Massacre of the Silver Skull

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Chapter 5

Two months ago....

“We’ve got another one Wydock. Over at the Calzone Manor.” Calzone Manor, that was the mayor’s house. Me and my other partner at the time heard over the radio in the car. He was a bald headed man with a red scruffy beard and glasses. Sporting a black leather jacket and navy blue jeans.

“Detective Berman, you ready for this?” Matthew Berman was his name. He was starting out as a rookie.

“I am prepared. You think someone killed the Mayor?”

“Don’t assume anything just yet rookie. We’ve got our work cut out for us.” I drove as fast as I could to the crime scene at the manor. We arrived at the scene of the crime in less then twenty minutes. Police cars and news vans were parked in the drive-way and in front of the gate. The mayor’s car was also parked in the circular drive-way. The mayor was a big fan of the classic cars, his happened to be a 1945 roll Royce wraith colored black. This man was a billionaire, he had a garage full of classic cars. A Gothic style manor, he had everything he could ever want. I can’t imagine why someone wanted to assassinate the mayor, if he truly is dead. His wife was just outside the manor crying her eyes out. Detective Berman and I decided to ask her a few questions.

“Good evening miss.” I tipped my hat to her as she looked up at me. She was a lovely lady, long black hair with green eyes. Red lipstick and wearing a black dress.

“I am Detective Wydock and this is my partner Detective Berman. We would like to ask you some questions if that’s alright by you.”

“Sure, anything I can do to help you two.” She said sobbing. My partner took out a pen and note pad to write everything down.

“This is a lovely home by the way Ms. Calzone. Can you tell me what happened?”

“Thank you. It was late last night around midnight. I was going upstairs to check on my husband and kiss him goodnight. His office door was locked. I could hear muffling inside like two men talking. My husband was talking to someone else, I don’t know who. I didn’t recognize his voice. And then after awhile, the talking stopped and I heard a thud on the floor. I yelled for my son for help. He knocked down the door and there was my husband lying on the floor covered in blood.”

“Who would want to have him assassinated? Did he have any enemies?”

“I... I have no idea who wanted my husband dead. But there was a lot of people who didn’t like the way he was running this city. That’s all I can tell you.”

“Thank you for your time miss. And I’m sorry for your loss.”

“Please, catch that scumbag whose responsible for this.” Ok, so it sounded as if the wife didn’t see the murderer. But maybe the son had seen something? I think it’s about time to have a little chat with him. Detective Berman and I walked inside the manor. It was about a two story house with curved stairs opposite of each other leading up to the second floor. In between the stairs was double doors leading to some other room of the house.

“Ah, there you are.” The chief called down to us from the second floor. We walked up the stairs as the chief was standing there waiting for us.

“It is pure chaos out there, everyone is in an uproar with the mayor being dead and all.”

“Have we got any leads?” I asked. The chief sighed.

“We just talked to the son. He said that when he broke down the door, the window was opened. It was an assassination. Probably from our good friend ‘The Shadow’. The sons over there if you want to talk to him.” The mayors son was leaning on the banister with his arms crossed and smoking a cigarette. He was a scrawny man with red spiky hair and a rats tail in the back. Sporting a black leather jacket with three spikes on each shoulder and a white tank top underneath trying to look like a tough guy.

“Hello, my name is Detec….”

“Yeah I know who you are.” He interrupted. He sounded more wimpy then he did tough as he blew out a puff of smoke into the air.

“Well, me and my partner were wondering if we could ask you a few questions.”

“I ain’t got nothing to say to the feds. I ain’t done nothing wrong. My old man was killed, that’s it.”

“Relax, no one’s blaming you for anything. We just want to know if you saw anything Mr...?”

“The name’s Brain. Brain Calzone, but my friends call me ‘Weasel’.” I saw the patch on his jacket. It was a dragons skull facing forward with two swords crossed behind it and a third right through the skull. The words ‘The Dragon’ was on the top in a silver banner while the word ‘Skullz’ could be seen on the bottom with the same silver banner.

“That’s a pretty cool jacket. Where’d you get it?” I asked.

“It’s exclusive. In a store called none of your damn business!”

“This guy’s just wasting our time boss, let’s just go.” Said Matthew. As we began to walk the other way, Weasel spoke up.

“You know, maybe I saw something last night.” Detective Berman and I stared back at him as Matt took out a pen and note pad.

“What did you see?”

“Well, when I broke down the door and saw my old man lying on the floor dead, I noticed that the window was opened. I looked out the window and got a glimpse of the killer’s leg. It looked like he was wearing purple pants and black dress shoes. Oh, and there was also this on the nightstand.” Weasel handed me a note that he found on the nightstand possibly left behind by the killer. I opened it as it said ‘Pigs for the Slaughter’ written with red ink. But was it ink or blood? ‘Pigs for the Slaughter’, what could that mean? There through the open door, I could see the body of mayor Calzone covered up laying on the rug in the office. The window was left opened as the curtains danced in the cool breeze.

Present day....

“That was two months ago Asbell. And it’s only a matter of time before ‘The Shadow’ assassinates another one like Billy and the mayor.” I made my way off of the roof as Asbell soon followed.

“What ever happened to your last partner?” I opened the door as I looked back at him.

“We did manage to corner the assassin a week after that. We chased him but Matt made the rookie mistake of getting himself shot in the leg by one of his traps. He’s currently in the hospital healing up.”

“So you almost caught him?”

“Yes but like I said before, he always manages to slip right through our fingers.” As Asbell and I walked down the stairs, there was white noise coming from my pocket. It was from the walkie talkie. I answered it to see what the problem was. It was hard to make out what exactly they were saying, there was too much interference. I could only make out the words; ’Need back at P.C.P.D.’. It sounded urgent. We made our way out of the building, however right after we’ve exited the building, something must’ve hit us on the head with such force. We blacked out.

1 hour earlier....

Billie's clothes were stripped off as his body was zipped up and taken to the morgue they have in the basement at P.C.P.D. A stretcher was wheeled up to his cell as the chief’s men put Billie's body onto it. They took the elevator down to the basement. The elevator doors opened up to a long stretched corridor leading to the morgue.

“Hey, we’ve got another stiff one for ya.” Said one of the cops. The undertaker looked up at the cop. He pointed.

“Put him over there.” The undertaker was a middle-aged man who was balding. He had on glasses and a white lab coat as he was sitting at his desk doing some paperwork. The two cops wheeled Billie's body to the middle of the room and left, closing the door behind them. The undertaker stopped what he was doing and walked over to the body. He adjusted his glasses before he unzipped the bag. The undertaker checked Billie's pulse to see if he was really dead. He felt nothing. The undertaker went for the needle to drain all his blood out before taking his organs out. But before the undertaker could stick the needle in, Billy threw his arm up as he ringed the undertakers neck.

The undertaker was shocked as he tried to scream for help but Billie's grip was too tight around his neck. Billy looked up at him as his eyes widen. Billie's eyes became enraged as he hopped off the stretcher still holding tightly onto the undertakers neck. Billy then squeezed his hand tighter crushing the old mans neck like a twig. He let go as the undertakers body fell onto the floor. The other two officers that left heard the commotion as they pulled out their guns. The two officers kicked the doors opened as they pointed their guns at reanimated Billy. Billy turned to face them as his eyes glowed a bright red.

“What the fuck...?” Billy took the stretcher in one hand as he tossed it at the two officers. The officers were pinned down as Billy climbed over the stretcher, stomping on their heads as they popped like two red balloons. As he made his way to the elevator, he looked back at the corpses and got an idea. He went back and took off one of the officers uniforms. Billy put on the dead cops uniform and put on a hat. Now he could blend in and get out of here unscathed.

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