Coming Attractions

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chapter 3

He was sitting in the very uncomfortable metal chair he was in when he was first in the room. The feeling of being transported back was the feeling of a roller coaster going in backwards in full speed. He opened his eyes to see god standing there with the look of approval on his face as if Brian had done a great job and Brian looked at him with a smile on his face and said “I did it what’s next.” God walked over and pulled a chair out of thin air and replied “Remember this isn’t just a test this is for you to value life not for this to be fun. Just because you completed the task with memory of a script doesn’t mean you have learned much. Brian sat there and listened and shot back “When I saw the look in those two men’s eyes, I knew they were counting on me to come through and it was the look of defeat and sadness that helped me through it and come through.” Brian was sincerer in what he was saying but he also understood what god point was. God accepted his answer and left and the room went dark once again and slowly the doors had reappeared for him to choose next. Brian sat there for a moment and figured that they would only get harder from here on out and that he knew that he was going to have to start using all his talents what little he had and start not only believing in himself and the value others’ lives as well.

Brian sat in the cold metal chair for a few minutes to think about what he is going through. Yes if he completes what god wants him to them all is good and he should learn a lesson in humility. If he fails then it’s all over and he will have to live with the decision he made to end his life and even if he learns this lesson in the process he has failed to prove to god that he has learned. The only way was to accept what is in front of him and go on to the next challenge. The room became dark and slowly lit up. The same doors appeared but with again no titles or any hints. Brian stood up and looked at the doors and closed his eyes and spun around and pointed towards a door. The first time he picked a door because of his favorite football player he figured this time he would do something different since it was all random. He opened his eyes and saw it was door number six. He slowly walked to the door and opened and walked through. He began to see the same light speed motion beginning and he hoped beyond hope that it would be a similar challenge where he had to remember script to help him through. The lights went out and Brian was prepared for what was next.

The lights came on and Brian looked around to see he was in an airplane cockpit. It was pouring rain outside and he turned to his right and saw his copilot who introduced himself “hi captain Whitaker I am your copilot for today Ken Evans, but everyone calls me Evan.” Brian stretched his arm out slowly and shook his hand and was in shock for two reasons. For one thing he realized that he was sitting in the front of the plane as an airline pilot and then he realized that he was Denzel Washington and he knew the movie he had been placed in was Flight. Brian shook his hand and told him he was happy to meet him and asked “Have we ever flown together before.” Ken looked at him and was wondering why he moved slowly to shake his hand but kindly replied “No this is our first time flying together captain.” Brian knew what was going to happen on this flight. He looked at all the controls, and levers and switches and began to start sweating because he had absolutely no idea what he was doing. He had never flown a fucking plane before. The only way he has flown a plane is on in video game he had on his computer so everything was very different to him. He sat back in the seat and buckled himself in and closed his eyes and took some deep breaths because he felt like he was having a panic attack. He turned to Ken and said “I wish there was a way to get some fresh oxygen to wake up a little.” Ken again looked at him and told Brian about the oxygen mask on the side and Brian looked to his right and picked up the mask and put it to his face and took a deep breath but nothing was happening. He smirked and said “There is nothing coming out. I think it must be clogged or something.” Ken was definitely nervous seeing that the captain on this flight was jittery and nervous. Ken was a god loving man and asked Brian if he was all right and if he needs anything to just ask. Brian was trying to get his composer and said “Yeah had a long night kind of tired.” Ken told him to switch the O2 button over his head forward and Brian looked up and saw the switch and when he pushed it forward he tried taking some deep breaths again and he was able to feel the cool oxygen fill his lungs and clam him down. Brian flipped the switch to off and told Ken that helped. A knock came at the open door and Margaret came in. Margaret was the head flight attendant and told Brian that all passengers had boarded and gave him the total count on board which was one hundred and six souls. Brains heart skipped a beat and looked at her with a worried look on his face and thought souls. Why did she have to say souls I know what’s coming and I have to worry not only getting this plane off the ground safely he now knew the exact number of men, women and children on this flight and that he was one hundred percent responsible getting to their destination safely. Brian sat back and thought about what he needed to do to get started. What would a captain begin to do before they took off? He looked at all the controls and figured that some type of pre-flight check needed to be done and asked Ken “Why don’t you walk me through the pre-flight check so I can see that you know everything we are about to do.” Ken nodded and stated sounding off everything from their destination to the amount of fuel they had. Brian thought that each thing he sounded off was good and told him to get ready for takeoff. Ken looked at him and asked “Shouldn’t you make the announcement to tell the crew to prepare for takeoff?” Brian looked at him and motioned for Ken to take the lead here because he had to see how to do it and he saw Ken grab the mic and made the announcement. At least this was going to be one thing he was going to be able to do later on in the flight. Brian looked at the controls and said to Ken “Let’s taxi to the runway ok.” Ken and he did what was needed on flight controls to get it to the proper runway and Brian’s heart was beating so fast he could feel it pounding in his chest. Ken let him know about the severe weather coming in and that is could make for a rough takeoff. Brian nodded and looked at the radar on the instrumental panel and noticed how much green, yellow and orange showed up on the screen and all he could think was he hopped they get in the air ok. They pushed the throttle forward and the plane was moving forward. Thank god for that Brian could only think what would happen if they were in reverse? The plane was moving forward fast and you felt the wind hit the plane causing a little jolt. Brian looked at Ken and said “Nothing like a strong cross wind to tighten up huh?” Ken just looked at him and told them to rotate and Brian watched him and pulled back the wheel like he did and felt the plane begin to lift off and was looking out the windows to see what was happening. Ken looked at him and asked “Wheels sir?” Brian was confused and asked “what about them Ken?” Ken s voice climbed a little and nervously asked “should I raise them?” Brian remembered from his flight simulator that they needed to be retracted and told him to retract the wheels and climb. Ken nodded and he saw him pull a lever and heard the gears rotating up and then he heard over the radio that they were to climb to nine thousand feet and Brian remembered that during the takeoff in the movie Denzel disobeyed this and told ken to climb to eleven thousand and come right about thirty degrees. If this was right he wasn’t sure but sounded good. Ken relayed the order to flight control and they made they turn. Ken was concerned about their speed and direction and Brian pointed to the radar and showed a black area on the screen and told him that they needed to get there cause that was smooth air and that their speed was need to punch through this. Ken acknowledged but in his mind and heart he was in complete disagreement. There was some bangs and shimmies as the rough weather smacked the plane and Brian closed his eyes in fear and began to sing softly to himself “somewhere over the rainbow” That song calmed him down a little bit at times. Brian felt the plane feel less rough and he opened his eyes and saw the sun coming through and he knew he got through the take-off ok. He told Ken to level off and climb to the appropriate altitude and it was his plane to fly. Ken liked that decision and obliged. Brian needed something to calm down and wished for a Xanax but knew a small drink would be ok and he would be able to relax. He got up out of his seat and Ken reminded him to announce he was coming out that it was procedure and Brian snapped back “I know what the procedure is Ken give me a minute to say it next time ok.” Ken nodded and looked forward.

Brian never drank much unless a stressful situation was presenting its self. He announced to Margaret that he was coming out of the cockpit. He caught her is the aisle way of the galley and told her that since there was bad weather that it might be best not to have the carts go up and down the aisle. As Margaret went to go tell the other attendants on what he wanted. He snuck his hand into the cart to get a small bottle of liquor to calm his nerves. As Brian was fumbling through the cart he remembered that his character or person he had become had been partying all last night and did drugs and drank a lot as well. His mind set was to drink not because he himself needed it but it was what his body wanted. Brian took a good look at all the people he could see and the first person to catch his eye was a young boy sitting by the aisle on the right side. He seemed to have a worried look on his face. Brian stopped trying to grab a bottle of liquor and took it upon him to go over and make the child smile. He walked over to him and bent down to one knee and began to talk to him in his most kind voice.

“Hi son my name is captain Whitaker but people call me Whip. What is your name?”

“My name is Dylan. I don’t have any special nicknames like you though.” Dylan replied softly

“That’s ok Dylan. I saw you as I came out of the cockpit and you look scared so I came over to check on ya.”

“The plane was shaking for so long I was just nervous we weren’t going to get off the ground.” He said nervously.

Brian only could think what was going to be going through this kids mind when what will happen does happen. He put his hand on his shoulder and told Dylan “Nobody and I mean nobody messes with Whips plane and we will get to Atlanta.” Even though he knew this was going to be hard to accomplish he was going to have to do his best. At this point he got up and looked at the passengers and saw men, women and children and he knew that if the plane doesn’t land safely then they were going to have to pay for his mistakes. This time it’s not just two people’s lives he was dealing with we were now talking about one hundred different people who only boarded this plane to go to Atlanta. Brian’s heart began to beat very, very fast and he smiled and waved at everyone and went back to the cockpit. He sat down and he felt like the plane was spinning and he took the sunglasses out of his pocket and told Ken he was going to close his eyes to rest a little cause he didn’t sleep well. Ken had no problem and told Brian he would fly the plane safely and let him know when they will be descending. Brian closed his eyes and leaned his head back.

Margaret knocked on the cockpit door and entered and noticed Brian sleeping. She asked Ken how long he had been out and Ken told her about twenty minutes or so and informed her that they would be descending shortly. She smiled and told him to make sure he woke up sleeping beauty. Just as Ken was about to wake Brian there was a loud bang and the plane lurched slightly. The motion was enough to wake Brian up and he asked Ken what was that noise. Ken was having trouble with the stick and told Brian that the elevator felt stiff and he was losing control of the plane. Brian knew this was going to happen and told Margaret to get everyone buckled in immediately. She nodded and made her way out to her seat and tell everyone to make sure they are strapped in and she got herself and the rest of crew strapped in as well. Just as Margaret was strapped in the plane dove down and Brian panicked and didn’t know what to do. Brian thought to grab the stick and pull back on it as hard as he could to try and pull the plane up but nothing was happening. Brian didn’t know what to do and neither did Ken. Ken reminded Brian to call it in and Brian called into his head set the only thing that came to his mind and that was “Mayday Mayday.” Ken looked at him and said “is that all the information you’re going to give them sir.” Brian was panicking hard and just didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t think of what happened in the movie but, two things came into his mind at this moment. First was Dylan’s face and the second was something god said to him. Brian remembered god told him he needs to trust in others at certain times and he never gave anyone a chance. Brian opened his eyes and said to Ken “You said everyone calls you Evan right?”

“Yes sir!.” Ken replied

“Ok Even we need to work together to solve this problem if they could and he need him to trust him in what they were going to do. DO you understand me Evan?”

Ken was so nervous and scared and replied “Yes sir we can do this together.”

Brian looked at the gauges and radar to see what was going on. He asked Evan what controls were on his side that he could help with. Evan was still confused that the captain didn’t know what was on his side of the board but called them out. Brian listened and when he heard certain things he remembered hearing them during this crisis. Brian yelled “If were fall fast we need to slow up somehow so we need some sort of drag right? So I want you to bring down the landing gear, the speed brakes and guess on the flaps ok.” Ken acknowledged and set all those things that Brian said to do. Brian tried making a joke by saying “Where’s that flying for dummies book when you need it huh.” Ken looked at him a little taken back but managed a small smile. Just then the plane dipped again and he heard the computer telling him to pull up but they had no control of the plane. Brian again looked at the gauges and saw the fuel and figured that they were way to heavy and told Ken to dump the fuel and even though he questioned it in his min Ken did just that. Brian called into the control tower and told them they were in horrible dive and dumped the fuel. Ken was so nervous and thought to mention to the captain that maybe manual control might help. Brian nodded and Ken pulled the lever on his side but it did nothing to help. Brian saw what Ken pulled and he couldn’t take his hands of his stick and Ken couldn’t reach it and began to unstrap to get it and Brian told him not to and stay in his seat. Brian called for Margaret figuring that she would be the only one who could be his extra hands at this point. She came in and pulled out the jump seat and buckled in and asked if they were going to crash? Brian told her “Not if we can help it.” He told her about the lever by his seat that said manual control and he wanted her to pull it up and turn it. She was so scared and Brian asked her if she had any family and she told him her little boy. He told her to say his same and tell him she loved him. She didn’t know why and Brian reminded her of the recording device. She nervously told her little boy Trevor how much she loved him and to be a good boy. She reached down and pulled the lever and Brian thought for a second he had some control and then the plane dipped again dropping below ten thousand feet. Brian was so scared his heart was pounding and he knew that this was going to be the end. However he was going to die fighting not for himself but for all those people who looked at him and waived at him when he came out of the cockpit earlier. He looked to ken and asked him “Evan If we were to be upside down would we have some control.”

“Inverted sir are you nuts what’s that going to do?” Evan screamed

“Look I know this is going to sound crazy but I saw it in a movie once.” He looked and winked at Evan

Evan thought for a minute and told him how it could be done and Brian told him that he had some control to turn the plane and that he needed him to do what he could to help him to do that. Ken reminded him that they were going to need speed to this and Brian acknowledged and told Margaret to push those levers in the center full when he said to. She shook her head with acknowledgment. Ken motioned he was ready and Brian turned the plane toward the left to make it inverted. Just as they were turning he told Margaret to push the throttle forward and she did and the plane gained speed and was inverted. He mentioned to Evan that he had some control and they could fly like this for a little while. Brian didn’t know how long a little while was going to be but it was going to buy him sometime to thing. He looked at the radar and asked the control tower where the airport was and when he was told 1.5 miles to his east Brian asked Evan “Can we make that or not.” Evan looked at the map and was not too optimistic about that at all and replied “No sir but there is a field straight ahead and that they could maybe make that but not inverted.” Brian rolled his eyes and knew that but tried not only to keep his composer but his promise to Dylan. A loud alarm began to go off and Evan yelled “Oh no Fire in the right engine sir.”

“Put it out put it out now.”

Ken reached above him and pulled the lighted red lever that said fire and that started the extinguisher for that engine. He noticed the fore was out and reported that to Brian. Brian nodded and knew he was going to have to get the plane rolled back over and then another loud alarm and Ken yelled out “Fire in the left engine you need to put it out sir.” Brian didn’t know what to do and answered “How do you want me to do that spit on it.” Evan reached up and grabbed the other red lever and told Brian the fire was out. More alarms were going off and Evan called out “were losing oil pressure sir, were going to lose all power soon.” Brian knew that that meant he had to get the plane inverted as fast as possible. He told Margaret that she was going to need to once again push the throttle forward all the way to give them the power to roll but, not until he said so. She was crying so hard all she could do was shake he head up and down quickly. Brian began to roll the plane back over and told Margaret to hit the throttle fully forward. She pushed it as far as they could go and that’s when Evan got his composer back told Brian if we lose power we could glide and have somewhat of a chance. Brian was happy to hear some good news for once even though they all knew that a crash was imminent because of their speed. Brian told Margaret to push them forward full and she did and the plane turned over right side up and then what sound like power going out happened and Brian asked what that was. Evan told him that we lost all power and were gliding now. Brian saw the field right in front of them and so was a church. Brian thought of the irony in that that god was in his way of a safe landing but Brian turned the plane to miss the church but the right wing clipped the steeple and he told everyone to brace for impact and just before the plane hit the plane went dark and he was in light speed mode once again.

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