Massacre of the Silver Skull

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Chapter 6

I awoke several hours later hung upside down tied by the feet. I looked around but I was no longer in the streets. It was dark inside, old rusty and broken down machinery surrounded me. An abandoned factory maybe? My partner was nowhere to be found. The blood was rushing to my head. My hands were free as I took a knife that was next to me on an oil drum. I bent to get to my feet as I cut the rope. I fell onto the hard and cold concrete floor. It wasn’t that big of a drop though. I stood back up as I shouted for my partner.

“ASBELL!?” I shouted again and got a response.

“Wydock? Where are you?” His voice sounded like he was further away from me in another room.

“I can’t see where you are! Tell me where you are, what do you see!?”

“I’m tied up! I see oil drums! It looks like there’s a shotgun trap at the door! Be careful!” I walked deeper into the dark. I found a lit up lantern on a table and beside it was a walkie talkie. There was a note taped to it that says ‘take me’. Maybe I could use it to radio for back up. I took it as I tried to channel it, but all I got was static. There was a radio frequency etched onto the table. I turned the knob to the series of numbers that was shown on the table. There was a mysterious voice on the other end, one I did not recognize.

“Hello Detective Wydock.” The voice sounded deep and muffled.

“Who is this?”

“Never you mind my name. You’re probably wondering where you are right now.”

“Creepy atmosphere, broken down machinery, broken windows and shelves full with creepy ass dolls. I’d say an old abandoned toy factory.”

“Very good detective.”

“Cut the shit, what do you want?”

“I’ve heard so much about you Wydock. I just wanted to see for myself if you were as smart as people say you are. I guess you can say I am a big fan.”

“Well the last person to say that to me turned out to be a fucking psychopath.” He chuckled.

“Oh I am nothing like Vigo.”

“How do you...?”

“I want to play a game with you.”

“I don’t have time for games!”

“Oh you don’t have a choice. That is if you don’t want anything to happen to your little girlfriend.” My eyes widen.

“HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT HER!?” He chuckled again.

“I have my ways. Now, these will be a series of tests. And every test you pass will earn you a clue to the location of my next test. Sound fun?”

“How about you tell me where you are and we can end this right now!?”

“I’m afraid that won’t work. We don’t want to make things too easy. And don’t think about tracing my signal either. I have it blocked. Now onto your first test. Your partner is tied up in the other room. You have exactly sixty seconds to save him before he burns to death. But be careful on your way in detective. Easy enough right? So, let the games begin.” I ran with the speed of Hermes down the dark corridor until I found the door to the room where my partner was. I could see him tied up on the chair that sat on a conveyer belt. The conveyer belt was slowly making it’s way to the furnace.

“ASBELL HANG ON!” He warned me that the door was booby trapped. I took my pistol and shot the windows as I jumped through. I rushed to Asbell as I go to untie him. But he was wrapped up in chains and not rope. The chain had a combination lock on it. I had only forty seconds left to find that code, it had to be somewhere in this room. Three numbers, where could they be?

“It’s getting warm over here Wydock!” There, the numbers were etched onto the side of the furnace with the numbers 2 3 9. I rushed over back to Asbell as I punched the numbers in. There was an ominous beeping sound coming from below Asbell’s chair. I looked down and there was a bomb strapped to his chair. If that bomb goes in the fire, this whole place will blow up with us inside.

“Shit, we got to move now!” Asbell’s hands were free as he got the chains off. Thirty seconds remained as I helped him off the belt. Asbell and I rushed out of the room as quickly as we could. We got out of the factory as the building exploded behind us. We were lucky to have made it out of there in time. There was white noise coming from my pocket as I answered the call.

“Very good Detective, you’ve past the first test and saved your partner’s life.” Said the mysterious voice.

“You son of a bitch! Whoever you are, I will find you!”

“Oh I am counting on it. I suppose I should reward you with a clue. Look in your partners pocket.” The channel turned off as Asbell looked at me. He checked both his coat pockets and felt a long smooth object in his left pocket. He pulled it out to show me. It was a pen from the P.C.P.D.

“Damn, we gotta get down there now!”

“With what car?” Just as we were deciding about how we were going to get down there, the sound of heavy boots caught our attention. I looked toward where the footsteps were coming from as a huge hulking man came walking out of the fire.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?” The hulking brute of a man wearing a fedora and a trench coat came pacing toward us. It’s skin was grey as it’s mouth appeared to be sewn shut and it’s eyes glowed red. The fire didn’t seem to bother him at all. Asbell and I pulled out our pistols as we opened fire on the monster. But our bullets seemed like they didn’t work. The monster back handed me hard as I was sent flying through the air and I made a huge dent in the side of a truck. My partner hit the monster in the head with the back end of his gun which got the monsters attention. It grabbed Asbell by the throat as it lifted him up in the air.

I thought quickly and got into the truck. Asbell struggled as the monster was about to tear his face off. I honked to get the monsters attention. I stomped on the pedal as Asbell kicked the monster and freed himself. Asbell jumped out of the way as I rammed that bastard.

“Asbell, let’s go!” Asbell got into the truck as I put the pedal to the metal and ran right over that monster and made our way to P.C.P.D.

Meanwhile at the P.C.P.D. the officers were tied up in a group in chairs. The chief woke up and looked around as he saw all of his employees in the same situation that he was in. There was a T.V. on a cart in the same room as it turned on. The officers turned their attention to the T.V. and saw the man in the silver skull mask on the screen.

“Officers of the P.C.P.D. You all get to be a part of a test today, oh how lucky you are. Any moment from now, your fellow officers Detective Wydock and his partner will try and save you all. But if he takes too long, this station will become your tomb. But that’s not all. There is a traitor among you. One of your fellow officers is not who he says he is and is the one who tied you all up for execution. Pigs for the Slaughter.” The T.V. turned off as now the officers could do nothing but wait. But only one of them was an imposter. While they were waiting for Detective Wydock to come and save them, they had plenty of time to figure out who the imposter was.

It took us about twenty five minutes to get there from the toy factory. I’ve parked the truck and quickly got out. Asbell and I rushed to the doors but they were locked from the inside. The glass doors were bullet proof so we couldn’t shoot our way in. We had to use force.

“Ready Asbell? On three. One. Two. Three!” Asbell and I used our combined strength to force the doors open, but it was wired. Upon the doors opening, it triggered the sprinklers to turn on. Wait, that smell. Instead of water, it was gasoline. My guess was that I had only a certain amount of time to free my co-workers before this whole place goes up in flames.

“Asbell, split up!”

“On it!” I rushed over to one of the tied up officers and attempted to set him free. But while I was doing so, he said something to me. Like he was warning me of something. Someone sneaking up behind me. He yelled out ‘WATCH OUT!’ as I turned around only for a second. He was a very tall man in a dark green gas mask and armed with a flamethrower dressed in a jumpsuit. He pointed the flamethrower toward me. As he pulled the trigger, I jumped out of the way as the flames engulfed my fellow officer. That bastard burned him to a crisp. I was devastated. His untimely death will not be in vain, I will avenge him. The man in the gas mask pointed his flamethrower toward me again and pulled the trigger. I avoided the stream of fire. Firing my gun in here would be a bad idea right now with this gasoline.

“Asbell! Free them! I’ll keep this guy busy!” Asbell acknowledges my plan and did as instructed. I could not let the other officers know that I have psychic powers, they never believed in them. But Asbell I could trust. I trusted him to keep my secret from the others and he did not disappoint me. He shot out a stream of fire at me again as I ran. As soon as I was able to get in close, I punched him in the face as hard as I could. He reacted to my punch but this guy was tough. He turned back to me as he grabbed my shirt. He headbutted me and then hit me with the back end of his flamethrower. He then back handed me hard as I was sent flying and hit the wall.

As Asbell was busy untying our employees, the tall masked man marched toward me. He attempted to stomp on me but I rolled on the floor. I found a shard of glass on the floor and used it to stab him in the foot. He yelled out in pain as I stood up and tackled him. The flames were spreading quickly as the fire escaped through the broken windows. I was whaling on the masked man as I was punching him left and right. He kicked me off as he stood back up. Asbell finished freeing the chief as all of them were freed and rushed out of the burning building.

“Wydock, get out of there!” As I kicked the masked man back down, I ran for the exit. But somehow the doors closed on me and I was trapped. A T.V. turned on from behind me as ‘he’ appeared on the screen waving his finger at me.

“No no no Detective, not that way.” I could tell he was grinning behind that silver skull mask. I grunted and looked up toward the spiral staircase. Maybe I can escape from the roof. It was getting hot in here and I need some air. I rushed up the staircase and onto the roof of the building. As I opened the roof access door, news choppers were flying in the sky. I guess news gets around fast about P.C.P.D. burning down. I sure hope Koruka’s not watching the news right now, I don’t want her to be worried. As the flames started to come up to the roof, the man punched a hole through the roof. That is one strong dude.

He jumped up onto the roof with me with one cracked lens in his mask staring at me. He took his flamethrower and shot out a stream of fire. Now that we were not inside the building anymore away from the gasoline, I was now able to use my gun. The tower that was in the center of the building started to come down with us on top of it. The man charged toward me using his flamethrower as a joust and attempted to impale me with it. I moved as I pulled out my gun and shot the tank on his back disabling his flamethrower. I then ran over and jump kicked him. He stepped back as he tumbled and fell off of the tower.

The tower was beginning to fall and I didn’t have time. Since this building used to be a lighthouse, it was right on the edge of the ocean. As the flaming tower came down, I jumped off hoping to land in the water. I took a leap of faith and landed safely in the water below. But I had to swim out of the way of the falling tower. I swam as the tower splashed hard into the water.

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