Massacre of the Silver Skull

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Chapter 7

Sirens whaled down the streets as the medic team helped me and my co-workers. Firefighters help put out the flames of the burning P.C.P.D. building. It would take a long time to rebuild. I came up to Asbell as I patted him on the shoulder for a job well down. I looked over at him and smiled as he goes to check on the others. White noise came from my radio as I answered it.

“Well done Detective. I am impressed. You managed to save all of them but one. Poor little pig.” He laughed.

“Enough of these damn games! You’re a sick bastard and I will hunt you down even to the ends of the earth!”

“Oh my, you sound pissed.” He chuckled.

“I wonder how Koruka is handling all of this news?”

“If you even DARE lay one finger on her, I’ll...!”

“Do what exactly!? Throw me in the grinder? If I were you Detective, I would check with your chief about who it was that set them up for execution. Until next time Detective.” The radio signal was lost as I put it back in my pocket. But what he said about the grinder made me wonder..... But that was eleven years ago. How does he know about that? And it was an accident, I tried to save him. I had too much on my mind now. As the chief was on a stretcher about to be taken into an ambulance, I rushed over to him to find out what he knows.

“Chief Tyson wait!” He looks up at me.

“Who did this to you?”

“Silver Skull. He said you were coming for us. He also said to us that one of us was an imposter, that he was the one who put us in this situation. One of us knows about the Silver Skull, but I don’t know who. He called us ‘Pigs for the Slaughter’. That’s all I know. It’s up to you to find this man Detective, don’t let us down!” The chief was put in the ambulance as the back doors shut. They drove off taking the chief to the Paradise City General Hospital. ‘Pigs for the Slaughter’. I’ve heard that somewhere before. That letter that was left behind at mayor Calzone’s mansion two months ago. I need to find ‘The Shadow’ and find out what he knows, but it won’t be easy. I knew that ‘he’ would be the connection to all of this. I just needed to find him.

Just as I was about to leave the scene, Koruka steps out of the crowd to see me. I looked up at her as she ran up to me and embraced me with open arms. I had my arms wrapped around her as if I was relieved to see her unharmed. She looked at me with tears filling her eyes as I wiped them away.

“Oh Michael thank god you’re safe! I thought I lost you.” She cried. I pulled her closer for comfort.

“I’m fine, there’s no need to worry. I and everyone else is fine.”

“What happened, how did this fire even start?”

“Some crazy bastard is playing games with me and one of his watch dogs was let off the leash. And I’m afraid he’s going to target you next. I can not let that happen, not to you. You mean too much to me.” She smiles, that almost stopped her from crying.

“Well, I’ll feel much safer with you.” I smiled back as she kissed me on the cheek.

“I suppose you’ll be much safer at my house. Come on, I’ll drive you there.” She smiles as I wrapped my arm around her as I walked with her to my car. She rests her head on my chest as we walked. She stopped shaking with fear. Poor Koruka, she was really terrified and shaken by all of this. We got to my car still parked in the lot of the station as I opened the door for her. She got in as she fastens her seatbelt. I ran over to the driver’s seat and got in. I looked over at her as she looks at me. I smiled and got an idea. I still owe her a date after all.

“Hey, before we go to my place how about that dinner I owe you?” I wanted to take her out somewhere nice since she already had been through so much already.

“Okay.” She smiled cheerfully.

“I know this great place that I think you’re gonna love.” I turned on the engine and drove away from the scene. As we were driving down the road, I decide to turn on some music to ease the tension. I turn the knob and a song was playing which Koruka loved.

“I love this song.” She said with joy. It was the song ‘Can’t Smile Without You’ by Berry Manilow. Koruka started singing along to it as I joined it. She had the most beautiful singing voice, it was angelic. We looked at each other for brief moments as we cheerfully sang along to the lyrics. We may have only met earlier today but I could tell that there was something special between us. Like a spark about to ignite an incredible explosion of beautiful colors, pure joy and bliss. And I wanted to spend every second of it with her. She could be the one I’ve been searching for all my life. And I was one lucky guy to have her in my life.

We pull up to a restaurant which was at the intersection of Waters Street and Elvinwood Boulevard. I helped Koruka out of the car like a fine gentleman would as she looks up at the neon lit sign which read ‘Sebastian’s’. She looks back at me and smiles.

“I drive by pass this place on my way to work and I’ve never been inside.”

“Well you’re in for a treat then. The food here in fantastic.” I opened the door for Koruka as she strolls right in. Inside of the restaurant was like stepping back in time to the fifties. It was a 1950′s themed restaurant made to look like a diner straight out of that era. From the look in her eye, she expressed joy and excitement. The sharply dressed waiter in a red vest and bowtie came up to us holding onto menus.

“Welcome to Sebastian’s. Just the two of you?”

“Yes.” I replied.

“Excellent. If you just follow me I will take you to your seats.” As he lead us to our tables, I noticed several posters on the walls of famous celebrities from the 50′s to the 80′s. Actors, actresses and musicians. But one of those posters really caught my attention. It was like seeing a ghost of a ghost. The jazz rock musicians of my favorite band ‘The Fedora Boys’, Richie Valentino, Phil Collinswood and Tom Pettiford. But it was who which was wrapped around Tom’s arm that caught my gaze. Angelia Pettiford, the cheating actress that went insane back in that town. I don’t even want to say the name of it. Brings back too many nightmares.

“Michael, are you okay?” Koruka looked at me. I stared back at her and told her that everything was fine. We got to our seats and sat down as our beloved waiter handed us our menus. He offered us some drinks while we waited for our food. I ordered just a bottle of wine for both me and Koruka. As the waiter left to fetch our drinks, she noticed that I was looking at that poster.

“The Fedora Boys huh? I never pictured you for a jazz kind of guy.” I stared back at her as I took off my coat and hat.

“Oh yes. Jazz rock is my jam. In fact, one of them happens to own a casino right here in the city. Can you guess who?” Koruka thought about it for awhile but I think she knew the answer to my question.


“Why do you say that?”

“Well judging by his white vest and hat with the black shirt underneath is kind of a giveaway. Plus all those gold buttons and gold pocket watch as well as being in a successful band such as ‘The Fedora Boys’, I’d say he’s wealthy enough to buy a casino.” I was amazed at her assumption.

“Well you are right on the money with that one. I’m impressed. You just showed an example of your deduction skills to me.” She smiled and blushed a little.

“Well I am a history teacher after all. I have to know these things. The Fedora Boys made history with their music after all.” The waiter came back with our drinks. A tall bottle of white wine and two glasses. I opened the bottle and poured Koruka a drink before pouring myself one.

“Are we ready to order?” Once again, I ordered for both me and Koruka like a gentleman should on his first date. Spaghetti and Meatballs, a classic romantic dinner. As the waiter left again, Koruka took a sip of her wine and started the conversation again.

“In fact, their first song ever recorded dated back to 1962 and broke the all time record for best hit single in Paradise City and was number one on the charts for over 30 years. And that was....” We both said the answer together.

“....Love Highway on the Flashback album.” She giggled.

“You know your stuff Michael, I’m impressed.”

“Well hey, I grew up listening to them. They were my moms favorite band too.”

“I would like to meet her one day.” I sighed.

“Unfortunately she is no longer with us. She died some years ago.”

“Oh my god I’m so sorry. I didn’t know.” She put her hand on top of mine.

“That’s alright. It’s in the past, nothing can be done about it now. Let’s change the subject. Tell me about yourself.” She put her hands back in her lap after taking another sip.

“Well, I was born in Kyoto, Japan. It was just me and my father, my mother was not around while I was growing up. She and I had some.... Disagreements about stuff. We didn’t get along at all.”

“I see. And that’s why you decided to come to America?”

“Well that’s part of the reason. I also came here to look for someone. I never did find them though.”

“Well maybe I can help you find them.”

“You’ll do that for me?”

“Of course. I’ll do everything I can to help you Koruka.”

“Thank you Michael.” She reached for my hand again gently rubbing it. I looked at her and smiled. Her luscious purple eyes with those long lashes, one could get lost in them. Our waiter came with our food and placed the platter onto the table. Koruka and I started to eat as we chatted and laughed together. The sound of her laugh was cheerful. Her smile was flawless. The first time that I saw her, I knew it had to be love at first sight. Time flew by as we finished our dinner. I got out my card and paid for the dinner. I grabbed my coat and hat as Koruka wrapped her arm around mine while we exited the building. She laid her head onto my arm as we walked back to my car. I could tell that she felt safe and comfortable around me.

We drove back to my house on 23rd street of Paradise City. Dusk was upon us as I pulled my car up into the driveway. There was a sharply dressed man with black hair that lived next door to me on the left side of my house. Drake Fires house was on the right. The sharply dressed man saw me getting out of my car and waved to me.

“Hey Michael!”

“Oh hey Mr. Carpenter.” B. Carpenter was his name. I never bothered to ask what the B stood for though. He had been my neighbor for years. He was carrying a briefcase with him, I assumed he was just coming back from work. But I noticed something sticking out of his briefcase. It was like a small piece of paper. It even looked like a receipt.

“I’ve heard that the P.C.P.D. burnt down. I hope everyone made it out.”

“Yes, everyone’s fine thank you.”

“Whose your lady friend?”

“This is Koruka. Sorry I can’t stay and chat Mr. Carpenter but I’m rather busy at the moment.”

“No worries, I understand how busy you are Detective. Take care.” Koruka and I walked inside the house. I couldn’t shake the feeling that Mr. Carpenter was watching us, like he was spying. But then again, he seemed like a nice man. He’s been my neighbor for years and I never seen him do anything suspicious. But something inside me tells me to watch out for him. My guts say not to trust him.

“This is a nice house.”

“Oh, thank you.” I said putting my coat and hat on the rack. She walked up to me so elegantly.

“I really enjoyed our date tonight.” I looked deep into her eyes as she looked up at me.

“Well, there’s plenty more dates to look forward to then.” She giggled.

“How about a date in the bedroom?” Our lips drew closer and closer to one another until they connected. Intertwined with each others lips. Our first kiss and it was magical. Her lips tasted like cherries. My arms wrapped around her waist as she started to unbutton my shirt and vest. Tonight was going to get hot and I was one lucky guy. Our lips were having a hard time pulling away from each others. She started to make her way to my pants and unbuttoned them.

“You sure you wanna do this?” She looked at me and smiled.

“Michael, I’ve never met a guy quite like you before. I feel safe when I’m with you. I want you.” Koruka and I started kissing again as I walked her upstairs and to the bedroom. I dimmed the bedroom lights to set the mood as she laid back in my bed with her shirt opened revealing a black silk bra and panties. She bit her bottom lip gently as I crawled on top of her. She pulled me in closer for more kissing as she took off my pants. I unhooked her bra as I saw her perfectly rounded breasts. We made-out with one another as she grips and clawed at my back gently. She wrapped her legs around me as she smiles. I thrusted and stuck it deep inside of her as she mourned with pleasure. We made love right there on the bed and it was a hot and magical night.

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