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Final Impact: Shining Fate

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In the year 2020, a neighboring solar system collapses into ours, causing what is known as the Lykan Impact. The resulting collision released a wave of gadjin particles, a substance capable of transforming the capabilities of human individuals. 100 years after the impact and the solar system has now been completely colonized by the evolved earthlings, and a totalitarian government now controls the human race. Those who bear the unique abilities granted by the gadjin particles are now referred to as "Tewajis" and their abilities "Hayilochis". As the 100th anniversary of the initial impact approaches, 4 teens must eradicate a stationary military base inhabiting their city on Mars which plans to force the citizens into servitude for the government. Will they be able to succeed, or will they fall to the hands of fate?

Action / Adventure
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Asmarina Mesfin

A single impact is all it takes to change your universe.

Nobody plans for them, but yet they’re such a natural part of life that they become inevitable, all we can do is pray for their delay.

We are all slaves to a warped destiny that binds our every movement and thoughts, leading us to futures shrouded in darkness. Each action we make draws us towards the unknown. One slip up can send you spiraling through seas of chaos. It only took one action for me to meet my destiny; getting locked up in a mental hospital.

My name is Asmarina Mesfin, and this story is a cautionary one.

Though you may sit back and squirm with excitement at the possibility of a thrilling adventure, be warned that through upcoming events bare dark resemblances to the plights all too known throughout the universes.

Be careful of what you may learn of the future because they might just relate to the cruel reality that exists throughout humanity’s history. Maybe you’re even living through one of those cruel times.

Holding faith that the world can be better is hard. Despair’s grasp is much stronger than hope’s. Trust me, I know.

But remember this.

Despair’s grasp might be strong, it’s not unbreakable. Reclaiming faith is always possible.

No matter how dim the world may seem at times, there is always hope for better days.

You can always make a new future.

You can always reach a new fate.

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