Massacre of the Silver Skull

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Chapter 8

Billy sits alone in the interrogation room in his white suit and hat. The chief and I stare at him through the one way mirror discussing about how we were going to make him talk, tell us what we want to know. He’s the key to all of this. As per the usual, my partner and I would have to go good cop, bad cop on him. Detective Asbell and I walk in with Billy cuffed to the table in the center of the room.

“Evening Detective Wycock.” I don’t know why but every criminal I meet has to insult my last name like that. I sat down across from him as Asbell stands by my side with his arms crossed.

“Listen Billy, I....”

“Let me guess.” He interrupted me.

“You’re wondering how I did my little ‘fake death’ trick.” He said in quotations. He looked over at Asbell.

“You should’ve known that wasn’t a real poison dart that ‘The Shadow’ shot me with. You’re suppose to be the weapons expert. I’m disappointed in you. And you...” He turns his attention to me.

“...You’re suppose to be known as the modern Sherlock Holmes. Yet you couldn’t figure out that the poison that you thought killed me wasn’t really poison at all.”

“Chemistry isn’t my strong point. But I can’t say I’ve had my suspicions.” I said leaning back in my chair.

“Hmph, sure you have.” I looked at him.

“So, you gonna play nice and tell me who made the drug?”

“I don’t know who made it. All they told me was that it was a part of some ‘game’.” I could sense that Billy was lying through his teeth. Asbell slams his hands down onto the table.

“You’re lying Billy! You’re apart of Silver Skulls twisted game! Why wouldn’t they tell you about the drug!? You better start talking or else I’ll knock those pretty teeth out that you’ll be eating through a goddamn straw!”

“Oh, I’m so scared of your big bad partner Wydock.”

“I wouldn’t tempt him if I were you.” I said to him. Just then, I sparked an idea. I knew how I was going to make him talk.

“You like classical music right Billy?”

“Yeah. Where you getting at Detective?”

“I thought as much. What records do we have Asbell?” He went over to check our collection of Vinyl records as I pulled out a small record player from underneath the table. A source of good music can go a long way. We keep a small record player with us just in case we needed to persuade someone like Billy to talk.

“Here’s a good one.” He hands me ‘Serenade For Strings’ in C Major on Vinyl. I put the record in and played it for Billy.

“Ah, Serenade For Strings in C Major. I love this one, don’t you Billy?” He closed his eyes and started rocking his head to the sound of the Violins and Cellos. When it got to the middle of the tune, I took my hand and slowed down the record.

“What are you doing?” I then took the needle that was playing it and scratched the record.

“No, stop that!” I played the Vinyl as if I were a DJ at some rave party. Billy got frustrated with me grunting and grinding his teeth.

“I said stop that!”

“What? I think this makes it sound better don’t you?” He shut his eyes tight as if he was annoyed by it. His hand began to shake in anger. He reached out for my arm.

“I told you to stop, I can’t stand that!”

“You ready to talk then?”

“Fine! His name is Dr. Victor Lazarus, happy!? Just please don’t do that anymore!” I stopped. I pulled my hand back.

“Dr. Lazarus? I haven’t heard that name since....” Suddenly my head started pounding like crazy. As if I could remember what Dr. Lazarus did to me back in that town. I was in agonizing pain. My partner was concerned about me as he braced himself like he was going to catch me.

“Wydock, you alright!?” He said alarmed. Billy widen his gaze as if he never seen me like this before.

“What’s wrong with him?” The pain slowed. And then it stopped. I looked at Asbell.

“I.... I’m fine. There’s no need to worry.” I stared at Billy.

“Where is he?”

“I think he’s hiding in Undercroft Asylum.” Undercroft, that was on the North side of New Town. That place had been deserted for months. And of course Dr. Lazarus would hide out in an asylum. But what was he doing here in town? I need to go pay him a visit. If he is the second key to Silver Skulls game, then I need to go alone. He’s the one responsible for giving me my psychic abilities. The doctor was always a strange character. Strange but also tragic. He had been cursed with the gift of immortality by the Red Goddess. A plague doctor from the renaissance era brought to the modern world. He watched all of his loved ones die and because of the curse, he knows that he can never be reunited with them in death. He’s seen too much of it to a point where it drove him insane. I almost feel sorry for him, I want to help him break his curse. But I have no idea how to. It’s different then the curse of the Red Moth.

I’ve informed Asbell that I’ll have to do this one myself. He and the chief wish me luck, but neither of them have any idea what Dr. Victor Lazarus is capable of. If he’s working with Silver Skull, then there must be something more to this ‘game’. We threw Billy back in his cell and this time he’s not escaping from it. While I take care of that, I’ve ordered Detective Asbell to check every gun store in the city to find out who sold The Shadow that fifty caliber tranquilizer rifle. New Town, on the west edge of Paradise City. It was a long drive but I was determined to get there. A bridge separated New Town and Paradise City. We call it ‘Knight’s Bridge’. There’s a long history about this bridge that I learned from school. I can’t seem to recall what exactly happened at the moment however, I was more focused on the mission at hand.

Undercroft Asylum. There has been rumors surrounding this place. People saying that this place was the most haunted building in the city. Urban legends saying that all of the inmates that died haunts this asylum to this very day. The most paranormal activity hotspots. It’s most likely the doctor is drawn to old abandoned asylum’s. No doubt that he’s in there right now conducting new horrifying experiments. I pull up into the empty drive way of the asylum. I stepped out of the car as I stare up at the run down building. This was the second asylum I’ve been to so nothings going to surprise me. But the doctor, he is unpredictable. I can sense that he knows I am here. Before going in, I pulled out my quad barrel shotgun from the trunk and strap it onto my back. As I close the trunk, I look up and I see a shadow of someone looking down at me from the top window of the middle tower of the asylum. The shadow steps back as I walked toward the doors.

I open the doors and was greeted by a wide stretched out corridor filled with empty chairs and shredded curtains. The walls were grey and peeling off. The marble tiled floors were all dusty. The Undercroft Asylum goes way back. The oldest building in New Town dating back to the roaring twenties. Notorious villains were sent here for treatment old and new. One of them was way back when where an inmate carved his own face up. I think people back then called him ‘The Grinner’. I watched a documentary of it on TV once when I was six and it scared the shit out of me. I whip out my pistol taking the safety off. Knowing the doctor, he’s probably created some new abominations. A loud speaker turned on echoing throughout the hall.

“Detective Wydock, so kind of you to pay me a visit. It’s been a long time coming for our reunion.”

“What are doing here in town!?”

“We haven’t seen each other in so long and THAT’S the first question you ask me? I thought we were friends.”

“Friends with you would be a joke in itself! I know you’re working with Silver Skull! Tell me, what’s in it for you!?” He chuckled.

“Well, why don’t you come find me first and maybe I’ll tell you.” A cell door opened up into a darkened corridor. So we’re playing this game again, a little hide n’ seek huh? Fine, I’ll play along with the doc’s game. The only light source was the moonlight shinning through the windows. I walk deeper into the corridor until I heard the sound of heavy boots coming from behind me. I turn around slowly as I saw a tall dark shadow wearing a fedora and trench coat staring at me from the door. It’s him, the monster that was at the abandoned toy factory. I knew running over him with that truck wasn’t enough to keep him down. But the monster didn’t attack me just yet, it just stared at me.

“What do you want with me!?” I shouted. He took a step closer as I pointed my pistol straight at him. He stopped but only for a moment. He then charged at me like a quarter back at a football game. I opened fire but he just shrugged off my bullets. He then shoulder rushed me as I was sent flying before hitting and sliding on the floor. He charged me again as I took my shotgun and blasted him with four rounds of lead. The impact sent the monster flying back thudding onto the floor hard. I slowly get up as I notice a working elevator. The elevator doors open inviting me in. The monster gets up as I turn around to look at it. I back away as he stares me down.

“Don’t you things ever stay dead?” I make a run for the elevator as the monster chases me. The monster may have been big and bulky but he sure was fast. He came closer and closer until I slide into the elevator like I was making a home run. The elevator doors close as the monster headbutted the doors denting them. I back up against the wall as the elevator brought me up. That was too close. The elevator had stopped on the second floor of the asylum. The doors opened as I was armed with only my shotgun. I turned on my pocket flashlight to illuminate the darkness. Several padded cells were lined up which were labeled with letters and numbers. The windows were covered with bars that kept the inmates from escaping.

The doors to the cells had slots big enough to peek through them to observe the inmates. But I saw nothing in them aside from a bed and a toilet. No body inside, they were empty. I heard a sound as if something fell over and broke. I went to investigate the source of the noise. Just a vase that fell off one of the end tables and shattered. But there was something that was inside of the vase. It looked like a strange key. I picked up the key as it might prove useful later. As I go to turn back, the sound of heavy boots came up the stairs. I go to hide in one of the opened cells and gently shut the door. That monster was hunting me down.

I sat very still and quiet holding my breath and turning off my flashlight. I readied my shotgun just in case. I may not be able to kill it but I can slow him down at least. While it’s back was turned, I snuck out of the cell and around the corner. The door was left swinging as a gust of wind must’ve slammed it shut which gained the monsters attention. It turned but it didn’t see me thank god. The monster then started to pace toward my way. I thought quickly and went around the column so it doesn’t see me. The monster lend in further and peeked around the corner. I kept moving around the column avoiding his sight. He placed his hand on it as he tapped his fingers. The monster scanned trying to find me. I saw an empty glass bottle by me as I gently kick it over the edge. The shattering sound of it gained it’s attention again as the monster went back downstairs.

As the monster was going back down, I quickly made my way to the other wing of the building. It seemed like the stairwell that leads to the third floor was broken off. I’ll have to find another way up. Maybe there’s another way up through the clock tower of the asylum. The entrance to the clock tower lies on the other end of the east wing. I walk down the corridor of the east wing as I turn the corner. There was a panel on the side of the door with a slit like you swap a card through. I’ll need to find that key card if I am to get into the clock tower. But then I remembered seeing a key card somewhere. As I was fighting off the monster before, I saw what looked like a card sticking out of his pocket. Maybe that’s the key card I need. Great, I’ll have to get that card from the monster without being seen. Easier said then done.

But maybe I can trap him in one of the cells so he doesn’t follow me. I open one of the cell doors and knocked on it loud to get it’s attention. I hid behind the wall until he came up. Hopefully the monster would take the bait. The monster came stomping down the east wing corridor. He went into the cell room as I made my move. I snuck behind him quietly as I reached for his pocket. The key card was just within reach. I was sweating as my heart was racing as if it was about to burst through my chest at any moment. I slowly pull the card out of his pocket as he checks under the bed for me. I leave the room quietly as I close and lock the door on him.

As soon as he figured out what was going on, he pounded the door denting it. That door was made of steel but it wasn’t going to keep him in for long. While he was busy punching the door, I used the key card on the panel. I slide the card through as the red light on the panel turned green indicating that the door was now opened. As I go into the clock tower, I heard the cell door pop off of it’s hinges. I quickly made my way up as the monster charged at me like a bull. I made it up to the top but it was a dead end. The monster came up and shoulder rushed me as I turn around. He knocked me out of the window as I was hanging onto the ledge for dear life. It was raining outside as thunder and lightning filled the sky.

The monster came up to the window and saw me hanging on. I look up at him as the monster got a clear look at my frightened expression. But the monster just looked down at me before he did something I wasn’t expecting. He lended his hand out to me. Most monsters wanted to try to kill me like he tried to do before. But this time he wanted to pull me up. He wanted to help me. As if he remembers me. Who is this monster? I had no choice but to grab his hand. The monster then pulled me up through the window as I planted my feet onto the wooden floor. I look up at him surprised.

“Thank you.” The monster placed his hand gently onto my shoulder and nodded. His mouth had been sewn shut but he managed to open it just a little.

“....Friend....” It said. The monster then turned around and left. He called me ‘friend’. But why...? Who was that monster?

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