Coming Attractions

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Chapter 11

Brian began to slow down and the last image to be displayed is him going over the bridge into the water. The moment he couldn’t take back but Brian closed his eyes and wished that he could so much. It went dark again and Brian was still falling and since it was pitch dark Brian began to scream a little and that is when it happened. Brian didn’t land on any hard cold gloomy floor, or land in chair in a remote place. Brian landed in a small stream with his body emerged in about three inches of water. Brian was never a great swimmer so nervously he began kicking and screaming saying “Someone help me, I can’t swim oh god really wanted me dead didn’t he.” To the right of the stream or Brooke there was hill and a old man was laying against a tree there and was looking at Brian like he was crazy. The old man got up and walked into the stream and grabbed his arm and said to him “Stop acting like a fool and put your feet down and stand up.” Brian stopped kicking and yelling and when he did he realized his feet could touch the bottom. He stood up and realized he was standing in a small stream in which the water barely covered his ankles. The old man walked out of the water and Brian looked at the stream and leaped to the left side where the old man was heading. Brian realized he was back in his home town now. He was so happy he kept on jumping from one side of the brook to other and back again. On his final attempt he landed and fell in the water and the old man laughed and said “Man, white boys can’t jump.” Brian got out of the stream and walked up to the tree and made a gesture to the old man asking if it was ok for him to sit down. The old man nodded and Brian took a seat. Why Brian was soaking wet and it was a little chilly out. The old man reached for a bottle and offered it to Brian but Brian kindly refused. The old man looked at Brian and asked him “Why? Oh why would you jump off that small walkover into the water?” Brian just looked at the old man and then looked at the walkover bridge. From Brian’s point of view when he was drunk he thought it was a towering bridge and his fall would have killed him. Brian shrugged his shoulders and began to tell the old about his journey and what had transpired tonight. He told every aspect of his time with god. The old man chuckled and wiped his eyes of the tears that formed from his laughter and said “Boy, I have been called crazy but you’re the whole nut house.” Brian realized that he must sound crazy. Who would ever believe this story? No one would ever believe him and if asked to prove it he wouldn’t be able to. After sitting down for a little while longer Brian got up and wiped the leaves off his back and told the old man goodbye and began to walk off but before he was a few steps away the old man said rather loudly “Hey sonny, you might be crazy but that whopper of a tale you just told would make for one hell of book or movie.” Brian stopped mid track and turned around to look at the old man and when he looked at the tree the man waved and smiled and Brian smiled and waved back. Brian began to walk back home with a great vision in his head of an amazing story to write and to sell. With all that was running through Brian’s mind he forgot that he was evicted tonight and had nowhere to go. He got back to the apartment building he lived in opened the door to the lobby and walked up to his apartment to see the eviction notice and a lot of his old thoughts came back. Brian slouched down in front of the door and leaned his head up against the wall. Brian heard a door close and footsteps coming up the stairs. Brian knew it had to be the landlord coming to tell him that he couldn’t stay here and ask him to leave. Brian looked to stairs and saw his land lord come up and see him sitting there. The land lord was a nice man with a small family and always was very helpful however he did have to follow the rules when it came to the lease and contract of the tenants. Brian got up slowly and told him he was leaving and the land lord stopped him. The land lord handed him a set of keys to his apartment and said “I had to change the locks because you hadn’t paid the rent but, I was notified that two months ago we accidently took double your rent out of your account so you are all paid up and doing what we did was our error. I hope you can forgive us and our way of saying thank you for this understanding we will be giving you one month rent free. Is that ok Brian?” The land lord felt horrible what he had done but, Brian breathed a sigh of relief and walked over and hugged the man even though his clothes were soaked. The land lord patted Brian lightly on the back and said “I take that as a yes then.” Brian realized what he was doing and stopped hugging him and instead gave him a firm hand shake turned to his door opened it and turned around and said “goodnight and thank you.” And closed his door and locked it up. Brian couldn’t believe his luck. Something went his way for once. Brian got out of his wet clothes and went and took a hot shower to not only warm up but to clean all the dirt and sweat off him from his weird day. He dried off put on an old pair of sweat pants and for some reason his Emmitt smith Jersey seemed so right to sleep in tonight so he wore that as well. Brian got into his bed and laid down and began to close his eyes but, he was afraid of being transported somewhere so he grabbed his remote and put on the TV and the movie that happen to be coming on was “Oh God You Devil” Brian thought to himself he sure is. It wasn’t long before Brian fell asleep and dreamed about his experience.

The next morning Brian woke up and like every morning he had breakfast took a shower and walked into his small living room in which he called an office and turned on his computer and instead of login into his business application he opened a word processing application and just looked at the blank screen. Brian thought to himself about what the old man at the tree said about his so called experience would make for a good movie or story. Brian had all the first-hand knowledge but would it be right for Brian to write about what had happened. He then thought why he shouldn’t because even though it really happened to him everyone else would think it was pure fiction. Brian sat in his chair and thought about it for a while and figured to himself there was no harm in doing so since it was his story but, how did god choose the movies he was going to be put in at any given time? Brian closed his eyes to try and think about that and a loud bang happened and Brian opened his eyes to see a familiar chair sitting in the middle of the room. Brian stood up and walks over to it. He thought to himself that this was the same chair he sat in when he first spoke with god. He tried to pick it up but, it felt like it was bolted to the ground. Brian knew it wasn’t here for any particular reason so he sat down in it and in front of him appeared another chair with you know who sitting in it. Brian wondered if he was dreaming or was he still dead and this was just all another test he was in the middle of. God smiled at Brian and began to walk around his house. There were no words at first being spoken between the two and god went over to his movie library and began to look at the selection. God turned around and said “Brian the entire scene you were in were movies from your collection except for one. I chose wisely on the films that I thought best would help you understand the reason for life and why life is so precious. Most people don’t get a second chance in this world but, you did. You were meant for much more and were just down the wrong path so I had the opportunity to put you on the right one.” God told Brian

“So your saying I am special. I belong on the list like Noah, Moses and dare I say it Jesus himself?” Brian asked

“Don’t get too far ahead of yourself. I said your special not a god amongst people. However yes your special and I thought if I could show you how precious and valuable life truly is and show you a way to express it yourself then maybe you can live that happy life.” God rebutted

“The old man I met last night said my adventure or experience would make for a great story or movie. Am I allowed to do that?” Brian asked

“Who better to write about a story like this one than a movie expert? Please go ahead but whatever you do don’t let some yahoo like Jim Carey play me as god please.” God Begged

Brian laughed a little to that comment and asked god “Were all the doors the same films so no matter which one I choose I would have been put in those situations or were there other choices for each door?” Brian wondered. God walked back and told Brian “Those scenes were specifically chosen so yes you had no real choice but I made you think you did. I had a long list to pick from but putting you in a movie like Cliff Hanger made no sense because you would have fallen in two minutes then my point would have never been made. Mob movies you kill way to much so I put you in places where each time you were saving someone you were saving yourself as well because each scene you found a piece of your life you were missing.” Brian thought about things and understood. God walked back to his chair and sat down and told Brian he left him a gift on his table and he should look at it as soon as he leaves. Brian nodded and god disappeared with his chair and Brian’s too. Brian fell to the floor. Brian laughed and figured he had the chair literally pulled right out from underneath him. He stood up and walked over to the little coffee table to see a movie called “12 Angry Men” he opened the box and put the disc in and began to watch this movie. Brian realized just after about fifteen minutes in that this was the movie he had to do on his own and that it was a scripted movie but, Brian lived the true story of it with some little changes here and there. The movie ended and Brian went and grabbed all the movies he had been in and watched them all throughout the day to see why god chose those and Brian realized that each person needs different type of saving in their lives. Some need to see the value of life, while other money and then others love. In this case Brian saw plenty and realized that the character he was going to have to come up with for this story was going to be just as lost as he was but with different needs to be saved by.

The next day Brian wanted to start his journey with his story but one needs money to keep up with certain daily things like eating. So he worked for part of the day and with his new found motivation and life he had he ended up having one of the bestselling days of his life. He sold over fifty computers in four hours because he knew that he needed to fund himself and his life for a while. He didn’t know he had sold so many computers until he did his tally at the end of the four hours that he said he was going to work. Brian was so amazed with his accomplishment and figured the commission out and it was a little over fifteen hundred dollars just on today. If he could have a day like this every day then writing could be something he could do the rest of his life, well maybe. Brian got up made some lunch and brought it back over to his computer and sat down in front of the word processing program and started to plan an idea. Brian had come up with over ten different scenarios. Each one involved either a man or a woman with different problems in life who end up wanting their life to wind and end up meeting god. Brian picked out 5 movies for each one of his characters. Each movie was approiate for them to be in each one teaching them about life. As Brian looked over each one he ripped the page up and threw it towards the garbage can. By then end of the day there must have been over fifty pieces of paper on the floor. Each idea was well thought up but he just didn’t believe it. Brian thought about his own experience and what it was . Brian’s story just one of a kind, no one that he could ever create was going to be able to replicate the situation he was in. This doesn’t mean that god himself won’t find someone else just like him and solve his problems but could be through a different medium. For Brian it was movies, for another it could be through Television, another it could be stories in a book or even a series of video games. Brian didn’t know how video games would save or teach a lesson but to each his own. Brian now knew that there was only one story that could be done and that was of his own. He knew it from start to finish, he could replicate everything and it would be perfect. The only thing is that he would change the name to protect the innocent he figures. Just cause he is writing about himself the whole world doesn’t need to know it was about him because if it was ever published who would believe this story as a true story. Brian knew that the best fiction books make it as movies and as the old man had told him that this would make the perfect movie. Brian smiled and cracked his knuckles and began typing away. Brian worked vigorously though out the night. Since it was fiction he added little things here and there and by morning he had about thirty pages done. His story was at the point where he just fell off the bridge and landed in another room. Brian had hoped that this would be enough to get someone interested in the story and give him some type of an advance. Brian hadn’t slept and had no intentions of doing so. He had some breakfast and looked up where he could take his book to be reviewed. Brian found about ten different places he could go and went to the offices and each time he got there he heard the same question “Do you have an appointment sir?” of course each and every time Brian had the same sad “No” response and each time he took whatever appoint was available. Brian went home and felt like he struck out in the bottom of the ninth but it wasn’t over he did have some appointments ahead and knew that he was going to have to be prepared not only for delays but other problems like rejection. Rejection wouldn’t be new to him but, he didn’t want to become a huge part of his life again so he just had to think positive. That would be a huge change for Brian on many notes. Brian wasn’t a very positive man but after what he accomplished all last night and what he did with selling the computers was a fresh start. Brian got home and saw it was a little after two in the afternoon. He got on his computer and began to sell computers for a few hours and he felt good again by completing a lot of sales. Not as much as the day before but enough to put a smile on his face. That night Brian had a microwave dinner and decided to go to the movies. Not much was playing at this time but he decided on seeing Gravity. A story about a astronaut who is trapped in space without a return home. Kind of sounded like his life before the experience. His life was a place without escape and no return to reality. Brian wanted to see how this came out and because it was the summer blockbuster he had to see it. Brian got his ticket and small popcorn and a red icee and after handing the ticket to the ticket taker he looked at his face really closely and thought he recognized him from somewhere. The ticket taker told him to him to enjoy his show and as Brian walked to his theater he thought it was the old man from the tree and so he turned around to find that he was gone. Weird Brian thought to himself and as he got to the theater door he hesitated at pulling the door open because each time he did that before he was transported to a different challenge. He was hoping that when he walked through this door that he wasn’t transported anywhere but to his seat. Brian opened the door and closed his eyes as he walked through and it was just as he hoped. Nothing had happened to him and he took his seat and enjoyed the movie. At the end Brian went home and knew he needed to sleep and in the morning spend a few hours selling and then he needed to write a little more. He knew he had enough to get him started and introduce the story but, now that he knew what he had there wasn’t enough to keep the reader interested. Brian went to sleep and the dreams he had were of the first challenge he was put in.

Again the next morning was just the same. He got up had breakfast took a shower did some things and then began to write about meeting god and being thrusted into that first experience. This gave him now sixty pages and to him that was a lot. Just as his printer was finishing printing the sixty corrected pages his phone rang. Brian was curious because he really never received many calls so he looked at the caller I.D. and saw it was one of the publishing companies. He answered and the woman asked if it was possible for him to come in today and Brian was so excited he told he no problem and he would be right down. The woman told him to take his time and Brian noted that in his mind. However Brian got his pages together and put them into a folder and then he put that folder into his laptop bag and was getting ready to head out when he realized he was still in his bathrobe. He took a few minutes got nicely dressed and headed down the publisher’s office. Brian he full of excitement and was so confident that this was his time to shine he could see his story in hardcover and paperback books on stands all over the city already. Brian got to the office and saw it was filled with people in the waiting room. He went over to the desk to sign in and he realized what the woman meant when she said not rush down. There must have been fifty people either sitting or standing awaiting their turn to meet with someone or there to finalize deals. Brian was lucky to find a chair and sat down and awaited his turn patiently. Time went by slowly. He looked around for a magazine and the only one left was an old copy of Time. He read the magazine not once, not twice but three times before he had enough of it. Brian walked over to the desk and asked “How much longer should it be?” The woman at the desk seemed more interested in he nails than she did the patrons and she looked up and said “Not long just have a seat and wait for your name to be called.” Brian managed a small smile and went back to his seat and waited. Brian thought there were times that he was in emergency rooms that took a long time but not as long as this. Brian looked at his watch to see that he had been sitting already been there for about six hours and he was losing hope of seeing anyone. However Brian remained positive and went on waiting till he name was called. He got up and fixed his jacket and walked into the office and sat down. The woman behind the desk asked him to tell her about himself and Brian told her his background story and by the look on her face she didn’t seem too impressed and Broan listened as he was telling it and he wasn’t too impressed either. He didn’t have one of natural writer backgrounds. This isn’t his tenth book or hundreth short story being submitted. He has never been published in an article or in anything. The publisher asked for what he had and she gave her the sixty pages and she put it on the side of her desk. She took a look at the top page and it had his name. She looked over to Brian and asked him “What about the title?” Brian didn’t have one just yet he was still writing and hadn’t come up with the right idea and he told her just that. In her mind this interview was over and she stood up and thanked Brian for his time and showed him out. Brian was a miffed that she didn’t even look at any if the pages but, he thought to himself that maybe she and the company does this with everyone and gives it off to someone to read and then if it is any good then it is passed back on to her and if she likes it she goes from there. However this wasn’t going to be the case, the woman walked back into her office and threw Brian’s work right into the trash. Brian went home feeling very unsatisfied but he knew he could learn from this experience and things yet again could only get better. On the way home he went over the interview in his mind and saw everything that was wrong with it. He had nothing prepared about himself in any way so he knew he needed to write a background for himself that not only looked but sounded good. He needed to think of a title for this book cause that is what really grabs a person’s eye is a catchy title and then he caught a glimpse of himself in a window and knew he himself needed an upgrade. A new haircut, new clothes and just an all-out new look not the frumpy one he has been sporting for years. However he had to wait at least another day or so he could afford to be able to this because as funds go he was poor. He knew that the dispersement from his company should be any day so waiting till that comes in won’t be a problem. Brian went inside and took a shower and instead of shaving every two days it was going to be every night. It was odd to think someone would shave at night cause most likely there would be that five o’clock shadow greeting him early in the morning. Brian went right back to writing cause he figured that at some point he was going to have to finish this master piece and if no one buy’s it then it will be for him and that was enough to make him for now but really wanted to see this idea in lights. The man who was at rock bottom climbs to the top. What a thought and idea. Pages of words kept on flying onto the pages because he knew the experience back and forth. He made corrections for each chapter of the story making sure spelling and grammar was well taken care of. He wasn’t in grade school where it could be rewritten for a better grade later this was about him and his talents and he needed to show that here. If there problems after he finished and they bought it then editors could help him with that.

Brian spent yet again most of the night writing. He was now close to a hundred pages of material and as he wrote it he was reliving the experience in his mind one at a time. Brian wasn’t sure how to write about “12 Angry Men” though. At the point when he was thrusted right into it he had never seen the film or knew any of the story line. Now the trouble is he has lived the movie in two ways. For one thing he was in it and secondly he has now scene it. Brian thought what he had down was good but just not good enough. The 12 Angry Men episode was a real belief that he began to see how a young man’s life can be misunderstood but still wants a shot at real life and he gave that boy that. Brian didn’t use trickery or knew how to solve the complex problem he just did it like a lawyer did and believed that the boy was truly innocent. Brian knew he needed some time to think about it and saved his work and printed up the entire thing to be presented to the publishers today. He had five appointments scheduled for tomorrow and he was hoping they would go better than what had transpired on the last one. Brian signed into his bank account and saw that not only had he gotten his commission from his job but he got a bonus for selling the most in the last week. Brian now had about a thousand dollars of free money to spend and he knew what he had to go do. He got dressed made sure he had his wallet and a list of the places he wanted to go and the things he wanted to buy. The first place was to get a new haircut. Brian had found a salon online that had great reviews and he had made an appointment with someone named Sasha. Brian walked into the salon and told the receptionist at the desk who he was and she brought Brian over to Sasha’s station and sat him down and put an apron around him. Brian felt weird cause normally just went to the barber and had his hair lipped not styled before but, if he wanted to make an impression he needed to fell handsome. Sasha came over to Brian and he was expecting a woman but behind him was a mid-forty year old man with salt and pepper hair that was slicked back and a mustache in the same color. He looked at Brian’s hair and the look on his face looked like he just witnessed a Greek tragedy. Brian explained that he wanted to look something like Charlie Sheen in Wall Street. Sasha looked at his hair and thought that was reasonable but explained to Brian he was going to need some color to darken his hair and then he could work his magic to make him look like that image. Brian was kind of concerned on the price but, when he heard that for the whole new look it was only going to be about one hundred and twenty five dollars Brian felt comfortable. So Sasha went to work on Brian’s head, first by making his hair almost jet black. Brian felt different having all this goop pasted into his head and then having to sit there for just about forty five minutes. During that time under the big revolving dryer Brian was thinking about what type of suit he wanted to get. He knew it couldn’t be lavish like Brooks Brothers or Armani but he could afford top of line Bloomingdales or Macy’s. He pictured himself in pin stripes. For that to work the suit color was going to have to be a dark color so they could be seen. He was then going to have to buy shirts, socks and a nice new tie. He also needed a briefcase cause going into the publisher’s offices with just his laptop bag and his story in manila folder just wasn’t presentable enough. Brian also wanted a new watch and a fancy pen. He figures all writers needed a fancy style pen. The watch just had to look nice it didn’t need to be a thousand dollar watch cause he couldn’t afford that anyway but a nice few hundred dollar one would suffice. Those items he would go get after this appointment. He knew his day was going to be long but it was needed if he was going to look successful and proper for these publishers tomorrow. After all the coloring, cutting, styling, nd then a nice clean facial look Brian felt like a brand new man. He hoped it would be like a movie you when that scruffy looking guy cleans up his act and gets all the girls. Brian knew that wasn’t going to be possible because he had no time for women right now. Brian was off and running to get fancied up for his appoints tomorrow. He headed over to Macy’s and went straight to the men’s department and began looking for the suits. He wandered for about fifteen minutes until he found them and began to look at some of the styles and was having trouble not only finding one he liked but he had really no idea of his measurements. Brian walked over to a counter where a nice woman was and asked her for help getting his measurements and finding out what style would look good on him. She nodded and took his measurements and picked out three suits all of which were on sale. Brian tried on the grey one first and just didn’t like the color. The dark blue one with white pinstripes was next. It fit pretty well and Brian loved the way the pin stripes shined off the suit. He had his neck measured so he could pick out the right sized shirt and then that would help him pick out the right tie. While the lady got the suit together Brian went over to the dress shirts and took his time. He knew he couldn’t pick a dark colored shirt cause it wouldn’t pop with the suit. He needed to find a lighter colored shirt that was solid and some nice bold print or stripped ties. Brian brought everything over to the register and had the cashier ring everything up. Even on sale the price was high but this was the next upgrade to his style. The entire collection cost Brian just under five hundred and fifty dollars. Brian asked if the sold brief cases and she believed they were up in the luggage department. This was easy for Brian to pick because he always wants a black leather brief case. This purchase made Brian one step away from completing his day out. The brief case was a steal at eighty nine dollars and ninety eight cents. Brian left with his purchases and went to a Monte Blanc store and got a pen for forty five dollars. Brian hailed a cab to get back to his apartment so he could make sure everything was in place for tomorrow. Brian knew his work had to be good so after putting everything away neatly so nothing would be ruined Brian ordered some Chinese food and grabbed his work of art and began to read it. Brian thought what he wrote was a wonderful story based on his experience however it had the feeling of a depressing story only because he hadn’t got to the real action and creative stuff. Brian was concerned that no one would want a depressing story. Even though Brian lived the experience the problem was he wasn’t writing it in order and that seemed to be a big fact. So Brian went back to work on this story and put aside the two challenges he had already written and began to write the first and third challenged and he already had the second. Another thing is that most publishers don’t want to read a full story so Brian had to decide on what he wanted to bring to the appointment. Brian knew he needed the opening and at least challenge one and two and that should give him at least enough to present to the interviews. Brian turned in for the night and was very excited for tomorrow.

Brian awoke early to take a shower and make sure his hair was neat and clean. Next he took out the beautiful blue suit and placed it neatly on the bed. Next Brian went to his closet and looked over the shirts he picked out and he decided on the cobalt blue shirt and picked out a nice grey and blue stripped tie. Brian got dressed and put on a pair of blue dress socks he had. As for dress shoes Brian had a pair that he never wore he just hoped the fit. Along time ago he got a pair of Kenneth Cole shoes because he thought he was going to be big in business. He opened the box and took them out and placed them on the floor. You would think it was like a kid taking out a new pair of Nike sport shoes. They didn’t have laces they were the step into fashion. He stepped into them and they fit like a glove. Brian grabbed the five copies of his work and then placed the new title page on top with the title COMING ATTRACTIONS in big bold dark letters. Brian loved this name because basically each challenged was showing him a different lifestyle that he could have and lived over his time. He grabbed his wallet and a pair of sun glasses from his desk draw and proceeded to walk out and remembered he needed his pen. He turned around and got it off his coffee table and put it on the inside pocket of his suit. Brian walked out the door locking it behind him and proceeded to make his way down to the street. Other people who saw him walking down the stairs were giving those of shock and disbelief. The tenants of Brian’s building had never seen him look like this and Brian felt like he was in slow motion with the song “Mr. Big stuff” playing in the back ground. Brian was on cloud nine as he walked out the door. He walked to the end of the street and hailed a cab, He was off to the first of five appointments and he hoped he would only need just the one but he was prepared for al five. At the first office building he was at the office was really easy to find because it was on the first floor. It was a ragger large office with multiple names on the door. Brian walked in and went straight up to the desk to announce his arrival. The secretary walked him right into one of the offices and he sat down in one of the nice leather chairs. There was a man on the phone so Brian waited patiently for him to get off. The man acknowledged Brian by smiling and holding his hand up showing one finger to say he would be with him in just one moment or two, Brian smiled and nodded. The man hung up the phone and introduced himself and Brian did so back. He asked Brian if he brought a copy of his work and brain opened his briefcase and handed a copy over to the gentleman and the man seemed impressed about the length. Brian explained that this was just a piece of his work. Brian began to explain what this piece was about and the man listened carefully and seemed like he enjoyed the idea. Brian was hoping he would read it and even asked if would look at a few pages. The gentleman explained that he doesn’t read anything unless someone recommends he reads it. He told Brian that he was going to hand it off to a certain department that was responsible for reading the work and if it’s good enough then I read it and then we go from there. He began to get up from his chair and Brian thought he should do the same he shook his hands and Brian explained his contact information was with the book. The man nodded and Brian picked up his brief case and walked out of the office and walked right down the hall and right out the door. Brian was a little discouraged but he had to figure that it wasn’t going to be easy to just sell someone on a book that no one ever heard the writer of. Brian called another cab and headed off to his next appointment and was hoping for different results.

The second, third and fourth appointment were all the same. No one was going to read his work while he sat there and then say here ya go kid we want to buy this book and publish it. Brian had one more appointment but felt so discouraged and decided not to go to it after all. By the time he got home his suit was wrinkled the shirt sweaty the tie was creased and the bottom of his shoes were scratched. He just wanted to get into bed and forget everything that had happened today. Instead of going over to the computer and write some more or even try to make some sales he just got into bed with a glass of scotch and laid there in silence. This was a good story how could nobody even look at the first few pages Brian was wondering. He understood the thing about legality and contracts but it wasn’t like he had an agreement with any of them. Brian wanted to be recognized somehow and maybe he would soon he thought but, he thought that this was his calling that god wanted him to do. Just as Brian was closing his eyes he heard the same loud bang in the living room. He got out of bed and put on his slippers and walked into the living room to see that familiar chair. Brian sat down and was transported back to that little room where he had met god. God was standing there waiting for him. Brian looked sad and still discouraged because this is what he wants in life and he thought that was what gods purpose was for him to live and see what life has to give. Brian asked god the things he was thinking and Brian got an answer he didn’t expect.

“Brian, yes you completed the challenges and saw what life means and what it has to give. I didn’t save a well-dressed high society human being. I saved you an average person looking who was ending his life for the wrong reasons. Why would you have to change that person’s image. Is it so you would look famous or prestigious? You were already those things and I knew it I just had to show you you could see it.”

Brian realized what god was saying now. God gave Brian a second chance and Brian showed he had the character and wanted to live but was just out of reasons to. Brian had found those reasons in the challenges. Then he was given the perfect idea to start his new life and he thought that a new look needs to go with a new life. Brian had it wrong. He was already ready to go into society as himself but instead he decided to go as someone completely different and this could be why things weren’t going so well. Brian explained to god he under stood and god said “We shall see.” And with a snap of his fingers Brian was back on his couch in his apartment and on the coffee table was the last copy he had printed out. Brian looked at the clock and saw it was way too late to call this appointment back right now but as Brian looked over to the answering machine the light was blinking. He walked over and pushed the button to hear the message and it was from the company he didn’t show up to asking if they could reschedule for tomorrow. This was a sign that Brian was to miss that appointment. Brian felt like he was living again in a bad movie with strange coincidences. Brian looked back over the last week or so and he saw a horrible change and why god said what he said. Brian knew tomorrow was his last chance for any type of success. He had to be ready for any situation and by pretending to be anyone but himself was not going to cut the mustard. Brian thought about a lot things became to be. He blamed god for his mistakes and since he had not understood life and couldn’t explain it or even defend it he was given a second chance. Brian was going to go to bed but as he walked back toward his bedroom and movie on his list caught his eye called “Defending your Life” This was a movie about a man who dies and gets a chance to defend his life and return to earth and do it over again or move on. Brian was essentially in the same predicament. He was stopped from crashing and dying into what he thought was a river and was given a chance by god to not to defend his life but to learn what his life was about. As Brian watched the movie it was almost like his scenario. In the movies case the lead actor watch clips from his life and defends why he did this or that. He explains why he went left instead of going right. The Character also learns what life is about. He learns about the finer things he has missed out on like love and happiness. Brian hasn’t seen what mistakes in his own life he has made but he sees the decisions of the characters around him and he has to respond favorably in those situations. Brian had to follow a thin line. Brian realized that if he had saw his life on a screen he would have no excuses and would probably have to do it ll over again and probably make the same stupid mistakes and never learn from them. By blaming god which wasn’t the right thing to do but he was given the chance to live through other people and see what they are capable of but he had to not only be them he had to be him almost like a two for one deal. Two characters in one isn’t easy to be but Brian had pulled it off several times. Brian watched the ending of the movie and watched the main character get to be with the one person who he could fall in love with. Brian wished that this story was going to have an ending like that but that seemed les and les a possibility. Brian took the movie out of the dvd player and put it back into the box and for a second he thought he saw the main character wink at him. Brian thought to himself could that have been a true story and as written by the guy who lived it just like he is doing? That would be a funny coin incidence. Brian went over to the computer and opened his story and was going to look over it but decided instead to run it again through spell check and grammar check just once more in case he was careless the first time. It took about an hour for him and the computer to get it all corrected and Brian printed it up and he neatly stacked it together and made sure the order of scenes were in the correct order cause that’s how the story makes sense. He neatly put the copy of the work in his brief case so it was ready to go. Brian figured he could ditch the suit the tie and fancy pen but, the brief case made the most sensible purchase that he made. Brian figured god taught him another lesson in humility by letting him go and try to become someone that he is not. Brian got a drink of water and he headed back into the bedroom and got into bed and went to sleep thinking about how to approach this last interview.

Brian awoke really early the next morning and figured since his appointment wasn’t till midafternoon he was going to keep his routine the same way it has been for many years. He got up took a shower had a little breakfast and then went to his computer in the living room and started selling some computers. He didn’t sell one friggin computer but, that was a normal day. Brian had spent many years with this company selling the computers. Yes it might have been the only job he could get but it gave him a purpose. After his last call he thought about how it would be to sell his book. Brian figured it would be like winning the lotto in a way just not as lucrative. He would not be able to retire but, maybe he would have found a new carrear in writing. Now there are writers who wirte five to six books a year and do make lot of money. There are the writers who put out three books a year and they get made into movies and they capitalize on that. All Brian knew was that he finally had something to be very happy about and he was going to go with this. Brian to a peak at the clock and realized it was noon and that he should get dressed. He put on a pair of darker slacks a nice button down shirt and a pair of black running shoes. Brian figured that what god wanted was to form him to be himself and no one else and this is who he is. If this person wasn’t going to like what he did then maybe no one will. Brian looked at himself in the mirror. He combed his hair wishing it could be back to brown but that will happen eventually. He grabbed his wallet and out the door he went. He walked down his stairs in normal fashion saying hello to people on the way down and they either nodded or waved and smiled back. He hail a cab at the end of his street and off he went. Brian got to the office at about one thirty. There was some heavy traffic. Brian realized he should have called this morning and confirm the appointment but he forgot to do that. Brian was hoping he didn’t give his own appointment away. He walked into the building and after looking at the directory he took the elevator to the fifth floor and walked all the way down the hall to the last door on the right hand side. He looked the frosted glass door and saw the name Jack Wilson on the door and knew he was at the right place. Brian opened the door to see an office that could fit in his living room. This was only a one man operation; the secretary was behind a very small desk and Brian approached and introduced himself. She had thanked him for switching days she explained that they had a family emergency and needed to leave but were here for the day. Brian looked around quickly to see if he had missed anything and didn’t. He was the only one there. He didn’t see anyone coming or going before him. Brian had turned around to go and have a seat but the lady at the desk told him he could go right into Mr. Wilson’s office. Brian smiled and walked to the old wooden door with a rusty brass name plate of Jack Wilson on it. Brian knocked to be polite and opened the door. Behind the desk sat Mr. Wilson. He was an older man in his late fifties maybe early sixties and was basically bald. He did the old fashioned comb over as most men do to try and make it look like they have some hair. He was in an grey suit with a maroon handkerchief that was bunched in his pocket. Brian walked in and Mr. Wilson got up to shake his hand. This was a great way to open the the appointment Brian thought. Nobody else really cared about meeting him before. Wilson sat back down in his chair and asked Brian to tell him about himself and his work. Brian told this story like he did many times before but this time when he talked about the story itself he showed more enthusiasm than he had in previous times. For some odd reason Brian had felt really comfortable in his setting than he had in previous places. He felt less anxious and wasn’t feeling any pressure at all and felt like he was talking to friend for many years. Brian concluded and took a small breath and sat back in the chair a little. Wilson sat up in his chair and took off his glasses and tossed them on the desk. He rubbed the bridge of his nose and took out his handkerchief and blew his nose and apologized and explained he had a summer cold. He asked Brian for a copy of whatever he had. Brian reached down to the brief case and brought it up to his lap and opened it. When he opened it he saw his last copy he had printed and as he was reaching for it he prayed a little in his mind that Wilson would love it. He handed over the hundred or so pages to Wilson and Wilson took it from him and leaned back in his chair and looked at the title and said “Like the name it’s definitely catchy. If someone saw it on a book rack or spinner it might get them to at least read what the book is about.” Brian was elated that he spoke this way about just the title page and he hoped that meant he was going to read a few pages. Wilson asked Brian “Are you hungry at all?”

“No not really I’m ok.” Brian answered

“I really wasn’t asking I was trying to tell ya go get something to eat so I can look at this for a while. Come back in an hour please.”

“Umm. Ok I’ll go get a bite can I bring anything back for any one?”

“No were fine see you soon.” Wilson answered

Brian got up and picked up his briefcase and left the office and went out the building to find a place to eat. Brian was very nervous because he knew right now Wilson was reading his work. Brian felt kind of sick to his stomach and didn’t really want to eat but he went to the coffee shop across form Mr. Wilson’s office and had a half of sandwich and a cup of coffee. Brian checked his watch and saw it had been just about an hour and went back to Mr. Wilson’s office. He walked in waved at the secretary and again knocked on the door and went in and sat down in the chair and placed his brief case by his legs. Brian was sweating like crazy and he felt like he had an entire field of butterflies in his stomach. Brian wiped his head with his sleeve and looked at Mr. Wilson and said “Mr. Wilson sir, I am sure you read hundreds of drafts in a year and like some, hate some and even won’t take a chance on any. I have been pressured my whole life and then this one amazing idea had come to mind and it was like I was writing a true story from start to finish. I know there is a ton of fantasy stories out there and there are religious and I am sure there are a ton of books about a person finding himself all over again. For me this is everything in one and it takes my passion of movies and brings them to real life and that is what this story is about. Is passion and I hoped whatever you read was seen in that context. If you don’t like it then it will just be for me then.” Brian stated and was breathing slightly heavy afterwards because he was out of breath from his speech. Brian didn’t plan on a speech but, it just felt right. Wilson took off his glasses and looked at him with a small smile on his face. Wilson saw passion not only in Brian but, also In his work. He placed the work on his desk and leaned back in his chair and said “Son, I like you. You seem really passionate about this work. You talk about it and write like you lived this story. I began reading and couldn’t put this book down at all. I did skim some so I could get though all the pages to see where it was going. I finished what you wrote and I absolutely love this. This is a book that should and will be loved by every person who likes movies. I believe it could be turned into a movie one day and that the idea of making those films become a real life situation was genius. I would like to offer you a deal on this book, I have a check here for thirty five thousand dollars for the first one hundred pages. Once it is done and I have read it in full and it is as good as I hope I will give you the second half of thirty five thousand dollars for the entire thing plus you will get ten percent of all book sales. Do we have a deal Brian?”

Brian didn’t move one inch. He could feel his heart beating right though his chest like had before. He had a tear fall out of his right eye and he wiped it away very fast. This was the moment Brian had waited for his whole life. Something he could be so proud of that he did and he did all by himself and he could claim it. Nothing like this has ever happened before and he was frozen in time. Brian didn’t know what to do at this moment. He felt like his mouth was glued shut so he couldn’t talk, he was kind of dizzy and was afraid to move. Brian had to get past all this fear and do what was just generally right. That’s when it hit him. A lot of Brian life had been fear and over the last week or so he has taken on a new life and conquered most of his fears. He still has some more of the fears to face but he deffinitly will have to get past them. Mr. Wilson looked at him and said “Brian are you ok son, do you need some water or something?” Brian told himself that needed to take charge and live the life he was supposed to live. Brian swallowed looked Mr. Wilson in the eye and he stood up and reached his hand out to shake Mr. Wilsons and said “You have a deal sir.” Wilson shook Brian’s hand and gave him the check. This moment was one of the best in Brian’s life and he put the check in his wallet and before he left Wilson said “Brian I expect the rest by the end of the month.” Brian turned around and replied “How is next week sound?” Wilson smiled and nodded at Brian. Brian felt like Charlie did when he received that last golden ticket. All the surprise of finding it and the luck of having it and he left the office an literally ran all the way to the bank. On the way to the bank Brian could hear the song “I’ve got a Golden Ticket” running through his head. Brian was running so fast to find his bank he never stopped to look at the life around him all he knew is that he was reborn so to speak and his new life was going to begin now. Brian deposited the check and went straight home. Brian figured he needed to celebrate but where and with whom? It really didn’t matter to him right now. Brian decided to go to a fancy resturant down the street and go to the bar and then order some food to go home with. Brian walked in and went straight to the bar and ordered the most expensive glass of scotch on the menu. He looked around at what was going on in the restaurant. There was a lot of people sitting and enjoying their meals, couples, business meetings maybe and then others who were meeting for the first time. Brian turned back around and continued to enjoy his drink. A woman with blonde hair sat down in the chair next to Brian and he heard her order a glass of scotch as well. Brian looked at her face and was it ever beautiful. Brian got that sinking feeling again of the butterflies in his stomach. Brian picked up his glass and gulped down what was left. Before Brian could get the gumption to say anything he had to take care of the burning feeling of the scotch going down his throat first. It felt like the fire of hell was rushing to his stomach. The woman happen to notice in the mirror across the bar that Brian was trying to say something to her and she saw him gulp his drink and saw the reaction on his face and giggled. She asked the bartender for a glass of water and she handed it to Brian and told “This should help with the fire.” Brian took the glass and sipped the water and it felt like the fire was under control. He looked at her and told her “Thank you I needed that. I kind of felt like Jay Baurachel in She is out of My League when he sees the most beautiful woman and wants to talk to her but can’t get the gumption to.” The lady laughed and replied “I love that movie, it is so funny. Are you a big movie lover? I have a collection of movies like no one else’s.” Brian did one of the moves when a actor hears someone and gives a look at the camera with a face like are you kidding. He looked back at her and said “I love movies as well and I also have a huge collection. By the way my name is Brian.” The lady extended her hand and said “My name is Helen.” Brian’s eyes opened really wide and he took a sip of water and asked her “Since we are both her in this nice place and both enjoy scotch and movies and watching me making a fool of myself how would you like to go and enjoy a nice meal here. Also do you happen to like seafood? Just curious.” Helen smiled and looked at Brian and it looked like he seemed harmless enough and said “I do like seafood and yes I would love to have dinner with you.” They both got up and walked to the lady at the reservation stand and asked if there was a table for two. She looked and they did have one and she escorted them to the table. As they were walking the hostess said “Your lucky that we have a table avilable. Sometimes people steal the reservation of another and then we have real problems later.” Brian’s eyes opened wide and he thanked god his name wasn’t Triplehorn.

Outside the restaurant the old man who was sitting at the tree, Mr. Wilson the publisher who bought the book and God were looking inside and saw Brian going to sit down with a lovely young woman. They all could see the happiness in his face and knew that they had a success on their hands. They all looked at one another and they all melded into one and the same person. The three became one like the trinity. However god never liked the way Eric Idle ever interpreted it in the move Nuns on the Run. “Look all you need to know is this. God is like a shamrock. Small green and split three ways class dismissed.” God shook his head and went back to do what he does best and watch over everyone that can and help the lost and fallen find their way.

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