Massacre of the Silver Skull

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Chapter 2

Detective Asbell and I were in the interrogation room with Johnny at the P.C.P.D. He bought off the drugs from someone, but from whom? Johnny wasn’t giving us any names however, but we were determined to make him talk. I assumed the role of the good cop while Asbell was playing the bad.

“Alright Johnny. I’m going to this make nice and easy. We know you bought the drugs from someone. Tell me who your distributor is and I won’t get Asbell over there to break your knee caps.”

“Petty threats aren’t going to get me to talk detective. And this whole good cop bad cop routine you’ve got going on here, I’ve seen it about a million times before. It’s just not gonna work.” Replied Johnny leaning back in the chair with one arm resting on the back end of the chair. Asbell walked up, slamming his hands on the table.

“That’s what they all say.” He grabbed Johnny by the jacket and pinned him up against the wall.

“But then again, you don’t wanna piss me off!”

“Look at you go Asbell. You nearly got me to piss myself. Did you and your partner rehearse this?” Asbell threw Johnny on the ground as I got up to stop him.

“Relax Asbell, ease off.” I walked up to Johnny and knelt down to his level.

“Look Johnny, I get it. This whole bad boy thing you’ve got going on, I was once like you believe it or not. Getting into trouble, causing mischief. I was always getting into trouble when I was your age. The reason I was like that is because my mom and dad were never there for me. Even when I needed them the most, I couldn’t rely on them to get me by. So I do understand where you’re coming from. I’ve been there.” I placed my hand on his shoulder as he looked up at me turning his angry face into sadness.

“Was your daddy not there for you? Did he leave you all alone? When you cried, who was there to make you stop? Little Johnny all by himself.” Tears were beginning to shed from his eyes as he started to cry. I pulled him closer as I hugged him tight.

“Damn it! Where was he? Where was my dad?”

“Shhhh, it’s okay now Johnny, it’s okay. I’m here for you, don’t cry.” I said as I patted his head. It took a few moments for Johnny to stop tearing up.

“Okay, I’ll tell you who I bought the drugs from. His name is Billy Edwards. You’ll find him in warehouse 31 on pier 2. That’s where he operates aside from his mansion.”

“Thank you Johnny.” I whispered in his ears. Asbell and I opened the door. Before I left, Johnny gave me one last piece of advice.

“Billy might have snipers on the roof surrounding the building. Be careful.”

“Thanks for the heads up.” I said just before I left. Asbell turned to me.

“Were you really like that?”

“No. It’s reverse psychology. It really comes in handy. You should try it sometime rookie.” Asbell shook his head as he smiled saying that he couldn’t believe that I pulled it off on Johnny.

“You clever son of a bitch Wydock. You could’ve fooled me.” Billy Edwards, one of the sons of one of the richest families in Paradise City. According to his case file, he was left out of his parents will. He then murdered his own brothers and sisters in search for said will so he could get everything. Great, another criminal driven by greed, how boring. I needed a new challenge, a new change of pace.

“Let’s go get our guy.”

Inside of warehouse 31, there was a man wearing a black suit jacket and a fedora as he was on his knees with his hands bounded by rope behind his back. He was surrounded by goons all dressed in suits who were beating up on him. The man’s face was all bloody and bruised from the beatings. In front of the man was another man sitting in a fancy leather chair in the shadows.

“Now this is going to be the last time I ask.” Said the mysterious man in the shadows.

“Do you have the will or not?” The beaten up man spat out pints of blood as he looked at him.

“Go da Hell Billy! You were always such a greedy little brat!” One of the goons punched the tied up man right in the gut as the mysterious man named Billy stood up from his chair. He stepped out of the shadows. Sporting a grayish white suit with a pink dicky that had a single gold button on it and a matching hat. He was wearing another coat over his shoulders as if it were a cape. He had both hands on his cane as he looked down at the man. Billy used his cane to lift the beaten man’s chin as to make eye contact.

“No matter. As long as the will shows up in the next fifteen minutes anyway. Then the family fortune will be mine.” Billy then flipped his cane and used the back end to strike his brother in the gut again. The tied up man fell unconscious. Billy waved his hand telling his goons to take him away.

“I think my brother needs a chemical bath, wouldn’t you say? Throw him into the vat.” Billy watches from the catwalk at the convener belts below with pounds of drugs on them. He shouted to the workers below.

“I want this shipment done by tonight, no slacking! Afterwards, free beers on me boys!” He shouted putting his arms up in the air as the crowd below cheered. Billy Edwards may had been evil, but he was always good to his people.

“Boss!” One of his goons called out to him. Billy turned to the man as the man approached him and whispered into his ear.

“I just got word that Detective Wydock is coming.”

“Let him come. He’ll never get past the snipers. Tell them to get ready to throw Wydock a warm welcome.” He grinned. The goon left Billy’s side as he stood there with his hands on the top of his cane.

Asbell and I arrive at the docks as we step out of the car. Red lasers were pointing everywhere, surrounding the building. Billy must’ve had snipers on every rooftop surrounding the warehouse. We took cover behind a pile of barrels and crates as we were trying to figure out how we were going to get past them.

“How are we suppose to get past the snipers?”

“Relax Asbell, I’ve got this.” I looked around and one of the snipers had a hook dangling from a crane behind him. I used my psychic power to push the hook back and then released it, knocking the sniper right off of the catwalk. One down, four more to go. There was one other sniper on the roof of the warehouse itself. I climbed a ladder on the side of the building onto the roof. I crept up behind the sniper as I was a good safe distance from him. I used my psychi to pull the gun out of his hand and bonked him on top of the head with it as he use knocked out cold. Poor guy didn’t see it coming until it was too late.

“What’s going on out there?” I heard the voice coming from the snipers walkie-talkie that I just knocked out.

“Boss, I’ve lost two of my guys. Wydock’s here.”

“Do you have a visual on him?”

“Negative sir.”

“Continue your sweep, find him!”

“Yes sir!” Three snipers remained. Billy was making this all too easy. There was a crate that hung above two of them as they were searching on the ground. I used my psychi again to brake to ropes and made the crate fall on top of them as they walked past. The last sniper looked through his scope to try and find where I was hiding.

“There you are.” But before he could pull the trigger, Asbell snuck up behind him and grabbed him in a strong choke hold. Asbell held his nose so he couldn’t breath as the man was struggling for air. He was knocked out cold as Asbell laid his body gently onto the ground. I jumped and used my psychi to float myself down.

“Hmph, show off.” Joked Asbell.

“Nice work rookie.” We turned and faced the doors as we both pulled out our guns. I of course still had my quad barrel shotgun with me.

“Ready when you are.” Asbell told me. We kicked the double doors to the warehouse as we’ve had our guns armed and ready, pointing at Billy’s men within the building.

“FREEZE, NOBODY MOVE!” I shouted. Billy Edwards was up on the catwalk above as he was slow clapping.

“Looking for me?” He grinned.

“We’re here to shut you down Billy!” I responded.

“You’re welcome to try! Although I highly doubt that you can! There’s only two of you and a dozen of my men!” Billy could hear sirens from outside.

“Not for long!” Billy looked at me in anger as he gripped the railing tighter.

“KILL THEM!” Billy’s men fired as Asbell and I ran for cover. I fired my shotgun as I took out four of his men before I took cover. The rest of the police came as there was now a shoot-out at the warehouse. Billy was trying to make a run for it.


“I’m on it!” I jetted for the stairs that lead to the catwalk. Billy turned a corner as he ran through the emergency exit. I ran after him as he turned and fired his gun. I used the door to shield myself from the bullets. Billy’s gun was now emptied out as he tosses it aside and ran. I chased after him. He wasn’t going to get away from me. Billy was a pretty fast runner, but so was I. He knocked over the barrels to try to slow me down. I jumped over them and headed up a plank that lead to a container. I jumped off and tackled Billy from above. Once he was down, he pulled out a second gun on me. Before he could pull the trigger, I thought quickly and used a near-by rope to lasso the gun and yanked it away from him. I then kicked him hard in the face as he was knocked out cold.

“Next stop, P.C.P.D.” Detective Wydock had Billy handcuffed as he helped him into the backseat of his car. There was a figure that stood on top of shipping containers on the other side of the docks just watching. The figure’s black trench coat was blowing gently in the wind. He wore a silver reflective skull mask attached to a black hood over his face. He watched as Detective Wydock and the other cops drove away. The figure turned back as he walks away.

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