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No loose ends

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No Loose Ends is a real page turner. Over 95,0000 words in short chapters that follows the many twists and turns in the story as seen through the eyes of all the main characters. DCI Harry Bellingham is the head of a police team attempting to track down the assassin who heartlessly shot and killed a young lady jogger in a quite country lane in Sussex. She was a nameless victim who the police were at first unable to trace. After a rapid investigation they manage to not only discover her name, but eventually find an erotic film that shows her slitting the throat of an unknown man, after she had shared a sex fuelled afternoon with him. DCI Bellingham is summoned to an urgent meeting with his boss ACC Jason Tully and a high ranking ‘Spook’ who works for a special anti terrorist department of the government. Harry is told to sweep the killing of the unfortunate man in the film under the carpet in the interest of national security, but is told he must continue to chase the jogger’s killer. Brad was the highly paid professional killer who had ended the life of the pretty jogger. Unexpectedly he is given another contact to kill a man at a secluded Sussex hotel in a few days time. After following up leads, the police finally get a break in their investigation. Two officers manage to track down Brad, but he kills them both, then he escapes to set up his new contract ass

Action / Adventure
Dave Tanswell
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