The gang leaders little assassin

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Just read to find out trigger warning there will be Murder abuse rape drugs self harm suicide anyway hope you like it ;)

Action / Romance
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“Hey!! Wake up lil bro!!” I said with a smirk because I new he hated being one minute younger than him.

“Shut up. Your only one minute older!!” Damon said with a pout on his face.

“Happy birthday Damon!”

“Happy birthday Raven!” With that we went downstairs to wakeup our dad.

“Hey kiddos, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” He yelled the last part with so much happiness in his voice.

" Dad can we go to the park please!” Damon practically on his knees begging him to say yes.

" Anything for the birthday kids!”

“YAYYY!!” We both yelled.

We went to go get ready.

A few hours later

“I’ll beat you to the swings!” I yelled to my twin.

“That’s not fair!!” he yelled behind me hot on my tail.

We are pretty smart considering we are turning 4 this year. But dad said it was because our mother was like tested on while she didn’t now she was pregnant with us. Our eyes are very different ,I have red eyes and my brother has orange eyes, but everything else is identical, well except our gender.

Our father said that he was crazy and that if he gave in to the demons inside his head his hair would turn white. We inherited this jean from him and apparently when the time comes we will start to hear voices in our head as well. Anyway back to the story.

After a while a few men came by and started looking at the kids on the play ground. Something was off about them but I couldn’t figure it out. I just stared at them while swinging and then it hit me they where Russian not Italian. Which was weird we didn’t get many Russian visitors this far into town, then I fell. My dad used over to see if I was alright.

“Honey are you alright?” he said with a worried tone. Then the 3 men came bye with a first aid kit I looked at my brother to let him know I didn’t trust these men. He nodded in understanding.

Once they bandaged my wound we started playing tag that’s when I felt a rag over my mouth and nose the last thing I yelled was “I love you dad and chase.”

As soon as I was out I heard voices in the back of my head but was not sure who they were.

Italic=Demons Bold=her (conversation inside there head)

Ummm who are you??

Hello my name is Sin

Im Taylor but you can call me Tay

And I’m Venice

We are your inner demons if you want we can help you with anything you need.(S)

Okay and what can you do and what do I have to give you?

Okay we can

Pretty much we can take pain away from you and turn your emotions of and back on when you want but...(T)

We need control over a third of your brain this will let us control you when you are feeling a lot of dark emotions such as when you are sad or mad.(V)

This however will turn half of your hair silver permanently.(S)

Okay will it hurt?


Okay ill do it can you also turn my emotions of except for my anger please!

Any time(V)

560 words

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