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Chapter 4

Brian awoke in the same cold room and this time god was there waiting for him. Brian was so confused at his choice of scene to put him in and asked why he was put in a no win situation. God pointed out to him that he showed compassion and trust this time. God snapped his fingers and a clip like a trailer came on the wall and god showed him the moment he chose not to take the drink, the moment he knelt down next to Dylan and talked to him and relaxed him and then his compassion for everyone on the flight. God explained to Brian that there are times we need to count on others to get us through a rough situation and that not everyone in the world during any experience can be saved at that particular time. Brian had tears in his eyes and told god he was scared but not only for himself but for everyone. God smiled and told him life is full of choices and sometimes we need to do it no matter what. Being scared is a part of life and that he was going to have to make tough choices even if that means letting someone die in the process. Brian nodded and wiped his eyes. God told him that the next challenge will be a lot different. He was not only going to have to save someone but save himself at the same time. Brian looked puzzled and asked god “Didn’t I already do this?”

“Yes Brian you have but, not like this you haven’t. Remember I want you to feel fear but compassion and love for not only your life but, others’ lives as well.” God disappeared and Brian was alone.

Brian was beginning to get the point at what god was getting at but couldn’t fathom what could be harder than having to land a plane with out not knowing what he was going to do. The room went dark once again and the Brian knew he would be seeing the doors show up and that the next challenge was going to involve saving someone and himself at the same time. One thing Brian thought was that he was going to have to kill someone to save himself and whoever else is in with him and Brian hoped god wouldn’t put him in that type of situation ever but he was going to have to do whatever it takes to get through it. The doors lit up and Brian walked over to door number one and opened it and walked through.

Lights came on and Brian found himself in a car and next to him sat the one and only Megan Fox. Brian looked at his surroundings and saw he wasn’t in any normal car. It was a brand spanking new Chevy Camaro and on the steering wheel was an all too familiar symbol. It was that of the Autobots. Brian immediately knew he was in Bumble Bee and that he had to be Shia Lebouf in Transformers. Brian had no idea why he placed in this movie. The cars stopped in the middle of the city of Los Angeles and Brian got out and saw that he wasn’t alone. He had the Marine escort with him and Brian immediately knew that it was the end of the movie. Still he was so confused on what he was going to have to do. He thought to what god said and that he was not only going to have to feel fear but compassion for others. Captain Lennox and Sargent Epps were talking to each other and arguing on how they were going to communicate with aircraft flying above to airlift them and the cube out. Sargent Epps was calling out on the ancient walkie talkie he was given and saw he had contact from what looked like to be and Air force F-22 fighter plane and told it to fly cover over the green smoke he was popping. As the plane flew over one of the Autobots named Ratchet called out “Its Starscream, get down.” Bumblebee and Ratchet were trying to pin a truck up as a defense and the rest of everyone tried to take cover but Starscream shot multiple missiles into the area and caused a huge explosion. Brian was stunned and on the ground from the explosion like everyone else. He had never felt this type of shock before in his life. He was dazed and everything was blurry. He climbed to his feet slowly and looked around to see Megan was getting up and the Marines were getting up but, not Bumblebee. Bumblebee to a direct hit from the missiles and his legs were blown off. Brian couldn’t believe his eyes. His all-time favorite Transformer now helpless cause he was trying to save him. That notion hit home for him a little cause no one has ever sacrificed anything for him even though Bumblebee was doing it to protect Sam (Brian’s character) he really saved Brian’s life. Lennox was yelling at Epps trying to find out why the fighter plane a fired upon them and Epps only answer was that no Air Force pilot would fly below buildings and that it definitely had to be Alien. Lennox took the cube out of the back of the Humvee and began to walk over to Brian. Brian knew exactly what was coming next. He knew what he was going to have to do to see a side of fear that he never has seen before. He was going to have to run through explosions, parts of buildings falling towards the street, cars flying in from nowhere and of course being chased by Megatron himself. He was going to have to make to the building and get rescued without getting killed in the meantime. Mikalea (Fox) walked over to him and told him that they needed to get Bumblebee hooked up to the tow truck to get him out of harm’s way. Brian helped her get the tow cable safely around his main body and looked up and saw Lennox right there telling him what he already needed to know. Lennox explained he needed to take the cube to the tall white building about 15 blocks down and get on the top. When he reached the top he was to light the flare to let the Black Hawk helicopters know where he was to pick him up. Brian was so nervous he heard his knees knocking so loud he almost answered them. He looked over at Mikalea and saw the tears in her eyes because she knew there was a possibility that he wasn’t going to come back. Brian saw a window of opportunity and was going to take it. Walked over to he took her in his arms and kiss long and good. Epps just looked over and said “Dam you go boy.” All of a sudden the sound of metal crushing metal could be heard from down the street. They all looked up and saw A large tank rolling down the street. It was Devastator coming at full force. Ironhyde and Ratchet told Brian that they would cover him while fighting Devastator. Mikalea got in the tow truck and pulled Bumblebee out to safety. Brian began to run and from the moment he was running he saw he was alone cause the Autobots who were going to protect him were down from missile blasts from Devastator. Brian had the cube under his right arm and was running and using his free are to give him thrust off of parked cars and trucks. A vision came to his mind of that he was a running back in the NFL running for daylight but with no blocking help. He immediately thought to himself so this is what it was like to be Tiki Barber as a New York Giant and have no blockers out in front. He had to try and get his mindset correct and get going and he visioned the roadway as a very long Football field and he was a running back trying to get to that end zone and each object he had to get around was a defensive player in his way. He visioned himself as the legendary Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys and he thought about having that great front line in front of him when he had those great years. Brian was running as hard as he could and felt the explosions around him from incoming fire. He zigged and zagged around cars and trucks just like Smith had during his tenure as the premier running back in the NFL in his time. Brian could see the building up on his right and he was running as fast as he could to get to it when he heard from behind him “Give me that cube boy.” He looked behind him to see Megatron coming up on him fast. He wished he could transform into anything right now to give him some extra speed but that wasn’t going to be happening. He just kept on running until he reached the building and got inside the lobby. That was his end zone and he began to do a really dumb dance that he thought was cool and he was just about to spike the cube and thought to himself that would have been stupid. He knew he had to get to the roof and he saw the stairs and began running to them. A loud crashed came into the lobby as Megatron plow through the lobby like a wrecking ball breaking down a wall. Brian screamed at the top of his voice like a little girl and kept of running up the stairs to get to the roof. Each flight of stairs that he climbs he faced with more falling debris of rocks and concrete walls that he avoids getting hit by. Brian feels death creeping up behind him and each level below him disappears as Megatron destroys them trying to get a hold of the cube that Brian has clutched in his arms. All the debris that was falling caused dust to mess up Brian’s vision and as he got to the roof and got outside the sunlight was so bright he had to shield his eyes for a moment to adjust them. Brian could hear the helicopters close by and he took the flare that Lennox had given him and smacked the bottom of it against the wall to light it and held it up like a torch to signal where he was. He only had one way to run and that was to the other end of the building. Megatron came crashing through the roof trying to trip up Brian but missed. Brian had the helicopters is his eye sight and he was waving the flare like a crazy man trying to get their attention. Across the block from where Brian was Blackout was a Decepticon who was looking to help disrupt Brian’s transfer of the cube to safety. One of the Black Hawk helicopters arose from the edge of the build and Brian was running fast to hand it off and just as Brian reached the edge he saw out of the corner of his eye a missile incoming. He yelled “Watch out.” And by the time anyone could do anything the helicopter took a direct hit and started going down. Brian felt that feeling in his stomach again that he was going to fail. He had nowhere to run and definitely nowhere to hide. Below the building some help was finally arriving even if it was a bit late. Optimus Prime the head of the Autobots finally arrived and knew his friend Sam had the cube and needed to find a way to protect him from imminent death. Optimus looked up and saw the helicopter going down and he saw Megatron closing in on Sam and he began his climb to try and get to him. Brian was in a corner and he saw Megatron approaching slowly and Brian knew that he had nowhere to go and he thought the only thing he could do was hold on the carved statue on the corner of the building he was on and yelled at Megatron “If you don’t want this cube to fall and break then you better get back.” Megatron laughed and kept on moving closer and said in a deep voice “That cube has survived the cold of space, asteroids and crashing into the ground on earth in the cold artic ground where I was. Do you honestly think a 1500 foot fall will do damage to the cube I think not boy. The only thing that will break into pieces will be you.” Brian looked at Megatron and his eyes opened big and wide as he saw Megatron swing what looked like a large Metal claw on a chain at the statue Brian was holding on to. The impact of the object smashing the statue caused Brian to fly back and begin to fall to his death. Brian didn’t want to die and screamed for help. Brian’s body began to turn and his fall was stopped by the hand of Optimus and he was screaming in laughter “I’m saved, thank you so much.” Optimus told him to hang on this was going to be a long way down. Brian clutched into the fetal position with the cube tucked into his stomach and Optimus closed his hand and began jumping from building to building to try and slow down their fall. Megatron saw where they were headed and began his own descent down to the ground to try an intercept the cube somehow. Optimus and Brian landed on the pavement and Optimus was stunned and Brian was happy to be alive. Brian saw from around the corner of the building that Megatron was coming. Brian was so scared but, knew he had Optimus to help him. Optimus spoke to Brian firmly and told him “I will fight Megatron and if I can’t you must thrust the cube into my chest and it will take his life and the cube will no longer exist.” Brian never thought in wildest dreams that he would ever be in a position to kill someone. However Optimus just saved his life and only because he had the cube but, would he have saved him if he didn’t this is something Brian would never know. Brian looked around for a place to hide and saw a crater from where they had landed and all he could feel was fear. He felt cold and gloomy inside, this was the same feeling he had when he ended his life. Did this mean that he was facing death for real right now and that even if Optimus fails that he would face with the decision of killing Optimus to save the cube and still have to face death with Megatron? Brian didn’t know what to do. This wasn’t a game this was real danger he was placed in and had no way to defend himself. Brian had always backed down from confrontation even though he ran all the way to the building he had second thoughts cause he had always been a coward. He watched the fight between Megatron and Optimus very closely. Hit after pummeling hit from each one. A laser blast from Megatron knock Optimus down as Megatron drew near Optimus landed a crushing blow to the center of Megatron sending him back. Optimus was hurt but, Megatron got up and was still coming. Brian moved away from them he was so scared he knew he couldn’t fight for anyone not even himself. Brian’s felt like he knew this was going to be the end but, he heard a familiar sound from above. The sound of fighter jets coming in and then he saw green dots on Megatron. Brian looked over his should and saw Lennox and Epps and there squadron lacing Megatron as a laser target for missiles. Brian got into a car and hid in the back seat knowing what was coming and then he saw and heard the loud blasts of the missiles hitting Megatron. The shock wave from the blasts flipped the car Brian was in over and Brian slowly crawled out. Megatron was making a last chance effort to get to him. Optimus was close enough to Brian for Brian to hear him say “Sam, put the cube in my chest. It’s the only way out.” Brian looked at the cube and looked Optimus and knew he was right but, Optimus had saved him from death and he thought if the cube could kill Optimus then it could do the same to Megatron. Megatron was going to make a last ditch effort and try to grab the cube from Brian and then he would have the strength to take on the world. Brian swallowed hard and thought to himself that he needed to repay a favor and he kicked the cowardliness out from under him and jammed the cube as hard as he could straight into Megatons chest. Bright orange and red light filled the area and Brain could see the cube disintegrate into Megatron like a warm piece of butter melts on hot pancakes. The life in Megatron’s eyes washed away as his body fell and became lifeless. Optimus managed to get up ever so slowly and said “Sam you risked your life for me. you not only saved me but your planet from utter destruction. We all owe you our gratitude and we are all in your debt.” Brian was not just over come with joy but a new feeling of strength and power filled his body. Brian thought by now that he would have been zapped back to the room but that hadn’t happened as of yet. Brian had no idea why though. He was faced with pure fear and saved someone who saved him what else did he have to learn besides that his life wasn’t the only thing worth saving. He heard his name being called from uo the wrecked street.

“Sam, Sam are you all right.” Mikalea was yelling.

Brian waived his hands up signaling that he was alright. She came running into his arms and he hugged her and kissed her. Another feeling fell over him but this one wasn’t of fear or death but happiness and enjoyment. She whispered is his ear “You are so getting lucky tonight.” Brian’s eyes lit up and just as he was about to say something he was whisked back to the room. He was in such dismay. He had one of the hottest girls in the world in his grasp and he only needed a hour or even just ten minutes and he looked up at the ceiling and scream “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” Just like Darth Vader did when he was told he killed Padme in Revenge of Sith but his voice sounded nothing like James Earl Jones but it was just as powerful.

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