Coming Attractions

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Chapter 10

Brian landed in the metal chair exhausted and in pain. He was sobbing because he was feeling a ton of emotions that he never had felt before at any time. What was to be next Brian didn’t think he could go through anymore but he was aware that the last time there was two doors so maybe there is one final challenge left. God appeared and just leaned against the wall. He looked at Brian for a few minutes before saying anything. He snapped his fingers and a chair popped out in front of Brian and god walked up and sat down.

“So Brian what have you learned during your last few escapades over the last few hours?” God asked

“A few hours, is that all I have been doing this for?” “I thought it was much longer than that. It has felt like days maybe even months.” What have I learned? Is that what you want to know? I have learned how much of a schmuck I have been. My life has been horrible it was cause of me that it came out that way and none else’s. I treated you badly and everyone else who tried to get closer and help. I have been put through hell and if that is what hell is like then no thank you. I want to be happy and have the life that I am supposed to have. When my time comes then I’ll play of the green golf course in the sky!” Brian said

“Well if you want to play golf you got to get there early cause Hogan and Jones hog the early tee times.” God said.

Brian got up and he walked towards the wall thinking that he might find a door to go back to reality. However he found no door. Brian was discouraged and went back and sat down and looked god in the eyes and asked simply “Why?”

God adjusted himself and told Brian that he had successfully completed all the tasks during his time. He has learned a great deal not just about himself but how other contributing factors could help for in life. God said that there is one for door left for you to do and you’re done. When you think you are ready to pass through this door and accept you final challenge but, don’t go through that door until you are ready to go through this door. God got up and Brian asked if he could shake his hand. God obliged and shook Brian’s hand and slowly dissipated away. The lights went down and the final door showed up. As egger as Brian was he just wasn’t going to run through the door cause he never knew what was on the other side. Brian sat down and thought over what he has been through. Death had a new meaning for him and when one is ready to die it will happen. We need to help each other as well as ask for help when it is needed. I can Go out on a limb to help someone in deep trouble as long as it was for the right reasons. Brian has learned so much about himself that he believed that he was ready to face his final frontier. He got up and walked towards the door and opened it.

The room was dark as usual so the thought he was going to be playing some else for his final transition was going to be here and now Brian closed his eyes and walked into the door but instead of the light speed motion he has seen before he began to drop fast and was spinning. Lights were flickering on and off and Brian was looking at what was an awesome playback of what he had some in the challenges and then other shots were what he had done in real life. Each challenge he did ran into a real life image and cancelled them out one at a time.

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