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chapter 9

God snapped his fingers and like in an instant he was gone yet again. Brian sat in the chair for a few minutes and really took what god said to heart. He liked that god was seeing that he has begun to understand that he himself has caused most of the problems that he is in and that maybe if he lead a more potent life that he could change his stripes. God mentioned it was going to get bumpy from here on out. Does that mean more of chance for him to die and others he has to save or was someone going to try and save his life and he had to let them or who knows anymore. Brian knew he couldn’t pick his situation and whatever god decides to put him in there is a reason for it. Brian closed his eyes and asked for a comedy situation because he needed a break but it doesn’t seem like god had had much of a comedy style side to him at this current time. The familiar feel of the lights going down mean that god was ready and chose the situation in which he was going to be out in. Brian sat in the chair and waited for the doors to appear. They took longer than expected but the lights slowly came on and only two doors showed up. Brian looked at them carefully and wondered was he down to just to tasks or was one door lead to the end of his life and the other the beginning to a new one. Brian began to sweat and didn’t understand why there were just the two choices. He had began with ten and had completed only four so he should have six full choices but, now there was two and soon to be only one he guessed. Brian stood up and walked over to door number 2 and opened it took a deep, deep breath and walk on through.

He took his trip through time and space yet again and when he opened his eyes things were very different. He was under what felt like heavy metal rods and had a helmet on. He began pushing them out of the way and looked at what he had on. It was some type of space suit and he was in some type of ship at least he thought it was a ship. Sparks were flying all over the place so he figured it would be best not to take off the helmet. He slowly stood up and noticed a huge vehicle that had six very large wheels. Brian had remembered seeing this vehicle in something but could not place it all. He felt a little short of breath and knelt down on one knee to gain his composer and that is when he saw his reflection. He was Ben Affleck and the scene he was in was from the movie Armageddon. He had to think who was with him here. Brian knew that both ships did make it on the asteroid but were separated. He remembered there was two teams and each had a specific place to be but that wasn’t going to happen. Brian began to think that his challenge was to now save the entire world. Talk about pressure to perform. He couldn’t remember people’s names right away and knew for the moment he was alone. Brian got to his feet and began calling out “Is there anyone else here! Can anyone here me?!” At first there was no response from anyone. He called out again and began to hear the rumbling of a voice. It was low at first but grew louder. The voice was very deep and he remembered that one of the crew mates was named Bear and that is who that had to be. The voice called out “A.J I’m over here.” Brian was glad someone called him by the character’s name so he wouldn’t yet again seem to be nuts but, in the present condition of where they are it wouldn’t seem unreasonable. Brian made his way over and helped clear off some of the material that was on him. Bear was so glad to see his friend and smiled. He probably would have given him a bear hug but he didn’t really have much strength at the moment. They heard another voice call out “A.J!” Brian looked around not knowing the voice and replied “Where are you?” He really wanted to call out who are you but he figured it would come to him. Brian and Bear got and saw another person walking towards them and before Brian could say something Bear said “Lev glad to see at least one real astronaut made it” Lev looked at them puzzled and sat down next to them. Brian on the other hand went looking around for anyone else and kept on calling “Can anyone hear me?” Besides being afraid of who and what was going on he was hoping to find more people who would know what to do up here cause Brian was clueless. Brian made his way to the front of the craft and saw a body strapped into the seat. He reached his arm out and shook his shoulder and there was no movement. He looked over to see the lifeless body of Owen Wilson with wounds to his face and the life sucked out of him. Brian looked away and felt nauseous but, knew he couldn’t vomit. He got his mind off it the best way he knew how and thought to himself that Stiller was not going to like this. Brian walked back over to Bear and Lev and sat down. Brian had no idea what to and what was making it worse is that he knew he was being looked to for answers. Bear wanted to know what they should do and where they should go. Lev knew nothing of the plan because he was just to help them refill the fuel and was asking what they are going to be doing. Brian stood up and in a sort of angry voice yelled “I don’t know what to do here at all. I don’t know how to get the car out now; I don’t know where anyone else is and had no idea how to find them. I need us to work together and figure out how to get to Willis and the others.” Brian heard what he said and Bear replied “Willis?” and Lev said “I don’t think I met him on space station that is now destroyed cause of you American astronauts!”

“Lev we are not astronauts like you. Bear and I were here to dig through this rock and set off an explosion. We drill for a living so we are going to need you for all technical skills.” Brian admitted

Lev was not happy with this and starting yelling in Russian. Bear didn’t know what to say and just looked to Brian. Brian looked over everything and knew the first thing that they had to do was to get the big car looking thing out of this craft and try and figure out where Willis and the others are. Brian looked to Bear and told him when he said Willis he meant Harry. Bear wasn’t questioning him but Brain kept rambling on like a lot of people in his life accused him of. Bear I said Willis because I use to say “What you talking about Willis.” Like around di on Different Strokes. Bear rolled his eyes and reached his hand out to get a helping hand up. Bear and Lev joined Brian in trying to figure out how to get the car out and Brian jokingly said “I wish I had a mini turret to fire armor piercing rounds to create a hole.” Bear looked at him and replied “That’s Brilliant we had that item.” He walked around the hold and found the laser targeting system and handed it to Brian. Brian turned it on and where ever he aimed the laser the turret on the car would move to. He told the two of them to get in the vehicle and prepare it to move out. Bear and Lev both claimed in and Bear began to fire up the engines. This was good because Brian had no idea how to drive a manual control vehicle. Bear told him everything was ready Brian aimed the laser at the wall and thought to himself this was going to be like Call of Duty. He clicked the trigger and rounds went flying and making a ton of holes. Brian arranged it to shoot in a line and blew a large enough hole in the ship for the vehicle to get out. Brian climbed the ladder and got in. Once the hatch was closed they were all able to take off their helmets and breath the oxygen that was provided by the tanks. Bear drove the car out the hole and they first saw the asteroid first handed and was a jaw dropping experience for them all. Even for Lev who had spent the last eighteen months in space he was awestruck as well. Besides being dark and gloomy with razor sharp rock everywhere it felt like a bad nightmare one had when having food poisoning. Everything was grey and dark kind of like the grim reapers robes. Bear began to turn on the other systems one of which was the radar and when that came on a dot appeared with label above it as the other car. Brian knew this is where they needed to get to and instructed Bear to try and make his way there t=by following the radar. Bear shook his head in understanding and they headed off. Lev was less optimistic due to the fact he had no idea what was going on and whether they were all going to survive but, to keep up morale he began talking about Russian verses American space flights and how they would need to listen to him when it was time for the real space stuff since he knew the physics of what was out there. Brian was glad to listen and hear everything because something Lev might say would be totally useful at some point and if he paid real good attention he might hear a lifesaving tip that he will need to complete this challenge. One thing that kept running through Brian’s mind was what his purpose was. Besides making it off this rock alive and saving others here who was he really saving? Why would god choose to put him in this movie at this point? Brian thought about his character and remembered that at this point his character had purposed to Liv Tyler before he left. Was this his mission to make it back for her so he could live his life full of happiness? Then Brian remembered that the character already gets that in the end. Brian looked through the roof and in his mind questioned god on why he out him here. Even though he has met god he figured he was definitely close enough for him to hear his thoughts. He looked at the sky and also realized how pretty it was and that if he had the time wouldn’t it be nice and try and reach out and touch the stars. Some people say silence is golden and it can be but in the dead of space and your fighting for life sound could be useful. Brian wondered if there was any type of music in the vehicle and did see what looked like a radio that was in car and he asked them all “How about some music to try and pass some time?” The both nodded and Brian turned it on. Someone must have been thinking about a joke because the song “500 miles” by the Proclaimers came on. Brian just began to laugh as well as Bear and they bobbed their heads to the music. Lev had never heard the song and wasn’t impressed and Brian told him just listen it will grow on you trust me. This seemed to be the only song on the radio and it was set to repeat and the song played over and over. After about the third time Lev was getting into the head bobbing and they were all singing along to the music and taking turns doing the course and lyrics. Brian thought the show How I Met Your Mother would think that they have done them proud. Bear hit the brakes and Brian flipped off the radio. Lev was a little miffed that song was turned off but saw why they did. Of all the places they could have ended up was a giant canyon of some sorts. He looked at Bear and said “You would have to find the biggest hole that wasn’t literally on the face of the earth. Were you paying attention to where you were going at all fella?” Bear shut down the engines cause at the moment they weren’t heading anywhere and the two of them fighting was all that was going on. Lev sat back and enjoyed what was happening at this moment. He knew what had to be done and what little time they had but was letting them get out some of their frustration first. Finally Lev reached his hands between them and told them to settle down. He began to explain that he was the astronaut and that he knew what was needed to get across this mess and land on the other side. He was explaining this plan and Bear and Brian both had major doubts run across their minds. Lev was doing some quick math in his head and began laying out the idea on how to cross the canyon safely. He knew time was short but, was working fast.

What Brian and his crew were trying to get to was the other team that was being run by Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis). This crew had landed on the asteroid with their ship intact and had begun to start drilling. They were supposed to land at a certain area which was picked out cause it was the softest part of the rock that N.A.S.A had determined. However due to factors out of their control they had landed on the hardest part of the asteroid and were having many problems from destroying one of their drill heads and blowing out 1 of only two transmissions they had with them. They had no idea that Brian’s vehicle was on their way to their position. The goal of the drilling was for the teams to reach a depth of eight hundred feet, drop the nuclear bomb that they were given and blow the rock apart so that it would miss the Earth. They only had a certain time period to complete this and they were far behind. Harry’s team was pushing the drill very hard and as they just passed five hundred and sixty feet they hit a gas pocket and small fault line which was causing a huge tremor. Max who was in control of the drill tried to slowly back out the drill so he could move the vehicle but there was a huge gas explosion and it jettisoned Max’s Armadillo right off the rock and right into outer space. There was nothing they could do to save Max and now with no knowledge of Brian’s team on the way they were at a loss and the only option was to place the bomb in the hole and get off the rock but, they knew that they were not deep enough and a fireworks show is all they and the people on earth would be able to see. Harry asked for any help from someone.

Lev laid out his plan to Brian step by step. The idea was to back up about one hundred feet and push the petal to metal and when they hit the edge of the cliff to hit the thrusters and they would lift off and sail across and when they reached the other side of the canyon they would turn on the thrusters and would be forced back down to the ground and they could continue. Brian closed his eyes for a moment and tried to remember how the scene went and he was under such emotional stress that he just couldn’t remember at all what the outcome was except for the fact that A.J does make it home so it must work in some theory. Brian backed the vehicle up and said “I kind of feel like Evil Kenievel right now.” Bear chuckled and Brian looked at Lev because he had a blank look on his face and Brian asked “Lev do you even know who Evil Kenevil is.” Lev looked at him and replied “No, no I never saw Star Wars before.” Brian and Bear both laughed and Brian told Lev “Well when we get home we shall watch the movie.” Lev smile and nodded and before Brian hit the gas Bear asked Lev “Hey Lev man what are the odds your plan is going to work. I mean at this point we have no choice but, I am curious. Lev rubbed his forehead and replied “Well Bear I figure maybe fifty-fifty or more like 70-30.” Brian cut him off and said “You know what Lev never tell me the odds.” And Brian slammed his foot as hard as he could on the gas and they were moving fast and right as they reached the cliff Brian hit the buttons for the thrusters and they began to flat upwards a little and forward. They were all elated and were high fiving each other. However that sense of enjoyment ended quickly because there was a huge rock in their way. Bear and Lev were yelling “Turn Left A.J.” and Brian looked at them and told them “I can’t turn at all we can only go forward remember Lev.” The Armadillo was lifting up still and the hit the top of the jagged sharp rock and by doing that it pushed them even farther up and now they were drifting further off the rock and faster towards outer space. At this point the only thing Brian could do to change their trajectory was to hit the thrusters and they would go down but, instead of only being at their certain point and speed they wanted to be they were going to be a lot higher and faster and that meant they would come down hard and most likely crash. Brian hit the buttons and a sound of air coming out of a balloon could be heard. Bear’s eyes opened wide and asked “what was that?” Brian didn’t know how to answer cause he had absolutely no idea what that sound was but, since they were not going down it was the sound of the thrusters not working at all. Lev grabbed his helmet and told them that he was going outside to try and fix the problem. Bear and Brian were about to protest when Lev said “I am the only real astronaut here and I am going outside this big metal contraption to save your American asses.” Brian and Bear didn’t argue and Lev put on his helmet and went into the airlock and proceeded outside. As Brian look forward all he could see was that they were climbing higher and higher. Lev was holding on as hard as he could and opened the compartment to the thrusters and noticed that the fuel lines were iced over. He relayed this news to Brian and Brian replied “Lev you better do something quick because there are big pieces of fucking rock headed right at them.” Lev was able to get the line clear and before he could say something to Brian a rock slammed into the vehicle and Lev lost his grip and flipped forwards onto the front of the vehicle onto the windshield. Brian yelled in the radio “Lev get your Russian ass off the windshield I can’t see.” Lev was in so much of a panic he really didn’t answer and another rock hi the side and Lev lost his grip yet again and as he flew back he grabbed the tow cable and now was being dragged behind the Armadillo. Brian crossed his fingers and hit the buttons for the thrusters and they kicked in and they rapidly made their way down to the surface. They were spinning as they fell towards the ground and luckily they landed on all twelve wheels but they landed rather hard. Brian got the vehicle to a stop and looked at bear that was in such a state of shock cause he could believe they made. He began thanking god so much over and over. Brian grabbed his helmet and went outside to check on Lev. Lev slowly got up from the landing and was doing a dance. Brian noticed that he looked ok and asked anyways and Lev’s response was “Now I am a real Russian Hero!” And thrusted his arm in the air like Judd Nelson did at the end of The Breakfast Club. Brian told him to get back inside the armadillo so they could keep on moving. Lev climbed back up the ladder and got inside and the pressed on towards the other teams site. As far as Brian could tell they were getting closer and he knew this by two things. First the beep in the radar was getting faster which he guessed meant that they were getting closer to the spot on the radar. Secondly they were hearing clicks and interrupts on the radio so some type of communication was coming into range. The only thing they could hope for was that the instrumental equipment is correct and not leading them off in another direction. They knew time was of the essence and making any change in their direction would be counterproductive so they pressed on in hopes that soon they would meet up.

At the other teams site they were really dead in the water so to speak. They had no drill and no equipment to even try to make any type of attempt in getting the other three hundred or so feet. The only option that still was left was to just drop the bomb and go and it wouldn’t matter because the Earth would be gone. Even the staff in Houston TX had lost all faith and didn’t know what to tell the world. Harry sat down on a rock and knew he promised his daughter that not only would he be coming back but he would bring back her fiancé. At this moment he couldn’t guarantee the sun would rise in twelve hours. He was lost and for a man who didn’t cry much was just about to when he hear clicks and scatter on his radio. Harry raised his head slowly and began to look around. He wasn’t the only one who heard it cause some of the others who were with him heard it and they all were looking around for what it could be and that’s when he saw the most beautiful sight he had seen in the last few days. Just on top of one of the cliff he saw the front headlights of the other armadillo and he and everyone else were jumping up and down screaming in joy. Brian, Bear and Lev were doing the same thing. The made there way down the cliff to the other teams site and got to the point where the hole were had been drilled to at that point. They all got out of the armadillo and were hugging and high fiving each other. Harry and Brian began to discuss where they were and what losses they had. There was a big problem now that Brian needed to discuss with Harry and he didn’t know how to start. Max and A.J (Brian) were the only ones who knew how to operate the drills but Brian had no idea what to do. Brian had to come up with something quick and began to explain that he couldn’t do this by himself he needed help. These words took Harry by surprise but actually brought some pride as well. A.J was always know as a cowboy and would do everything on his own. Now he was asking for help and wanted to work as a team and Harry was going to make sure that he had every bit of help on getting that drill into place and run it the way it needed. However it was going to be Brian who still had to maneuver it and if any problems came up he was going to have to act quickly and make a judgment call. He just hoped it was going to be the right one in this matter. The got all the equipment they needed into place and Lev went into the craft to help the pilot get everything ready for when they hit their depth and were able to take off and get out of harm’s way and save the planet. Bear was setting all the piping up to help keep the drill long in the hole and steady. Harry and two others were working the transmission and other functions to keep the power strong on the drill. Gruber who was the bomb expert was doing everything he needed to get the bomb ready for when the hole was deep enough so they could remote trigger the nuke it once they lifted off the asteroid and were at a safe distance of course. Brian and the crew have been drilling for about an hour chewing up blocks of rocks very fast. Then a familiar noise began to happen. At about seven hundred and eighty five feet the ground began to shake and gas emissions were bee thrown up through the hole. Harry warned Brian that this is how they lost max and that they only have one transmission on one drill bit left. Brian was sweating and breathing hard cause he didn’t know what to do. Brian thought that if they back down slowly they would lose time in chewing up the fifteen feet they need to push through eight hundred. Brian made a judgments call and pushed the throttle onward and the ground began to rumble more and more. Harry told Brian to back down that drill but, Brian told him that were only fifteen feet away and we can break through this rock trust me I know what I am doing. Those words cut right though brain’s brain likes a hot knife on a stick of butter. He didn’t know if what he was about to was going to work of kill them all. Harry told him it’s your call make it. Brian sat up straight and pushed that throttle down and began call out the numbers that they passed. With the last thrust they pieced eight hundred feet and came to a halt at eight hundred and two feet. They were all so happy that this worked. Brian got out of the vehicle and hugged Harry who told him that he had a done an amazing job. Brian for the first time in a long time received the compliment like a father giving praise to his son. The all began cleaning up the area to get eh hole ready for the nuke to place in. Before it bomb could safely put down the hole a pipe had to be removed. It was bent so that meant someone needed to come in and cut it loose so they could remove it safely. Since Brian was the thinnest he was being hooked up to a tether line and was given a small power cutter to slice through the pipe to get it out. He was being lowered slowly since they didn’t know all the atmospheric components. Brian got to the pipe and began cutting. Above on the surface there was another problem building. Large chucks of sharp jagged rock were flying into their area. Some of the asteroid fragments were as small as basketballs others as big as Chevy’s. The others were holding on tight to the tether Brian was on. Rocks began to slam into their landing zone cause small explosions and rock projectiles thrown at the rock hi so close it knocked the men holding onto Brian backwards and the tether go pulled out and Brian was being pulled out of the hole and was flying through the rock debris. Finally another rock landed on the tether and Brian came smashing into the ground. Another huge piece of rock with very sharp points crashed right into where Gruber was trying to protect the bomb from debris but he took a direct hit. A member of the crew named Chick asked “What’s going on here?” Harry answered “This bitch is unhappy cause she knows was here to try and kill her. The all regained their composer and began to check on one another. Everyone seemed fine until Brian relayed the message that we lost Gruber. He had been pierced by a few jagged rocks and his face mask broken as well. They began to bring the bomb to the hole when Col Sharp (mission commander) saw on the bombs key panel that it could be remote detonated at all. The trigger must have be damage in the rock storm that just happened. Brian wondered if that meant the nuke couldn’t be detonated at all. Again Brian’s mind went swirling on what he was supposed to do in this scene. They went back inside the craft and explained to NASA the problem and Sharp explained that it took two of them to fly the ship which meant that the other five had to draw and see who would set off the bomb. This is when Brian realized that he needed to do this and be the one and he saves the world. However god knew he would know that and maybe that wasn’t the ending. Sharp told them they would each sticks for who was going to do it. Brian was thinking in his mind man it would be fun to do Rock Paper Scissor Lizard Spock but didn’t think that would fly. They drew one straw after another and looked at each other’s face to see who was going to dance with the devil in the pale moon light. Even though Brian knew it was going to be him he still felt sick to his stomach. Brian didn’t hesitate and asked Sharp how to do it. Harry was displeased because he had promised his daughter that he would bring her fiancé home with him. Harry geared up with Brian and told him that he would walk him all they way out and help him set it up. Sharp gave Brian the trigger and they headed into the air lock. On the way down Harry told Brian about the promise he made Grace and that he couldn’t live with himself if he let Brian die. Brian began to tell Harry this his job and he could do it. The Brian closed his eyes and knew that he was dead either way and w rather let Grace have her father than no one at all. The door opened and of the side of the glass Brian saw harry reaching for the airline to uncompassionate him but Brian ducked and bobbed Harry on his head and pulled his airline instead and sent the elevator back up. He told Harry to tell Grace he loved her and he couldn’t live knowing that it was his job and that if he could save his father and get him home to his beautiful girl then that was going to be his mission. Bria walked towards the bomb and began setting up the trigger. The airlock elevator came back up with Harry kind of dazed and angry. He began to call out to Brian begging him to let him do this. Brian wasn’t answering. Bear strapped Harry in and Sharp got the ship off the ground. Brian looked up and said “Mom, Dad im coming to be with ya soon.” While he was setting up the bomb he called down to NASA and asked to speak to Grace.

“Honey, baby I know I told you I was going to be coming back but I couldn’t be a screw up anymore. This was my job and I am going to do this and save you all. You daddy is one the way back. You need him as much as he needs you. He can protect you better and I’m sure if you see me in anyone else that he will shoot at him too when he first finds you in bed together. I love you so much and I will never stop loving you till the end of time.”

At this point the radio cut out. Huge pieces of rock where flying into the area he was at. One of them knocked him off his feet and Brian dropped the trigger. He got to his feet grabbed it in his hands and said “I love you Mom and DAD!” and he pushed the trigger and everything went dark.

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