Coming Attractions

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Chapter 6

Just as Brian exited the room he was transported back to the room to have god waiting for him. Brian sat down in the chair and looked at god and began talking how much of challenge this was. God nodded and said “for the first time you see the value of a person’s life. You took the life of an unknown person and gave him another chance by caring about life and this is what these challenges are meant for. Things don’t get easier in life as we grow up Brian. They only get harder and as you can see these challenges are going to get harder and harder.” Brian nodded and asked god just for one favor. Is it possible to fill a room with twelve angry men next time. It is hard to get two men to agree on any one thing but, twelve is just impossible. God smiled and told Brian that he wanted him to review what he has learned before he was going to be sent on to continue.

Brian leaned back in the chair and thought about what he has been going through. He was learning to appreciate life and also learning some new values as well. Brian thought about what he had been blaming god for throughout his life. Brian had been dealt a very tough hand and no matter what he did to try and improve on it wasn’t getting better it was always getting worse. Brian thought what his daily life was like and basically he got up tried to be a cold caller selling computers to people he never met. He never had really any care when he sold them so his attitude reflected on everything. So since he never really tried to succeed he thought back to why he was in the position he was in and again he would blame god. He was always alone and by himself on a daily basis. He had no family not even any friends to try and enjoy life. This is why he would watch movies cause he could be who ever he wanted. He could be the good or bad guy. He could be in a historical moment or be a super hero and be loved by millions. Brian always wanted to be by himself and never with anyone else but for the few minutes he was with Megan Fox he felt the feeling of love for the first time and it wasn’t cause who she was it was cause it was what the character was feeling at the time. He never gave himself the opportunity to try and fall in love with anyone besides himself and his movies. Brian began to review each of the scenes he was in and realized that each time yes he was saving someone else but in retrospect each time he completed the challenge he was saving a part of himself as well. Yes the first scene in a few good men was just to show him that this wasn’t going to be game and he better step up to the plate and be ready. Flight he had to overcome fear that was in front of him and put the cares of everyone else on the plane first and save them even if some of them might be criminals or what not. Transformers he was saving himself and then saving the life of someone he just was getting to know and he was being introduced to a part of life he has never faced and that was love. God told him that he was going to have to save lives and appreciate life in all these challenges. Brian realized that he may face certain life challenges to show him what he was missing like a family and love. The last challenge so far was the hardest cause he didn’t know what he was doing at all. He didn’t know which way to turn in this case. Whether to put the kid to death or like he did convince everyone he wasn’t guilty which ended up being the case. He looked at this challenge a little closer and tried to figure out why god placed him in that situation. Brian realized that everyone is innocent until proven guilty but he didn’t do it all by himself. He got the help of others as they began to see what he was showing. Once they understood what Brian was trying to show most of them kind of chimed in with information that Brian didn’t have and they all worked as unit. Brian thought even harder and it was like he was playing god in this situation saying whether this kid should live or die. He did have to show cause why he believed this kid didn’t do it but it was others being open minded that helped. Brian gave this kid another shot at life. This was something Brian didn’t give himself at all. These challenges are not just getting Brian to save lives but parts of Brian are being saved. However something else came into Brian’s mind and that was if god can put him into these situations now why he didn’t help him before he decided to kill himself. This began to trouble him a little knowing that god has time to make people see that they blame him for the wrong reasons but that he does have the power to help him before he made that decision to end his life. Is it because god thinks he is all mighty and powerful and can toy with people’s lives or is it like god stated and that he is looking over billions of souls and some slip through the cracks. Brian hates to think he was one who slipped though like Hitler and Bin Laden but it is possible. Brian didn’t know what he was to expect next but, he had to be open minded a little more and be prepared for any situation that could arise. Brian noticed the lights going down and now six doors remain in front of him. Before he entered into any of the renaming doors he looked up to the ceiling and attempted to convince god that he has understood the meaning of what lesson he was supposed to learn and God said “Brian if I thought you have learned everything this would be over. However you are starting to see the picture.” Brian nodded because there was no way he was going to convince he was ready to relive his life if god didn’t think so. I guess there are some life lessons still to be learned along with appreciating life. Brian walked over to door number nine and opened it and walked through for his next challenge.

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