A Most Capricious Whim

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From Heaven to Hell via the First Fleet. Deceit, Treachery, Disaster, and love. At Michaelmas 1786 Thomas Nash’s peaceful farming existence is shattered when he is falsely accused and sentenced to transportation to New Holland, but the terrifying ordeal of that disastrous voyage is only the beginning of the torture and torment, since his nemesis and accuser, obsessed with his desires, has sent paid assassins to murder Thomas, his wife and his son. Scourged and dragged away to what he knows will be certain death, Thomas jumps from a moving ship into shark-filled waters and attempts to escape. Tracked and hounded by relentless pursuers, he is shot, terribly mutilated and left for dead, but with the help of an aborigine friend he somehow survives, an outcast in the Outback, with one impossible thought burning constantly in his mind: REVENGE!

Action / Adventure
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