How did you get this number!?”

“I have my ways detective. I am disappointed that I didn’t receive an invitation.”

“What are you planning Graves?” He chuckled.

“Oh I have something very special for you. Hope you enjoy my little ‘wedding gift’. 1.... 2..... 3. ” He laughed sinisterly and then hung up the phone. Just as he hung up the phone, a knife came flying through the air and broke the phone. The flying blade was aimed at me but it clearly missed. I turned around as Koruka stood there with a knife in her hand as everybody screamed in terror.

“Oh, fuck me.” Koruka dashed toward me with the knife as she tried to stab me. I dodged every single blow until she cut my tie in half.

“Koruka, what are you doing?” She said nothing. There was something different about her though. Something in her eyes. Eric must’ve done something to her while they were in Pinesberry.

“Baby snap out of it!” Again she did not say a word. She grunted as she tries to stab me. My partner tackled her and broke a table. Koruka manages to stick the knife into his leg as he yelled out in pain. I pulled her off of him as she elbows me right in the face. She then kicked me back and sent me flying into another table. She took the knife out of Asbell’s leg and tried to stab me with it. I dodged it as the blade sank into the table. Just as Asbell laid there on the floor bleeding, he caught a glimpse of something on the back of her neck. Asbell got up and jumped onto her back. But she headbutts him and throws him off onto me knocking me down. As I stood up, she ran over and kicked me out of the window.

Thinking I was going to fall to my death, I was saved by a passing subway train. I rolled on top of the cars until I stopped. Koruka ran over to the window and saw that I was alive. She jumped out of the window after me and landed like some superhero on top of subway cars. I stood up.

“Koruka, don’t do this!” I said still trying to get through to her. I balled up my fists getting ready to fight. She dashed throwing high kicks at me. I used my arms as shields and blocked her kicks. I swept her leg as she falls back. I tried to jump onto her but she used her feet to lift me off the ground and kicked me back behind her. Koruka flipped herself up as she faces me. She comes at me with punches as I blocked them.

“Koruka, I don’t want to hurt you!” She took her knife as she tries to slice me up. She did manage to cut through my tux though.

“Oh come on, this was a rental.” She swept my leg and jumped onto my. She held my neck almost choking me. My head was hanging down over the edge as another train was coming the opposite way. I thought quickly and kicked her off of me as I stood back up. As I was fighting my bride, Asbell slipped me an earpiece before the wedding. He called me on it as I answered.

“I’ve got my hands full right now Asbell.” As I was defending myself against her punches, Asbell talked to me through the earpiece.

“Wydock, listen to me. There’s something on the back of Koruka’s neck. It looks like an electronic chip. Find a way to short circuit it and she should be back to normal.”

“How am I suppose to short circuit it? I have no access to any water.” And then the train was about to pass a nearby park.

“Oh wait, nevermind. Looks like this is my stop.” I said to myself. I caught Koruka’s fists and pushed her behind me. I jumped off the train and held onto a nearby street light. Koruka then ran off and jumped after me, tackling me in the process. She and I both landed in the park where there was a fountain in the center of it. I ran as she followed me, I had to lure her to the fountain. She tackles me again as we landed in the fountain. She pinned me down as she wrapped her hands around my neck. As she leaned in closer, I scooped up some water and placed my hand on the back of her neck, short circuiting the chip.

“I’m sorry babe.” She got off of me as she collapses on the ground. I stood up. The chip was broken but I couldn’t take it off, it was implanted onto her skin. This needed surgery to remove it. Thankfully she’s still alive. I rushed her to the hospital that night. That was a pretty nasty trick Eric pulled. One last trick up his sleeve to try to get back at me. He was trying to break me but he failed.

After that stunt, Eric was sent off to Undercroft Asylum where it reopened for patients. For the criminally insane. I think Doctor Victor Lazarus is going to have his hands full. As for Stone, I don’t know what ever happened to him after that. I decided to pay him a little visit. His new cell was located in the basement of the Asylum. Just a bed and a toilet. And a large pane glass wall that separated the two rooms.

“Evening, Wycock.” He said to me grinning.

“Your little ‘wedding gift’ failed Graves. Koruka’s still alive, she’s getting her chip removed as we speak. But if you ever come after her again, I swear I will rip your god damn heart out!”

“Ooo, aggressive aren’t we detective? Good.” He grinned.

“I finally figured out what you were really trying to do. You must’ve known that a fragment of Red Moth’s power was still inside of me. So you did everything you could to try and break me releasing my inner rage to become the new Red Moth. But it didn’t work and it never will. My will is too strong to let that happen.” He begins to slow clap.

“I couldn’t say it better myself. But then again, I have many ways I can break you. You best sleep with one eye opened detective. Because the next time you and I meet..... You’ll die!” I left the Asylum and walked back to my car. I drove back to the hospital to check on Koruka. She opened her eyes and saw me standing there with some flowers. She smiles at me with a bandage on her neck.

“Hey, you feeling okay?” She doesn’t remember what happened that night. After the wedding, it was all just a blank to her. I filled her in all of the details. This was not how I ever pictured our honeymoon to go. A couple of more days have passed and she had made a full recovery. She had the chip removed that Eric planted and we went on a real honeymoon. I had pay in advance and could afford our honeymoon trip to New Orleans. She and I always wanted to go and see the sights. Eat some fine Cujan cuisine. We stayed a week at a five story hotel in town.

“I love you so much.” She smiled as she wraps her arms around me. I smiled back.

“I love you too babe.” She and I kissed leaving this all behind us. We were now together and hopefully start a family of our own someday. She rests her head onto my chest as I held her close and we danced the day away.

The End

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