Coming Attractions

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Chapter 5

God’s voice filled the room after Brian’s long scream. “Calm down young man. This is to reach you a lesson not a lesson to teach you how to get lucky.” Brian gave a fake sob and replied “Dude this wasn’t any normal girl. It was Megan Fox. Her last name describes what she is. I almost believe that I could have died happy.”

“first things don’t ever call me dude. Secondly don’t ever call me dude. Do I look like Jeff Bridges. I like that you think that you almost could die happy. Not many people die that way you know. Most people are taken before their time and live up above watching what could have been. Others live a full happy life and do die that way and come to heaven and play golf or what not. Then there are people like you who take life for granted and are surprised when they realize that they have made a mistake. However ninety nine percent of them don’t get the chance I am giving you. Remember I told you not to take this as a joke.”

“I am not sir. However with learning a lesson why can’t there be a little reward at the end?”

“The reward is that you will get a shot to restart your life and make it better and see that life is worth living and not blame me for everything that has gone wrong and try to take some responsibility. Trust me when I say this Brian that your next challenge will be unlike anything you have ever seen.”

Brian nodded and apologized and thought long and hard about the three challenges that he has been in so far. He thought about who he had saved particularly. All the people were innocent as far as he knew. The marines were following and order and when you’re given and order you follow it or men die. The people on the plane for all he knew were innocent however he couldn’t be sure cause he didn’t know each and every one of them. Then there is Optimus Prime and innocent machine none the less but not only did I save him but I saved the planet and risked my life for another. What else am I supposed to be seeing here. Each challenge presented something different so far but thing stands out. Brian was in love for the first time. Even though is was Megan Fox he had feelings inside of him about caring and love that never were prevalent before. So god is teaching me not only to love my life but to see other parts as well. I also killed someone for the first time. Even though it wasn’t a person it was still a life. Brian had never thought about killing someone before and he did it so save another life. So sacrifice is a part of human endeavor. However Brian wasn’t thrilled about doing it but, it seemed like the right thing to do. However Brian wasn’t sure he could keep taking lives ever again but if he had no choice and it meant him or them then maybe he would have to. Brian paced around for a few minutes and then that all familiar feeling came over him that the next installment of this adventure was going to take place and then like that the light went down and the doors appeared. Three down 7 doors left standing. Brian wondered if he was going to have to go through all of the doors or was he going to prove to God that he has learned his lesson and is ready to live a new life but, each challenge is presenting a new aspect of life. Brian took a deep breath and opened to door marked number two and just like the Millennium Falcon and the Enterprise it was warp speed ahead.

Like a flash the lights came on and Brian was seated in what appeared to be in a jury box. He looked to his left and right and didn’t recognize anyone that was seated with him. What movie was he in? Brian had absolutely no clue. According to where he was sitting he was juror number six and the entire jury was men. What lesson is he going to see and prove here. Brian figured that if he was to listen to case and had to save the defendant’s life then it had to be a murder case and that meant that it was going to be a test of whether the defendant deserves to live or die. He also hoped that this case was easy to prove that the defendant is innocent of the charge but Brian had a feeling that was going to be the case. They brought in the defendant and Brian’s face and heart dropped to the ground. This wasn’t you average murder case. The defendant couldn’t have been older than eighteen years old. He wasn’t dressed in any real nice clothes and definitely looked like he came from a poor family. Brian looked at everyone’s face as the kid came in. Some of them had the same reaction as he did while others just assumed what was going to be. In Brian’s hands was a small note pad and pencil. Why not a pen and why was the jury all men he thought. Then it hit why he wasn’t familiar with his surroundings and that because he remembered god saying that this challenge was going to be nothing like he has never seen. The key to gods statement was he has never seen. Brian didn’t know where he was because he has never seen this movie and can’t cheat so to speak to win the case and he was going to be doing this from scratch and had to make the kid innocent. However Brian began to think that what if he is guilty and he had to send this person to death row? Could he do it he wasn’t sure but he had to listen to case from start to finish and see what was going to transpire. Over the next few hours Brian listened to testimony about the case and noticed some things that were disturbing but also. Brian could tell a lot about the attorney who was assigned to this young man. He didn’t want o be there because he didn’t ask any questions to the witnesses of the incident, he didn’t dig to see if any of the information was going to be credible or not. He just let the prosecution do its job and make this kid look guilty and maybe he was but he didn’t care and that isn’t right. Speaking of rights if I was the defendant I would request a new attorney even though the odds would be the same type of situation was going to be inevitable. Brian took a quick look at the other jurors and it looked like there mind was but made up. Maybe they didn’t see what he was seeing. Maybe they see the kid for who he is and just didn’t care what so ever. The case went on and on. They took a quick break and Brian went out walking for a bite for lunch and into a small pawn shop. He figured that since he didn’t know his surroundings that he would browse for a minute or two. The shop keeper smiled and sat behind the desk and Brian looked around. Brian was looking in the glass cases as he was walking out and something caught his eye. There was a switchblade knife in the case that looked very distinctive. Brian closed his eyes and realized that the knife was exactly like the murder knife and the prosecution took it’s time making it clear that the knife was very rare and probably the only one in existence. Brian asked how much it was and the owner looked at him and told him six dollars. Brian felt around his body and found a wallet and inside was ten dollars and he decided to buy the knife. This was another instance where Brian thought about how the possibility of the defendant might not be guilty after all was a possibility but a slim one if that. Brian returned to the courtroom without getting anything to eat and sat back down and listened to the rest of the case and found problem after problem. However this isn’t a one man jury this is twelve men and most of them seem to have their minds well made up of the facts. In Brian’s own heart he knew there were holes in this case that were never explored but when you have an assigned attorney who is not going to get any recognition from this case and is sure to just go back and move on to the next case so he could move up the ladder and live in rich and fancy homes with all the trimmings to go along with it what could you possibly expect. The closing arguments came from both sides and if I was the prosecution I would definitely think that this was slam dunk. However Brian thought maybe there would be somebody else who felt like him but he doubted it. Brian and the other jurors listened to the judge’s orders and retired to the jury room.

As all the members walked into the room they were all hit by the same feeling. The feeling of heat and humidity. It was definitely a hot day in the city. The air was so think in the room you could cut it with a knife. One of the jurors and elderly man adjourned the bathroom while others attempted to get the windows open. Another man tried to fiddle with the fan on the wall to get it going but was having no luck. Some of the others sat down at the table in the room. Brian couldn’t believe they wanted to sit after sitting for at least a total of eight hours. Brian hung out by one of the open windows trying to gain a sense of the men he was with. The bailiff was walking around the room with a sheet of paper with the jurors name on it so he could make sure they were all in attendance and that no one snuck out. One of the gentlemen was talking about tickets he had to Mets game that night. He had mentioned that Harvey was pitching and that he was a real fire baller. Another member was going on about his messenger service and how he started out with no one and now he has over fifty people working for him now. Another gentleman sat reading the newspaper wanting to see what the market did. He was just your average everyday broker. The last man he noticed was drawing what look like an advertisement for a product he possibly was working on. Brian figured that he must have been in advertising. The jury foreman at this time had made a suggestion that we should all sit around the table. Juror number two had asked should we sit in number order and the foreman had thought this was a good idea. Each juror took his seat and we were still waiting for the elderly man in the restroom. The foreman asked if someone could knock on the door and juror number five obliged and got up and just as he was about to knock on the door the man came out and took his position as Juror number six. The foreman went over the situation with all of us. Telling us the rules like that it had to be a unanimous vote of twelve to zero for either acquittal or for a guilty sentence. The foreman was making suggestions on how we could take a vote to see where everyone one was whether it was by secret ballot or it simply having each person call out their vote or just a show of hands. Juror number three suggested a show of hands to see where we all stood and I got a ball in my throat because I had a sinking feeling the cheese was going to be standing alone. The first call was for whom thought the defendant was guilty and slowly the entire room raised their hands. I figured that this was going to happen and then he asked for not guilty and I raised my hand slowly but steady. There was some mumbling going around the table. Juror number eight tried to make a slick remark by saying “There is always one, there is just always one person.” Juror number five seemed a little agitated and went on about how he thought he was guilty and I suggested why don’t we take an hour and discuss the matter. Juror number three voice rose when he said “The kid is guilty; he stabbed his father in his chest with a knife. There were two witnesses to the matter what more do you need.” Brian simply stated that taking an hour to go over some facts wouldn’t hurt and then I turned to juror number five and told him “you didn’t have to run anywhere the game isn’t till eight o’clock.” He just smirked and nodded his head. The jury foreman made a good suggestion that we should go around the table juror by juror and listen to why each one of then thinks he is guilty and try to show Brian what he wasn’t maybe understanding or seeing. Each person agreed, some lite up cigarettes while other got a sip of water before they began. It was hot and humid in this room. The foreman point ted to juror number one and said go ahead

“Well my mind was really made up from the get go. All the evidence and testimony summed it up fo me. I just don’t see how the kid couldn’t have been the person who killed the father.”

“It’s kids these days. You have to look at some of their up bringing. There is evidenced that the kid fought with his father on multiple occasions. I didn’t fight with my father. When I addressed my father it yes sir or nor sir. I used to call my father sir they don’t have they type of respect. The lady saw him stab his father in the chest an eye witness.”

Brian retorted “According to the notes she saw him through e passing of an L train. Is it possible to make an identification like that?”

Juror number eight began to speak “Yes it was said in court that since the cars were empty and the light were off you could clearly see right through the cars as if they were moving.”

Brian was getting what we wanted an real argument this way he could attempt to knock out each point one at a time. The real quest would be is if he could prove he is right.

Juror number 4 was the businessman who was interested in the paper earlier spoke “Yes those are good points. My thing is that the knife he used was very rare. When he was caught voting back to the apartment supposedly to try and retrieve the knife to get it before the police did. He knew he could be identified by that knife. He has been seen around the neighborhood with and it is said he real handy with a knife. Also he had claimed to be at the movies all knight and when the detectives asked him to produce his knife he said it must have fallen through a hole in his pocket. Finally when he was asked about the pictures of the movies he saw or even who was in them her couldn’t even remember the names of the pictures or actors in either film.

Brian though that he was paying attention. Each person so far had good notes on what happened but still Brian believed that this boy couldn’t have done what he has been accused to do. The fifth juror asked to pass at this time which was his right. The next two repeated the same things about knife and the witnesses. One being an elderly old man who lived a floor below them and then there was a woman who live across the away from their building but could here and see everything even though the Elevated train was roaring by. Juror number 10 had his reasoning but it wasn’t good. He insisted that kids who how up in these slums if areas are prone to violence and they are absolutely no good to any form of society. Just then Juror number 4 interrupted him and said “You know I came from a slum. I played in backyards covered in garbage; maybe you can still smell it on me.”

“Hey, what are you getting excited for sonny. I wasn’t meaning you just those types of people.” Replied juror 10

“There wasn’t anything personal meant towards anyone” Answered juror 3

“There definitely was something personal there. I heard and so did all of you.” Blasted juror 4

Brian was getting somewhere at least. They were arguing back and forth not about the case but themselves. Help break the tension it was doing. The foreman at this time raised his voice and asked everyone to sit down and please take a deep breath and calm down a little. The gentlemen returned to their seats and some lite up cigarettes while others leaned in there chair and not spoke. Brian got up and was about to speak when he noticed juror 11 and 3 playing a game of tic tac toe. His face angered and he walked over and snatched the paper right form the pad they were writing on and three it behind him. Juror 3 leaned forward and said “The nerve the nerve of that guy ohhhh!.”

“Were he to decide if a man deserves to live or die. Not waste time and play games.” Brian blasted

“Well we have all told you why we think he is innocent you haven’t given us one instance on why you think he is innocent.” Juror number 4 said profoundly.

“I guess you’re right. I guess it is me who is trying to convince you so let’s look at a piece of the evidence. Mr. Foreman the knife if you would?” Brian asked so nicely

The foremen go up and walked over to the door and knocked on it. The bailiff who was right side opened the door and the foreman asked him if he could bring in the knife. The Bailiff nodded and closed the door. While they were waiting two men went into the bath room and other was still putzing with the fan cause it would turn on. Brian noticed that if he had to characterize each person in this room he could. It would be almost playing a game of poker with each one. He knew how they fought and what beliefs that they stood on pertaining to this case of course. However something inside him knew that he was going in the right direction whether it held water would be another story in and of its own. Another knock on the e door and the foreman answered and the bailiff handed the knife over the foreman and he put it on the table. Everyone looked at and commented on how the unique the knife was. Juror 4 picked up the knife and began to talk about what was heard in the case.

“First thing the shop keeper had never had seen one like this non before. The knife was extremely rare. Secondly we know he is very handy with a knife and that switch blade knives were a favorite of his. Are you trying to tell me that this particular knife as rare as this one is just happened to fall out of his pocket on the way to the movies and that someone found the knife and decided to go and stab the boy’s father framing him for the job?” Juror 4 asked. When he was done speak he clicked open the knife and stabbed into the table so everyone could see hoe sharp it was.

“You don’t think it’s probable that the knife may have fallen through the boys packet on the way to the movie and that someone else could have used the same knife to do the deed?” Brian asked

“No it isn’t possible or probable.” Juror 4 said upright.

Brian reached into his pocket and clicked open the knife he bought at the pawn shop up the road and rammed it into the table right next to the one that committed the murder. Everyone hovered around the table and looked at the two identical knives and began talking among themselves. Some thought it was funny that he would find a knife just like that one. Others though he was trying to pull a trick.

“Where do you get this may I ask?” Juror 4 asked

“I went out walking during lunch and wandered into a little pawn shop. I saw that knife in the case and I bought it. It cost $6.00.” Brian replied.

“You know it’s illegal to buy or sell switch blade articles like these.” Juror 4 said roughly

“Yeah so I broke the law but I have introduced something to the effect that the knife isn’t as rare as it was made out to be. So it’s possible someone may have used a different knife and the boy’s knife really did fall out of his pocket.” Brian answered.

They again all went on about the two knives. Some hated the idea but it did do the trick Brian wanted and that was opening others who were blinded by the one fact. The foreman was about to ask for another count when Brian interrupted and told them let’s take another vote. You have all heard what I have had to say and introduce to the topic at hand. If all of you still want to vote guilt and all still do then I will go along with you and vote guilty myself but, please make it a secret ballot. I will abstain from the vote but, if one of you votes not guilty then we keep talking this thing out. Well joy came into the room for once and they all sat back down and started scribbling on their paper what they thought and were folded an all handed to the foreman in one bunch so no one who whose were whose. Brian figuring sitting down at the table was useless because in his own mind he hasn’t made any relevant point except finding a duplicate knife. He the foreman starting reading out the votes and through the first five they was all not guilty. The next three were the same but, the ninth one made the foreman stand up and he told everyone that it was not guilty. Brian wanted to do jumping jacks over and over again but refined. The final two were guilty making the cote 10 guilty 2 for not guilty. Juror number 11 got up angrily demanding to know who had changed their answer. Other pointed out that it was a secret ballot but good old juror 11 stated there are no secrets in this room. Juror number three stood up and walked behind juror number five and began accusing him of changing his vote just because the kid was from a slum and that he was hurt by the comment that was made. Juror number 5 got very agitated and told juror 3 he had no reason to talk to him like that. The foreman got in between them to try and stop a problem form starting. During the commotion the juror number 8 the old man said “You want to know who changed his vote do ya. Well it was who did.” People started questioning the juror on his reasons for why he did it. He slowly stood up and said “This man has been against all of us from the beginning. He is not saying the boy is innocent and he is not saying he is guilty either. He just wants the time to explain his reasoning.” Just then juror 7 the sports fan waived his hands in disgust and went into the rest room. The old man’s face dropped but before he could say something Brian stopped him and told him not to pay him any mind. I guess this meant a small break since a new direction to go on was gonging to be done so Brian took the opportunity cause of the heat to go into the rest room and was his face. Once in there Brian noticed the sports fan wiping his face and Brian turned on the faucet to cool and washed his face and the back of his neck. Juror 7 took his opportunity to open his mouth

“Hey fella, do you know what the soft sell is? Cause you got it. I could make big money with a person like you on my work force. You see I sell copy paper by the case. Yeah there are hundreds of places when you can go and find it being sold but then you have to carry the heavy weight and bring it in and put it away. It’s not a fancy living I cleared fifty four thousand last year. I am not right but I am getting by.

All Brian could do was wipe his face and nod with agreement. Juror number 7 walked out with a smirk on his face and he opened the door juror number 6 walked in to do the same thing which was to wash his hands and face. Brian lit a cigarette and took a medium drag and blew it up towards the ceiling. Where he got the cigarettes from in the first place was a mystery in its self but never the less. Juror number six finished washing his face and wine to over to the towels to dry his hands and face off and before he was done he turned to Brian and said.

“Nifty move with the knife got a lot of people thinking but, I have to ask you this. What if you are able to get us all change out vote to not guilty and the boy really did kill his father. How would you live with that forever?”

Brian heard those words clear as a glass of treated water. What if this challenge was trick in of itself. Maybe Brian is thinking he is supposed to be not guilty and the way to save this boy is to get everyone to change their votes and right at the end god pops out and says wrong move Brian he was guilty all along. However Brian knew deep down something was amiss in this case and that not all the things were discussed that needed to be. Brian thought for a few more minutes because he had never served on a jury before. He knew that it was every Americans given right to a fair and just trial. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Now this kid maybe guilty but, there is just so many questions that weren’t ever brought up during the trial that needed to be heard because if the kid is truly innocent and Brian fails he has not only failed the challenge but, he has failed this boy also. Another thought came across Brian’s mind and that was he essentially was on trial himself but, there was no jury of his peers. God was the Judge, Jury and Executioner so to speak. Brian was trying to prove he was innocent of a horrible mistake and so far he has been making some good arguments on why he should get a second chance at life. After listening to God early on he knew he was guilty of blaming god for the way his life has been and needs to prove he was wrong and belonged back in his life and be given the chance to start over. Brian grabbed one more hand towel to blow his nose and he had made up his mind that there were so many points of reasonable doubt that this kid could be innocent. It was only trying to get the others who were so dead locked on frying this kid to see it his way.

Brian came out of the bathroom and sat back down at the table. The foreman had asked to the panel if anyone else wanted to make a point and Juror #3 raised his hand and had the floor.

“Ok so there maybe more than one style of that knife you have proven that. However there is still the fact of the two eye witnesses that the prosecution had testify during the case. The old man who said he head the body hit the floor and then saw the boy running down the stairs. Also the lady across the L tracks who saw the boy stab his father in the chest. She screamed and called the police and when the boy returned home from supposedly going to the movies they were there waiting for him to make the arrest. These were the other critical pieces of evidence for the prosecution and they are pretty rock solid.” After his speech juror 3 leaned back in his chair with a bit of a smirk on his face.

Brian knew that having two eye witnesses who say they saw the same person commit the same crime was pretty rock solid evidence and he picked up his pad of the table and flipped through it till he got to the testimony of the old man. He looked over his notes and looked at the facts of the old man’s testimony. Brian put down his note pad and asked “Did anyone write down how long the old man said it took him to get out of bed and to the front door to see the boy running down the stairs?” Brian asked this cause there was something he noted but needed to start a discussion among others to see if anyone else might have noticed the point Brian was going to make.

“I believe he said it took him about fifteen seconds to get to the door.” Juror number 2 said

“No no I think he said it was twenty seconds.” Juror numbers 3 and 4 both said.

“The reason I am asking this is because did anybody notice the old man at all. What I mean is the way he walked..”

“I noticed him now you think about it. He was dragging his left leg as he walked I believe. Whether the old man said 15 or 20 seconds I don’t know if he could have made it to the door that quickly in his state.” Juror number five said sternly.

“What would the old man gain by lying about the amount of time it took him to get from his bedroom to his front door.” Juror number 3 asked

“Attention I would say. I don’t know that all of you looked at the old man the way I did. He was man was trying to feel important, maybe for the first time in his life. The coat seam under his right arm was plit. I mean to show up in court with a jacket like that. Also yes he was dragging his leg because of a stroke he suffered about a year earlier. He was also trying to hide it. I probably felt for this man more than all of you and I mean it as no disrespect but, I don’t think he could have made it to the door in that time frame he said he did.” Juror number 9 stated

“So what if the old man was off by a few seconds. He said he got to the door and saw the boy running out after he heard the boy say “I am going to kill you” then he heard the body hit the floor get went from his bedroom to the front door and he saw the boy what more do you need.” Juror number three protested

“I think a matter of seconds to make a positive identification on someone that will sentence him to death is very important don’t you? Mr. Foreman I believe they showed a diagram of the old man apartment. I would like to see it” Brian asked. The foreman went to the door and pressed the bell for the bailiff. When he opened the door the foreman asked for a copy of the apartment diagram.

“Why are you the only one asking to see pieces of evidence?” Juror number 3 wanted to know.

“I want to see this one as well.” Juror number 5 said.

The jury room door opened and the bailiff came in with an easel and large blue print of the apartment the old man lived in. It was very detailed like any other blue print. It contained the measurements of everything in feet and inches of the lengths of all the rooms and hallways. Brian looked at it and was thinking to himself quietly and he could hear a couple of other members discussing the blueprint. Brian took a good long hard look at it and even though many times in his life he has been told that he sucks with telling measurements about things he knew deep inside whether it was fifteen or twenty seconds that the man said it took him and by the looks of the distance and the way the man walked that there was no possible way that time frame could have been correct. Brian grabbed a few chairs and set them up facing one another. A few members wanted to know what he was doing. Brian began to explain that he was going to set up the action of the old man hearing the body hit the ground, him getting out of bed and going to the door and seeing the boy running out of the building. Brian looked at the blue print and saw it was forty two feet from the bedroom to the front door. He began to count out forty two feet by placing one foot in front of another and as he was walking Juror 7 began to whistle a whimsical tune. Juror number two thought it was a little rude and mentioned and juror number 7 rolled his eyes but stopped. Brian had finished marking off the forty two feet which he mentioned would be two times around the table. Brian asked if anyone had a watch with second hand or had a digital one and juror 2 told Brian he had a watch with a second hand. Brian stretched out in the chairs and told juror number 2 to stamp his foot when he wanted him start that would be the sound of the body hitting the floor. Juror 2 was waiting for the second hand to get to reach sixty. The watch got there and he stamped his foot. Brian got up and began to walk the forty two feet taking a step with his left foot and then dragging his right. He was moving just as fast as he thought the old man was. Other members of the jury mentioned that the old man had moved faster than that and Brian obliged and moved a bit quicker. He got to the final step and made a motion of unlocking the door and called “Stop” Juror number 2 looked up and said “exactly forty two seconds.”

“forty two seconds.” Juror number six said with a concerned look on his face.

Brian grabbed a cup from the water dispenser and filled it up and took a sip and said “Here is what I think happened. I think the old man heard the argument between the father and his son earlier in the evening. Later he heard a voice yell “I’m gonna kill you” followed by the sound of a body hitting the floor plus the woman screaming across the way and he got up and got to the door as fast as he could and he heard someone running out of the building and assumed it was the boy.”

Juror number 2 and 6 both agreed with that statement while most of the others disagreed. Juror number six asked the foreman for another vote to be called. The foreman called for another vote and just asked when their juror number was called to just call out their vote. The foreman voted guilty, #2 was not guilty, #3 guilty, #4 guilty, #5 not guilty, #6 not guilty, #7 guilty, #8 not guilty, #9 not guilty, #10 guilty, #11 not guilty and #12 guilty. At this point they were deadlocked six to six and some people could be heard mumbling about the turn out so far. Juror #7 was even angrier cause he had those baseball tickets burning a hole in his shirt pocket. He stood up and walked over to the window and in sarcastic attitude said “Oh great he we go right into extra innings.” Other members wanted to go to the judge with a hung jury and the foreman told everyone since they haven’t been there for a long time the judge wouldn’t accept a hung jury this soon especially on a murder case. The foreman picked up the blueprint and easel and pushed the buzzer on the door to get the bailiffs attention so he could give back the evidence they had already seen. The door opened and he gave him the evidence bag with the knife and the easel and blueprint.

It was about six at night and one of the jury members asked should they think about getting dinner and another suggested that they give it another hour. Brian was trying hard to think where to go with the case and before he could even suggest something juror #2 stood up from his seat and said “You know the whole thing about the way the stab wound was made is kind of bothering me.” Brian felt kind of relieved that someone else had some questions because Brian felt kind of tapped out and didn’t want to take any steps backwards. Juror #2 took picked up his note pad and began discussing the stab wound.

“The boy was five foot seven inches and the father was six feet two that’s a difference of seven inches I find it hard to make that kind of stab wound being seven inches shorter. Wouldn’t the father been able to have stopped his arm coming down to stab at all.” He said

Juror #3 picked up the second knife that was bought by Brian and asked someone to stand up. He looked around and saw that Brian was already standing in the corner and walked over to him with the knife in his hand. He stood face to face with Brian and then slouched down to make himself about seven inches shorter and said “Everyone watch this cause I only want to have to do this once ok.” Everyone stood up and watch juror #3 simulate the killing. He clicked open the knife and turned it in his hand so the knife would be pointed downward and in a make shift stabbing motion aimed at Brian’s heart. Everyone thought juror #3 was going to stab him by accident cause of the amount of thrust he used to simulate it even Brian clenched his cheeks so tight he could have become water tight. “that’s how I would attack someone seven inches taller than myself. Down and in.” Other members came over and agreed with what juror #3 had said. However Juror #5 got up and walked over and asked for the knife. He examined it for a minute and said “You know I hate these things I really do. Anyone here seen a switch blade knife fight before?” he asked of everyone. None of the jury members had ever seen a knife fight before.

“Well I have seen many of them before. It kind of came with the neighborhood I grew up in.” Juror #5 stated

“Well how do you use a switch blade knife?” Brian asked

“Well for one thing you wouldn’t handle it like you were going to stab someone because you take too much time in switching the blade around. You would use it in a underhand motion. That’s why they are made to open like that so you could use it quickly. Anyone who has ever used a switchblade knife wouldn’t handle it any other way.” Juror #5 testified

Brian looked at juror #5 as did a lot of other members and they were all thinking the same thing. Since the boy was so handy with a knife then there is no way he would have stabbed his father. This put another form of reasonable doubt in the room. Brian looked at a few of the jurors who had voted guilty and asked them if they though the boy would have stabbed the father that way. Juror #12 had a puzzled look on his face. He was really thinking hard and after thinking about it he said “I don’t know?”\

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Yelled juror #3

Brian took the opportunity and asked for another vote to be called. The foreman called for the vote and decided to do it just like last time. This time juror #12 voted not guilty and the foreman himself was convinced that there was a reasonable doubt and voted not guilty making the count eight to four in favor of not guilty. Brian began to feel something inside him that he hadn’t felt in a long time. It was the feeling of pride in himself. He was sticking up for a helpless young man who couldn’t defend himself and by doing what he is doing this kid might get a chance at a new life just like he is trying to get for himself.

The jury members sat back down around the table all with different looks on their faces. Some of them had disgusted look, while others were confused and one or two of them had a feeling of accomplishment. Juror #4 lowered his glasses and began to rub between his eyes and squinted while he did so. Juror #9 asked the man “Don’t you feel well sir?” Juror #4 looked at him and replied “I feel fine thank you just tired.” Juror #9 said “The reason I asked is because you made a gesture that I didn’t happen to remember until now. I am curious to know is it because of your glasses that your rubbing your eyes?”

“Well not that it has any bearing on the case but yes my glasses hurt my nose so I am taking the time to rub it.” Juror #4 stated

“I wouldn’t know that type of discomfort. I have never had to wear any type of prescription glasses in my life. I have 20-20 vision. The reason why I am asking this is because I notice that your glasses make those little impressions on the side of your nose. The woman who said she saw the boy stab his father was rubbing her nose the same way and had the same impressions on her nose. I didn’t think of it until now until you made that gesture. I would suppose that meant she wore glasses but, I don’t remember him having them on in court.” Juror #9 proved

“You know she did have those marks on her face I saw them pretty good too and I was closer than anyone else.” The jury foreman stated

“Yeah she wasn’t wearing glasses in court at all but, she did have those markings. I remember them now.” Said Juror #5

Brian saw a new piece of evidence begin to unfold that he didn’t even see. If this woman had these marks on her face which meant she wore glasses to see better. Odds are that she wouldn’t have been wearing them while she was in bed and wouldn’t have had anytime between putting them on for no reason and then looking out the window and seeing everything happen at once. So she had to have seen someone kill the father but, not necessary the boy.

Brian stood up and asked “would she have worn her eye glasses to sleep?”

“No. Nobody wears eye glasses to sleep.” Replied juror #4

“So she had marks on her face. How do you know if she wore eyeglasses at all? She didn’t wear them into court.” Shouted juror #3

“We have agreed that those marks came from wearing glasses. Maybe she didn’t wear the glasses into court cause they didn’t make her look very attractive. So we have to assume that she wasn’t wearing them when she claims she saw the boy stab her father. What I bet happened is that she heard the argument looked out the window through the passing L train and saw somebody stab the boys father.” Brian refuted.

The room grew mostly quiet right now. This new piece of evidence has made a huge impact on the jury panel except for one. Brian asked for another vote to be called and the foreman decided that it would be easy to just have people raise there hands. After he asked for the call for guilty and not guilty the new count was eleven not guilty and one guilty. Brian looked over at juror #3 and said “Your all alone now my friend.”

“Whats wrong with you people. We have all the evidence pointing at this boy stabbing his father. He killed his father don’t you all get that.” Juror #3 said

“We want to hear your arguments, you need to convince us that everything we discussed is wrong and that this boy did it. However I am telling you you will be fighting a losing battle. Something you were implying to me earlier.” Said Brian

Juror #3 got up and began to pace back and forth. You could see the blood pressure rising by the color of his face becoming dark red. “You work your life away to give them everything they want. You do everything for them to make sure they are clothed, fed have a place to sleep and when they get older they turn against you cause of things you believe or have them do. This boy stabbed his father don’t you all see that” Juror #3 cried

At ths time juror #3 was leaning on the back of his chair sobbing and each member looked at him closely. Obviously this man has had problems with his own son and it was his agenda to make this boy pay for his sons transgressions against him. Juror #4 put his hand on his shoulder and said “Let this boy live. He isn’t you son we have proved there is a reasonable doubt that this boy didn’t kill his father.” Juror #3 looked up at everyone and pulled a hanky out from his shirt pocket and wiped his eyes. He looked at Brian and said “Ok, fine he’s not guilty, he is not guilty.” He said sobbingly.

Brian couldn’t believe what he has done or hasn’t done since he is still in the room. He was all alone against these men thinking that this boy didn’t commit this crime and convinced each one that there is a reasonable doubt that the boy didn’t do it and saved his life. However it is also possible that he has convinced everyone that the boy was innocent and he really did kill his father. Brian thought that if his father had beaten him over and over that a motive for him to want to kill him would be there but that wasn’t the case. Each jury member one at a time got their coat out of the closet and Brian walked over and got juror #3 coat and helped him put it on and they walked out of the room.

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