Coming Attractions

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Chapter 8

Brian was in pain as he laid there and slowly turned on his side and then sat up straight trying to stretch the pain out of him. He stood up and the sound of his bones cracking was like listening to two 2x4 piece of wood snapping. He looked for the chair he usually sat in and it wasn’t there. The lights came on and what looked like a soft chair that had a foot rest come out from underneath it was in front of him. A smile came across his face and as he walked towards the chair the feeling of sand between his toes still remained. He looked at his feet and saw no sand but he guessed that some senses take time to go away. Brian sat down in the chair and leaned back and closed his eyes. Brian needed a break and that is what god was going to give him. The break he needed was that of a quiet reflection room for him to sort out some things even if he was only to take a nap. God figured five minutes would do and then time to talk some more. God believed that his point was being made and that Brian was beginning to value his life. However what if Brian’s life meant that everyone could live and others be happy but, he would be gone. Could he give up his life for everyone else if it meant he would be dead and not get a chance at returning to being himself and have another chance in doing his life over. The next test would be the ultimate test if he truly understood what life is really about and that is sacrifice. God would see shortly because when he awoke Brian from his rest he had some things he wanted him to see and understand about life and why things are done the way they are. God thought about things that he has done over his own existence and wondered that maybe he should sit in a theater and what the existence of himself and what has transpired over all this time. The time would move fast though since god could see everything quite quickly but sometimes even the greatest of people need a refresher on what had happened over the past hundred million years. Maybe he could even make it better and then he thought why does he need a refresher the amount of decisions he has to make a day he had to get some things wrong right?

God rang bell very loudly and it made Brian jump right out of his seat. Brian was a little disoriented and then realized he was in the room he began in. He sat up straight and looked at god who was now dressed in an old movie bellhop uniform. Brian smirked and thought he was being mocked by god choice of clothes. Brian looked and him and said “Nice monkey suit boss.” God looked over his attire and smirked back and replied “Just thought it would lighten the mood.” Brian leaned back in the chair feeling kind of proud of himself for what he accomplished over the last challenged. God snapped his fingers and a similar chair appeared and he took a seat as well. God leaned back and just looked at the proud face that Brian was showing. God leaned forward and told him “You did very well in making sure you stayed alive on that remote deserted island. It must have felt good to know when push comes to shove that you could accomplish anything huh.”

Brian leaned forward and answered “It felt great to be a survivalist and hunt and make things to keep me alive. However that wasn’t the total part of the task making me save myself was it.?”

God smiled and said “You of all people should know by now that new lessons are learned every day. What else did you take from this lesson that you didn’t expect to have known about yourself?”

Brian adjusted himself in the chair and thought for a minute even though he knew what god wanted to hear. He cleared his throat and said “I guess you can say that I care for others that can help influence my life. You put me in a situation which I was to make sure I survived but, you knew I would know the story. What hit me was seeing that picture of Helen and feeling inside what character was feeling by knowing that he had to try to get back to her at cost. I felt love building in me but I have never experienced it before. So I took a chance and by naming the ball Helen it was like I could have someone to care about and think someone cared about me. I even rushed out into a major storm for her because I began to care.”

“Ahh so there are things in the world you didn’t experience, that now you wish you had?” God questioned.

“There are tons of things in the world that I never got to experience and companionship was a big one. Maybe if I let someone into my life and I shared my feelings about what was going on that I could have had a less stressful life and not blamed everything on you.”

“So you’re saying that not everything that has happened to you is my fault. Do you think that I cause all the problems in the world or are there or deciding factors.” God said proudly

“Yes it is possible that you didn’t make all of my troubles and that I brought a lot of things on myself and that if I had someone to talk to I would have had a release and saw that I could change some things. However there has to be someone else besides ourselves that puts us in the daily situations that we face every day. Brian replied

“I am happy to hear that you are beginning to see that people make their own problems on a daily basis. I am glad to hear that you believe that being with someone or have someone to talk to will help give you the release you need to correct some of your problems but, you are right there are problems that you face every day that you don’t bring upon yourself and that you can’t solve. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I caused these problems though. Everybody in life makes their own destiny happen and sometimes a person’s problems cross another’s and things happen. In the beginning I was involved with a lot of things and now today I am in a few situations but, nothing big. People cause the world’s problems and as they overlap things get inflamed and are to cool down and they either go away or they just get bigger.” God stated

’I think that over the recent time I have shown that I understand what I was missing from life and that I want to live and try again.” Brian asked

God leaned back and looked at Brian carefully. It was like he was looking at a picture that had evolved even more. He blinked his eyes a few times and leaned back to the front of the chair and said “Brian there are millions of life lessons that you need to learn. Now I can’t put you in them all but, until I feel you know what the true meaning of life is then you can go back or not go back. Remember this isn’t just a game it is a lesson in humility and understanding. When I think you have fully grasped the meaning of what I think you need life to be then you will go back not a minute sooner. Right now you have been learning a lot and I am proud to see you sticking up for people you didn’t even know and couldn’t care about. Now you’re starting to care about yourself and that’s a huge part. Just sit back and enjoy the ride cause things will get a little bumpy from here on out. Just remember that if you fail it’s game over and either onward or off ward you go.”

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