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"World is no longer the same as it was earlier. Many things changed. Unknown virus spread which wiped out more than half of the population. We were fighting against the virus soon enough all the hopes compiled and the evolution of new world. Which was worse then dying during pandemic. But we survived, our life no longer can be considered normal in comparison. But unfortunately this is our life and we can't run away." *** Your destiny decides: you're a host or a parasite.

Action / Fantasy
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Hi, there:I'm here to accompany you for the small journey before you begin reading the story. To help you get what's this all about.

This is all about 14 years after life. Now you might be wondering what's this? So, guy's yes, life after 14: We have to leave our shelters to live with the one and only company's restrictions. This company is responsible for life left here with us. Many, people died during pendemi. Few people survived and we're given shelter.

Here, we live in a special place where we are taught and our interaction with our small outside world is equal to zero. History and technology are one of the examples of what we are taught. But, unusual thing is here you have to give exam not the written one after 2 months spending with company. That exam changes your life for hell or a demon.

If you're a host then you'll be trained differently in different environment. But if you're not capable of handling a demon or crystal. You'll be responsibility of the scientists.

Hey, don't go.What happens after that is a secret. You have to read and find it out. It's me destiny again. Hehe- That all for now. I hope to see you in chapter one
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