Coming Attractions

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Chapter 7

As he traveled to his destination so to speak all he could see was a huge light blur. At first he thought he was going to be Han Solo in Return of the Jedi getting ready to be pushed into the Sarlacc pit but, he found himself in a deflating raft on a remote beach. He looked around and again seemed lost to where he was. Brian got out of the raft and pulled it all the way onto the beach. He had no idea where in the world or even universe he was. There was no sounds except that of the waves crashing into the beach. Brian tried to gain an idea where he was by walking on the beach and he saw something floating in the water no to far from where he was standing. It appeared to be a flat white box with blue lettering on it. Brian had feared the worse and as he got closer to the item Brian realized that he was on and island by himself. He knew that he was Tom Hanks in Cast Away and that he just arrived on the beach after the plane had crashed. Brian knew this movie very well and knowing this movie wasn’t going to do him any good. He was on an island with no contact and no supplies except what nature was going to give him. Brian had no survival skills and the amount of fear in his body was getting stronger. Brian didn’t know how to do any of the things he was going to need to do to survive on this island. Another thing that became prevalent was that he also knew no one was coming for him. This was one challenge that Brian feared was unwinnable by any chance. Brian saw packages floating onto the beach and all he could think about was which box contained the famous Wilson. Not having someone to talk to can make you go crazy, that is why the movie has Hanks make up someone to talk to. Brian knew he had no electricity to contact the outer world and even if he did who was he going to call. Brian had no family to try to reach and he was pretty sure no one was missing him right now. Brian brought the packages back to the raft and sat down and began to weep. Tipped the raft over to empty the water out and then realized he need to get the clothes on his body dry and they weren’t going to be comfy drying on his body. He took off the sweater, shirts, pants and socks and laid them to rest on a nearby log to dry. It wasn’t like there was going to be people to peer at his body. Brian began to think about the character in this movie and that he had people who loved and cared about him. This was something Brian wasn’t used to. Brian’s life was empty and now he was in a situation where he probably was never going to experience the love of a woman ever. He knew that the person to be saved was himself and to get back to civilization but with no skills how was he going to do this. God was just throwing the hammer down on him he was dropping a nuke. This was a pure test if any on how much he wanted to survive. To die alone was something he once knew he wanted but now it seemed wrong. If he was going to die Brian realized it was going to be painful if he didn’t try. Brian thought about the ways he could die right now here on this beach alone. One way was by starvation. One thing Brian did enjoy while he was alive was eating food. If he was unable to get food then starving was going to hurt. Starving was just one of his problems. Brian was on a deserted island with no places of fresh water. He was completely surrounded by saltwater and you can just drink ocean water because you would be completely sick and the salt would dry you up. Brian had to be careful because e the simplest thing like a cut could kill him. He didn’t have a hospital or doctor around if he got hurt. Brian was a natural klutz so if he cut himself he knew what the consequences could be. Brian watched the sun going down and he knew he only had a short amount of time to try and find food before he was out of day light. Brian began to open the boxes hoping to find something he could use to cover his feet or something he could use and a knife. He knew he was going to find the volleyball but that was going to be the least of his worries. His stomach was growling and that was his main concern. He found that he had enough paper and other things that could be used to light a fire but, would at book of matches or maybe a lighter just happen to find its way to him would be helpful. He finished opening the boxes and found he had a pair ice skates that could be used as blades to cut things. However he had nothing to use a light source at night besides the moon light and if it was cloudy or bad weather than that was going to be a non-factor. Brian went over to the log to see if any of his clothes dried out in case it got chilly at night and none of them were dry at all. As he was laying out his pants an item fell to the beach. It was a pocket watch that he remembered that Helen Hunts character gives him as a wedding present. Brian opened it up and something happened that he didn’t expect. He became very melancholy. He realized that there was a chance he would never get another chance to meet a beautiful girl like this and start a family. Even though family wasn’t important to him a short while ago realizing the fact that he would never get a chance again if he didn’t survive became surreal. The sun dipped behind the horizon and darkness began to fall on the island. He could see the moon high in the sky and it did provide some light but not a lot for him to try and find any food. One thing occurred to him was that if he was to find some fruit or berries he didn’t know that they would be safe to eat. If he by chance killed an animal he had no way to cook the item unless he was able to catch a fish and he then could have sushi but he even knew that just eating fish tight out of the ocean was dangerous in and of itself. Brian figured if he tried to close his eyes maybe the night would bass by quickly and he could get a fresh start in the morning but, he was so nervous about so many things that adrenaline was being produced and that was keeping him awake. This reminded him of countless nights at his home when he couldn’t sleep and use to just look up at his ceiling or watched his clock and watched time go by. Now he could look up at the sky and watch the night sky. This was definitely a sight he has never seen before and it was so pretty to see all the stars out there. Brian quickly realized that he couldn’t allow himself to really enjoy this cause it wasn’t a vacation he was on. In so many ways god has left him for dead and this isn’t what Brian wanted but, death was going to be a possibility if he didn’t find ways to feed himself and keep hydrated. Since Brian couldn’t sleep and didn’t want to take too many chances he looked at what he had and thought about them one at a time. With all the paper and branches and twigs that were around him he had fuel to keep a fire going but no way to start it. With the ice skates he had ways o cutting food off of trees and stabbing animals if there were any but not way to cook them. One of the main things he needed to do was figure a way to make a fire and nothing was coming to him. Drinking water wasn’t going to be found so Brian thought about what else he could drink to live and one of things that came to mind was what Kevin Costner did in Water World but that just made him sick to his stomach but he knew if push came to shove he could drink his own urine. Brian wished for a bottle of Gatorade which had all the electrolytes he would need but he knew that wasn’t going to be found. Brian did remember that Hanks did find coconuts and coconut water is a natural hydration drink so he had that going for him and he would make that a priority on his list to find those and then he could at least eat the coconut itself. In one of the boxes was what appeared to be an expensive dress. He at least had a change of clothes now but also thought it could be cut and used as bandages, the slip could be used to carry things in or scoop thing out of the water. Then there was this volleyball staring him right in the face but instead of him calling it Wilson Brian decided that he was going to name it Helen. Brian knew what it was like to talk to other guys but, never had conversations with women before. It wasn’t like he knew what they would say but, maybe he could assume what they would say and maybe he could feel what it would be like to have someone like that in his life. One thing for sure was that Brian had time on his hands cause as of right now he wasn’t going anywhere and he knew that Hanks ended up escaping and getting home and if he had to do that he might be here a long time so building a relationship with someone who couldn’t kick you out or break up with you because of the wrong reasons seemed right. Brian once again was looking up at the starry sky and saw a shooting star. He closed his eyes and made a wish hoping that since god had placed him an almost unwinnable situation that maybe he be grated a wish. Brian wished hard for a box to come up on the beach full of fresh fruit and as he opened his eyes his luck had failed. Brian looked up one more time and began to talk to god. This is something he had never done n any of the challenges before. He figured that since god placed him there he was watching and Brian fell back into the mode of blaming god for where he was. He cursed at the sky and told god he couldn’t believe he would put him in a situation where it was unwinnable. Brian started throwing a mini temper tantrum like a little kid and tears filled his eyes and then he looked at Helen and realized he was looking like a child and not a grown man. How could he begin a relationship on this type of note? He began to apologize for his actions and promised to act more grown up. Brian wiped his eyes with his hands and tried to get at least some sleep to help build energy to try and find ways to survive on this island whether it be for a day ,month, year or ten years.

The sun on his face woke him up. He got up and went to the bathroom and went back to check on his clothes to see if they were dry. His tee shirt was bone dry and his pair of pants was damp but wearable. His sweater which he probably was going to need for a while was still soaked so he moved the log into the sun so it would dry quicker. Brian looked at his feet an immediately became concerned. He was bare foot and he knew he had a pair of socks but he didn’t remember having a pair of shoes around anywhere. He looked around to see if maybe he took them off and placed them by the log or maybe they were in the raft and he just forgot. After taking a few minutes he didn’t find any shoes so this meant he was in danger of his feet getting cuts or even worse he could get blisters. Both situations could be problematic because if the cuts or blisters got infected he had to way of really curing them and having either of those on his feet would cause pain and could keep him from walking around which he definitely needed to do to find solutions for survival. Brian sat down in the shade and looked at what he had to work with that could give him some type of support on his feet. He knew the paper and cassette tape was not going to help his situation. He had already thought about what he was going to use the dress for. The ice skates were his cutting tool and he didn’t have any tools to remove the blades to just have the shoes but, just by looking at the shoes they would have fit anyway. Brian wanted help and he looked over at Helen and asked “What would a woman use to cover her feet in this situation?” Brian looked at Helen expecting a answer but nothing was coming. Brian began to think how Hanks was able to be able to tal to Wilson and then it came to him that Wilson had a face to look at. So Brian picked up the ball and looked for something to be able to draw on the ball. He searched for a few minutes and during his walking he stubbed his toe on a buried piece of wood. He dropped Helen and started hoping up and down cause of the pain. He noticed he broke his toe nail and was bleeding. His worst dream came through because he had no bandages or first aid ointment. His hand was covered in blood and he realized he needed to clean it out. He went down to the beach and put his foot in the ocean. He wanted it to at least get clean and then he could use part of the dress to at least cover the wound. He hopped back to log and placed his foot up. He picked up one of the ice skates and some of the blood on his hand had smeared on the skate and he realized he could use his blood like a marker to draw a face. He wrapped his toe and picked up Helen and drew some eyes and a mouth. He place Helen down away from water so the face he made wouldn’t wash away. Brian with his dilemma and still had no idea what to do about covering his feet so he could walk. A gust of wind came through and Helen rolled all the way to the raft. Brian went after Helen and picked her up. The way he was holding her it looked like her eyes were looking at his sweater. Brian looked at her and told her she was a genius. Brian first secured A place to put Helen so she wouldn’t roll away and he took one of the Ice skates and used the blades to cut the sleeves off the sweater. He was then going to use this to wrap around his feet like very thick padded socks. It wouldn’t really keep them dry but they were padded enough to cushion them as he walked on the beach and hopefully it would give support if he stepped on a rock or branch. It took him a few minutes and once he got his feet wrapped he walked up to the wooded area to see if he could see anything he could use to build a shelter and as he got up to the tree line he found the coconuts that he knew were on the island. He went back and grabbed the dress and gathered a bunch and put them in the dress and carried them back to the beach area where all the stuff he had was. He emptied them into a pile and went back to the wooded areas and saw some thick branches that looked good to make kind of a shelter that could cover his head in case of rain. He gathered them brought them back to the beach. He used one of the skates to cut one of the coconuts in half to make cups and then meticulously made holes in the others to pour the water out so he could drink and get some hydration. It felt good to get some fluids into him but the other problem of his stomach growling was not being solved. Brian knew he was going to have to go and look around to see if he could find some food of any kind. He looked at Helen and told her he was going out and that he would be back soon. Again it was like he was expecting a answer of some sort. He realized that the way his feet were covered kind of made him unbalanced so he took of the think long branches and was going to use it like a walking stick. He looked to his left and right and saw that the beach winded to the left and that the right side went into the wooded area. He didn’t want to venture into an area where he might get lost so he decided that he could go around the beach and see if like the coconuts maybe he would find some trees that dropped some type of fruit or something. It also occurred to him that if he saw something he could kill for food he needed a weapon. So he took one of the skates and sharpened the top of the walking stick he was going to use. He took the netting of the dress with him as well in case he found stuff to carry back. Again the thought of having to kill something didn’t really appeal to him but, he knew to survive what would be would be.

Brian began to walk and thought about the fact that he named the ball Helen and not Wilson like Hanks did. Brian never had a relationship during his life time and that was his own fault. He had kept to himself so much he never found time for the idea. The fact that he was also so depressed each day he figured he would never be able to keep a relationship. Brian thought about Hanks motivation to get back to civilization and that was due to love he had for Hunt’s character. Love can be a powerful thing and drive you crazy at the same time. Brian didn’t have that motivation because he didn’t have anything to go back to, not even a dog. Brian liked the idea of having a woman to talk to who really didn’t comment on his looks or likes. It was someone to talk to and get along with in this situation and maybe talk about his problems without being judged. Brian had turned the corner on the beach and wasn’t too pleased to see the same thing. More tree line and on the beach near the wooded area were coconuts and branches. He really didn’t see any fruit or other little animals which he hoped to find. He did see a decent rock formation in the water which he hoped he could catch some fish or other aquatic wildlife. As he walked towards the area he began to think that even if he did catch anything he couldn’t just eat it because that would be way too dangerous but for now catching something things would be a start. Brian got to the water ling and noticed the rocks were sharp. He knew his feet were padded but they did make him very unsteady and if he fell he really could injure himself badly. Brian walked slowly into the water and he looked around. The water was so clear he could see right to the bottom and see the fish swimming and he also saw some crabs, lobsters and attached to the rocks looked like some type of shell fish. The first thing that came to his mind was that the cost for a plate of what he was about to catch would cost a fortune in the city. There was still on big difference about the lobsters and crabs. When you get them out of a tank they have rubber bands around their claws so he was going to have to kill them so he would get pinched. Piece the crab and lobster shells were tough but he was able to get a few. His luck with the fish however wasn’t good. It looked like a slap stick comedy skit as he tried to catch the fish. Each time he tried to scoop them up he missed. He moved away from the sharp rocks and tried divining with his net to catch fish. He failed not once, not twice but at least fifty times. He was so tired and his legs and arms began to throb. He took what he was able to kill and began his walk back to what was his base camp. Brian thought about what he had in the bag to bring back and began to laugh because he was going to have a shell fish dinner with Helen and he never considered himself a fancy date person.

Brian walked back towards where he had his so called base camp and knew he had a bigger task still ahead of. He had food, he had something to drink even though he still needed a way to get fresher water, however he needed a way to be able to eat these foods case raw was not going to go over well in any sense of the way. By looking up at the sky he knew he had only a few hours of time left as the sun was already headed down and once the sun was down this catch was not going to be good the next day cause where was he going to refrigerate it. He got back and saw Helen’s smiling face and placed down the bag full of food. Of course she wasn’t going to give a reaction by looks and this made Brian felt a little more comfortable talking about how he got it. After a few minutes he was still eating and was how he was going to eat these foods. He had tried clanging the blades together to see if they made any kind of spark. He hit them over and over and nothing happened. He threw them down on the beach next to him and began to think more. He looked over at Helen and asked “How do you make fire on the beach without a heat source? I know I have the sun in the air and it doesn’t just through fire balls at you on a daily basis. If you have any suggestions please let me know?” Helen just looked at him and Brian leaned back and thought about trying to make friction with the wood that was there but the logs were all damp from the beach or the rain. Then he thought rain was still fresh water so he knew he could take the empty coconut shells and take some leaves to make a funnel system and catch the rain. At least one positive thing was coming from this. He sat there for a minute and then he felt like his leg was beginning to burn. He sat up and saw that the sunlight reflected off the blade and the ray was causing his leg to get burned. Just like a cartoon he realized something good and then remembered his leg was on fire. He began jumping up and down and raced into the water to cool down the burn. He was so excited but he wasn’t sure that this was even going to work at all. He raced back up to the beach and gathered to leaves and paper to see if it would start a fire. He knew it wouldn’t be instantaneous but he needed to try. Has he laid there with the sun refracting on the leaves and paper he began to talk to Helen. He told Helen al about himself and the predicament he had found himself in. God told him that he was a character in a movie but he never said he couldn’t talk about the situation with anyone. I mean if Brian decided to try to talk with a real person about the predicament that he was in then he would be seen as a crazy person. Helen was there to listen and maybe give some insight. Brian continued to go on and on about his life and how bad it was. He thought he heard a voice in his head saying that he never gave the other parts of life a chance to try and help him along the way. Brian shrugged and guessed he was so mad that his life never went his way and he had no one around to blame but god. Brian realized something that he had been blaming god because there was just no one else to blame for his situation. Brian was in kind of a daze and understood what Helen meant and he felt his eyes watering up and he began to cough not because he was sad but that there was smoke coming from the pile of leaves and paper. He began to get excited but all he had was smoke no flame. He didn’t want to try and grab any branches or anything because he would have to move the skate so whatever paper and pine needles and leaves he could reach, he slowly added to the pile and within a few minutes he had flames. He was so absolutely excited that he added small twigs and as the fire built he got some branches and made a tepee shape like he did when he was a kid and his parents took him camping. The fire slowly began to build and he added more and more logs to get a sustainable fire. He gathered rocks to make a type of fire place and this way the hot coals of what was left if the caught win and began to roll they would hit the rocks and not go and cause a blaze everywhere. Brian now had a way to make fire and this was the major problem he needed to solve. He now had a way to keep warm at night, a way to get some type of drinking water and a food source. One thing he kind of wished for was that he had a doctor to be able to check his cholesterol level once a moth because this wasn’t going to be good on that. He took some branches and made spears out of some of them and made a spit out of others so he could slowly cook the food and could put them directly in the fire. He began to think about the food network and wished he had a bunch of the ingredients so he could make some flavors but, one thing did come to mind and that was the coconut. He could use it as a topping on some the items to give it sweetness. He began to tell Helen that he could had some flavor to their food. He looked at her and kind of got a vibe that they would get sick of the same old stuff over and over. Brian argued that beggars couldn’t be choosers in this situation and he somehow became engorge in an argument about the food. He knew that there was only so much that he was going to be able to get and that his limited skills they would have to be satisfied with what they can have. He walked over to the fire with a bigger fire inside of him. He took out the lobster and crab and set them on some leaves to cool and he then began turning the fish for a few minutes. He looked back over to Helen and was angry he was getting the silent treatment. He asked what did she expect of him and told her he had no idea what else he could do. Brian became quiet and just looked at her and aid “I guess tomorrow I could look around the island and see if there is anything else on the other side or maybe in the closeness of the woods that’s he could capture for food.” He took the fish off and let them begin to cool and added some more logs to the fire so it could keep going and be like a signal fire for any planes or nearby ships that would pass bye. That’s if anyone was looking for him. Brian began trying to break the crab and lobster with his fingers and they were too hot and sharp. SO yet again he had a problem but, this one was easily solved quickly. He got some rocks and washed them off and instead of a crab mallet or lobster claw breaker he had a smasher and on another washed rock he began smashing the shells to get at the succulent meat. Once the shells were opened he was able to remove the meat easily and laid some of it in the coconut water to give it flavor. He figured the food portions he was eating right now was just about three hundred dollars in any New York City restaurant. The fish didn’t end up tasting too good because there was no flavor and he kept get some of the bones in his bites and this were making for a dangerous situation. God forbid he swallowed the bones. After he was done eating he apologized to Helen and began to tell her about his favorite things in the worlds. He told her about the movies he loved and went into full descriptions on some while others he kept short cause he didn’t want to tell her about everything because he figured they were going to be there for a long time and he needed a lot of more stories for the days to come. Brian noticed the fire was dying f=down and this was something he was going to have to keep up because once it went out he would have to start it all over again. The only problem is that if there was a storm or a lot of clouds then the sunlight he needed would be unavailable so he needed to find some other type of food source that didn’t require him cooking it to eat it. Brain rolled up what was left of his sweater and made it into a pillow and since it was warm by the fire he was going to stay on the beach. He asked Helen’s permission to share here area because he had never even thought about sharing anything with a woman before but he wasn’t going to be rude about it. Since Helen didn’t protest and he did apologized for his earlier outburst made an area on the beach and he laid down and closed his eyes and prepared himself for the next day which was going to be interesting.

During the middle of the night bad weather began to roll in and the wind began to pick up with a fury. The low sounds of thunder awoke Brian and he looked to the sky to see it lighting up with stream of lighting. He knew a bad storm was coming and he wasn’t sure where he was going to go. He gathered some of the food from last night and some coconuts that were full and began to walk towards the wood line to see if maybe he could hide out somewhere in there. One of the lighting blasts lite up the beach head and Brian saw a cave in which he could hide in. The thunder was so furious it scared him that he almost soiled himself. He crawled into the cave and was hoping no animals or poisonous bugs were living in this cave. He didn’t have any light but hat of the thunder. He got comfy and said “It’s good to be safe and dry right Helen?” Brian out his head down and then lifted it a panic and felt around for Helen. He couldn’t find her and he was scared. The only woman who would listen to him and give him the time of day was not there with him. The wind was raging furiously and the rain was coming down hard. The thunder and lightning blasts were becoming more frequent and Brian couldn’t stand knowing that she was out there by herself. He built up some courage and ran out towards his beach front and began looking for her. His fire was already out and he had no idea where she was. He began screaming for her over and over. Like he was really going to get an answer but he didn’t care. His companion that was with him was missing. He was still walking and he stumbled over something and he realized it was the raft so he knew Helen had to be close by. Another lighting blast came across the sky and Brian saw her rolling towards the ocean. He screamed so high that it could have broken glass if there was any around. He ran as hard as he could and like a Linebacker seeing a fumble on the ground Brian picked her up and turn an ran for the end zone which was the cave. As he was running with her he saw that the face he made had streaks coming from the eyes and it made it appear to Brian that she was crying. He got into the cave with her held tightly in his arms. He was apologizing so much to her. He felt horrible that he picked everything up and left her behind. Brian’s foot was hurting and he noticed that he was bleeding yet again. He took off his shirt and ringed it out and before attending to his foot he tended to Helens tears. He then used some of the blood and cleaned up her look and then took care of his foot. Brian leaned back with Helen safely in his arms and began to sing to her. Brian really wasn’t a good singer by any means but he thought that Helen must be as scared as he was and that sometimes Brian would sing to help clam himself down and if there was any proper time for him to sing this was it. He first tried to lighten the mood by singing the thunder song from the Movie Ted “When you hear the sound of thunder, don’t you get too scared. Just grab your thunder buddy, and say these magic words: Fuck you, Thunder. You can suck my dick. You can’t get me, Thunder, because you’re just Gods farts.” Brian thought it would bring some laughter but nine could be heard not even from him. So he began singing something he parents used to love to dance and sing to each other in good or bad times. He began to sing “My Girl” by the Temptations and as he sung this his heart rate came down and he realized that a hole in his life has slowly been filled. He had never had any reason to sing compassionate songs to anyone for any reasons and now he was. He realized that he currently is dead and can’t enjoy the feelings he is having for the first time. This was giving him more and more determination to want to survive this challenge so he could get a chance to maybe explore these feelings with someone and hopefully they will share them back with him. He always considered himself ugly and that nobody would want to waste their time with him at all. Brian finished the song and watched the chained lighting roll across the sky now. The rain had let up and the thunder was few and far between but, the lighting kept on going for a while and while he looked up at the sky he could see that Helens face was seining to. It was kind of like they were spending their own private Fourth of July together. The lighting came in different spreads all of which were so beautiful. One set of bolts that came by appeared to make a lopsided heart in the sky and for the first time Brian knew what romance was. The lighting began to flutter away and just in case they stayed in the cave for the rest of the night just encase the storms picked up yet again.

The sun peaked through the clouds and a ray got on Brian’s face and he opened his eyes. There was an awful smell in the cave and at first Brian thought he had um made but then he realized that it was the fish so he got out of the cave and chucked the day old fish as far as he could and that’s when he saw something that scared him and excited him at the same time. What appeared to be a wild pig or hog because it had tusks came running out from the woods. Brian had only a few thoughts on his mind. Bacon, Ham and pork chops. The he also realized that he needed to kill it to be able to enjoy it. He walked Helen over to what was left of his basecamp and searched for the raft. He found it behind him caught on some of the brush in the woods. He grabbed it and covered her because he didn’t want her to be a target of this beast. He then grabbed the dress and some of the spears and the ice skates that he attached to branches so he could have like an axe handy. He knew that he had never killed anything except for a ten foot mechanical robot and that wasn’t the case this time. He had to remember the way the thing came out of the woods because it would most likely run back the same way so he began to draw a play in the sand and called it the “Hog on the beach” play. He would slowly circle around him and when close enough throw a spear into it to hurt it. Then he would toss the dress over it so it would hopefully stumble among itself as it tried to run. Then he would stab it a couple of times to kill it and then use the axes to cut it up. He would drag the meat back and cook it on the spit and he would have meat and water to drink. If this all works he truly hopped he could find some potatoes to have with it. Well Brian began to make his attack and it didn’t go like he planned. He didn’t circle it and block its way back to the wood but it darted off. So Brian began chase. As he chased it around the beach he could hear the cartoons songs in his head as he kept on tripping on the sand and have to be getting up again. Brian knew that he was getting tired and he was going to lose his only opportunity. So he reached back with the spear in hand and rifled it like Troy Aikman would to Michael Irvin and whammo he connected. This was like an NFL hall of famer type throw but with a much thinner ball and much more mobile target. He killed the animal and dragged it back. He began to rebuild the spit and with the sun blaring down on him he drank some of the rain water he had caught in some of the coconuts. He aimed the reflection of the sun off the skate and onto the tape and what was left of the dry paper which there was very little. He got his fire going and he got it built so he could cook the meat through. He could smell the pig cooking and wished for a ton of ingredients like, bread, lettuce and tomato, some veggies like potatoes that he could make a mash but, he would again make do with what he had and could make another satisfying dinner for him and Helen. The meat cooked for hours. During that time he spent time in the ocean washing up cause kind of was a little dinky. He also took one of the skates with him hoping he could shave and maybe cut his hair a little. He just had to be really careful because he didn’t have any shave cream to make it go easy and had no shampoo to make the hair soft to cut. He took his time cause this was date number two for him and he had so much he wanted to tell Helen he just hopped to have the guts to talk to her about his feelings. He had placed Helen on the dressed after he washed it in the ocean so she would be nice and dressed up to for their fancy date out.

Brian took great pride in cooking a meal that he really was going to eat but, he was getting so comfortable with the idea of having a companion to talk to and have around on a daily basis. Throughout his time in his life he liked being alone. He enjoyed just dealing with himself and not letting one brake that emotional barrier he kept under such high guard. That was what movies were for him. They were an escape into another life. He could live the life of a lover, murder, hero, cop, cartoon, villain or whatever else appeared. As the food was cooked the moon cleared the clouds and Brian began to eat the meat and to act like he was on a date he even set up some on a leaf plate for Helen. He began to tell Helen his whole life and what had become of him. He told her about where he grew up and the lifestyle he lived. He talked about playing sports in high school. One of the things he got into with her that none else knew was his depression. He explained to her that since he never really achieved much he was always down. The worst hit him when his parents died and he was all alone. He told her about how he blamed god for all of this nonsense and that everything that went wrong in his life was god’s fault in one way or another. He didn’t make sales that week it was god who instructed all those people to say no. He didn’t have enough money to pay certain bills it was god’s fault the bills were too high. He was alone in life and had no friends or family to turn to for help when he needed it the most then that was gods fault too. Brian was so passionate about how god had ruined his life it was gods fault for making him kill himself. Brian panted a little after running his mouth on for the last ten minutes and looked at Helen and even knowing she wasn’t going to answer him he was predicting what she would say. Brian turned his head and answered back “Well ofcourse I am getting some form of a chance to see what I have missed out on in life. I am also getting the chance to see how precious life is meant to be and just because it isn’t going his way currently doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s all of gods fault.” Brian took another bite of the meat and sipped some water and just looked at Helen. He swallowed what in his mouth and said this “ I am really grateful for being given this chance at another life. I am seeing that there are other reasons to be around in this world. I also am learning what others people lives mean. Just because they are accused of doing something wrong or being in the wrong place at the wrong time doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve every chance to live. However how can we save everyone? If everyone wasn’t judged at some point or another there would be no room for anyone on earth. It would be too crowed to live so I guess not all the good get to lead the lives they want and not all the bad but some do slip through the cracks though.” Brian looked at Helen and began to tear up from what he thought he heard her say and had this answer. “Helen yes love does have some things in it for me but, I have never known love except the love of my parents before they were taken from me because of a stupid drunk driver who didn’t know the color red meant stop and decided to plow on through the car my parents were driving taking their love from me. Nobody was interested in me before and nobody would have been interested in me after the way I clammed up. I truly wish that things could have been different then maybe I would have had that chance to live a fuller life. However why did god choose my parents to die and that drunk driver ended up surviving the crash and didn’t even get the death penalty for what he did. Yeah he is serving the rest of his life behind bars but look what became of me after that. I was alone and had no one.” Brian paused cause as he wiped his eyes he looked directly into Helen’s thing eyes and saw what she was thinking at that very moment. Like a baseball bat to the face hit sat down and put his face in hands and began to sob. He cried hard for about ten minutes and eventually cleared up his tears took a sip of water and said “Helen where were you when I needed you. You are right about this. Look at me and where I am and look at him and where he is. He is being punished for the horrible crime he admitted doing. He will never get to go out and enjoy a meal or enjoy the sense of freedom again or even love. Well not the type of love he was going to want any way that is. Now look what I became. I blamed god for everything that went wrong because I was so depressed and nothing went right and instead of trying to better myself and get out there I just kept on allowing me to be dragged down deeper and deeper. I am the one whose life ceases to exist on multiple levels. For one thing I never took any responsibility in making things right for me and trying to live happy and for another thing I’m dead!. This guy is alive and is in a horrible place but, look where I am. I am really nonexistent to anyone.” Brian got up and walked around looking up at the stars wondering why he was in the place he was in. There are times in life that people needed some alone time and Brian was doing just that but he turned around and said “Helen why couldn’t you have found me in real life. Maybe I would have made more of myself and became something of a success. I would have someone told hold and love and care for and maybe start an family with or at least get a Beagle puppy to start and we could call him Dallas. Or agree on a name together. This challenge that I am in isn’t for me to get this character home is it god? You are making me see what it truly is to be alone and that I was fool for blaming you and not taking the responsibility that is needed during a person’s life. Brian again began to cry because he just had an emotional breakthrough for the first time in his life. He began to cry and walk up and down the beach and wished for like a reflection room so he could sit in. Then Brian just stopped and realized that this whole beach was a quiet reflection room. There wasn’t anyone else around but, Helen and he looked to the havens and let out a long hard scream to the point where he became light headed and he fell backward to land in the warm sand and as he was falling the area went dark and he landed on the hard floor.

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